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Grouchy Cop Served Raw Burger

“I was the only one at the restaurant. I drove through and I was in full uniform,” Officer Rob Moore explained of his recent trip to McDonalds. Moore frequents the McDonald’s drive-through in Derry, New Hampshire several times a week, always ordering a double quarter pounder with cheese. At night, he explains, it’s pretty much the only place open.

But in spite of his regular patronage, the McDonald’s employees didn’t apparently find the officer to be a regularly friendly face.

“I took the bun off and the first patty was cooked, the second patty revealed a raw mess and I’m sitting there holding that. I couldn’t believe what I just ate.”

Instead of assuming there was a mistake, the officer seemed to intuit that the act was deliberate.

“A lot of people don’t like police officers, all the circumstances are there. Only one there in full uniform and it was obviously cooked after I arrived.”

Fast food workers are widely thought to perform acts of sabotage to orders when the customer is unusually rude. But Moore was a regular and it is highly unusual for fast food employees to blatantly tamper with food in a way that the customer might notice… especially if that customer is a police officer.

All of this would seem to indicate that, if the officer is telling the truth, he must have done a little more than the average customer to incur the wrath of the McDonalds employees.

Moore claims that the raw burger later made him “violently ill”. He later contacted the franchise owner but was told the cook is a manager in training, making it further unlikely that the employee would deliberately jeopardize his job, unless he had been significantly mistreated by the officer.

McDonald’s released a statement saying, “We take matters regarding food safety and quality very seriously. We have investigated the issue and have resolved the customer’s concern at the restaurant level.”

Officer Moore says that there must be more stringent procedures for video-monitoring employees. While there was a recording of the cook preparing the food, Moore admits it does show them closing the burger in the cooker, albeit not for long enough. “This could happen to anybody, not just law enforcement,” Moore said. But of course, it doesn’t happen to just any body, including the other officers who frequent the same McDonalds. Did something happen to anger the manager-in-training? Or was this just an accident born from the fact that it was very late and the employee had perhaps worked double-duty shifts to pursue the new position with McDonalds? We may never know, but Officer Moore is certain that it was personal. And if he had reason to believe it was, that probably means that he knows he didn’t treat the employees there in the nicest of ways, in spite of being a regular himself.

The lesson in all of this might just be that if you’re going to eat fast food prepared by under paid workers who are willing to risk losing their jobs, you might want to be nice to them.

(Article by James Achisa)

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4 Comments on "Grouchy Cop Served Raw Burger"

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  1. Ann Droid says:

    There’s raw hamburger at McDonalds?

    • Robert says:

      No Ann, there is not. McDonalds, like all fast food restaurants, receive their burger patties already formed, and frozen as patties. Raw hamburger meat, as shown in the above picture, is not available to the employees of these establishments. It’s very obviously why the lying officer’s “complaint” was outright dismissed by the restaurant owner, and should be by anyone else, after hearing his story.

    • fuhnetic says:

      That’s the first thing that went through my head too! I was certain that it was all precooked and just reheated on site at this point…. Perhaps the employee brought in raw meat just for this guy.

  2. Gordon Ross says:

    an obvious fake – theres no raw hamburger meat at McDonalds – they could have throw frozen pink slime – thats what the burgers there are made of

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