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Hamburger Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for human consumption”

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Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver has won his long-fought battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world – McDonalds. After Oliver showed how McDonald’s hamburgers are made, the franchise finally announced that it will change its recipe, and yet there was barely a peep about this in the mainstream, corporate media.

Oliver repeatedly explained to the public, over several years – in documentaries, television shows and interviews – that the fatty parts of beef are “washed” in ammonium hydroxide and used in the filling of the burger. Before this process, according to the presenter, the food is deemed unfit for human consumption. According to the chef and hamburger enthusiast, Jamie Oliver, who has undertaken a war against the fast food industry, “Basically, we’re taking a product that would be sold in the cheapest way for dogs, and after this process, is being given to human beings.”

Besides the low quality of the meat, the ammonium hydroxide is harmful to health. Oliver famously coined this the “the pink slime process.”

“Why would any sensible human being put meat filled with ammonia in the mouths of their children?” Oliver asked.

In one of his colorful demonstrations, Oliver demonstrates to children how nuggets are made. After selecting the best parts of the chicken, the remains (fat, skin and internal organs) are processed for these fried foods.

In reply to all of the bad press this process has received from Oliver, the company Arcos Dorados, the franchise manager for McDonalds in Latin America, said such a procedure is not practiced in their region. The same, it should  be noted, applies to the product in Ireland and the UK, where they use meat from local suppliers.

In the United States, however, Burger King and Taco Bell had already abandoned the use of ammonia in their products. The food industry uses ammonium hydroxide as an anti-microbial agent in meats, which has allowed McDonald’s to use otherwise “inedible meat.”

Most disturbing of all is the horrifying fact that because ammonium hydroxide is considered part of the “component in a production procedure” by the USDA, consumers may not know when the chemical is in their food.

On the official website of McDonald’s, the company claims that their meat is cheap because, while serving many people every day, they are able to buy from their suppliers at a lower price, and offer the best quality products. But if “pink slime” was really the “best quality” that McDonalds can muster in the US, then why were they able do better in Latin America and Europe? More to the point, why can they apparently do better now in the United States?

These questions remains unanswered by the franchise which has denied that the decision to change the recipe is related to Jamie Oliver’s campaign. On the site, McDonald’s has admitted that they have abandoned the beef filler from its burger patties.

About the author: M.B. David is the author of several scholarly works on Middle Eastern politics, history and religion, such as People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam” as well as the recently published Sci-Fi novel Sleeper Cell 2240: Memoires of the 21st Century Interplanetary Revolution. He is currently working on his doctorate, writing a dissertation focused on the non-profit Hashlamah Project Foundation and associated global study circles.

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337 Comments on "Hamburger Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for human consumption”"

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  1. Danielle says:

    Why not go after and expose the people that brought McD’s back from their near failure- Larry Light and Joan Kiddon- while great successes in the world- and rewarded with millions of dollars- they have no ethics- only greed and ego – their real accomplishment was to bring diabetes and cancer – to half the world=- rumor has it they are about to be contacted to do it again-
    they are ad account exec’s spin people- no conscience and should be outed- along with a whole series of people like them- they are as bad or equally bad as the products they lie about- there are many like these- to me they are no different than HItlers henchmen- look into it please

    • gary schliemann says:

      Agreed Danielle. But important to note that this fight against unconscionable capitalists McDonalds won its first battle in 1997. Sadly their profits allow them to go on screwing their workers and defrauding their customers. Its hard to compete against the corporate dollar, but great to see it getting better We’ll get there! See the history at eg

      • Larry says:

        These are not capitalists. These are cronie greed mongers. Real capitalism which 80% of the business’s in The United States are good family people so DO NOT lump capitalism in a bad light to describe 80% of all the good business’s that do the right thing. These are cronies, socialist and communists at heart as they do not care if people die. The real capitalism that are 80% of all business’s in the United States care about quality that they consume as well as what they have for their customers. I am a business owner and I would never sell a product that i would not let my own family use or eat. We need to bankrupt greed in this country, not capitalism. Capitalism brought more out of poverty than any other system in the world in only 200 years what 5000 years of all other systems could never do so get your facts correct and balanced.

        • Luke says:

          You’re wrong, Larry. McDonald’s are indeed capitalists. They are nothing like communists or socialists. Your entire argument is a fallacy. Just because some capitalists are ethically sound does not mean that the ones who aren’t are somehow no longer capitalists. McDonald’s is the epitome of capitalism. Capitalism has done both good, and bad. You can’t try to deny one or the other.

          • YouyFather says:

            Use the force Luke use the Force. I am your father!

          • casey says:

            She is right, Larry. You’re wrong.

          • Tom Lewis says:

            Both McDonalds and their more healthful competitors are capitalists. Under a purely free enterprise system, the consumer chooses which type of food to consume, and there is no external force making such a choice for him. Under socialism, neither McDonalds nor its more healthful competitors would be allowed to be in business. All food services would be owned by the government.

          • mancow says:

            China has no capitalism.
            Yet there is lead based paint on childrens toys.
            Poison pet foods.
            Don’t blame capitalism for every aspect of human greed.

          • Bileven says:

            Actually, Larry was spot on.

            Capitalism is based on all individuals having equal opportunity.

            Unlike Socialism, where everyone get’s equal results.

            And there is a fine line between Socialism and Communism.

            China is the “Socialist Republic”. Russia was also a Socialist based.

            Communism is what happens when Socialism fails and people need to be motivated.

            The fact that the Federal Government not only ignored the practices, means the fault lies there.

            Not one person here has not taken advantage of a situation, when it provides an advantage to one-self.

