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George Zimmerman’s Old MySpace Surfaces: Full of Racist Statements and Admissions of Criminal Activity!

Zimmmerman Myspace

Huffington Post’s Gene Demby seems to have dug up an old MySpace page belonging to George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin and is charged with his murder, makes disparaging comments about Mexicans and details his response to a criminal case against him in 2005.

The page was first made public by the Miami Herald. Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, confirmed that the page is George Zimmerman’s MySpace, but has been unused for years.

On Zimmerman’s legal defense fund website, his lawyers admit that the page “will cast Mr. Zimmerman in a less-than-favorable light especially considering the charges he faces.”

“In that regard, it is possible that the statements Mr. Zimmerman made could be used as part of the trial, and therefore it is our policy not to comment directly on items that could become evidence,” the site read. The statement also indicated that the social media accounts of “all the parties” involved might come under scrutiny, and may be introduced at the trial as evidence.

Photos on Zimmerman’s MySpace page show Zimmerman, who calls himself “Joe G.,” with groups of friends. In his biographical blurb, he discusses things he doesn’t miss about his former home in Manassas, Virginia:

I dont miss driving around scared to hit mexicans walkin on the side of the street, soft ass wanna be thugs messin with peoples cars when they aint around (what are you provin, that you can dent a car when no ones watchin) dont make you a man in my book. Workin 96 hours to get a decent pay check, gettin knifes pulled on you by every mexican you run into!”

In an August 24, 2005 blog post, he boasts about his relief about the proceedings in a criminal case.

Im still free! The ex hoe tried her hardest, but the judge saw through it! Big Mike, reppin the Dverse security makin me look a million bucks, broke her down! Thanks to everyone for checkin up on me! Stay tuned for the A.T.F. charges……

A few days later, he expresses happiness that the other charges against him were reduced to misdemeanors.

2 felonies dropped to 1 misdemeanor!!!!!!!!!!! The man knows he was wrong but still got this hump, Thanks to everyone friends and fam, G baby you know your my rock!

In 2005, a 20-year-old Zimmerman was arrested and charged after an altercation with a police officer. The same year, his ex-fianceé filed a restraining order against him and accused him of domestic violence.

The 28-year-old Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old, on the night of Feb. 26. The case has garnered international attention, as many have called the case an example of rampant racial profiling, and have called for a repeal of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” gun laws.

Social media has played a major role in the case so far. News about the case spread virally on sites like Facebook and Twitter before it was picked up by mainstream outlets, and Martin’s since-deleted tweets were made public by the Daily Caller, a conservative news website. One of Martin’s accounts, called “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA,” in which Martin is shown with gold fronts in his mouth and talking about drug use, was seen by many Zimmerman supporters as evidence that the slain teenager was a hoodlum.

“These were not protected tweets,” the site’s editor told The Huffington Post about the decision to run Martin’s tweets, which were from an account that was no longer active. “While he was alive, these were not outside of the public sphere in any shape or form.”


336 Comments on "George Zimmerman’s Old MySpace Surfaces: Full of Racist Statements and Admissions of Criminal Activity!"

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  1. private says:

    i think hes a big scumbag and deserves to rot!!!! gun viloence also needs to stop

      • Carlene says:

        Michael Vick went to jail to kill a dog, and Zimmerman kill this young black man and he’s set free. What are really telling the future of America. Is a dog life value more than a Black man!!! SAD World we are living in!!!

        • Dawn says:

          Michael Vick was not sent to prison for animal abuse. He did not spend one day in jail for the cruelty “his” dogs endured. Please compare apples to apples . . . Lesson to learn . . . being a “thug” (whatever your race) will only get you into trouble.

          • stan says:

            so what did he go to jail for since your so smart cause that’s what he went to jail for you dumb ass smh

          • STICK E BLACK says:


          • Bob says:

            Stan, he went to jail for charges related to the gambling ring surrounding the dog fighting.

          • Nicole says:

            First off .this is a mess . Trayvon Martin was going home. Why is racial profiling okay? This was murder point blank point. Ask yourself this what would you do if you were being followed by someone that never once stated who he was. What would you do ? Lets also take race out of this ? No one was being a THUG just walking home that is the facts…If Trayvon was breaking into a car or home, I would think differently but the YOUNG BLACK TEEN was walking home with a snack and drink Wow.. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE…..

          • Mike says:

            In November 2007, Vick turned himself in early to begin accruing time-served credit against his likely federal prison sentence. He was held at Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, Virginia awaiting sentencing on the federal convictions.[91] On December 10, Vick appeared in U.S. District Court in Richmond for sentencing. Judge Hudson said he was “convinced that it was not a momentary lack of judgment” on Vick’s part, and that Vick was a “full partner” in the dog fighting ring, and he was sentenced to serve 23 months in federal prison.

            Its not apples apples but it tells us that a human life is less important than a dog’s life.

          • Darryl says:

            Dawn you are wrong. Michael Vick went to prison for animal cruelty and dog fighting.

          • Mr Getright says:

            Michael Vick did not go to jail for dog fighting, he went to jail for a stupid family member that let he live in one of his homes who was fighting dogs on the property. in most states the homeowner is liable for all damages injuries and malicious acts that take place on the premises whether you were the location or not. basically Michael Vick went to jail for a irresponsible family member

          • B says:

            your clearly and idiot if you think michael vick didnt go to jail for the dogs… STUPID

          • pat says:

            You are sadly mistaken! Vick spent two years in jail for his crimes.

          • J says:

            Yes he was. Cruelty to animals!

          • Ms PasSion says:

            being black can get u in trouble, no t being a thug. PERIOD. this just shows that we dont even have to be doing anything. thats the only lesson to be learned. and everyone knows if you wear a hoodie & smoke week U MUST BE a thug, right? Smh. M.Vick was given more time for a far less severe crime is the point that was being made. So there were all apples there.

          • Julie says:

            Don’t comment on a subject you know nothing about. It just makes you sound ignorant.

          • zombiecarp says:

            What a terrible, terrible thing to say. Trayvon showed a rebellious streak, wore hoodies and smoked pot. As a 17 year old, that doesn’t make him a thug, it makes him the SAME AS YOUR AVERAGE TEENAGE MALE. I did all of those things (and more) when I was a kid and not once was I told that my life would be in danger as a result. Shame on you, open your eyes

          • meeches peaches says:

            what about the fact that Zimmerman was ” a thug”?

          • Viktoriah says:

            How so if you are walking down the street harming no one ?

          • Aidan Matt says:

            Why is he a thug? I got suspended for fighting in school. The same year at 16, I was able to donate over 10K to an HBCU. Looking back on some of my photos when I was younger I cringe like “Did I really” Old Facebook Statues like “Did I say that” Teens have room for growing pains if they are not breaking the law. I’d hate to think you labeled him as a thug because he was black and has a TINY past. My 17 year old cousin says some things on FB and I inbox him, he’s college bound, has a 3.8 GPA, looking for a part-time job and etc. He post rap lyrics to songs and what his day consist of which is one that a white person couldn’t understand. Let’s let go of the labels and focus on trusting God to heal the hearts of racist (black & white) Let’s treat each other like humans and not animals.

          • Muscle says:

            OJ killed two white people and walked.
            Shut your fucking mouth, worthless whiney bitch.

          • MBD says:

            This is all i hear from racist pukes like you: “OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ, OJ…”

            Riddle me this genius: did OJ confess to killing two white people? Oh yeah, he didn’t. What a surprise, your asinine racist comparison breaks down upon thinking for half a second about how the comparison doesn’t fit.

          • Diva D says:

            Ass hole ! OJ never admitted to killing two white people and walked away free. This idiot Zimmerman admitted to what he did and the bastards still let him go, the jury ( all white idiotic white females ) were dumb as hell and did not understand the law and rules. How would one of the idiots feel if a black man did that to one of their sons and walked away. The KKK would be all over the place with ropes to hang somebody ( any black man).

        • ABdul says:

          From just watching the case about Trayvon Martin it really does not make any séance to me like this is not an movie like ok George Zimmerman’s said Trayvon Martin was banging his head into the concert and threw blows like George Zimmerman’s said right I look at it this was if Trayvon Martin really was banging is head like George Zimmerman’s said he was doing I believe that George Zimmerman’s would be knocked out at least and would not be able to shoot Trayvon Martin or not have any time to react. So to me i strongly disagree with the court room had decided about the charges angents George Zimmerman’s this is just what i think and believe about this hole case

          • Diane says:

            I totally agree with you.

          • Tom says:

            So Zimmerman should have waited until he was unconscious to see if martin was going to kill him or not?

          • MBD says:

            By that logic, if someone shoves me, i should just shoot them dead… because what if they knock me out in the next second if i don’t put them down? By that standard, anyone who says something aggressive to me should also be shot, because who knows, maybe they’ll haul off and knock me out before i can defend myself.

        • wili says:

          The dog Michael Vick shot wasn’t biting him. Whether dog or man (black, white or other) if he’s attacking you, you shoot to protect yourself. It’s called “self defense.”

          • HS says:

            So Trayvon didn’t have the right to defend himself against some strange ass weirdo following him at night going home? Stfu racist piece of shit.

          • meeches peaches says:

            so Trayvon Martin was there not because he was visiting family, but to attack George Zimmerman? Is that what Faux News is teaching you. Boy you are INVESTED in this outcome. You have to overlook a whole lot of stuff to maintain that level of irrational bias. ZIMMERMAN STALKED MARTIN. MARTIN DEFENDED HIMSELF. ZIMMERMAN HAD A GUN AND USED IT. YOU’RE A SICK PATHETIC AMERICAN IDIOT.

          • Nathalie says:

            Are you comparing TM to a dog? I read the same evil intent in your comment that gz carries in his heart for young black males. It is that same evil intent that allowed gz to set the stage for the whole concocted story in the case of TM, the very same tactics that he has used in the past to find favor other than the fact that his father has friends in the florida justice system, a system that base there findings in certain cases or cases involving minorities on bias influence.

          • kenny mac says:

            travon should have bust his head wide open zimmerman created that situation what would you do if some derange wanna be cop came at you i was taught to protect myself i would say trayvon stood his ground

          • Diva D says:

            Well said, Treyvon should have busted his head till the white meat showed.
            Zimmerman is a RACIST BASTARD no matter what anyone say !!!

          • Diva D says:

            this idiot was not defending himself, he was out for blood and he got it, by killing Treyvon. GZ made some bad choices and deserve to pay for them.

            For all of you that think that he was just defending himself, put yourself in the place of Treyvon and see if you would still feel the same about (GZ).

            And for the rest of you GZ supporters and fans “YOU CAN JUST GO STRAIGHT TO HELL”

        • christine craft says:

          I do not support that volunteer vigilante. However, Michael Vick did NOT go to prison for “killing a dog”. He was never prosecuted for hurting and torturing and killing dogs. He was prosecuted for running an interstate illegal gambling enterprise..federal RICO charges…try to get it right.

        • Bro. Keith "X" Hudson says:

          Micheal Vick got convicted because PETA pressured the court system. Blacks don’t have that type of group with that type of power. All we got is poverty pimps

        • Sop27 says:

          I agree with whomever said lets not compare apples with oranges. Let’s compare Zimmerman’s release with OJ’s release, not Vick (who never killed a person).

          • Nathalie says:

            OJ Simpson never admitted to killing anyone, and did not kill the woman whom he love so dear, this was the mother of his children and they were asleep upstairs in that same house where she was murdered, the investigators deliberately look over the person who did kill Nicole, he wanted her she did not want him he killed her, he was right there under their noses, and they knew it had they placed the gloves on his hands they would have found the killer but that was not the results that they wanted, they wanted to pin this killing on OJ because he was a black man whom they felt should not have been with this white woman who also was in love with him, something that they’d always despised. Tell the truth and shame the cruel and evil spirit of that of a racist. You know who you are.

          • Carol Robertson says:

            I’m certain there were many who didn’t like the fact that OJ was with a white woman. That doesn’t alter the fact that he killed her. Everyone knows that. The glove didn’t fit for one reason. When leather gets wet, it shrinks. The glove had been full of Nicole’s blood, therefore it shrunk. Johnny Cochran was a fantastic attorney and he got OJ off. But, OJ is a murderer. Now, he is paying the price. Not life and not a death sentence but at least he is in prison. Don’t even think that someone is going to believe that he didn’t kill Nicole. And the only place race was involved was that the entire jury was African American.

