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George Zimmerman Cheating On His Wife With An Ex-Girlfriend Who He Physically Abused


Last week’s violent confrontation saw George Zimmerman get physical with his father-in-law, injuring the man’s nose, then breaking his wife’s iPod as she recorded the assault. The confrontation erupted from a meeting regarding their divorce, which Shellie Zimmerman filed for recently.

The divorce seemed to have little to do with the fact that her husband shot the unarmed 17 year old, Trayvon Martin. Shellie Zimmerman revealed that she was already estranged from George the night that he shot Martin. In fact, she was living with her father even then.

The confrontation seems to have been instigated by George who wanted to rub his soon-to-be ex-wife’s face in the fact that he was once again seeing the woman who had an extra-marital affair with. Whatever Shellie’s reaction, we know that George injured his father-in-law’s nose, and broke his wife’s iPod, which she recorded the confrontation on.


George had seemed to have come to provoke a reaction. When he didn’t get the reaction he wanted, by bringing his lover with him (seen in the pictures below), he seemed to have come unhinged, resulting in George being taken away in cuffs.

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Just days ago, the police chief involved in investigating whether or not charges will be filed by the state agreed with a local resident who said that George Zimmerman was another “Aurora” or “Sandy Hook” waiting to happen.

Some are wondering where his head is at with regards to his flaunting his old, now new lover to his estranged wife. As mentioned, George brought his lover with him to the encounter with his wife at her father’s house (she can be seen in the images below).


Long-time friend of the Zimmerman’s, John Donnelly said George ‘struck up an affair with his ex-fiancée,’ while Shellie stayed at home, ‘devastated’ by her husband’s behavior, and leading to her filing for divorce.

George’s lover, Ms. Zuazo, 31, also has had a torrid history with George Zimmerman. In August 2005, Zuazo filed for a restraining order against him, saying that he had stalked her.



Years before this, she claims that George had slapped her with an open hand repeatedly. January 2002 documents claim that the violence went both ways, and by 2005 a court had ordered the two to stay away from one another.

This George Zimmerman who beat and was beaten by his ex-girlfriend and current lover, who cheats on his wife, and assaults his father-in-law, then breaking his wife’s iPod recording him doing this, is a far cry from the quiet, demure, slow-to-anger George Zimmerman presented by the defense during the Trayvon Martin murder trial.


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