            Millions of people cheat on their taxes, of all walks of life.

            Almost 95% drive above the posted speed limit.

            Two extremes, but many, many other things fall between…

            In fact, most people who subscribe to a more liberal POV, also see laws as arbitrary.

            If you support a Socialist System, then you are one of them…

            The fact that we are NOT Socialist, actually allows you to know the facts, given that under a Socialist regime, all information is controlled by the Government and the Government decides on what is best for the People.

          • noemariposa says:

            Very interesting and very interesting debate, guys. It’s reassuring to see American fellows (btw I have relatives in the States) who can call into discussion the (not just a few)bad sides of capitalism. Or worldwide mega businesses mainly or just willing to make profits, if you wanna call it like that.

        • arnonymous says:

          Larry, you are probably right in saying that 80% of people/businesses are not ethically empty, like these companies.
          But capitalism is about money not people, and i think around 80%(probably more) of all capital/profit is in the hands of these moral-less mega companies. The no moral part, is what assures them a huge margin, making them so successful.
          So while capitalism HAD success in improving quality of living, it now facilitates growing inequality, and problematic business ethics.

          • DANIEL rEYNOSO says:

            Capitalism sucks….is an evil way or for economics, is based on making profit from the unpaid costs of production (labor, earth resources, etc)…there is nothing positive on this, we can relate each other based on resources administration…communism is an ideal, but in real world stinks as bad as capitalism…empathy will make things better and it doesn’t require a fancy ideology

          • Anila says:

            None of you guys have lived through communism and socialism. Capitalism gives people the opportunity to succeed through private property owned businesses by following laws and regulations. You live in the best country in the world, and you think the grass is greener on the other side. You are wrong.

          • Liam says:

            @ Anila. While I respect that what you may have lived through was probably horrible, no one has ever lived through true communism. Most examples are of despots using the concept to further their own agendas. Communism in it’s true form has NEVER been realised, personal greed is an inevitable hurdle that cannot be overcome.

          • Wills says:

            Americans are so ridiculous about socialism. In the UK we have had prolonged periods under socialist governments, some better than others. And we do have McDonald’s – but government regulation and consumer pressure has ensured we have not had pink slime – and a considerably better minimum wage for workers. If they can make a profit in the UK paying a more decent wage, why not in the Land of the Free?

          • Arthur Burton says:

            To Tom Lewis:

            You really have no idea what Socialism or Communism are, do you? Eating too much McDonald’s?

          • Marion Fudge says:

            Tom Lewis, you’re confusing socialism with communism. Just because a country’s government chooses to fund itself according to a socialist structure (universal healthcare, subsidized childcare and education) does not mean that it is not democratic or that it bans a free enterprise market. You can still get a Big Mac in Stockholm! (as you can in any socialist Scandinavian country) Ever heard of Ikea? Americans, be careful of your propaganda lumping socialism and communism together – they are very different things. Get educated on the vast grey area between capitalism and communism that has led to some of the most functional societies on the planet, with the highest standards of living and not at all at the expense of your precious capitalist ideals.

          • lou says:

            Nice to ‘muricans are trying to think about their economy and everything, now you’re lacking knowledge, but I’m sure if you learn more in economy (all the population) you can make things change. Capitalism isn’t a bad or good system, it’s a system which give lany powers to the consumers; if they are educated, they can rule the world. Hope my English isn’t too bad and you understand that I’m not trying to insult you

        • shreft says:

          I agree. It’s not “capitalism.” It’s dishonesty and fraud. I don’t trust our FDA. There are products out there that are legal and hurt us. Aspartame is just one. Then there is the corn in everything to the point of extinction.

        • mike jones says:

          nope thats still capitolism for ya

          • Wills says:

            The so-called free market that dominates the US would have Adam Smith turning in his grave. It is monopoly capitalism sustaining itself by graft. Look into “big sugar” and see who is killing you and why.

        • alex says:

          Hahaha good spin move. This has nothing to do with socialism and everything to do with corporate capitalists and their ability to block us from regulating what goes in our foods. Capitalism is survival of the most profitable, not survival of the best quality, which is why these companies have every incentive to sacrifice our health for their profits.

          • David says:

            I could be wrong but I think the bigger picture Larry was getting at is: the good should not suffer from the bad.

            I am a small business owner, I believe in capitalism…not rape, I say.

            I most likely have better ethics than many. Much of what I do in terms of “good” is done very private. I am by far from rich but do what I can.

            But, I am persevered as rich (because I own my own business) even though I spent 3 years in poverty to be where I am today. Work, sleep, work and lie to family and friends that things are great.

            Many people would never work the hours I do. Spend sleepless nights pondering weather to fire someone even though it is more than justified. The sleepless nights worrying about money and what fee, tax or bureaucracy is going to drop next.

            My last rant will piss people off but I hate minimum wage. It hinders my ability to reward $ for performance. I don’t expect anyone to live independently from what I pay. My end goal is for a high school or college student to look back one day and say; “I really enjoyed that job and I learned somethings also” to me worth much more than money. Teach them to spread their wings and fly and don’t fear failure. Just get back on the horse….I did 3X

            I digress:

            But why should a 15yr old with no experience start at $7.25? And if you are curious I take home about 70K, not an awesome income in the DC area. I know a lot of people who would snub there nose at that amount for the amount of work I do, pathetic.

            Last, I could take home more. But I do my best by trying to do the right thing.

          • lakaboy says:

            that is the rationale behind..
            so who gives these incentives…whom to blame (we ourselves)

          • Krista says:

            @David We need minimum wage Because of employers like you, who think you should have the right to pay a worker less than that because of whatever subjective ideas you have about what they need. That 15 year old or 17 year old could be trying to make enough money to feed their family, with a parent who is on disability. Or that 17 year old could be trying to make it on their own. Also, there are plenty of people making minimum wage who are not teenagers.

