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George Zimmerman Tells Interviewer He Is Homeless


George Zimmerman recently told the Spanish language television station Univision that he is now homeless. His problems are compounded by his battling what he believes is post-traumatic stress disorder, and being more than $2 million in debt. On top of that, he says that every day he lives in fear for his life.

Zimmerman explained all of this in an interview with the Univision television show “Aquí y Ahora” (Here and Now). The interview is set to air Sunday on the Spanish language station at 7 p.m.

“He (Martin) saw my gun and told me he would kill me, and I knew he was telling the truth. I mean, was not playing,” he told the station. “I asked him to stop… And the young man did not care. Continued attacking … I knew he would not stop even though I knew that someone had seen (the fight) and the police are coming. He did not care.”

When he was asked if he thought he did the right thing, Zimmerman said, “in my mind and between God and me… I know that if I did not act the way I acted… I would not be here.”

As well, he says that he is not looking to remain in the public spotlight, in spite of his failed attempts at kicking off celebrity boxing matches.

“Honestly, I [would] love to live a calm life without being in the press. I’d like [to be treated like] any American citizen — have a ticket … or an argument … [and] not have everyone aware,” he said. “But that … that’s my life and I do not understand why that is, but I’m living my life as I have always lived, ” he concluded.

Tune in to “Aquí y Ahora”, tonight on Univision to see the full interview.

(Article by M.B. David)

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  1. J. Dough says:

    Bullies like Zimmerman start those kinds of altercations ONLY because they know they have their little friend on their belts—which empowers them to confront any individual or any group of strapping young men in a car, knowing they just zap anyone who gives them any lip over the slightest of perceived offenses. They are all too anxious to show you who’s boss when they have that gun. Instead of complaining, Zimmerman should be feeling grateful and lucky that he gets to have all those horrible feelings as a free man—an alive free man—instead of having them inside the prison cell where he belongs.

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