          • Diva D says:

            I’m sorry but I respectfully disagree with you. You have the right to speak your own mind.

      • Nathan says:

        oh he gone get delt with belive that !

        • juliawright says:

          what go s around come s around god is not please ! it will come trust me the harder we fall we get back up stronger the lord has the last word !!!!!that was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Nathalie says:

            When you listen to the 911 tape as gz describe the scene of the event leading up to the death of TM. gz sound like the predator that he is he sounds as if he is hunting someone and is very desperate to find his target. gz acted with malicious intent to ultimately catch in his own words those(meaning young black males) that gz seem to think and in his heart feel “they always get away”). There is a law in this country that was enacted to be illegal for stalking someone. He pursued and caught up with TM, he started a fight with TM, with the intent to stage a scenario that would line up with what his version of the story would be, because he knew all to well what his intentions were from the time he laid eyes on TM. He never stopped pursuing Trayvon until his misson was accomplished, MURDER in the first degree. Trayvon was not in violation of doing anything wrong, he was not armed, on his way back home, he did not deserve to die, he had an ambition in life to become an Aviation Mechanic, he was only a child, who has just 11 days prior made his seventeenth birthday. Trayvon was fighting for his life, he lost the battle simply because he was “NOT” a thug, had he been one he would be alive today, because thugs black, r white, hispanic whatever the race or ethnicity does not travel alone.

      • joselyn says:

        He needs to rot in jail n get f-cked I. The ass everynite by every black man in there for the rest of his life!! He’s a fagget!! He better really be aware now someones going to kill him I promise u this ..

      • akbarm says:

        I get that he was on trial for 2nd degree/manslaughter, and claimed defense.

        However, if he had been on trial for being a giant a-hole, he would’ve been convicted in under five minutes.

      • PenneyL says:

        This man is not free, he will never have peace, never be able to just walk the street, he won’t sleep without worrying about his safety, I doubt he’ll find a decent job, he’s going to have to move from his home and probably the state. He will continue to have to move bcuz of death threats (which have already begun), and the media will stalk and report his every movement so I think in reality, Zimmerman’s days are numbered. Don’t think for one second, he’s gotten away with something. Karma is a bi—!

        • JUSTICE says:

          I know this sounds evil…
          Zimmeran don’t need jail time, he don’t need to move or be haunted. I have a better solution. He needs to be shot and become a vegetable where is pappy, mame, friends and wife has to wipe his ass and feed him through a straw for the rest of his life.

          • JUSTICE says:

            Lord forgive me of my evil thoughts……………

          • con clemente says:

            Put him in a vegetative state yes, but that he’s aware and reminded of what he did…although he couldn’t communicate.

          • Diva D says:

            Now that sound like a great punishment. For him to live the rest of his life in fear is just what he need. I do believe he would have gotten killed in prison, and just might get it on the streets. either way his life is over..

        • Spirit-Up says:

          He knows it. That’s the very sad part.
          He can go live with Casey Anthoney, but they shouldn’t have any kids.

    • pissed off! says:

      Every day and night the ghost of Trayvon will haunt that &$@$%& pig!!!!

    • Nathan says:

      oh he gone get delt with belive that !

    • Steveopal says:

      A man carrying a gun does not scream for help. There for it was Trayvon who was screaming for help. Done and over.

      • Nana says:

        Ikr! That is exactly what I said. Like, why would I be afraid for my life when confronting and unarmed teen? It doesn’t make any sense. Guns give the holder a sense of power not fear. That was the biggest load of BULL that I have ever heard and I have heard some doozies!

      • refinnej says:

        Zimmerman was a wannabe thug himself .

    • Beverley says:

      After reading this article and watching the trial, i would not doubt for one minute that G Z shot Trayvon knowing that he would be protected by the stand your ground law. It’s quite apparent to me that he has been able to escape prosecution, my thought is …..he hit himself in the face ……he banged his own head with his weapon….there was not a smudge of Trayvon’s DNA on the gun, or a smudge of G Z on Trayvon…..i believe that G Z knew how to weasel his way around it ….and with Trayvon not being able to speak….they took full advantage of his silence.

      • Elli says:

        It wasn’t stand your ground, argue if you want but get your facts straight.

        • Spirit-Up says:

          Stand your Ground was never invoked. I repeat, Never Invoked. It never, ever was. Ever.
          Now go tell that to Stevie Wonder who refuses to play in Florida or any other state that uses the Stand Your Ground Law because he thinks it was invoked in this case. He should stick with music. People like you promote it. Stop. It was never used in this case. Got it?

          • Nilsa says:

            Juror B37 – said on Anderson Cooper that the Judge did instruct the jury on Stand Your Ground – Still trying to wrap my head around that – because it was suppose to be self-defense.

          • Kat says:

            Although SYG wasn’t invoked, the jury was given the SYG instructions and they used them to deliberate GZ case.

    • Atomsk15 says:

      No we just need to redirect the gun violence to people like George Zimmerman. The problem with gun violence isnt that it exists, its that its so lopsided and directed at the wrong people. If it was wielded by moral, intelligent, progressively-thinking people, we could use it to rid the world of a lot of problems.

      • Yomama says:

        Wow….seriously? Wielded by progressives to rid the world of problems?
        So you saying the bangers need the guns and the OG’s need rocks?

        You must not ever been locked up. PRISON is a “progressive” idea, NEVER forget that.
        SLAVERY was propped up by “PROGRESSIVE” Democrats (read a History book ffs). Bout only thing progressing, is more brothas in lockup and more babies without daddies. It aint right. Guns need to be in hands of people to protect them from the pigs.

        Guards play races against each other, know why?
        That divide and conquer shit WORKS is why. The law is the enemy, not the white folk.

      • dunniteowl says:

        Sadly, most liberal minded people don’t think violence is the answer. Liberal minded people might own guns, though they are more likely to keep them locked up if they do. Therefore, if moral and liberal minded people picked up guns to solve their problems or to “balance” the scales, they’d all become Neo-Conservatives faster than you can change a clip. While I wish more of my liberal minded bretheren would at times get riled up enough to actually stand up for something as a group, I’d count that a victory.

        I look at the case and shake my head in the same way I did with OJ, Rodney King and countless others where it is so painfully clear that my other white “brothers” are controlled by a bunch of cowardly, corrupt old white men who are hopelessly out of touch with the rest of our reality.

        Appeals are more than appropriate here.

      • I will not travel to Florida or patronize any businesses until this stand your ground law is abolished. A I call on all who disagree w/ the out come of this so call justice system, When one of us Americans or foreigners are denied justice there is no justice. Minority fate in white hands. Don’t get me wrong all whites are not racist, but the few racist uses the law and the good old boy network to do their dirty work. I was beginning to think that racist was dying out until the first African American was voted into the highest office of the land.. I loved all people especially for there differences, if we were all the same then we would be divided by sub classes, Rich vs. poor. I am not color blind I see all colors in the spectrum and it is beautiful. Don’t let hated destroy this country. Stop the profiling, larger bonds for minorities, people who have problems w/ other people should be police officers.

    • Shortiepie says:

      There is a special place in Hell for George Zimmerman and evil; vile and racist people like him. They forget that there is a much higher authority to answer to. May they all rot in the hottest part of Hell through all eternity.

    • Jax says:

      What is wrong with America. Gun ban Gun ban and a whole mess of stuff. I see this from you people and am disgusted by you. look at the statistics Gun related murders are not the only murders out there you have rape, stabbings, beatings, bludgeoning ( blunt force trauma), vehicle, poisonings, and many many more. All you hear about is guns guns guns mostly. If you look at the fact I could kill some one by strangulation. Ask yourself where does gun control fit into the criminals, well it doesn’t they are going to get it either way. Look at drugs well drugs are illegal right but it doesn’t stop people from doing them. So you would like to call someone and call them hopefully after having a gun pulled out on you by a robber but hell you could protect yourself with one. Gun related crimes are higher in countries that don’t allow it’s citizens to have firearms. Do you or your ignorant friends know what the 2nd Amendment is for? Its to protect yourself from a Tyrannical Goverment.

      • MBD says:

        You won’t find a single article on Political Blind Spot advocating a gun ban.

      • JR Gill says:

        Don’t forget the majority of the people who are involved in gun related crimes are NOT NRA members. While I see no reason personally for a citizen to own an M-16 or other military weapons, when you realize what the amendment is actually for you have to think that they will use what they have. How do you fight tanks with hand guns?

  2. Guytano Parks says:

    …*K*A*R*M*A!!!*… may it hit him *BIG TIME!!!*…

  3. D'snotz says:

    Soo they can pull up your accounts even after you delete them…

  4. Barry K. Jackson says:

    This needs to be used during a subsequent Federal Civil Rights trial

  5. Rage Against the Light says:

    If Trayvon Martin’s past indescretions had no bearing on the events of February 26, 2012, then I don’t see how George Zimmerman’s did either.

    • MBD says:

      Maybe because Trayvon didn’t shoot anyone. HE WAS THE VICTIM and yet AMERICA has PUT HIM ON TRIAL for his own death!

      • Catalina says:

        @MBD… Agreed!

      • Janieliza says:

        The issue comes clearer still when you realize that Zimmerman said that Martin was reaching for Zimmerman’s gun but the police proved that he never touched it…. but if he WAS reaching for the gun, then he KNEW he was being stalked and had very strong reason indeed to defend himself by attacking his armed stalker before the gun was in play. Zimmerman in effect told the story that should have convicted him. The prosecutor may just be an overcompensating zealot who doesn’t work her cases hard enough to find information like this. She should find other employment.

        • S&T says:

          “Zimmerman said that Martin was reaching for Zimmerman’s gun but the police proved that he never touched it”..This is one of the problems I have with this case. How did Trayvon know that Zimmerman had a gun, if it was concealed on his lower back? How can Trayvon go for a gun unless Zimmerman came up and falshed the gun and that’s when Trayvon may have “Sucker Punched” him because he feared for his life!!!! That is where I feel that Trayvon was Standing his ground and he in fact was defending himself!!! SMH!!!

          • bobcat says:

            I have my suspicions your scenario fits best, and far better than the “jumped from the bushes and assaulted” Zman, and while he was on his back, getting “ground and pounded”, reached behind his back and pulled the gun out and shot the kid point blank.

      • P'tah says:

        boycott Florida orange juice!! it will send a very strong economic impact!!

        • Steve says:

          Hurt farmers in Florida because you don’t like a law or a verdict? Yeah. That makes sense.

          • Mel says:

            It’s called an economic sanction. It’s an alternative to taking a more violent approach. Nations use these measures as an alternative to war.

          • bobcat says:

            States that legalize lynchings, or license to murder, are in need of awakening. People don’t need to risk their lives to visit tourist attractions or buy products that come from such a state. MAYBE, when they see other people actually value their lives more than a trip to Disneyworld, they will rethink their vigilante law, since there has always been a self defense clause in law, with this one taking it beyond the scope of logic, as we’ve just witnessed, a hunter, killing, then blaming the victim for his own demise.

      • TiP WiLLiAMS says:

        I agree with u!

      • JB says:

        Well said and so very true Zimmerman wasn’t on trail Trayvon Martin was.

    • airam says:

      There’s a difference between having a history of legal charges and a teenager talking about pot on the internet. Come on now.

      • bjt says:

        what teenager doesn’t spoke pot, in fact they are on all kinds of drugs. Get your head out of the sand. This is life now, ALL OF THEM

      • wtf says:

        He was doing a little more than talking about pot. Lol Google trayvons backpack…. drug use, guns, school suspensions, burglary, fighting. ..

        • MBD says:

          Drugs or marijuana? And no, Trayvon did not burglarize anyone. Can the racist bullshit. Every African American isn’t trying to steal your purse.

        • Tamara says:

          It doesn’t matter what he did in school! It was 7pm, what does his school misbehaviors and smoking pot have to do with that evening??? Nothing!!! George didn’t know bout none of that when he pursued and shot Trayvon! He should have let the police do their jobs! He knew that they were on their way! He is GUILTY!!!!!!!!

          • harry jordan says:

            I agree with you. George zimmerman’s it not over until the fat lady sing. By now you should have kill your self because it no place in UNITE STATE you are not going to be happy.