            In fact, minimum wage has not kept up with the rate of inflation, and 7.95 is barely enough to buy a meal at McDonald, much less a decent hourly wage, especially in the D.C. area (I know, I also live there).

            It is sad that the people who supposed worked their own way up are often more against giving anyone else a hand up than people who didn’t have to struggle so hard. You suffered, so others should have to suffer too? Sad.

        • Ponky says:

          Wow, such a distorted view of the terms you like to sling around. It’s amusing how because you don’t equate these people as ‘capitalists’for some reason you think that calling them socialists and communists will bring on the ‘red scare.’ Give it a rest, you have no idea what these terms mean. As for capitalism bringing impoverished people to a better state, you are again incorrect, ask Bangladesh, Mexico, Pakistan and all the other places who slave away to provide the U.S. with its every comfort, capitalism indeed. Greed IS capitalism here in the U.S. do not pretend that EIGHTY PERCENT of businesses are like you, that is a grossly inflated number. So yes, please, get YOUR facts straight and while capitalism may have had such lofty beginning in the Protestant work ethic, such times were short lived thanks to everything that has happened since the Industrial Revolution.

        • Connie Early says:

          Capitalism works when there exists equal opportunity. In the last several years, we’ve seen mom and pops close their doors, leaving the door wide open for corporations to assume most of the business – think WalMart, banks that are too big to fail, cable companies that have designated territories. And Congress no longer functions on our behalf but instead has blatantaly spit in the face of the American people and shown that they support big business instead. Americans are finally catching on and beginning to wake up to the fact that companies like McDonald’s and Monsanto are willing to put our health at risk as long as we are not paying attention. Other countries don’t allow it, nor should we!

          • Alixendriss says:

            I agree with you Connie Early. I’m disgusted by the way the USA is represented world wide today. It is insulting to say the USA is a democracy, we are now a monarchy ran by the kings and queens also known as big corporations who lord over the jokers of Congress – also known as the republican party. We as a nation of over weight, ill people that make the pharmaceutical companies kings and queens in their own right. Greed is a human trait that runs amok when no restraints are there to keep it legit.

          • Luip says:

            The fact that the average American can’t distinguishe between why walmart is massive and why McDonald’s is massive is the root o f the problem, what’s the problem with walmart? They offer better prices for products we need. That’s why the have cornered the market, it’s not greed, it’s a sound business plan. McDonald’s however is not necessity, that’s gluttony you don’t need a cheeseburger, you want a cheeseburger, you make McDonald’s massive by choice, they are ‘capitolising’ on your wants. Don’t complain about the monster you create. Simply because a business does well, does not mean they are fleecing the nation, it means you should maybe find a lunch alternative, instead of projecting your personal disgust at someone trying to capitalize off your ‘needs’

            Sincerely a Canadian

          • Jeremy says:

            Actually Luip, Walmart doesn’t offer better prices on products that we need. At one time, yes they may have but that is not the case anymore. I own an electronics repair shop where I sell iPad ‘smart’ cases which I purchase for $10 and resell for $20. I thought when I started carrying products like this that I would have trouble competing with the local Walmart, but, upon a visit to said store one evening I happened across the same exact Apple licensed product on their shelf for $39. That is almost double what I charge for mine and I guarantee that they paid a lot less than $10 a piece for theirs. This instance is true with a large percentage of walmart’s stock once we do a little digging.

        • Brob says:

          ” socialist and communists at heart as they do not care if people die”

          Oh god, you’re such a yankee. Do you still believe this 1950s McCarthy bullshit? Your country, through its uncontrolled quest for profits, its companies like McDonalds, its lobbies and hedge funds, has done more wrong to the world than any civilization in the history of mankind.

          • Jeff says:


            Worse than the English, who colonized the world and held it under their thumb?

            Worse than Nazi Germany, starting a war that killed over 50 million?

            Worse than Stalinist Russia? Or present day Russia for that matter?

            Worse than the Mongols, who rode a tide of destruction and murder, which the Middle East has yet to recover from? Good thing they stopped before they got to Europe!

            Worse than the Romans, conquering and enslaving?

            Can’t wait to see how you like the era of Chinese dominance.

            Get a grip.

        • artisanrox says:

          Getting a buck any way you can IS part and parcel of capitalism. You are *capitalizing* off someone’s lack of information or experience.

          Capitalism is totally amoral.

          • So since you think Capitalism is so bad, what type of economy would you prefer? Socialism? Communism? Nazism? Islamic? There is no better system than Capitalism. There are bugs that need worked out, but even Russia thinks we are stupid to go towards Communism. They say we are more Communistic than they are. They are turning towards Capitalism, since Communism almost destroyed their economy

        • James says:

          Larry, Capitalism isn’t pick and choose what you want. Capitalism is all about making profits via corporate freedom. A true capitalistic society (like the Republicans insist is good) would mean corporations would have the say to step on every single employee without regulation. Love minimum wage? well, without what Republicans call “Entitlement” Laws such as the minimum wage law, people would be paid only a penny or less per week, while product quality would be super low, and our air quality as bad as China’s. Also, people would not be able to afford to live. Luckily, there are a few people in Congress that do understand Capitalism is actually worse than Socialism, but both are terrible when taken to the extreme.

          • Evil Doggie says:

            I’d like to see more discussion of the differences between “Corporatism” and “Capitalism”. So the comments seem to reflect the soundbites of the far left and right.

