George Zimmerman Makes ‘Pilgrimage’ to the Maker of His Pistol – Eyes New Gun

By the standards of most seasoned shooters, the Kel-Tec PF-9 pistol that George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin is in no way “top of the line.” It is somewhat odd then that George Zimmerman, who was acquitted last month of murdering the unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, picked Kel-Tec for a sort of “homage” visit.

Zimmerman was spotted shaking hands with a Kel-Tec employee,  at the Cocao, Florida plant. He was overheard asking about the KSG “bullpump” 12 gauge shotgun, along with the PLR-16 “AR pistol”, one of the manufacture’s more popular tactical guns, which might be categorized as “collectors” or “novelty” pieces more than anything else.

CNN confirmed Zimmerman’s visit, which was first reported by the TMZ gossip site, via text message with George’s brother Robert Zimmerman. Robert confirmed that the much slimmed-up man in the picture was in fact his brother, leading some to speculate that George deliberately bulked up for trial to look less fit and capable of defending himself. It should be remembered, of course, that George Zimmerman was no where near that overweight when the shooting of Travyon Martin occurred.


But either way, it would seem that George has a little extra money burning a hole in his pocket and wants to expand his arsenal with the 12 round tactical shotgun. 

TMZ claimed that George’s attorney, Mark O’Mara accompanied his client to the gun facility, but this turned out to be untrue, as O’Mara told CNN he was in court at the time.

CNN and Local 10 News in Florida rightly explain that “Kel-Tec is headquartered in Cocoa, Florida. The company manufactures, assembles and repairs its line of weapons, and its facility contains a shooting range but does not sell guns, according to its website.”

In interpreting the reason for Zimmerman’s visit to Kel-Tec, it is important to note that one simply looking for a new gun does not go straight to the manufacture. If George wanted a new firearm, he would – like anyone else – go to his local, federally-licensed gun dealer, and purchase one. This was something else, it was an homage to the maker of his pistol with which he killed Trayvon Martin. It was a “pilgrimage” of sorts.

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  1. Rod says:

    So? Did he break a law? Let it go.

    • PBSpot Admin says:

      No, visiting Kel-Tec was not against the law. But it is newsworthy and shows where this guy’s head is at. The decision to visit the manufacture was an act of gloating about killing Trayvon Martin. But it looks like Zimmerman is going to be making a lot of money off of gloating at gun shows and other such appearances now. Perhaps that’s why he anticipates having the funds to purchase a KSG “bullpump” (which isn’t exactly the most affordable shotgun).

  2. Chris Johnson says:

    You call it homage, I call it a tour.
    I wish I could do a factory tour of Kel-Tec, I would love to own more then a few of their fine products.

    • PBSpot Admin says:

      Kel-Tec is primarily a manufacturer of airplane parts. They have some interesting exotic weapons, but – for instance – the shotgun in question has been rejected by EVERY police department that Kel-Tec demonstrated it too, due to the fact that it has no way to absorb any recoil since the barrel is almost the length of the whole weapon. It seems pretty clear that he visited Kel-Tec because it was who made his pistol with which he shot a kid who merely gave him some superficial injuries.

  3. Chris Johnson says:

    I like the KSG because it “looks cool” personally.
    I lived in San Francisco for a long time and half of my friends there would support eliminating it for civilians simply based on cosmetics as opposed to function.

    “shot a kid who merely gave him some superficial injuries.”

    I am a product of NYC ghetto’s and am very aware of the “don’t snitch”
    and handle the “creepy ass cracka” with a beat down mentality.
    The simple fact is Martin had a cell phone and should have called the cops to make them aware he was being followed – as a matter of fact I called the cops a few yrs ago when I was being followed.

    Martin had no right to inflict “some superficial injuries.”
    Any time you inflict “some superficial injuries” on some one else you risk dire consequences, you can not read some ones mind – you have no idea whether your attacker means to kill you or bruise you.

    Ted Bundy and the BTK killer would tell their victims to co-operate and they would live, but once tied up and unable to fight back they would be killed.

    No one is responsible for your safety, you have to determine for yourself if your attacker means to kill/maim you.

    I do not attack people, it minimizes my risk of getting shot for attacking someone who is following me.

    I was a taxi driver, A young drunk lady got in my cab, after ten minutes I noticed we were being followed. I called 911, I was armed but I still called the cops.
    The cops found out that the girl in my cab was suspicious of me and she had texted her boyfriend to follow us!
    If I had confronted him to protect me and my passenger it could have been a disaster.

    Don’t attack people, leave it up to the police to attack people – that is what they are trained for!

    • PBSpot Admin says:

      He could have called the cops, but he assumed he could handle the guy who was stalking him. If a guy was following me, i wouldn’t call the cops either. Zimmerman was a creepy-ass-cracker, in the literal sense of what “cracker” means in Georgia and Florida (from the Scottish term). Zimmerman is also a domestic abuser and punched his father-in-law in the nose too. Did his father-in-law have the right to shoot Zimmerman the other day? Same injury, but his father-in-law is a real man and doesn’t shoot someone for bloodying his nose.

      • Chris Johnson says:

        1. Zimmerman used the simple self defense law, not the stand your ground law.
        2. I do not know enough about the D.V situation to make a legal decision. It could be that the F.I.L had legal standing for lethal use of force – I simply do not know.
        This whole “real men use their fist” thing is really silly.
        Their is an abundant amount of proof that a person man/woman/teen – whatever- can kill someone with their bare hands.
        Smart people avoid domestic violence all together.

  4. Chris Johnson says:

    PBS spot admin says:

    “but he assumed he could handle the guy who was stalking him.”

    We agree, Martin did assume he could handle him.
    It also appears that Martin could easily beat the crap out of Zimmerman in a fair fight.

    This is why guns are called “equalizers” old people, fat people, disabled people, little old ladies, college students ( google Amanda Collins & Brianna Dennison ) children can repel/defeat attackers who are much stronger/better fighters – thugs and rapist routinely attack older weaker people, sometimes these elderly people have guns and shoot the would be rapist/thug/killer.

    “but he assumed he could handle the guy who was stalking him.”

    He assumed wrong, perhaps Jesse Sharpton or Al Jackson should start a “lets start snitching” campaign –

    A smart person avoids beating people up that are following them, a smart person lets the cops beat people up.
    That’s why cops get the big bucks and enviable retirement package.

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