        • truthseeker says:

          Google his GPA, community service hours completed and record as an honor roll student while you’re googling those things. On those counts, you’ll find that he was only guilty of a residual amount of THC in his blood the night he was murdered. He was an honor roll student on his way to college to study aeronautics. Now he’s dead.

          Again, he was the victim. All those allegations, except his use of marijuana, have proven to be false.

        • Selena says:

          Why do people always try the victim in cases like this? Is that how people live with themselves when they let a killer go free? This is the same thing as saying a woman who was raped deserved it either because of her lifestyle, the clothes she wears, the places she goes, etc. It’s just so wrong. This proves that GZ is a RACIST and probably provoked the fight, just so he could shoot somebody, especially after that somebody beat him up. GZ is a liar and we all know it.

      • melinda says:

        first of all white,black,chinese, etc some nationality of teens smoke pot…zimmerman was told not to follow him,let the police handle it..they were on there way…ZIMMERMAN WANTED TO KILL SOME 1 THAT NIGHT!!…AND HE LOWERED MARTIN IN BY STARTING SOMETHING WITH MARTIN..SMDH

    • Dave says:

      But Trayvon Martin’s past indiscretions DID matter. He was put on trial as much as Zimmerman was. And a number of Martin’s indiscretions were fiction.

      • James Dunn says:

        why he wont armed he didtnt have the gun he wont in a gang he was walking home homeeeee he wont bothering zimmerman he bothered him how his past got anything to do with what happen that not you cant the only thing you can say is his past something that has nothing to do with what happen that night

    • Rebecca Smith says:

      Trayvon was the VICTIM, not the defendant! And all the negatives about Trayvon were very well publicized. I am just hearing about this hateful stuff from Zimmerman. Isn’t Zimmerman’s father a retired judge?

      • mad as hell says:

        yes his father was a judge and i am more than sure he told him what was going to be done in this case. that is why that fat mf was sitting there with no emotions on his face because he knew he was going to beat this from his father.

    • Carol Robertson says:

      Trayvon Martin was not on trial, remember? He was shot dead by a maniac running loose with a gun.

      • Diva D says:

        Are we forgetting that Treyvon was 17 years old and probably made some bad choices, but we all have been there it is called learning from your mistakes, not being killed for them.

        Zimmerman, I’m sure made mistakes when he was 17, but he got a chance to learn from his, which he deprived Treyvon the right to do, by killing him in cold blood.

  6. Shannon says:

    I bet his “ex-hoe” is laughing now.

  7. Tyrone says:


    In my 54 years on earth I have seen and heard people that refuse to tell the truth or acknowledge the truth! WHEN THEY SEE OR HEAR IT”!! I remember as a Correction Officer a inmate was telling me the reason he should had never been arrested! He claim the credit card he had was legal! When I said to the idiot IT WAS NOT HIS CREDIT CARD! He still said that did not matter! When listening to the supporter of George Zimmerman online! They are just like the inmate! They refuse to to hear the truth! Like the fact that George Zimmerman was told by the 9/11 operator. “We don’t need you to do that” follow Trayvon! Trayvon Martin would be alive had Zimmerman listen! Then it’s the fucken punk and asshole comments of Zimmerman! Proven deprave mind of Zimmerman! Supporter said that Zimmerman was just angry not the obvious fact those words were directed at a person he never met Trayvon! Then it’s the who on top! Well I believe base on witnesses both at one time of the fight were on top!

    Then it’s the screaming! Supporter refuse to acknowledge it’s impossible for it to be Zimmerman because of Zimmerman account of what he claim happen to him! Zimmerman claim that the first thing that happen was Trayvon punch him in the nose! The nose started to bleed then the fight when to Zimmerman on his back! Every expert said blood would be in the throat and mouth making it impossible for Zimmerman to scream! But don’t stop there Zimmerman said Trayvon was punching him 12 to 20 times and slamming his head into concrete 12 to 25 times. Making it totally impossible to scream given the straight pitch of the recorded screams! Don’t stop there Zimmerman claim Trayvon cover his mouth and nose which Zimmerman said is why he shot Trayvon.

    Everyone heard the recorded screams just before the shot! How could it be Zimmerman if he had his mouth and nose cover? Then one of the most obvious lies the supporters and State did not acknowledge! Zimmerman said after he shot Trayvon “TRAYVON SAT UP AND SAID YOU GOT ME”! How could Trayvon sit up if he was on top…Zimmerman told the truth and forgot to lie…He should had said Trayvom lead back! Then it’s the injury on Zimmerman that a expert said were not death threatening! Nor anywhere near someone claiming being punch 12 to 20 times and having his head slam into concrete 12 to 25 times. ZIMMERMAN LIED!

    There will be “NO” justice for Trayvon Martin! “AGAIN” There will be “NO” justice for Trayvon Martin! Black people can protest march from America to Africa chanting “No justice No peace”! After that there will be “No justice No peace” only the wait for the next injustice against a black person! First in order to get justice there must be a acknowledgment of injustice by law makers! With America’s history that just does not happen often. Matter of fact injustice is encourage by law enforcement and politician! Mayor Bloomberg in a radio interview said when asked about “Stop& Frisk”! “More blacks should be stop and search and less whites! A return to “Jim Crow Laws”!

    I am saddened and disappointed by this decision. It is a pattern involving “NO JUSTICE” for young black men that is too often repeating itself. In my view the American legal system has once again failed justice.The jury, no black and no men, was always suspect. The whole world observed this painful conclusion. Every avenue in the law was watching. I hope that no one will compound our pain with street justice. It will do damage to the innocent blood and legacy of Trayvon Martin.The struggle for fairness and justice is not over. Justice will come to those who continue to struggle for it.We continue to pray for the parents of Trayvon Martin and we urge them to remain prayerful and to stay strong.

    • Sherri says:

      The justice system fails us all…white, black, asian, etc…Americans. I am glad to have read this..I might share it on my page..because for some reason even though Trayvon did nothing wrong…he is the guilty one. People are pissing me off…about to lose some friends…this shows people’s true colors and ignorance. There will be justice for Trayvon…just not on earth,\

      • BJMallory says:

        I said that same thing; this whole trial and verdict has been like a big ol’ magnifying glass over my friend list. I’ve already given two the boot and two more are on their way out. It’s like a sickening rainbow of true colors around my page.

      • R. Taylor says:

        I lost many the last two elections, and still more this weekend…

      • brooksg2006 says:

        the thing that pisses me off is when shit happens with a white guy and a black guy the black person pulls the racist card why dont you blacks stop using the race card you wasnt the only race oppressed and the fact is is ur ancestors sold you for u to have a better life and food in ur belly bet u didnt know whites was slaves b4 yall

        • brooksg2006 says:

          sorry for being an a hole but when somthing happens that race card is pulled im not racist but damn stfu bout race and blaming whites for ur problems

          • MBD says:

            Do you believe that White America has not in fact created many of the problems that African Americans face today? You do remember that the people marching along side Martin Luther King Jr. are for the most part still alive today. That era wasn’t that long ago, and yet you seem to imagine that there are no reverberations from that era and decades previous, which created social stratification and economic disenfranchisement for the African American community. This would be like telling the European Jewish community that for 1900 years, it should not have blamed Europe for its problems. This would make anyone knowledgeable of history think that you were either ignorant of that history, or simply a bigot, justifying oppression.

          • Diva D says:

            I think you’re right, this person is just a bigot justifying oppression.

        • MBD says:

          While there were European indentured servants, they served for SEVEN YEARS MAXIMUM and then were free. Their children were always free. Thus, this is an irrelevant piece of trivia at best.

    • tom white says:

      agreed. sorry, sad, and tru.

    • sonia says:

      Well said. Agree 100%

      • dave says:

        u r right but the damn double jeopardy has attached and he cant be tried for it again and that sucks

        • Marla Kinlaw says:

          He can be tried in a civil court for wrongful death. That’s what happened to OJ after he was acquitted of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman’s murders. Only problem is, the Martin family may never see any money come from it, unless GZ tries to profit off of his crime.

          • Ozzy says:

            No he can’t. Learn Florida law before you post. He cannot be tried in civil court if found not guilty in criminal court.

    • amber says:

      Omg. Thank you . I have been saying this over and over. I have been ripped apart verbally and lost friends because i have pointed out these facts and still couldn’t except it. Just glad someone else sees what a complete misjustice this is. Thank you. Hopefully more will finally see the light.

    • millie says:

      I am 63yrs.old and I totally agree with you. But I fear for my grandsons safety For they too will be walking while Black.

    • Janet Putnam says:

      Well said, Tyrone, you nail this, as well as capturing the feelings of MANY who have followed this. Now I hear that they’re bringing a civil suit, and I pray that George Zimmerman is finally held accountable. We also need to put an end to “Stand Your Ground” laws, which make it too easy for gun owners to attack anybody they want.

    • Lora says:

      I love the way you put this. This is what I have been saying each day how the help screams would be possible while head being slammed into the concrete?? Why though didn’t the State make this same argument.

      • LPG says:

        It appears to me the state helped GZ’s defense (sabotage).

          • bobcat says:

            OR, at minimum, one of the worst prosecution cases of all time. I think I could have done a better job, and I’m just an ex phone guy, with zero law school. There are numerous pertinent points they failed to present, and did little to set the frame of mind of Zman, prior to the shooting, HIS previous statements online, and mention the fact that stalking is a criminal offense, during which a death occured, leading to his responsibility for that death due to his criminal actions. That information would likely have tilted the jurors to convict, given it was a crime occuring by Zman when the “confrontation he created” occured.

          • Daniel says:

            I couldn’t agree with you more and though I didn’t keep up with all aspects of this case I do agree that he was stalking him and even said “they (black people) always get away” or something along those lines not a direct quote point is his stalking and racial views lead to Trevoyns death and I feel so bad for his family they lose a son then their sons killer got off Scot free no justice and the state of Florida legal system is a joke!!!

    • Tamara says:

      Thank you for this comment. I am sick about this juror in the news media – making money from letting what seems to me to be a guilty man go free. It is truly horrifying that the truth seems so obvious to so many, and yet to those who had the power to decide, they can be so blind to it. It is good to know that other people also care about this too.

    • Tuni says:

      Jury37 mind was made up at the beginning of the trial what does that tell you. Dam shame!

    • Dorothy DuBose says:

      Well put.

    • QA says:

      Well said Tyrone, well said!!

    • Terri says:

      All good points, sir. From a 64-year old white woman, I am sorry and so saddened that this is still happening in this country. It is absolutely disgraceful. There is a reckoning coming, if not here and now, then by God. He sees. He reads hearts. He has an indelible memory. Keep the faith and know that a lot of people are with you on this.

    • RIP Trayvon says:

      Well said I agree completely.

    • Dp says:

      Im sorry for the lost of martin…. But Facts are facts ,you claiming blood supposed to be in the throat… Was u there. Too many feelings and not facts. Now y’all wanna crucify this dude for every black dude that dead behind real racism. One thing we should learn as black males is to restrain and not always swing on somebody every time we feel like we being played or profiled. What about the 500 kids that died last year in Chicago. Aint nobody protesting that….I can go on….

      • Tiana Caldwell says:

        First of all, someone following you in the dark is scary! Second, an EXPERT testified the that blood would be in the throat and screaming would not be so clear! Third, Zimmerman HIMSELF said that he shot Trayvon while Trayvon was covering his mouth and nose…..HOW THE HELL WOULD HE BE ABLE TO SCREAM WITH HIS MOUTH COVERED?! As Zimmerman HIMSELF testified! Please enlighten me….

    • Denise says:

      Thank you for pointing out those issues. How come people can’t believe that Trayvon was standing his ground. He was fearful for his life and it was self defense on his part. People fail to realize that we are only hearing one person’s side, the living person.

    • Diana says:

      very well said Tyrone

    • norvell says:

      Well Said…nicely put!

    • Brenda says:

      How can there ever be peace without equal rights and justice? Isn’t that part of the reason for most of the violence in the world? I appreciate the point you made.

    • Jess P. says:

      Amen! There’s nothing worst than a human being that’s walking with their eyes “Wide Shut”!