            To certainly kick things off in this vein is an interesting definition of “Fascism” as the collusion between the corporate elite and the government elite. If this definition holds water, then how in the world do we make constructive change?


          • Marion Fudge says:

            Tammy Thompson, I get the distinct impression that you know little about what exactly all those things you list are. Unless you can claim to have lived under any other type of economic system (btw, when you say Nazism, I assume you are referring to fascism? and Islamic? Islam is a religion, you know, like Christianity and Judaism, and I am struggling to understand how it at all relates to a discussion regarding economic structures…). Anyway, if you look at statistics, typically capitalist countries rank lower than socialist countries in regards to standards of living, education levels, and infant mortality rates. The US in fact rates quite low on most lists compared with the rest of the “Western World.” Be aware that American rhetoric and propaganda regarding other economic structures around the world has brainwashed the American public into believing many untruths regarding said structures. Ironically, one element of American culture that is actually something typically considered to be a communist trait is the unwavering, blind belief that yours is the best country in the world, that Americans have it better than everyone else. Unfortunately, evidence does not support that: your poverty levels are very high for the developed world, your economy, for lack of a better term, is in the toilet due to greed and mismanagement, and you have, hands down, the most violent society in what would be considered the developed world. Yet, this blind faith in being the best country in the world allows you to accept those things and not open your eyes to alternatives that have proven to work well elsewhere. And, just so you know, socialism is a structure that is democratic with a free enterprise market (just like the US – ever heard of Ikea?) at the same time as having a system in place to support the basic human needs of every citizen. Socialist countries have low unemployment rates and higher levels of healthcare and education. Think about it, nothing pulls a person out of poverty faster or more efficiently than having their health and an education! It seems that it is a common American misconception that socialism is in fact communism (?) which it most certainly is not. Another common assumption is that socialism leads to everyone sitting around at home collecting welfare cheques instead of choosing to work, which is nothing but a total fabrication as the evidence clearly shows the very opposite to be true. Facts, not propaganda people!

        • Bastion says:

          It’s just like the “spin” Christians try when one of their flock goes astray…trot out that tired line, they aren’t “true” .
          Sorry, but you don’t get to do that. If you think McDonadl’s practices Communism, you have NO idea what these words mean.
          Go back to school or at least read a book. Regardless, turn off the FoX “News”…

          • Bastion says:

            Oops, the site thought I was using tags. That’s “…they aren’t ‘true’ -fill in the blank-”

        • Dan says:

          Larry, let’s not confuse capitalism with being an entrepreneur. Capitalism is the acquisition and accumulation of capital wealth for the sake of doing so. McDonalds’ means of doing so is their crappy restaurant but let’s not even lump them in with a local restaurant owner or shop that actually cares about more than their profits. Your local restaurant owner(entrepreneur) is not in the business of accumulating capital wealth. Hopefully he’s making a good profit, but his business is making good food(hopefully).

          • Nancy says:

            Make no mistake your local restaurants ARE in the business to make money. They try to make really GOOD food because the competition is astronomical. If they make good food AND have good service they will make good money…Maybe even open up another restaurant..if that one makes money maybe open up another one…They hire people in the communities where they are located, and pay taxes…OOPS…Wait a minute…I DO believe that NOW they are just one of those nasty capitalist! Close them down….those people they serve and the people who work for them…who cares about them…we can’t have someone making too much money…now…can we?

        • Moses says:

          Once again I have to cringe at the ignorance everyone displays in these comments. It’s all capitalisms fault huh? You insult one posters intelligence yet don’t show any yourself.

          There is a difference between Capitalism vs Crony-Capitalism, Corprotism. Accept I bet you have never heard of the others or you wouldn’t vomit out such non-sense remarks about capitalism. Capitalism in America was distorted the moment the first regulation restricts a function. The market is not free. Since then, corporations fight to maintain and gain profits by using the force of government. This means they buy and write the regulations! It’s not a coincidence that large corporations/monopolies grow side by side with big goverment. They feed one another. The game is no longer about pleasing the customers and employees, it’s about casting fear on the people and squashing competition through government mandated regulations.

          • Matt says:

            I like how people equate positive aspects with capitalism. Like anything else in the world, capitalism has its benefits as well as detriments. Capitalism is associated with freedom and people seem to equate freedom to being good. But think about freedom too. True freedom is anarchy.

            Moses, you’re basically insulting yourself saying people don’t show intellect when in fact, you’re completely missing the point that the people are trying to make.

        • alan denman says:

          Larry, Your clueless comments about capitalists are lamentable. ALL capitalists will make the most greedy profit for themselves regardless!

          • Starbar says:

            Moses nailed it but we need to define it one more step. In the news report the USDA does not require McDonalds to identify these types of ingredients. This is pure crony-capitalism or corporatism as laws are made to protect large corporations. It took an activist years to prove that McDonalds was using these chemicals that, by law, they didn’t need to report. In a free market, this information would have been readily available. It is time that those who condemn the free market or capitalism learn what we really have in this country is fascist corporatism and the next step is Communism. If you are unwilling to learn then accept your new job provided by your government handler….

        • Eddie says:

          Your comment is biased by ideology. Capitalists can indeed be people that take their share of responsability for the community like I understand you are. But they can also be greedy, only interested in capital. Communism or socialism has nothing at all to do with this case.

        • Bob Balcom says:

          Great reply! Capitalism is not the problem but greed most surely is the root of evil. I just don’t understand the push back when laws are created to protect people from these greedy creeps. Good businesses adjust and move on.

