Geneticist Calls Claims of “Safe” GMOs “Bad Science”

By Micah Naziri

Geneticist David Suzuki, CC, OBC, PhD, LLD – Canada’s foremost environmental conscience – says claims of GM food as “safe” is nothing more than “bad science.”

In 1999 Suzuki famously said, “We are performing a massive experiment. The results will only be known after millions of people have been exposed to (GMO foods) for decades…Any politician or scientist who tells you these products are safe is either very stupid or lying. The hazards of these foods are uncertain. In view of our enormous ignorance, the premature application of biotechnology is downright dangerous.”

Watch the video below to hear him speak out against genetically modified “food” and the “money that is driving it.”

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  1. primaryignition says:

    I always have liked David Suzuki. This video is a good overview for those who have objections to GMOs, particularly in food.
    I am not, however, objecting categorically to GMOs, as I concede that the proponents do have some good points now and again, such as crops that have been modified to resist certain diseases, such as the rainbow papaya.
    But do I think that other methods might reap the same benefits? Sure. And I might add that I don’t think those other methods have been explored anywhere enough.
    Which brings up the whole problem about GMO technology. It is being touted as the “only” way to create crops that are drought or disease resistant.
    It is the same way we got into the fossil fuel and nuclear dependence, as well as passenger car “monoculture.” When governments put so much public money, education, and policy behind a particular paradigm, they have essentially created a huge potential trap. When the shortcomings of that paradigm become apparent, it is sometimes very “late in the day,” and the ability to change course is very, very difficult.
    In my own diet, I avoid GMOs — as well “conventionally grown” food — primarily to avoid pesticide residues. It is virtually impossible to consistently or reliably avoid these residues without switching to organic products. True, when I am traveling, I have to make concessions due to the endemic presence of such pesticide-residue laden products in restaurants (as well as other bizarre ingredients, such as plastic dough-conditioners in most commercial bread).
    And synthetic commercial pesticides are indeed damaging, especially to children, even in the smaller, residual quantities found on food.
    And so far, the GMOs that have been marketed have not resulted in any significant reduction in pesticide use. In fact, much of the evidence SO FAR seems to indicate the exact opposite!

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