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George Zimmerman Stole From In-Laws After Assaulting Father-In-Law


The one thing in common with all of George Zimmerman’s problems is, without question, George Zimmerman.

Remember back when George Zimmerman’s old mySpace account surfaced? Remember George, that is “Joe G”, describing his “ex-hoe” having it in for him after their repeated clashes? That would be the same mySpace account where he catalogued his assaults on police officers too…

Of course we all remember that one time when he stalked, shot and killed a 17 year old who he claimed was beating him, even though martial arts experts have demonstrated the much lighter Trayvon Martin could not possibly been in a mount on top of George Zimmerman when the latter drew and fired his weapon? Of course, expert witnesses also testified that there was no gun powder residue on the hoodie of the young Martin, which we should find surprising if he was so close to his shooter at the time the weapon was discharged…

Oh yeah, and do you remember that time when George didn’t show up to his own wife’s trial, in which she was in trouble because of… George Zimmerman?

Do you remember when he showed up to his father-in-law’s house to flaunt to his wife the fact that he was back with his ex-lover – who there was a court order against the two of them for mutual domestic abuse years ago?

Do you remember when he bent his wife’s iPad in half that day when she video-recorded him punching her father in the nose? You remember, the same injury he claimed was so life-threatening that he had to shoot and kill an unarmed 17 year old who he vastly outweighed?

Well now Zimmerman is back at it. His mother-in-law claims that George has now stolen furniture and a television from her home? Local Lake Mary, Florida WFTV news reports:

Lake Mary Police said they responded to a report of property theft from a home where George Zimmerman has been living, Thursday.

According to police, the mother of George Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie Zimmerman, owns the Lake Mary house and filed the complaint.

Police said in the complaint she said that pieces of furniture and a television were taken.

Shellie Zimmerman’s mother said that George Zimmerman was to have vacated the house by Thursday, police said.

Police said they are waiting for the woman to produce the lease agreement and confirm that she was the owner of the items alleged to have been taken.

Police are reviewing the case to determine if it will be a civil or criminal matter.

All of this seems very strange until you remember the fact that George’s father was Florida judge. Then the uncanny ability of George Zimmerman to stay out of trouble, or to get in any lasting trouble for his trouble-making, starts to make a lot more sense.

3 Comments on "George Zimmerman Stole From In-Laws After Assaulting Father-In-Law"

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  1. MICHAEL FRIDY says:


  2. theresa says:

    I don’t care what George Zimmerman do to you or your family, you set back and watched as he got away with murdering Trevon. As far as I concerned you’re getting what you deserve.

  3. jimmie Grant says:

    yeah karma comes back and bite you don’t do what was right so you should have did what was right and beginning instead of letting him get away with murder

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