        • Hugo says:

          I agree Communism is bad, and it will never work. On the other hand, many socialist countries have a higer standard of living than the USA; this is known fact. We are not what we used to be. Greed & Big Corporations are moving things in the wrong direction.

        • david says:

          All you people do is whine about “capitalism” and it’s sickening! Where is the CONSUMER and MEDIA responsibility in all of this? We only have ourselves to blame for allowing this to happen over the last several decades! Stop being cry babies about “greedy capitalist pigs” and vote with your pocket books while educating others to do the same AND PRESSURE THE MEDIA! Meanwhile, moral capitalists like myself will continue to do what we do but stop inviting government control and for crying out loud, stop being the VICTIM.

        • s says:

          ‘Larry’s’ comments are clearly from bad education, and a high horse of paranoia. The whole world wishes america would just ‘go away’ but they wont, america was created and set up economically and still controlled by europe and china. Why do you think your main baseball team is named after a chinese province? Yankee! A lot of yanks just dont have the eyes to see this, and your purposefully low education is why you are what you are.
          Of course there are exceptions! and anyone with intelligence often flees the country in the end.
          America has already finished , and the world watches its slightly depressing realization of itself before it eats itself ..fitting really.

        • Nix says:

          Your comment is 100% unfounded opinion and 0% fact – you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

        • Nick says:

          I don’t think you know what Communism means..

        • Mandy says:

          ‘Socialists and communists at heart, as they do not care if people die’ ????
          Do you know what socialism is ?

        • Slammo says:

          Larry is right and those who keep saying differently don’t understand the subtle distinctions he otherwise assumes is understood. Capitalism is the creation of additional wealth by way of industrialization of existing capital assets beyond that of the value of the sum total of previously existing assets. Capitalism occurs everywhere should it be a society has a free market with minimal authoritarian intervention or various degrees of authoritarian intervention (corporatism, socialism,fascism) all the way to the extent of Communism whereby every activity and transaction is centrally planned. In a free market with only enough government authority to enforce contracts, McDonald’s wouldn’t sell people poison because it wouldn’t be profitable. The costs from resulting damage settlements due to feeding people poison would outweigh the added profits made from feeding people poison rather than more expensive and decent food. Absent government intervention, a capitalist venture can not remove itself from the risk of liability by any other means other than being careful not to harm anyone. What we see in this case is that the government has altered statute so as to declare that the damage McDonald’s is causing is not related to any wrong doing and therefore McDonald’s can not be sued and thus the practices it employs remain profitable when they otherwise would not be profitable. A special interest has influenced our system of contracts so as to enhance the influence and scope of both the government and special interest. That ain’t capitalism but instead corporatism, aka fascism.

          • Craig says:

            Slammo says: “Capitalism is the creation of additional wealth by way of industrialization of existing capital assets beyond that of the value of the sum total of previously existing assets.”

            That’s a convoluted, pedantic way of saying that capitalism is based on the absurdity of infinite growth based on infinite resources. There is no evidence of such a premise being successful in nature, physics, history, or any other venue/field/study. In other words, it’s not sustainable.

            If we are to survive as a species we will have to first and foremost come up with a better economic system than capitalism.

        • Gshayne says:

          Well In socialism The gov may own the companies but in capitalism the companies own/run the gov..Please dont try and deny this much at least..So pick your poison..

        • Craig says:

          What you fail to note, Larry, is that those you identify as “cronie (sic) greed mongers” started out as “good family people” running one of those “good businesses” that you tout.

          The evil of capitalism is that it corrupts even the well intentioned. You like to make a distinction between greed and capitalism, greed is bad/capitalism is good, when in fact, capitalism is premised on greed as well as the absurdity of infinite growth based on infinite resources.

          Like communism, capitalism is doomed to failure. We need to begin to explore economic alternatives to capitalism if we have any hope for both ourselves and the earth as we know it, to survive.

    • Nownownow says:

      If yo uget diabetes from eating at Mcdonalds its your own damn fault, Mcdonalds can be tasty and not to damaging if you eat it in moderation, lets say 5-6 times a year, not like you americans who stuff their face full off shit.

      • JoSto says:

        Low income Americans don’t feed their children McDonald’s and other fast foods because they want to, it’s because it’s so much cheaper. The answer is not always as simple as “just don’t eat so much fast food” when it costs more to make a healthy meal for your children than it does to get them a full, unhealthy but filling, meal at a fast food restaurant. I love the work Jaime is doing, but we also need to focus on how the government is making it cheap for us to eat unhelthy, and nearly impossible for those living in poverty to eat healthy. We need to look at how the government subsidizes the corn company, and making processed foods with high fructose corn syrup and other corn products more affordable than real vegetables and meat.

        • Seth says:

          It is always cheaper to buy food at the store and cook it than it would be to feed 3 children, 3-4x a week at McDonalds. They’re just uninformed and lazy

          • lol says:

            Wrong. Omg, so damn wrong. lol

          • Jonathan says:

            It’s not just about the physical cost of food, it is also about time. Lower class people simply don’t have time to cook because often they are working more than one job.

          • Ashley Lozano says:

            I disagree.

          • Maria says:

            I concur, Seth. If these low income families that JoSto was speaking of, did their homework, they could learn to buy their groceries wisely without jeopardizing their bank accounts or health.

          • MBD says:

            It’s definitely possible, as long as you have transportation to places like Trader Joe’s and the like. I know plenty of low income families that eat super healthy. Any Rasta in the hood is a great example, as are the bulk of Nation of Islam members who happen to be lower income and typically eat very healthy.

          • Carlo says:

            Believe it or not we actually have whole sections of large cities where no grocery stores are located. Interestingly enough this is also usually in places where the majority of residents are very low income. We have a lot to learn about the lives of others before we form judgements or at least honest and compassionate judgements.

