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Former CIA Director David Petraeus Driven off CUNY Campus His First Day of Teaching


Poor Retired Army General David Petraeus didn’t receive the warm welcome he seemed to have expected when he arrived for his first day teaching at City University of New York.

A YouTube video documents protestors following Petraeus around the campus of CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College.


Petraeus recently came out in favor of military action in Syria, pressing Congress to support President Obama’s almost undeterrable fixation on a military strike in Syria. Petraeus said this was “necessary” and must be used to “send a message” to both Iran and North Korea.


Protestors did not limit their criticisms to the former general and CIA director and general to former transgressions, but also attacked this most recent pro-war stance he has publicly taken. See the video below.

(Article by Ari Simeon; Photos stills from the YouTube video linked)

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