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Hacker Group Anonymous Says They Will Target Government Globally on #Nov5th


This November 5th, the “World Wide Hackers Group” Anonymous says that it will target government facilities… all over the globe. This #Op, they explained in a recent video, is in support of the Occupy movement which they were so instrumental in helping spawn.

The official video is below, explaining that the time has come “to occupy everywhere”. The video is named “Anonymous #NOV5TH 2013 – the lion sleeps no more” which says it al.

The video says of itself that it is a call to “relight the flame of protest”.

Stay tuned…

7 Comments on "Hacker Group Anonymous Says They Will Target Government Globally on #Nov5th"

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  1. Anon says:

    Occupy Durban checking in

  2. Christopher says:


  3. Joker Dark Knight says:

    verry nice ^^!

  4. Anon says:

    Greetings citizens of the world,

    As big as we think we are, in truth our planet, with it’s vast resources and geological splendor is but a pale blue dot in a magnificent ocean of wonder. We often forget how small we really are, how trivial our differences when put into context. With all our technological advances and feats of engineering, we have still yet to colonize other worlds, visit other star systems, or even discover other life beyond Earth in the Universe.

    Humanity is still young, and our mistake are many. Nevertheless, we can learn from the past. It’s evident, the walls between us aren’t as tall as we once thought. Our ever persistent quest for knowledge is something that unites us all. We all wonder what the future might hold, what awaits us elsewhere in the universe? Perhaps we might never discover a means of fast interstellar travel by our standards of time. Perhaps this is the only solar system we’ll ever truly know and call home.

    One thing is certain however, this is where we make our stand as a species. For now at least, this is where we call home! Until we can discover a way to travel the stars and/or terraform other worlds, Earth is the only planet we know of capable of supporting human life. That fact serves as a reminder to us all, a realization that we are already unified through this planet we call home.

    Petty wars and intolerance will only serve to ensure our own extinction. If we fail to accept and/or peacefully address our differences on Earth, we can not hope to peacefully occupy celestial bodies elsewhere in the cosmos. With that being said, humanity is ready to make that next great leap. We have the power to unite today and make all those dreams of a better future a reality. Perhaps peace begins where we all began, in the stars.

    Last but not least,be aware ,that unlike what the authorities/media like to tell you,there is no such thing as an energy-crisis,only a New-Energy-technology surpression crisis.

    WE will expose your lies ,propaganda,false flags.

    We are Anonymous,
    We are Legion,
    United as One,
    Divided by Zero,
    We can Forgive,
    Though we do not Forget,
    Expect us!

  5. Mona says:

    Isn’t it better to face the world without masks ? its better to be righteous and firm in changing the world with a full courage facing the world and revealing yourselves then hiding behind a mask..i understand what you plan to do but doesn’t your resolve show a sign of weakness ? you might danger the people who you love if you remove your masks but that is what it should be a better change you must expect sacrifices which the government of today will destroy…

    A clearer mind a clean soul a strong and firm heart will change things around ..affecting them completely ..

    Thats whats needed , anyways thats my opinion but the choice is yours before you act be sure to think or things will affect the young generation of today thats after you in leading a better civilization after you changed the world of today with great choices.

    Wish u the best wishes ANONYMOUS

    • Mark Collins says:

      Hi I agree with the idea that we should not need masks I do not wear one or try to hide my identity. However have felt the rath of being pulled up in a car by police and told do not post things on the internet. I have also had perspective employers comment on my posts on discussion boards. As well as told off and made to defend my comments and arguments in class rooms when trying to study. Even though I thought I as quite moderate, and this is all illegal in Australia. I do still feel that the people are free to express their opinions on the internet and should on financial, economic and political issues. I will comment that even though I only herd of #op 5 Nov, last night I herd of it first being told not to comment about it at work. I am not saying that there is grounds for irrational fear, but caution should be advised. Not only fear from reprisal but I would not want comments returned to me to be seen by any family I may have. I like the idea but isn’t giving up the animality of unanimous what the people who want to tare it down want. I agree and support the idea in principal but still advice cation.

    • Maya says:

      It’s always the ones who preach peace who get Martyred. In a truly peaceful world no one would have to fear to speak their mind.

      Are we not faceless as it is. One mask, one face, the one that calls for change. The one that says it can’t abide any longer to economic disparity, a hurting planet and neglect of its people.

      We all know what the problems in the world are. We wait for a new president or a person to spearhead the movement. One person who will stand up and fight for us. We are all that person. We are legion.

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