            The reality is that in our society we want and need people to eat unhealthy food on a daily basis. In fact a simple check into 90% of the food at our standard grocery stores shows just how unhealthy our food supply has become.

            In the end everything wrong can be tied directly to profits. A populace that eats an unhealthy diet is much more simple to control not to mention the medical costs associated with our current (non) health habits.

            It’s time we reexamine our current paths and make honest and realistic steps to right all these wrongs. This won’t get fixed by voting in any election under our current system.

          • Tamara says:

            not if you work three or four jobs and are never home to cook a healthy meal… or, you live in a home so horrible, that proper storage of food isn’t possible, or your power has been turned off and you have no way to cook food. It’s not that simple. Sure… some poor people are lazy… but the problem is so much more complex than that and none of the solutions available really address healthy eating at all. Come on… even many school meals can hardly be considered healthy… especially those fed to children on assistance. It’s very blind, very hard-hearted responses like yours that keep corporate profits booming.

          • Pooh says:

            I DEF agree with that aspect of it all too, Seth. You can DEF buy food cheaper, for many more meals and get all the good nutritions, than eating out at fast foods….SPECIALLY artery clogging, DIS tasteful Mickey D’s…!!!

          • Cyclone87 says:

            Pretty sure a small package of strawberries is ~$5-6.00. Fresh produce is expensive. You’re just an ignorant prick. Not that I agree with feeding children a bunch of fast food, but look at the nutritional content of a McD’s meal and compare it to groceries of equal value.

          • PoohCub says:

            Also If the food stamp or SNAP program would control more of what people can buy it would help too. I get SNAP and buy meat, Bread and Veggies with it. However it kills me to see others who get much more a month then I do buying cakes, cookies sodas, and quick packaged foods instead of Healthy and Basic needs (Which is what the program started with years ago). I think this system needs to be looked into especially when you can buy junk food and subs at convenience stores with this card.

          • Rosalee says:

            Seth, you know absolutely nothing about the economics of food among people who are poor.

            First of all, most poor live in urban areas — in “food deserts” where the only stores for miles are convenience stores that barely offer any fresh food for cooking, and when they do it is at exorbitant prices.

            Those who live in rural areas also live in “food deserts” — where you have to have a car to get to any sort of grocery at all, whereas Mickey D’s is along every highway in every county in the USA.

            You have to include the cost of transportation for those living in food deserts to the cost of the food. And in many areas, if you don’t have a car you are simply out of luck — there are no buses to get you anywhere near a real grocery.

            So, you are wrong. Dead wrong!

          • Kelly says:

            You, Seth. You have three children? You have a job and child care? You think it’s cheaper at grocery store? You, Seth. Very out of touch.

          • aynyc says:

            Okay, I’d just like to clarify for everyone that claims a grocery store is more expensive than fast food:

            Let’s assume for argument’s sake that you feed your family of four at McDonald’s for about $2 a person (pretty much as low as you can go). I’m not factoring tax since it’s the same either way. We get a grand total of $8.

            I live in Manhattan and I’m going off of Food Emporium prices, FE being a pretty expensive grocery store. For about $4.50 you can get 1 lb. of ground beef or boneless chicken breast (or thigh). You can get a bag of frozen mixed veggies that’s slightly over a lb. for about $2. Add a loaf of whole wheat bread for about $2.30. Grand total = $8.30. That’s just one example of a combination that’s enough to feed 4 people normal portions.

            Keep in mind, these are just shelf prices not taking into account any coupons or discounts that you’d be keeping an eye out for if you were really tight on money. Also, this is in Manhattan where EVERYTHING is more expensive (McD’s included). Big-box supermarkets (Walmart, etc.) in rural areas are even a lot cheaper to begin with and offer bigger discounts, double coupons etc.. So is it that fast food is actually cheaper? Or that the KIND of food you like is cheaper? Granted, none of the items I listed are organic, but still healthier alternatives to processed fast food. Plus, you can go to the grocery store a couple of times a week and stock-up on what you need, saving you both time and money on transportation. Even if you live in the inner-city and don’t have a car, most grocery stores offer delivery or you can get a portable laundry/shopping cart to load your stuff. Seems like a lot of people are trying to find excuses to justify what they know are poor eating habits?

          • heather says:

            SO true Seth! I have four children….costs WAY more to eat off the value menu at Mc D’s than to cook my kids some rice, broccoli and chicken. Unless all your feeding them are the 20 piece nuggets…which is not good of course! Don’t worry….ive done it too! :)

          • monika says:

            I’ve never tried living in a poor neighborhood on minimum wage or welfare, so I’d hesitate to judge. Have you? Have you read “Nickled and Dimed”? Just the beginning will do. Before Ehrenreich embarked on her experiment with living below the poverty line, she had all kinds of fantasies of healthy, frugal living, like making a nice bean stew on Sunday that would last her all week. First problem: the kind of housing available to essentially homeless, minimum-wage people usually has no cooking facilities or decent-size refrigerators. Scratch that . . . And the poorer the neighborhood, the less likely it is to have reasonably-priced supermarkets with good selections. And of course no car to drive to the suburbs to shop. Try eating healthily with just a convenience store and no kitchen? Especially when juggling multiple part-time jobs just to pay the rent?

          • thegeorge says:

            I raised 6 kids. I could feed my family a steak dinner cheaper than going to McDonalds. Any day of the week even with coupons.

          • jay says:

            Lower income individuals often don’t have access to healthy foods in grocery stores. I know I’ve been to several grocery stores in lower income neighborhoods where there is no fresh produce or meat. Not to mention that in order to cook you need a functional kitchen, which isn’t always part of lower income housing.

