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Free Sex for the Needy

German political party pledges government-funded sex for the poor.

German political party pledges government-funded sex for the poor.

The Green Party of Germany thinks that funding the services of sex workers (prostitutes) would improve the quality of life for some elderly people, and particularly so for patients requiring nursing care with a condition that might benefit from sex.

Therefore, the Party plans to institute, through government-funded health insurance, a program for prostitutes to visit residents in nursing homes. Those residents would be required to obtain a medical certificate confirming their inability to achieve sexual satisfaction in other ways,   and also to provide evidence of their inability to pay for a visit from a sex worker.   The Party   thinks, too, that doctors should be given the right to issue free prescriptions for sex to their patients. So wrote the Party spokesperson in the newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

In Germany, sex work is legal, and attitudes toward sexual issues are tolerant, especially for the disabled and the elderly.   Some prostitutes are already offering “sexual assistance” to persons who have dementia, who have physical disabilities, or who live in nursing homes. However, there is no law that permits a person to claim the cost of the visit as a medical expense.

Sex coach and author Vanessa del Rae, who worked many years as a nurse and later as a manager of a nursing home, now lectures on sexuality and sensuality. She says she is aware of the handicaps, shyness and shame that the elderly experience in meeting their sexual needs. She is also aware that nursing home staff often react with horror and anger when a resident is discovered masturbating. Del Rae says a visit from a “sex assistant” is a “blessing” for those in need of care.

The idea has not received support from other politicians. A member of the ruling coalition said, “We do not need paid prostitution in homes for the elderly and certainly not on prescription.” The German Patient Production Foundation added that citizens have more basic problems – such as washing and eating – to consider before considering pleasures of the flesh.

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