  8. Tyrone says:


    A cousin of the white Hispanic George Zimmerman charged with killing a black unarmed teen told Florida authorities that the so-call neighborhood watch volunteer molested her for 10 years when they were children, according to evidence made public! The judge in the State vs George Zimmerman case has allowed the fact that a very small amount of weed was in the dead body of Trayvon Martin! She has also allow his past phone records and in my opinion place Trayvon on trail! The past of George Zimmerman aggressive behavior has not been expose or allowed by the judge! Trayvon Martin just 17 walking from the store and is stalked and murder by a gun happy self appointed “Watch Captain” . That 95% of the resident in the Gated Community” knew nothing about Zimmerman appointment to that position. To date Zimmerman has not had to explain why he started the incident the led to Trayvon DEATH!

    George Zimmerman criminal records show that he does have an aggressive personality. George Zimmerman has been accused of domestic violence, tussling with a police officer and for over-speeding. In 2005, Zimmerman was arrested and charged with “resisting officer with violence” and “battery of law enforcement officer.” Both these felones are considered third-degree. Due to his desperate attempts, the charges were reduced to “resisting officer without violence” and then the only remaining charge was also completely waived off when he entered an alcohol education program. In the same year (2005), Zimmerman’s ex-fiance, Veronica Zuazo, filed a civil motion for a restraining order, alleging domestic violence. In retaliation, Zimmerman filed for a retraining order against Zuazo and both these claims were resolved with both restraining orders granted.
    The next year, in 2006, Zimmerman was charged with speeding. However, that case was dismissed because the officer who charged him failed to show up at the court. These records show that Zimmerman does not have a very clean past. When did Trayvon Martin lose his “Constitutional Rights” to walking in the rain and not be seen as suspicious? When did Trayvon Martin lose his right to self defense? When did Trayvon Martin lose the right to “ Stand His Ground”! How come George Zimmerman claim of going to Target” “NOT” watching his neighborhood “ NOT” on patrol “NOT” on neighborhood watch!

    Be totally forgotten! How come the “FACT” that Zimmerman heard the screaming and stated “IT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE ME” totally forgotten and dismiss! How come all George Zimmerman injury are contribute to the confrontation? When there is “NO” evidence of the condition of Zimmerman before the confrontation? How come Zimmerman can drive in the rain and walk in the rain and he not be seen as suspicious! How come the State is not asking the medical examiner ..”Could Zimmerman injury happen before the confrontation with Trayvon Martin!!! WILL THE ANIMATION ANSWER ALL MY QUESTION???????????????????

    • BRENDA says:

      Tyronne I think if you were the lawyer representing Trayvon’s family Zimmerman would have been arrested.

    • BJMallory says:

      Also, GZ was let go from his job as a “under the table security guard” doing security for house parties for being too aggressive. Apparently he snapped and overreacted to a drunk female party goer, picked her up and threw her. (the article quoted an ex co-worker)

  9. Tyrone says:


    Any person who suspects that he or she is being stalked should report all contacts and incidents to local law enforcement, according to the Office for Victims of Crime. The brochure “Stalking Victimization” from the U.S. Department of Justice OVC, gives the following tips for those who are being stalked:
    To make arrest and prosecution more likely, stalking victims should document every incident as thoroughly as possible, including collecting/keeping videotapes, audiotape, phone answering machine messages, photos of property damage, letters received, objects left, affidavits from eyewitnesses, and notes. Experts also recommend victims keep a journal to document all incidents, including the time, date, and other relevant information for each. Regardless of how much evidence they have gathered, victims should file a complaint with law enforcement as soon as possible.
    You Are Not to Blame
    As a result of the stalking, you may experience a variety of physical, emotional, and financial consequences. The emotional trauma of constantly being on alert for the stalker, or the next harassment, may seem to use up all the energy you have.
    You may feel vulnerable and out of control of your life. You may have nightmares. Your eating and sleeping habits may change. You may feel depressed or hopeless and lack interest in things you once enjoyed. This is not unusual.

    In Florida on trial the white/Hispanic George Zimmerman saw black Trayvon Martin as suspicious for walking while black in the rain! While Zimmerman was driving and walking while Hispanic/white in the rain! Zimmerman was the one with the gun and was stalking Trayvon. The Defense is trying to turn Trayvon into the criminal A THUG! Even after knowing that George Zimmerman was mistaken Trayvon was “JUST” walking home! But really whats is in play is the stereotyping of black males and assuming all black male are suspicious ! “UP TO SOMETHING CRIMINAL AT ALL TIMES” Trayvon Martin thought he was being stalked and George Zimmerman was the “Creepy Cracker” doing the stalking!

    If Trayvon Martin was white he would be a stalked victim that fought for his life against a gun happy want a be cop. That wrongly judge a innocent Trayvon for walking home from the store! So Zimmerman shot and killed a “UNARMED” totally innocent of any crime . Having a total right to be where he was! Zimmerman who was not on patrol that night and “DID NOT” live in the area Trayvon was staying. Should had not been in that area just feet away from where Trayvon was staying! Trayvon Martin had a right to “Stand His Ground” and Defend himself! Stalking in the state of Florida is against the law! Zimmerman was stalking Trayvon Martin with a gun and two flash lights! Zimmerman confronted Trayvon with a gun and two flashlights! The State should be asking .

    After Trayvon asked Zimmerman “WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME” did Zimmerman thrown one of the flashlights at Trayvon and miss! Remember Zimmerman has a record of fighting with law enforcement! A woman with close ties to George Zimmerman and his family told investigators that members of Zimmerman’s family were boastfully proud racists and that for more than a decade Zimmerman sexually molested her. “It started when I was six,” the woman told investigators Zimmerman was “FIRE” from a security job because of his out of control temper! If George Zimmerman gets away with murdering Trayvon Martin….EVERY TEEN WALKING HOME FROM A STORE CAN BE STALKED AND MURDERED….JUST BECAUSE!!!

    • Catalina says:

      Sad & shameful! Some would rather turn a blind eye! T.M was made out to be something he clearly wasn’t! As a women,I would fight back too if I was in T.M’s shoes! RIP

    • minda says:

      If trayvon lived what would of happened he would have went to jail… So there for we need to just let this rest and move on to helping kids with cancer stopping the violence getting rid of the law right to bare arms or whatever is is

  10. MLynn says:


    Wasn’t the site with the gold teeth eventually proven to belong to a rapster and not Trayvon?

    • MBD says:

      i believe the final word is that it was Martin. This should not justify him being stalked or murdered. Legendary boxer Jack Johnson also wore gold teeth a century ago. Of course, he was accused of many things he didn’t do as well.

  11. Eugene Millevoi says:

    Zimmerman needs to be charged with a hate crime

  12. Latakah says:

    Zimmerman u look happy wit ur baby how wold u feel if u had to bury ur child u have to reep what you sew u was wrong your pride could not take u getting beat by a 17 year old child u have issues somebody owes the LORD for that babies life that was taking i promise u u have some KARMA to answere to LOVE im pissed i have a teen child that looks urban but dont act it does that give anyone the rite to KILL MY CHILD because of a profile Are u crazy i hope the LORD has no MERCY on u and whoever participated………………You Owe Karma

  13. Golda Preslar says:

    Fibberman…..I mean Zimmerman is a killer! Trayvon never had a chance once Zimmerman decided to profile him. It’s too bad the prosecution did such a poor job in proving Zimmerman guilty. They didn’t seem to have their game plan together at all!…….IMO.

    • Dorothy DuBose says:

      They (Prosecution) didn’t try their best because their hand was forced to prosecute the case. When there was public outcry only then did the D.A.’s office press charges against George.

  14. melissy says:

    george zimmerman you are an embarrassment to 2 races ! talking about mexicans and you are one……you are filled with hate……probably even at yourself .

  15. Freda frye says:

    Racial profiling do EXIST!

  16. Hope says:

    Actually, I hope Zimmerman gets what he gave. I hope someone comes up to him and shoots him while he’s walking down the street.

  17. don jones says:

    Please this is America, come on lets keep it real here, America was so called founded on racist beliefs and racism.Who in there sane right frame of mind beleived that a all white jury was going to convict a white man of killing a black child. No matter what people say or think the truth is America has not changed and never will change… Why you think people around the world hate this country. We preach one thing abroad but do something totally different at home. We go into other countries and tell them how our democracy so wonderful and great. Howwash this is the most one-sided lopsided country ever stolen . Yes I said stolen because thats exactly what the white racist who killed over a million indians and close to a million black people did. To them Zimmerman was justified, but this is America. And yes im a blackman who served his country for ten years, im also a blackman who really understands this hate filled country, and before you question my loyalty I will openly tell you I Love this country but I despies its evil way, we call young blacks criminals but we wont recognized the real criminals the ones that makes the laws that applies to a select few. America needs to look at why no other country and tons of people in this country no longer beleive in the pro white American life. Wake up Racist people.

    • Carol Robertson says:

      Not all white people are racists. I am not. Just remember that those of us that knew Zimmerman was guilty would not have been allowed on the jury had we been honest during the voir dire. I’m sure a lot of people were rejected because of that. I think he should have been found guilty and am sickened that he wasn’t. I am about to lose faith in our justice system. I don’t doubt that we live in a racist country but it doesn’t include ALL white people. There are a lot of us that are really upset about the verdict. So, don’t use such a broad brush with which to paint us.

      • constance says:

        Thank you for that. We all know that all white people are not racist and that you kind, caring and sincere people also. We are all people after all. I have white people in my family and I have mixed race family, especially my granddaughter that I love to pieces. I think that we are all so sad that we are looking for answers and in the process we must be careful not to lump everyone in the same category. We are all in this struggle together as America becomes more mixed races, it causes us to take a look at who we really are. We must come together in the love of Christ and be willing to embrace people from every nationality in love. This is the love of Jesus, because He is the only answer.

      • M2K says:

        Amen, the Prosecution was also swayed by Zimmerman’s Dad. And Carol is right; everyone that was interviewed for the Jury were listened to with scrutiny. If you anyway anyhow or even smelt like you were for Trayvon, you were let go/dismissed! Pronto. This whole trial was rigged! Smell a rat?

  18. In the end God will have the last say so God is the only judge we need nobody does wrong and will get a way with it God said that vegence is his and he said that he will repay remember that you sow what you reap so with this being said all I can say is watch God take vegence we serve a God who sits high and looks low he sees all stand still and watch the salvation of God

    • Jeanne Carter says:

      I am the mother and grandmother to 4 black young men. The oldest is 15 years old. He goes outside with his friends and I worry like heck that he will be profiled by a racist cop and get hurt. We shouldn’t have to live with this fear because his skin is brown? All the BS aside, all the hatred on both sides and the simple facts remain. A man was instructed to back off and let the police do their job. He chose to confront the object of his suspicions, with a gun, and shot the unarmed young minor. How can that be anything but a crime? My fear for my grandson when he goes out in public has heightened to a new level. Land of the free? I am not able to enjoy that, and neither is my family.

  19. bianca dawn says:

    Zimmerbitch will get what’s coming to him n due time! Don’t believe me JUST EATCH! HE BETTER STAY HOODIED UP (isn’t it ironic) He a DEAD MAN WALKING!

  20. Blind Justice says:

    If GZ got beat down like he stated, wouldn’t TM have cuts and bruises on his fingers and maybe pavement burns and or grass and blood stains on his clothes somewhere from GZ?

  21. Taina Ponce says:

    Its a shame that the martins have to suffer this tragic parent wants to bury thier child.death knows no color .but at the end of all of this you Mr George Zimmerman have to answer to the two biggest gangstas god n karma.and guess what asshole you can’t pull a gun on them .so the joke is on you.

  22. michelle says:

    where is Dexter when you need him

  23. J Hackett says:

    The prosecutor threw the case they did not want to try Gz

    • Dorothy DuBose says:


    • Carole says:

      I agree, the prosecutor threw the case. It was all a mockery trail. Trayvon Martin was on trail and no one tried to stop it. The Defense team ate the prosecutors up! Who really thought five white females and one unknown race was going to find him guilty? Remember, they have to live there. Not only will GZ get his justice soon, so will the 6 juries that let him go free.

  24. jamesgang says:

    You punk motherf**kers talkin’ big ’bout he a dead-man walkin’, you ain’t th’ balls to do it your damn selves you ain’t got no business sayin’ bitches! Not only that, you don’t know shit about Constitutional and State law cause if you did , half or more of you punks wouldn’t even be on here! You’re just a bunch of weak-mind pussies with weak-mind opinions. You want a f**kin’ race war? Let’s do it bitches!! F**k you and your threats against Whites and Mexicans!I For one of millions, I got something for your punk, bitch ,asses!! You let something happen to Zimmerman, and you gonna see what us “Whitey’s” are capable of!! This is OUR country bitches! If you don’t like it, go the f**k back to Africa!!