        • Ashley says:

          I disagree. Your knowledge on food, recipes and costs must be limited.
          If you buy in season vegetables and often look for reduced vegetables you can make a delicious, quick and healthy vegetable soup for your family.
          Its really about education. You are letting yourself believe it’s the cheaper alternative but if you do some research that is not necessarily the case.
          It’s all about being economic and a little bit clever. Use what is in season, buy in bulk and look for reduced stuff where possible and bang it in the freezer for use at a later date.
          I know the cost of one baked potato is cheaper than the fries from Macdonalds. Our society is just getting too lazy to admit to it.

          • sam says:

            I work at a school where there are many poor families. Half qualify for free or reduced price lunch. Most of them do not frequent places like McDs because it is too expensive. Most also don’t have the luxury of being able to stock up on great deals and store them in their tiny freezers either. The food insecurity I see is soooooooooo much more complicated. Also I don’t know about other places, but in my state the SNAP program provides vouvhers for the farmers market. Every time I am there I see people using them. I feel sad for a lot of these families. They spend 30% or more of their resources on food even with gov assistance and then have the pleasure of people who don’t hav e to do that generalizing their lives. Yeah.

          • Angi says:

            I agree with Ashley! I teach people how to make up enough healthy food for the week on a budget and in a few hours 1x a wk. It’s not that hard.. just takes a plan to do it. I always buy produce when it’s marked down. We juice so we get a huge amount of nutrition every day… buy whole grains that are organic, in the rawest form possible, steel cut oats.. can be made in quantity in crock pot in any flavor… make bread products for the week.. have stuff prepped for quick dinners. It’s possible! Stop consuming pop and high fructose corn syrup drinks from quick shops… stop eating out all together… grow what you can, even in pots… it is about your attitude! That is what it boils down to… anything else is an excuse! Peace and blessings for a thankful, joyful heart! That’s where it starts!

          • Kyon says:

            You have to consider the economics of time. Cooking, shopping, learning to cook are all huge time investments. Most low income families are working multiple jobs per person and they barely can afford daily needs. Buying in bulk takes capital, traveling to these stores if they are even in your area takes capital, learning to cook takes capital. It may seem like markets and local farmers are everywhere but travel to more rural areas where a walmart is the only retailer and things change. It’s insensitive to think that people are simply just lazy.

          • jel50 says:

            Ashley you hit the nail on the head.
            @cylone 87 I don’t know where you are getting your strawberries from but I never pay over 2$ for them My family and I eat healthy home cooked meals with veggies and fruits all the time It is very possible I can cook 4 to 5 meals at home as to what it would take me to take my family to McD’s one time. about 30$.

          • John says:

            Ashley,You are right,It’s about education!Unfortunately Most poor are also poorly educated,if at all.In the USA the whole system needs to change,but it’s never going to happen.You’d have better living conditions in Mexico.

          • Bastion says:

            Yes, part of the problem is education — that is exactly what Oliver has been to address, too.
            But is education free? No. Especially in impoverished areas, they have generations of people who have been over-worked and under-educated. That’s a vicious cycle that only makes it worse, as fast-food habits multiply.
            Even if these parents now had the time to teach their kids to cook healthy food, they no longer know how…

          • yask says:

            I agree. Access to fruits and vegetables would be ideal. But even if you just buy canned vegetables or canned tuna and make tuna sandwhiches and canned corn on the side, that would be healthier and not much more expensive than Mcdonalds. Regular pasta (not KD), tomato sauce, noodles with some beans and butter, rice, peas, dried beans for soups….all of these thing don’t need to be bought fresh and are healthier.

        • Ben says:

          I’m a McDonald’s nut, I go there way too often, at least 3 meals a week, sometimes up to 7 depending on how busy I am. But if I wanna save money, I go to the grocery store and buy food and cook it myself. Definitely cheaper than McDonald’s.

          Most of those people aren’t uninformed, they are taking the easy way out, the tasty and quick way, even if it is more expensive.

          You are the one that is uninformed.

          • Tamara says:

            Ben, you’re probably not shopping the dollar menu, then. Sure, you can spend 12 dollars buying all the deluxe, jumbo portion meals. But I bet most poor people get the $1 burger or whatever else is a dollar.

          • Mitch says:

            There are alot of contributing factors to why low income families buy at McDonalds. It is ignorant to say they are lazy, perhaps it is a single mum working multiple jobs, she won’t have time to cook. It’s easy to make judgements when you don’t understand the situation.

        • Amy says:

          JoSto, with all my respect, I believe your statement may have been accurate a few years ago but now-a-days you there are many more options that cost about as much. A meal at McD’s cost upwards of $8.00. I wouldn’t call this cheap and there are smarter alternatives to fast food.

        • Tim says:

          It isn’t more expensive to eat healthy. My girlfriend and I could eat a good sized healthy meal for under AU$2 each by shopping in bulk at farmers markets and such like whereas a unfulfilling meal from a fast food joint would be over $5. It Only require a bit of planning and effort even when we were working long days.

        • floridaJAMES says:

          absolutely right. i see living examples of this!

        • JCT says:

          It is a farce to believe that healthy cooking cost more than fast food. Locally grown fresh or fresh frozen veggies that are healthy cost about $2 -$3 per lb. Moreover, fast food is not as satisfying as home cooked food. People eat fast food for convenience. They either don’t want to cook or don’t have time to cook. Cooking is not a priority. On the flip side home cooked meals are not always healthy.

