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Guy Builds Bomb Using Only Items Bought After Airport Security


Don’t allow the TSA illusion of security to fool you. You Tube user Terminal Cornucopia constructs what he terms a home-made “FRAGGuccino” from items one can easily purchase after airport screening.

Using only a stainless steel coffee mug, a Li-ion AA battery, along with some Axe Body Spray, a condom, and a bottle of water, this anarchistic MacGyver was able to build and successfully detonate an improvised bomb. Watch the video below…

It works by the water filled condom breaking upon impact of the devise being thrown. This shorts the battery, creating heat that ignites the can of Axe body spray. It isn’t likely going to bring down a plane but it the shrapnel one could pack into such a devise could make for a legitimate terror concern.

All that and he didn’t even have to hide it in his shoes.

(Article by Isa Abu Jamal)

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