    • MBD says:

      Shouldn’t you then go back to Europe? It was your ancestors, after all, who brought Africans here by compulsion. They certainly did not drag you to these shores from Europe. Perhaps then you should rethink your commentary, in order to make it somewhat more logically consistent. Agreed? Good.

    • SaraB says:

      LOL Dude you’re on here trying to act like a Internet gangster. FOH with that BS. America doesn’t belong to you!

      • Daniel says:

        dude on here talking hard then gonna talk about the constitution lol!! dude your embarrassing yourself and there is no defense or excuses for what he did to.that kid and what his family is going through now cause the state of Florida system is a JOKE he got off so show some respect you insensitive piece of shit!!!

    • Daniel says:

      lol dude ur pathetic and ur little kkk skinhead buddies u all are belligerent simple minded unintelligent losers and a disgrace to white people Stu!!!

    • jovawest says:

      You’re such a funny iternet gangster…lol. Just remember Trayvon Martin’s family are mild mannered, non-confrontational people. Let me tell you, not all of us are that wa. Carry on with your racist internet rants. If you’re as tough as you type…lol. Im sure you are not! Give us your name and the area you live in, and we can get poppin..COWARD!

    • jovawest says:

      Just plain stupid!!

    • Eureka says:

      LOL… What r u gone do? Our babies r getting killed left and right for no good got damn reason so we really don’t have shit to lose! So going to war is NOT what u want! Now take that shit back to Africa u ignorant MF!

    • S&T says:

      YOUR country and WHITES doesn’t go together in the same sentence… You make me laugh!!! LOL!!! YOUR COUNTRY??!!! Lol!!!

    • upset parent says:

      you are not gonna kick a fucking can thru a ghost town fuck you ,and fuck Zimmerman…. and black build this country. YOU CAME FROM US REMEMBER THAT!

    • antonio Jackson says:


      You have issues. I serve my country in the US army and I am black. I lay it on the line for all people in this country. With that being said you are the only weak-minded person posting this crap. I do agree know one should post harmful things to Zimmerman or his family. However, the bottom line is if he could not fight or was that fearful he never should have got out of the car. And if you don’t like it you can go to Africa. Grow Up and get a life.

      • steel says:

        thanks for serving my/ our country….
        I dont like Zimmerman, but i do agree with the Stand your ground” laws in florida……….Was it actually Trayvon who was Standing his ground and winning?? we will never know for sure………I will assume that if he saw a gun he wouldnt be so quick to throw a punch….unless the weed made him really stupid………..the evidence presented made the jury have no choice but to aquit……I wish for the doubters there was at least one woman who was black on the jury so you wouldnt second guess it all…..but these so called “stupid white women” are the same ones that put Obama in office so you really cant have it both ways.
        they should charge him with recklessness and a few more but not murder when you are on your back……….unless you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that zimmerman was the agressor…..he was in fact allowed to patrol his neighborhood…………..getting out of the car against police instructions was stupid, reckless, but it wasnt a charge for murder. He could have easily shot the kid while he was still standing if he had that original intent. If he was a vigilante then why call the cops in the first place? I wish we knew more but there is enough doubt on the charge to set him free.

        • Nikki says:

          @ Steel, how do you know who those “stupid white women” voted for to claim they put Obama in office? It took more than 6 votes to get Obama elected, and based on B37’s ignorant comments on Anderson Cooper, I highly doubt she voted for Obama anyway.

    • Carole says:

      First of all learn how to spell correctly! If you do not like the comments then stop reading and replying to them. Everyone has a freedom of speech. I don’t believe you have any balls yourself. Everyone hides behind social media and say what they will do. Your opinion is even weaker! You stated ” This is OUR country bitches! If you knew anything about history, this is not your country! What have you done to make this your country?

    • steve says:

      @jamesgang… are a waste of white skin,people like you,are the reason why racisim exists,you are the punk ass bitch,the internet thug,the wanna be gangsta,zimmerman will get his,because karma is true,and God will give TM justice,i have lots of white friends,who are good quality people,and you are white trash,a total disgrace to your race as a white man and a human being,and telling us to go back to africa,you go back to europe..and i dont any hispanics who support zimmerman,and only the racist,ignorant whites support zimmerman,you my friend are totally out of the loop and need a reality check,but as forest gumps momma said….stupid is what stupid does,and you my friend are stupid!!!!

    • Keeping It real. says:

      Everyday some minority is unjustly killed by police officers and GZ and people of his ilk.We belong in Africa as much as you do. You stupid assed narrow twit. You don’t know any real truth only what you choose to believe which excuses your behavior as much as it does GZ. Race War you say. That war has been going on for almost 600 years. this country was built by slave and former slave. You seem to forget that the law is such that any person can own a gun. We have many issues and though I would do nothing to hasten your death, I won’t feel bad when you do get killed because you think so stupidly that you put yourself in harm’s way. And Zimmerman has gotten away with so much that that hes whole family of miscreants will fall and never see that because he was the son of judges and they miss used their authority, and he and his wife lied, it’s going to be like dominoes they are all going down and probably at the hands of a white man or Mexican who just can’t take it anymore. Race War, yep it could happen but not the way you think. You’re just another loud mouth loser. Stand your ground can work both way only those who do who are not white will runaway and live to kill another day. Sad but that’s the way this white supremacist system would have it. May God help in the years ahead. The census report is wrong, whites are already in the minority and as soon as the rest of us learn the truth of our power, we will send you back to Europe where you should all have remained in the first place. Ask the Koch Brothers, the Waltons, and the other company owners who sent our jobs to there countries. Robber Barons all who will be stuck with product which no way in this country will be able to buy. they’re turning this into a third world nation and you talk about some silly assed race war. Get a grip. You offend the name of America and all our sensibilities. Live as long as you can by your gun. You will precipitate the very war that you want only you’re going to lose.

    • Diva D says:

      Ok jamesgang, if you want to play this shit out this way then let’s do so. I know that all white people are not racist pigs like you are, now get your damn facts straight you want us to go back to Africa, well if it wasn’t for the RACIST LAZY POOR WHITE TRASH LIKE YOU, WE WOULD’NT BE HERE. Sorry asses like you were to lazy to do your own work (plowing your fields, picking cotton, taking care of your kids, and the sorry ass ladies not cooking or cleaning their own homes. We didn’t ask to be here, but we are and we deserve equal rights and justice. So take your poor trashy white ass and go back to school and study your history books before you post your thoughts. NOW GO TO HELL!!!! YOU TRASH

      Fools like you give white people a bad reputation. You are nothing but a modern day KKK. Oh and by the way Zimmerman deserves what ever comes his way even if it is STREET JUSTICE.

      Do not under estimate the power of African Americans on the economy. We will see what will happen when we hit Florida and others in the pocket, by withdrawing all of our money and spending and purchasing of products that helped pay for Zimmerman’s attorney fees. Then you will fell the power of the AFRICAN AMERICANS.

  25. P'tah says:

    in order to send an simple economic impact to Florida, please refrain from buying Orange Juice!!! Florida produces 67% of the US oranges and produces 40% of the WORLD’S orange juice!! Please share!

    • Dorothy DuBose says:

      BAN Florida altogether. Hit ’em in their pockets. Take your vacation money other places and let’s stay out of Florida! I for one will not spend a dime in the State of Florida.

    • Jcl says:

      BRILLIANT IDEA! Let’s punish MILLIONS of INNOCENT Floridians!

      • Shortiepie says:

        There is a special place in Hell for George Zimmerman and evil; vile and racist people like him. They forget that there is a much higher authority to answer to. May they all rot in the hottest part of Hell through all eternity.

      • Diva D says:

        Don’t look at it as punishing MILLIONS OF INNOCENT Floridians, but look at it as we are making a stand and showing how the lack of our dollars influence their state income and revenues,( by not taking family vacations to their state and not purchasing products that are produced there are just some of the things we can do.) maybe then they will take notice and try to rectify the injustice that has been done, by taking another look at the SYG law.

        As for the innocent Floridians, well there are always casualties of war, and believe me this is a war, not with weapons or bombs and violence, but still a war indeed.

  26. Daniel says:

    Florida’s system is all to hell and they need to change their laws get more strict or something because first Casey Anthony killed her own daughter and walls now this!!! Its like saying in Florida you can kill babies and young black kids and walk are u kidding me!!! Then the pain pill epidemic came.from Florida and their loose laws and unable to track pills and a ligule found by two convicted felons who.made millions running pain clinics seriously?? Florida should.really be ashamed of themselves!!!

  27. Cheryl Glancy says:

    What’s the over / under of how long it is going to take this creep to OJ himself and land in prison?

    On another note… you probably have read the outrageous Ted Nugent post from Saturday night…. be aware that he is scheduled to appear at the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. I say BOYCOTT not just Resorts, but also any MOHEGAN SUN-related properties and casinos and let them know your disgust. How could this Native American-owned company PAY him to appear? As a white woman, I am ashamed of what we have done not only to the African Americans, but also the Native Americans. Please pass this on and BOYCOTT MOHEGAN SUN and RESORTS in Atlantic City !!!!

  28. Gruff Dan says:

    would you pc douchebags take a pill? Everyone has racists view’s at one time or another, and everyone uses stereotypes. Quit being a bunch of crybaby pc Nazis! spend sometime in the deep dark parts of the ghetto and you’ll learn just how view us.

    • MBD says:

      If you say so. Either way, not everyone who says racist things then goes on to shoot an unarmed African American, unarmed 17 year old.

      • minda says:

        If trayvon was white we wouldn’t stress this this much truth told… let’s focus on the other murders going on in the world

        • Nikki says:

          @ Minda if Trayvon was white, it wouldn’t have taken 45 days to arrest his killer and Zimmerman wouldn’t have been acquitted of the murder. Zimmerman would’ve been locked up and thrown under the jail. There’s always been a double standard with the injustice system, that’s the issue here.

    • Yvette says:

      What makes you think they are anywhere near a ghetto? Because their views differ from yours?

      No one has to agree with you and they have the right to express how they feel just like you do. You take a pill or GTFOH if you can’t handle reading the opinions of anyone that doesn’t think like you.

    • Carlene says:

      Racial profiling need to STOP. White man made america what it today. Where is Wall Street, they were all thieves and they were not profiled and killed. This young man was not stealing, he was walking minding his own business.
      Yes, I agree we all stereotypes each race one way or the other. But how would you like your daughter or son walking in a neighbor and someone think s/he do not belong and shot them…Is this really right. We may have different skin color, but we are the same. We all have to use the toilet!!

      • Luckydog38 says:

        One distinction. We ALL made America what it is today. The white’s may have created the seed for contempt in the African American by unjustly imprisoning their forefathers but “today” we stand as an entire free nation capable of fixing this together or point our fingers at each other playing the blame game.

  29. Sebastian .v. blake says:

    The color of skin is menial a child was killed in cold blood,who cares what gz nationality is or was stated to be, justice was not served it was perversed &the thats what all people would see the mattin family are a strong and god Therefore fa

  30. Sebastian .v. blake says:

    As a parent my skin color is irrelevant, if it were one of mine i would be in prison becaus i would have found a way to bring retribution to the situation, he should die, he would have to, . Mr &the miss martin are a role model of strenght, faith &the wisdom, they personally asked all communities, not to mark the verdict in the sons life with violence, the same violence that killed their child, they have taken the torch of acceptance & prayed over it, god got it people, alot of people are pissed, but there are greater answers to problems than using the same exponent that got you there in the first place…..

  31. upset parent says:

    My heart is so broken, I cannot believe that the law actually allowed this to happen …… this is a wound re-opened and that fat mutha&*(* wouldn’t even take the stand ,, why? because his story was inconsistent and he could not keep up with his lies … he stalked that kid…. I believe he showed Trayvon his gun before hand. tell me how can you beat somebody and scream “somebody help me” at the same time > then a shot? today i was at the park with my 2 sons and husband , my oldest son(21) and husband was playing b-ball with a white man , the guy got upset because my son didn’t want to play with him anymore because the guy was being a asshole on the court,blurting out all kinds of stuff and not really into the game) so guy walked off as he got halfway down the block he yelled out that is very same reason Trayvon is not here now. I couldn’t believe my ears my husband was ready to go after the guy along with a few other guys but then they agreed not to because it wouldn’t solve anything but it was as if he wanted something to go down for the way he was behaving on the court ,and who knows what kinda weapon he had . For the first time in my life i feel that there is gonna be a race war that a lot of white/mexican/etc etc people will feel that it is okay to kill a black male,and there will be no consequences behind it, and it sickens me and makes me afraid for my families life.

  32. Petra says:

    It’s not over! Justice must be served! We are another Trayvon Martin! RIP Trayvon Martin. We love you.

  33. slucas says:

    I don’t care if he had 50 gold teeth in his mouth or donned a 100 blunts a day, he was unarmed, at 36 if someone following me and then attack me hell yea im fighting back its a life or death situation I don’t know what that person is going to do to me. That bastard was a true wanna be cop and didn’t like blacks. What say on the phone to 911 WHY DO THESE FUCKER ALWAYS GET AWAY??? -Then afterthe fact the police specifically tell you not to follow this boy you do it any way??? Come on you wanted to hurt Travon. You wanted to feel like you was a real cop even though you was a NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCHMAN ( quote unquote) You hunted Travon down and when he beat yo ass you shoot him!!! I hope then damn jurors can’t sleep at night. But its ok God got something for Zimmerman ass!!! Believe that!!!! His death won’t go unjustified!!!!!

  34. Laura says:


  35. chi says:


  36. chi says:

    Zimmerman been raping the young girls in his own family now they taken him back to court….this one got issues all the way around…….listen to the girls testamony…..

  37. chi says:

    CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!,Zimmerman Before he shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February 2012, Zimmerman had studied criminal justice. He applied to become a police officer in Virginia in 2009, but was rejected due to bad credit, according to testimony in his trial…..THAT’S HOW HE KNEW HOW THO COMMIT MURDER AND GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Ghost of Martin says:

    Will someone please just find Zimmerman and start a fight with him then shoot him when he fights back so this can all be over with? I feel like the judge made him fair game and I don’t understand how he is still alive if the Judge basically ruled it was okay to kill him and anyone else in Florida in this same way.

  39. ms.biracial says:

    I totally agree with u on that,that had nothing to do with him takin trayvon life!!!!!

  40. Craig says:

    Stereotyping all black males as criminals is as wrong as ppl stereotyping every white male walking into a theater with a long coat as a potential mass murder. Individual acts are just an individuals

  41. Dominque says:

    I am wondering why he feels he is superior to Mexicans; he is only 50% German. Something is definitely missing or misfiring in his brain. He needs serious help! I guess he will really be looking like a stuffed tick when the justice department files charges against him. I hope he still has money in his paypal account.

  42. Righteous Indignation says:

    Speak for yourself Gruff Dan… Noooo, everyone does not believe, say, or even think racist things about other people!!! DON’T attribute your shortcomings to others! Of course, no one is perfect, but you don’t have to be perfect to be humane and respectful of others.

  43. Kim Miller says:

    I just have a question? Is George Zimmerman’s mother a brown skin woman who is hispanic, and considered a minority, an a white father? Does he have an identity problem maybe.

  44. Person says:

    Yeah. So I’m a Zimmerman supporter. Come at me bro.

    If Zimmerman’s Myspace can be scrutinized. Scrutinize Martin’s too. Everyone says shit; People take shit. Deal with it. The right to free speech exists on Social Media and all you think it doesn’t. I laugh at you all.

    Secondly; The law is the god damn law. The jury decided that he was not guilty based on the evidence provided and as such, that is what the LAW says he is. Deal with it.

  45. Debbie Jaynes says:

    HE wouldn’t of walked if I had been on that jury. Very wrong decision. I don’t care what Travon did in his past. Does that mean everyone who smokes pot or talks about guns, etc at the age of 17 should be shot? Be grow up and learn the better path to take. Pot doesn’t make you aggressive. Zimmerman profiled him like he was a wanna be cop. Hes a racist and a liar. Travon was scared for his life and had every right to be. Our jurdicial system is a disgrace!

  46. Debbie Jaynes says:

    As Travon got older and more mature who knows what path he could of taken. He was a normal 17 yr. old. Some talk was probably just because of his age and he wanted to be tough or at least act that way or impress other teens with the pier pressures in school, but he never had the chance to grow up to adulthood and see what path he would of taken. Shame on you Zimmerman, you racist mother f%&er!!!!

    • Natrldiver says:

      So why were his parents not involved to correct him? Failure on the parents.

      • Nikki says:

        Natrldiver why are you assuming his parents weren’t involved in his life when they obviously were? My understanding is the parents had joint custody. He was staying with his dad when all this happened. While yall are focusing on some damn facebook pictures of tattoos, gold grills and weed, you overlook the fact that he was in school studying Aviation and was influenced by his uncle to go into that field. Get your damn facts straight before you go passing judgment on this young boy and his family.

    • upset parent says:


  47. KD says:

    @Gruff, wow cleary you must not have and once of decency or an aquired truth about life as you should know it!! I understand that there is anger and mixed feelings in the air but is it at all called for to show your ***SO CALLED*** ADULT REACTION know as ignorance on your behalf, rather than puuting a muzzle on it! If you have a family with children I’m quite sure this would not be appeasing to you. (SMH) The sadness is IGNORANCE just keep repeating itself, followed by people like you. I hope and pray that you would never experience the pain that this young man parents have to endure for the remaing of their lives.

  48. htownshanna says:

    The more I hear about Zimmerman, the more it seems like killing Trayvon was the best thing that ever happened to him.

  49. dokkou says:

    I think both of them were at the wrong. Zimmerman was wrong to follow someone if he did do it for the wrong intent but its also wrong for Treyvon to assault someone even they were being followed. All could’ve been prevented if there were no confrontation from both parties. If he did get confronted, he should’ve just been questioned or if arrested just took it so he could take it to court to overrule it. That way, at least no one would’ve died and Treyvon would’ve won against the system. Besides, why would you want to beat someone if they were just going the same direction as you were. Who knows what the actual intent was but the action could still be that he just so happens to be in the same line of direction to go to his destination. Cops do roam around you know. This evidence don’t prove that he killed him for intent of killing him. Plus, I think it is just another ploy to use the race like people did in the 90’s. What I would be upset about is the constant black on black crime happening in that area. That violence that happens that doesn’t involve the law. You get so worked up about the case that you don’t what is really going around you which is the constant people fighting to survive. I think people just need to wake up and see what is really going around them instead of one case. People turn the other cheek when man children die of gang violence that happens every day around that area and yet you get mad over a cop using self defense that happen in rare occasions? Makes no damn sense.

    • Shortiepie says:

      Yea, what’s really going on in FL. is that if you are a Black male, you better not walk down the street at night wearing a hoodie. What kind of sense does that make. Then who will be next, Gays? Women? Any other minority?

    • upset parent says:

      ALL THESE WHAT IF`s trayvon was a child he didn’t think like that and who`s to say if that is how it actually happened ,,,,, I believe that Zimmerman approached trayvon and pushed him then they began to fight or Zimmerman showed that boy his gun that’s why trayvon started to scream help me somebody help me …. then that shot…. either way zimmerman was dead wrong and trust n believe karma is a mutha fu&(* and he is going to get his watch n see what happens

    • Barbara bisserup says:

      zimmermen. Should have stayed in the car like he was the police none. Of this would have. Happened

    • Nikki says:

      @ dokkou you make no sense. Zimmerman was not a cop, he was a trigger-happy, sociopath, wanna be cop, Neighborhood Watch captain. And in Zimmerman’s own 911 call he admitted to following Trayvon. So much for your little theory that they were “going in the same direction”. Trayvon had every right to defend himself from some punk ass wanna be cop who was following him and didn’t even bother to identify himself. Trayvon Martin’s guard was up and his adrenaline was probably on 20 at that point. It’s called fight or flight, Trayvon chose to fight.

  50. Ms.K says:

    Fact: a young mans life has been taken
    Fact: the person that took the life has been found not guilty
    Fact: Justice was not served
    Fact: Zimmerman has to walk around in fear & he should!
    Fact: Trayvon has moved on and is in a much better place
    Fact: Zimmerman did not have the right to pursue Trayvon after being told not to
    Fact: The end of the story is yet to come! it’s far from being over!
    Fact: the trial was more about Trayvon and what he did as a kid. This should not have even brought up! Hell, the young man lost his damn life! Zimmerman is still here and has been cleared of the charges.
    **REMEMBER** it was the judge and court that set Zimmerman free, not the streets! Take this how you want ! Zimmerman will NEVER be free…

  51. GOD'S CHILD says:


  52. Natrldiver says:

    Wow, another attempt to try to break the justice system. Face it people. There was no evidence to the fact to support the prosecutions claim. What Huffington Post and CNN are more racially charged than most people today. If this was a slam dunk case as many of the ill informed public appears to be then it would have been a different verdict.

    The fact is people need to do some research. While you slander GZ, how about all the same regarding TM. There were pictures and posts that were just as racial. You people need to grow up and start respecting one another. Parents, stop letting your kids be tramps and gangsters. Raise them to be upright citizens.

    Everyone who is griping about this is pathetic.

    • upset parent says:


  53. kim stehm says:

    i love that everyones doing this, but it leads me to questions of why wasnt this done with poor kaylee anthony we all know her mother is guilty and she walked away while kaylee does not… just saddens my heart we never did this for her….

  54. Krista says:

    So what is being implied by the results of this trial? That since TM smoked weed, & (like a lot of teenagers do) had a less than appropriate Internet image, it’s ok that dude shot him? Why does any of that matter? Like there’s higher and lower quality people? The fact that TM was unarmed, not engaged in any illegal activity, and was approached and subsequently shot dead by GZ is all that should matter..and what sucks about being a juror, is even if u KNOW the person did it, if there’s not enough hard evidence to prove it, if there’s any doubt (this is where stand your ground comes in), then your hands are tied..which sucks in this case, but may not in your own..

  55. B.A. says:

    Let me paint a different picture for yall: Same scenario Trayvon Martin is walking home and being followed by an unknown person in a car, close enough that he notices him, he checks to see who it is by circling the car but still doesnt know him, so Trayvon runs and the guy gets out his car and runs after him, so at this point a unknown man is chasing Trayvon, Trayvon then runs back into him and an altercation ensues, but this time Trayvon Kills Zimmerman who is armed, Do the police listen and believes Trayvon story, does it take them 44 days to arrest this man, Is there a trial and does the Judicial System let Trayvon Martin go free for killing an armed stranger. If the outcome is not the same, then you can understand the racial tension behind this case

    • Jeff says:

      The out come would have been the same but considering Zimmerman was on the phone with 911 should tell you he wasn’t intending to harm Trayvon; what murderer calls 911 in the act? He was out there as part of a watch because of crime on the rise. What’s the point of ANY neighborhood watch if nobody looked suspicious? Ever heard of the slogan, “See Something, Say Something”? I guess there MUST be a race issue anytime someone abides to that slogan. Zimmerman broke no laws & when he pulled the trigger was well beyond the “Stand Your Ground” law because he was on his back w/ a broken nose & blood running down his throat as a thug kicked his ass.

      Facts. They’re amazing.

      • MBD says:

        “See something, say something” refers to “saying something” when you see an African American on a cell phone, with his hood up in the rain?

    • Jeff says:

      I forgot one of my points, Trayvon would not have called 911 if he were in Zimmerman’s case as you know the black community does not believe in the po po & tend to handle shit themselves, which Trayvon decided to do that night.

      If Trayvon was a normal upstanding citizen, then he should have called 911 & reported Zimmerman for an equal opportunity to report suspicious activity. He could have also gone straight home considering he was 6 or so houses from his dad’s, especially after breaking contact with Zimmerman.

      Trayvon walked back to the situation & ended up committing FELONY BATTERY on Zimmerman before being shot. Reporting suspicious activity is not illegal, following someone on a public sidewalk is not illegal, talking to someone is not illegal, punching someone is a Misdemeanor & beating someone while they’re down is a Felony. Just.. fyi.

      Zimmerman may not have made the right choices but he didn’t commit a crime. If you don’t believe any of Zimmerman’s story that’s been vetted by several different agencies then you must believe that everyone involved is in on IT. And that makes you crazy.

      You guys really have nothing to go on here & it’s funny watching all of you squirm.

      Oooh, another black male just died somewhere in America! Let us take to the streets & destroy some stuff in protest!

      • Carol Robertson says:

        Trayvon walked back to the situation? Were you there? I guess you didn’t go to the police and tell them that you witnessed that or you would have been included as a witness in the trial! Shame on you for keeping that secret. Or better yet, perhaps you just made it up. That is not a fact. The fact is that George followed Trayvon and gunned him down and killed him. Deal with some reality for a change.

        • Diva D says:

          First of all Carol where did you get your facts, how can you prove that Treyvon walked back to the situation? Who said he was a thug and can it be proven? Why didn’t anyone focus on or comment on the good things that Treyvon did in his short lived life (because of Zimmerman) ?

          Oh! by the way not all Black do not trust the police. When I see or hear something going that just isn’t right call 911 quickly.

      • Shortiepie says:

        I’m glad that you’re an authority on Black people and what they would and have a tendency to do or not do. ” Indeed it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. “

      • Diva D says:

        What in the hell make you such an expert on African Americans and their behavior? For your information: I am an up standing citizen and yes I would have called 911, but in the meantime if the bastard (GZ) had jumped me I would have been beaten his ass as well.

        Also for your info African Americans do call 911 when something is going on, but the police either come too late or might not come at all. So you see Blacks are racially profiled by the police as well.

        Oh by the way I am an African American female, and I think you are just a PIG, no matter what race you are.

        And last but least Zimmerman will get his one way or the other. I personally hope that he live a long life looking over his shoulder and being paranoid every time he sees a black person. This will be a sentence that he could never forget.

  56. Jessica says:

    Scum bags like him will get their KARMA!!!!!! If I were his dad, I’d be embarrassed and ashamed. An insult to the Jewish name. When he least expects it the universe will back him back 10 fold. It always does.

    Poor excuse of a man. Don’t know why any woman would be married to him. UGLY and EVIL. Probably beats her too since he has a record of domestic.

  57. And what will they say when Zimmerman commits another violent crime–perhaps murder. Will the jurors who let this scumbag walk acknowledge the blood stains on their hads?

  58. sylvia says:

    I only know that God will handle this situation. Zimmerman may be jumping up and down and celebrating with his family and friends for now, but the truth will rise to the surface and God is always watching. If I was Zimmerman I wouldn’t get too comfortable. You never get away with wrong…Zimmerman, is a coward, a piece of shit, unworthy for the “real police force” and he will pay for the horrible crime he committed I believe Zimmerman is a liar and a murderer. His criminal records proves he is a racist, a punk-ass, woman beater and a jerk would feels he is above the law. The sad thing about this whole case is the poor handling of this matter by the Court system in Florida. This is an American Tragedy!

  59. Luckydog38 says:

    Essentially the jury was able to look at George Zimmerman regarding the facts as they saw them and come to the conclusion that, while his actions were a sad mistake in judgement on the grandest scale, he was acting in a way that he believed was to protect his neighbors and himself. This (no matter how depressing and senseless) is NOT a man choosing to murder someone simply BECAUSE they were black. It is choosing to kill someone because you have a knee jerk reaction to the black youth in your community based on your experience. Again….. a sad and pathetic state we have come to as a country and we are ALL in it. We are ALL culpable. We are so outraged at the ability for this to happen that we think if we crush someone the jury found to be misguided but NOT racist we think somehow we have solved the problem that actually rests in OUR hands and is LONG and ARDUOUS. But hey!!! Let’s take the easy way out and let George Zimmerman take our burden. Let’s not take the time to go into the inner city and participate in activities that would teach us about the culture that exists beyond our suburbia and lets not teach our young black youth that (even though they have never stepped over the legal boundary) holdng the recording thugs and wife beating athletes in esteem is a poor life path choice. Yes….let’s attack George Zimmernan by all means and feel better about ourselves when we go to sleep tonight knowing WE are the good guys and he did it ALL. And here is the difference between Mchael Vick and George Zimmerman. Michael Vick tortured, abused and fostered the sadistic treatment of a living creature and gained nothing from it but sick pleasure. George Zimmerman (as found by the jury) took a precious and living human but did so with the understanding he was protecting his community. (warped and wrong but deserving much different emotion than Michael Vick’s transgression) Michael Vick also has (from what I have seen) worked diligently to rectify his actions and as such would not say that he was “over-punished” based on the act being committed against a mere canine.

  60. Tasha says:

    In the wake of the senseless killing of Trayvon Martin … “The company known as Koch” which manufactures paper products is sponsoring and paying for Zimmerman’s legal fees because they feel he had legal right to bare arms and shoot Trayvon we are asking that people everywhere ban together and pass this information on and not purchase any of the following items because your money will be paying for Zimmerman’s lawyers and legal fees. Please do not purchase any of the following items: Angel soft toilet paper, Brawny paper towels, Dixie plates, bowls, napkins & cups, Mardi gras napkins and paper towels, Quilted northern toilet paper, Soft and gentle toilet paper, Sparkle napkins/paper towels, Vanity fair napkins. Please Fwd this Very Important information to All your Family and Friends. Please Let’s Help Get “Justice for Trayvon Martin” Thank You!!!
    GOD CAN!! ***Please Don’t Reply All Just Forward*** Thanks!

  61. Luckydog38 says:

    Wow! It appears that you have chosen not to include my comments though they where void of profanities or incendiary comments. My focus was on reflection and turning the thought of this sad occurrence inward. As this too will not make it to the active forum I have chosen to simply direct it to you, the editor. There are myriads of self-serving, biased and opinionated websites out there. Though the public tends to gravitate to their chosen prejudice, the greater truth rests somewhere in each individuals mind and the reality of what is right wins in the end. Maybe yours will someday be a site that chooses truth rather than “your truth”.

    • MBD says:

      Actually, your comments were posted at 5:00 EST. Looks like they were written a few hours earlier, in the middle of the night. Many websites have moderated comments, but if they are devoid of profanity and hate speech, they will be posted if you give those who admin this site the time to approve them.

  62. J says:

    KARMA will have its day

  63. bree says:

    WOW soo did this surface before the trial or no? I hope it didn’t cuz if the jury saw this and weren’t convinced he was racist IDK what to say. zimmerman is one of those racist guys that think only using the N word is racist when in reality your negative perspective on others is what makes you racist

  64. Jesus Final says:

    Do U ALL know that George Zimmerman’s DADDY was a JUDGE? And JUDGES are part of an Organization who get FAVORS for their KIDS… And for the one who say they support GZ… Good 4 U. Those who LIVE by the GUN will DIE by the GUN… DON’T SCREAM when it happens 2 U. Just relax UR body, lay back and take UR LAST BREATH… KARMA is REAL… WHAT GOES AROUND WILL COME AROUND, SOONER than U KNOW… There’s NO FEAR HERE… BLAST AWAY…

  65. Rachel says:

    @ Dawn, how the f!@k you know he was a thug, do you even know what a thug is? Those pics were all for hype and social media but he wasn’t like that in reality.

  66. CRLJ says:

    1. Most of these comments disgust me.

    2. Martin being or looking like a “thug” is important BECAUSE it is what initially caused Zimmerman to be suspicious. An entire culture has chosen to look and act “hard” and essentially like a “thug” and that culture is proud of it. With that comes consequences, like being looked at as suspicious. You can say all you want about not judging a book by its cover, but these things are red flags for those that don’t choose to accept that thuggish culture. More often than not, people that can’t smile or that dress a certain way have history of being in some sort of trouble (criminal or otherwise).

    3. Zimmerman should have some sort of consequences for what he did. We were not there to know what sort of attitude or behavior Martin responded with. He could have been acting violent. Plenty of “young, innocent” teens have killed people. You can look up “two black teens beat up a 50 year old white man” for one of the most current violent teen stories. Still Zimmerman killed a boy after choosing NOT to follow the directions given to him by law enforcement.

    4. The recent violent behavior of the black community (and I am half) in protest to the verdict does not help the black community. There are plenty of blacks killing whites also and whites don’t usually decide to riot or kill strangers as a group. This is an emotional situation and people certainly deserve to express their frustration, but a bunch of blacks killing people in florida and destroying property only reinforces the racist perception that blacks are violent. We need to represent our race better.

    5. Martin had a very small history of minor run-ins with the law. He probably had a terrible attitude like most teens do. No one probably taught him how to deal with other people’s anger and to de-escalate a situation. So instead he probably got mouthy, bucked his chest out to prove his “manliness” and Zimmerman panicked. This is all speculation, but I work with teens and see this “I’m an adult / You can’t do nothing to me” attitude all the time.

    6. Arguing with each other and hating the people on the opposite side of the issue from you does not prevent situations like this from happening again. Talking to (and showing) your kids how to handle emergency situations like being followed or dealing with hostility…That would be helpful. Making sure your own anger and emotions are in check would be helpful. Cussing out people you don’t know over a situation that you weren’t present for is only going to make the world more violent. Is that what you want? Another teen dead?

  67. no1 says:

    I guess everyone on here suddenly became lawyers and heard and saw all evidence presented. For or against this verdict there are only two people who know what exactly happened. Why is the country drawing conclusions on only what the media is displaying?

  68. Tonya says:

    Martin lost Zimmerman for 4 minutes, why not keep going? He could have been at his father’s house in less than that time. Instead he went back and confronted him. On top of that, he was not your average 17 year old. Really, suspended from school for fighting and weed, then expelled from school for possession of stolen property. Which is why he was even at his father’s house. His mom sent him away. If you think that is an average teen then maybe you need to get some help too. That child needed some intervention not being shuffled from house to house only to continue on the same path.

  69. Ana says:

    Anyone who continues to defend this despicable man and claim this wasn’t about race, should be given this article. Like post this link on their page and show them just how ridiculous it is to think it isn’t about race. I am so disgusted and the proof was there all along. He’s a racist.

  70. bob says:

    About Vick versus Zimmerman.
    I read ‘Finally Free,’ by Michael Vick.
    So I’m going to suspend judgment about this until Zimmerman explains himself or writes his own book.
    The media circus around a) the Martin killing b) the Aurora Colorado shootings and c) Sandy Hook, for starters, makes America look really really dumb.

  71. Bunny Naneen says:

    He should have kept his ass in the car!

    • Diva D says:

      You got that right, if he had stayed in the car and followed the 911 operator instructions none of this would have ever happened. Zimmerman is a wannabe cop.

  72. shay says:

    If the little SCARY BASTARD would have just minded his own business, or stayed in the car this young man would still be alive. This Baby was SUPPOSE to fight back, that’s what we teach our kids. He didn’t know this man in regular clothes that had been driving behind him stopping and watching him….who is he? a neighborhood watch guy that is not on duty driving his own car scooping people out. Nothing else to do??? wanna be cop and they let him loose because he has people in the legal system that helped him out. If he was full Mexican he would have gotten some kind of time, look at his RACIST looking DAD (if its really his Dad) that’s how he got free too an Ex Judge??? This world is SAD. I’m sure all the jurors will have they’re day of BAD luck.

  73. tracey says:

    I’m a black female and to answer some of you stupid ass people questions, first of all MICK VICK went to prison for running a gambling ring, secondly OJ did kill his wife, Im not a racist and I love my people but right is right and wrong is wrong. When will this world stop letting the elite get away with murders and the poor go to prison for life ( I GUESS MONEY TALK AND BS WALK). We have to start holding people accountable for their actions and stop letting these LAWS which is designed for THE UPPER CLASS put black males/females in prison with more time than any other race and LAST hummmmmm, Zimmermon is GUILTY ASS HELL, you no it and I no it but like I said before, when you have a HIGH POWERED racist JUDGE for a step-father, POWER AND MONEY together equal innocent and that is why Zimmermon thinks he is PRISON PROOF, but ooh one day his PAST will catch up with him, no need for violence, he will DESTROY himself.

      • Delois says:

        Lori are you as STUPID as your comment seems. Face the fact the bottom line is Vick was sent to jail for cruelty to animals (dog fighting ) , and Zimmerman got away with murder, and that we as black people ( most of all young black men and boys) are being racially profiled.

    • Diva D says:

      First of all Michael Vick in the end went to jail for dog fighting and OJ did not kill his wife, this all what I feel, I am not speaking for anyone else.

      However I do agree with you about Zimmerman.

    • Shortiepie says:

      Just like O.J. Simpson. He might not have gone to prison for murder, but Karma being what it is, it will find your a$$, one way or the other. Mock my word.

  74. Lori says:

    NO_LIMIT_NIGGA….just makes him a rap/Hip Hop Fan!!! No Limit Records…Master P!!!!! smh!

  75. Dave says:

    Has anyone wondered why the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case garnered so much national attention, yet a more cold blooded shooting of an unarmed black teen, Jordan Davis/Micheal Dunn, is barely hitting the airwaves. Why Casey Anthony garnered so much attention, when small children come up missing and murdered all of the time? Are not all of the other Trayvon Martins worthy of the national spotlight. We are being played people. Especially by the media. It seems that only the divisive news gets special attention, and are we not divided because of the Trayvon/Zimmerman case? Look at all of these comments, and a lot of them are ugly. We are arguing with each other instead of asking the right questions and looking at the facts. First let us look at the prosecution. They either played us and sold the Martins out, or they are the dumbest attorneys ever to try a case. Remember the State’s Attorney is an elected office, and what prosecutor worth a grain of salt is going to attack a defense by agreeing to the defendant’s version of what happened. We all saw the dummy with the dummy right? He conceded that Trayvon had George Zimmerman down on the ground in a ground and pound position. Are you kidding me, you are going to attack a self defense case by conceding that the deceased was on top of the defendant pummeling him?

    Let me start with the only undisputed evidence in the entire trial, the photos of Zimmerman and his clothes taken shortly after the murder, and it was murder. I have a fighting background and it is probably why I noticed something about the photos of Zimmerman’s head that the prosecution failed to touch upon. Google the photos and take a close look at both of his temple areas. He has what some wrestlers call a “Grappler’s Rash.” the is indicative of someone being held in a headlock, and trying to get out of it. If you examine the photos closely, you can see that the rash encircles his head. I have friends who are MMA fighters and I see this all of the time, and I have had a few myself. Next look at the back of Zimmerman’s head. Those cuts are too clean to have come from a flat surface such as a concrete sidewalk. There are more indicative of someone being in a head lock and being punched in the back of the head. It does not take much force to break the skin, just a couple of well placed knuckles. Zimmerman at some point during the incident was in a headlock. The rash can even be seen on his cheeks. Another piece of evidence that supports this is the 911 call where someone can be heard screaming. I believe that was Zimmerman in a headlock, being punched in the back of the head, and screaming. This would also explain how the scuffle started in one spot and ended in another.

    Zimmerman’s clothes and boots. The photos do not show any grass stains or mud, yet it was raining and the ground was wet. We are lead to believe that a person on his back, in the rain, fighting for his life, is going to get up without any stains? I dare anyone to go out in the rain, lay on your back, let someone straddle you, and you fight to get them off of you. Fight hard like Zimmerman said he did and tell me what is on you clothing when you are done, especially your boots. One thing that really bothers me about the whole ground and pound thing, besides the lack of stains, is Zimmerman had MMA training. On of the first defensive moves you are taught if you find yourself on the bottom of a ground and pound situation, is the triangle. It is a simple move with your hands that will prevent your head being slammed repeatedly into the concrete. Zimmerman was never in that position. I know there are witnesses who say he was, and others who say Zimmerman was on top of Trayvon. It was dark, and it was rainy. The problem I have with all of the eye witnesses is that of all that transpired between the two, all they seem to have seen is someone on the ground with the other straddling him. Not one person saw the actual shooting. No muzzle flash, nothing. Just Trayvon pounding poor Zimmerman.

    Now a lot of you are going to ask, “ what about the grass stains on Trayvon’s pants?” I will get to that in a moment, but first let us look the incident in a broader light. Zimmerman sees Trayvon walking and decides that he is suspicious. He call the police non emergency number instead of 911. Despite being told not to, he gets out of his truck and stalks the kid. He had a gun, the kid looked suspicious, yes he was stalking him. At some point Trayvon notices him, and at some point despite Trayvon running, they meet up. We will never know how the fight started but it did start. Trayvon put Zimmerman in a headlock and whipped the person that was stalking him. The scuffle ends up on the grass. Zimmerman is yelling. At some point Trayvon lets go of him, and Zimmerman falls down. Trayvon leans over him, maybe to punch again so he will stay down. At this point Zimmerman pull his gun. What bit of evidence supports this? Zimmerman’s statement to the police where he says at one point Trayvon said, “ you got me.” Now where I come from and in most other places if a combatant in a fight says, “you got me.” That means, “ I give,” or “I quit.” You see at that moment Zimmerman was in control of the situation and Trayvon had backed up off of him. Unfortunately saying, “ you got me,” does not always end the fight. Especially if the person you just beat up for stalking you has a gun.

    Now let us deal with the light grass stains on the knee area of Trayvon’s pants. Zimmerman’s acoount of the shooting in that Trayvon was on top of him with his knees to his sides(Zimmerman’s sides) when he shot him. Somehow he was able to get out from under dead weight and there not be any blood or DNA on Zimmerman’s clothes or the gun. I do not recall if tests were run on Travon’s clothing for gunpowder residue? Now given the “expert” testimony about the angle of the bullets trajectory, we were lead to believe that Trayvon must have been in that position when he was shot, or? Could he have just been standing over Zimmerman and backing away from the now brandished gun? With the lack of DNA and blood on Zimmerman, the latter seems more plausible. He shot a standing Trayvon. Trayvon clutched his chest, fell to his knees, and the onto his face and died. White/tannish pants, wet grass, and knee stains. It is possible that he remained on his knees for some time before falling over. Ironically no one but Zimmerman and Trayvon saw the actual shooting.

    It was quite some time before Zimmerman was ever arrested for this crime. His father is a judge, and he has studied law enforcement. The defense had plenty of time to create a story that could easily be defended. He and his attorney even went of nation TV and spoke about it. Well you have to explain to me where the rash came from? You have to explain to me the statement he made where he says Trayvon said, “ you got me.” We need to look at the evidence and let it speak for itself. Do not listen to attorneys who are elected officials, and others who are paid to do whatever is necessary to get their client off. I am willing to bet that those women on the jury looked at those photos and did not know what to look for. The prosecutor did not tell them. He told them that Trayvon did have Zimmerman down and was pounding him. No offense to women, but the average woman is not going to know what those marks on his temples and cheeks really are. The jury selection in this case is a whole situation to itself. Wow. Were we ever duped on this one. We are protesting and being lead down a divisive road, while truth gets buried. Please people look at the evidence and lack there of. Think critically and concisely, before we get on here and call each other names. In every case such as this one we are supposed to examine every possible scenario before coming to a conclusion. The prosecution in this case did not offer us one, so we are left with Zimmerman’s version. A well thought out story to be sure, except for those photos, the lack of stains and DNA, and “you got me.” Trayvon Martin’s last words. “ You got me.” Then Zimmerman chose to kill him.

    • Nikki says:

      You make some really good points, I know nothing about MMA fighting. I find it ironic to say the least, that Trayvon Martin, who to my knowledge had NO background in MMA, was whipping Zimmerman’s ass using MMA style fighting, but Zimmerman who DOES have a background in MMA, somehow couldn’t defend himself against this 150lb kid who was significantly lighter than him. That’s reaching, at best. Zimmerman and his defense team can go to sleep with that mess. I disagree with you on that being Zimmerman screaming for help on the 911 call. I really believe that was Trayvon Martin screaming for help. Zimmerman was the one with the gun, Trayvon was literally fighting for his life. My theory on what happened is this: Zimmerman saw Trayvon and assumed the worst about him because of the prior break-ins in the area. I read that the last guy got away before the cops arrived, so when Zimmerman saw Trayvon and assumed the worst, he decided he was going to get this one himself. He said himself in the 911 call “they always get away”. I feel like Zimmerman had every intention of killing Trayvon from the time he saw him. That’s why he was watching him, you can even hear him cock his gun in the 911 call after he gets out of the car and is in pursuit. Trayvon obviously ran and Zimmerman ran after him. Trayvon was afraid and didn’t know who this was following him or what he wanted. Rachel Jeantel said Trayvon told her he was going to try to lose Zimmerman or take a short cut to get back home. At some point Zimmerman and Trayvon meet up again, Tray asks Zim why was he following him, Zim asks Tray what he was doing around here, Zim pushes Tray down, and a fight breaks out. Trayvon defends himself, Zimmerman pulls out his gun, Trayvon panics and starts screaming for help. Trayvon at this point is literally fighting for his life and Zimmerman shoots him. That’s just my theory on the situation, this thing screams of premeditation. Zimmerman had so much hatred for Trayvon on sight, calling him a f-ing punk and a-hole, “they always get away”, etc. Zimmerman’s mindset was hostile and aggressive. There’s no doubt in my mind he had every intention of killing Trayvon Martin that night.

  76. lanmon says:

    i thought you had to be 100% white to be supported by the KKK.

  77. Diva D says:

    Well written !!!!!!!

  78. ronin says:

    browsing some these comments….you pro-gun advocates in the U.S. are the most unintelligent, paranoid cowards I’ve ever come across. You need a gun to defend yourself against a 17 year old? You’re all sad, disgusting examples of humanity in it’s worst incarnation. I live in Canada, we don’t have nearly as many guns, gun related deaths, paranoia, and chicken-#$%& cowards up here.
    If a problem comes knocking, we deal with it…and if push comes to shove, we can handle it with our fists. You guys make me laugh with your old-timey cowboy nonsense. Like scared children. Sad sad sad. Not a real man among you.

  79. kaykay789 says:

    man i here something about somebody getting killed everyday can there just be one day with out somebody getting killed are getting shot i get tired of always hearing that on the news but you know what there’s never going to be one day without out guns, murders, shootings, or little kids getting killed i heard the most saddest thing today on the radio about a women child getting killed at 9 years old and she was crying in tears saying that she would never here her son say i love you mama.but we all know there would never be one day without crimes.

  80. We support justice for Mr. Trayvon Martin. Now! Or else…Enough said.

  81. Budge says:

    I don’t see his remarks THAT racist. but what it does prove is that he had great animosity towards people that HE deemed to be a “thug” or a lesser man the he is. It also proves that he, himself, types like a thug and talks like a thug about his “ex ho” and bragging about getting criminal charges dropped against him.

  82. Kimber says:

    Let me get this straight, about 93 percent of black murders are black on black while about 3 to 9 percent are white on black and is goes way higher for black on white. I find it disgusting that your so called black leaders show absolutely no concern about the extremely high death rate from black on black killings! Instead they pull the race card and whip you all into a frenzy over this one death! The time for blaming “whitey” is null and void. Voting Democrat is the beginning of the problem. In case you haven’t noticed, they haven’t helped you in any way. Everyone has a choice to take the right or wrong path in life. If you choose the wrong path, it will not get you a job, home or respect. If you choose to get an education and stay on the right side of the law, chances are you get a job, a home, a family and a decent life. Life is what you make it. Living a thug life gets you nothing but violence, drugs, prison, more than likely living off the government and more than likely death. If that is the life you wish to live then go ahead and keep living it. Keep on bringing your people down. Don’t even try to bring your people up. Don’t even try to show anybody there is a better way because your leaders like Jackson and the rest surely are not trying, “as rich as they are”, are not even trying to show you a better way! I wonder why. If you look at the big picture, they make more money by helping to make sure you stay where you’re at. They would go broke if you rose above all of negativity, racism, violence, and government assistance. I could go on but just think about what I have said and if you post on this please reply using some intelligence. Nothing I have said is bull. No need for vulgarity or stupid comments. Your words speak highly of your intelligence!

    • MBD says:

      Funny how you don’t mention that most WHITE murders are carried out by WHITE killers. Most murderers murder people FROM THEIR COMMUNITIES, whether black on black or white on white. Funny how you assume this is something unique to the African American community. i wonder why that is?

  83. pocketdrummer says:

    “repeal of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” gun laws”

    Stand your ground had nothing to do with the Martin/Zimmerman trial.

    Going after Stand Your Ground because of the shooting of Martin is like going after food coloring because eating cake made you fat.

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