        • Loren Coyle says:

          Really we must force the government to … really hell lets just try communism… seems that will fix everything…lol

        • Karina says:

          If you are lazy and uneducated about healthy foods then that is just sad for you and your family.
          Try going to the store and getting a little bit of stew meat, rice or barley which are sold bulk in health stores for very cheap price, beans, seasonal vegetables and make a stew. I guarantee that it will cost under 10-12 dollars and it will make a great dinner and lunch next day for the whole family. This is only one option. Food does not have to be so much meat based. Fresh vegetables and beans that are rich in protein are cheap. If you say otherwise, you have not tried this option!!

          • ok so your talking about education , lets see maybe one million aloted to department of agriculture , -vs- hundreds of million selling you “fun” i,m lovin; it. and each year folks scream when the twisters tell us a million dollars of federal money went to WHAT . and we jump right on the band wagon …blaming an entity that has no being . bad gov’t . no…
            ,good lobyists…and a sleeping populous ,

        • William says:

          Fast food is “CHEAPER”??? That is total BS. It’s because parents are too lazy to make healthy food. I guarantee I can make 2 healthy meals for what one McGarbage meal costs.

          • Fran says:

            I agree, fast food is not cheaper. Homemade is best, doesn’t cost that much to feed your children well. The processed foods we feed our families (not just McDonald’s) are taking a toll on our children’s health and our own. When my girls were coming up McDonald’s was a treat, not a staple.

        • LaineyBug24 says:

          Totally false. You can feed a family for much less if you buy it at the store and it can still be quick and easy. A box of organic mac and cheese (not a well balanced meal but better than McDonalds)is only $1.30 and feeds 2 – 3 kids easily. Add some frozen peas (healthy and makes the mac and cheese go further) and you probably still spend less that $1 per person. This is just one example.

        • Eric says:

          Tuna fish? bananas? C’mon lady! There are a lot of cheaper options in your grocery store. It’s the middle class kids that get exposed.

        • Becky says:

          If i was that poor i’d be growing the vegetables myself to feed my family good food, america is full of land so even if you lived in a apartment you could find a allotment or some a friend or family member and use their land or find free land suitable for growing, there is hundreds of opportunities to grow your own

          • Stina says:

            Sounds nice! It’s great that if you fall on hard times you have land, or know people with land for you to use. :)

          • kaysey says:

            Becky, I’m so glad you posted becuz I cant wait for u to explain what continent u live where there is free land to grow my own food!!

        • Vanessa says:

          I think that’s a cope out completely, I’ve been to the states many times and there are many cheap healthier products other than McDonald’s that poor people can feed their children, Granted any cheap food may not be completely healthy but most things are better than McDonald’s.

        • Terie says:

          I grew up poor. My mother refused to feed us McDonalds or any other fast food. She prepared healthy meals regardless. Quality, not quantity. Families that are poor can receive food stamps, which are not accepted at fast food restaurants. You get what you pay for. If you want unhealthy overweight kids, feed them McDonalds.

        • sean says:

          Thats a lie, that’s a bullsh1t lie and you are a liar. low income people do NOT buy McDonalds because its cheaper. McDonalds is WAY more expensive than just buying the ingredients at the grocery store and making it yourself. They have a choice, don’t you fcuking dare push that lie. Apparently you were never low income, but I was and my parents bought groceries and we made our own. The people who make mcdonald’s their daily meals are fcuking lazy, PERIOD. Not poor, LAZY. Get your liberal head out of your a$$ and think critically for half a miserable second and you might actually surprise yourself with a coherent thought.

          • angryelf says:

            Whatever your point of view, your angry rhetoric hardly adds to the conversation. And as many of these talkback comments will attest, there is always more to add to a statement: shouting “PERIOD” and swearing will only convince people there is nothing behind your argument but empty anger.

        • l coralle says:

          Brown rice, beans and certain veggies are cheap foods so there goes the excuse for fast food because it’s cheap theory!

        • Jimbo Jones says:

          Did you miss the part where he said, in 70% of all ground beef produce….so even the stores will sell this to you.

        • Eskimo17 says:

          Some of you are making me laugh. I live in NM one of the highest states for providing food stamps and Seth is dead on. The system is abused, people are too lazy to do the right thing and they do the easy thing and buy junk food. I see it all the time and I feel I have a right to say because I am a single mother that has raised 3 kids (on my own dime not food stamps) and yes we did have Mc Donald’s occassionally but it was and is cheaper to buy food to cook at home. You can make a good meal and even have left-overs for another meal in 30-45 min. So quit making excuses for the “lower income” people because all it is is excuses. They may need educating on ‘how’ to accomplish eating healthy but I doubt there is anything in place to do help them learn.

        • David says:

          I used to be a ‘low income American,’ and I never fed my children junk.

        • matt says:

          An avocado, a piece of bread, and some water costs about $1.00. An order of fries at Macdonalds costs much more. It is ignorance not economics that leads one to believe fast food is cheaper.

          • yoda says:

            i dont know where you live but one avacado where i live is 3 dollars alone …and where do you buy a piece of bread

        • Rose says:

          Are you kidding me? Cheap? Those so-called value meals are what…$6-8 bucks a piece. For a family of four to eat out ONE night, you’re talking at least 24.00. How is that cheap? Ever heard of beans? Rice? It’s much cheaper to cook at home than to eat out, even fast food. A healthy meal of a salad, baked chicken and rice is a lot less than $6.00 a person!

        • ryan says:

          This isn’t about diabetes. It’s about McDonalds using a process to clean the shit bits of meat using an ammonia based solution and not having to inform the public. That’s it. Corporations must (should) be responsible and honest about the products they sell. It’s quite simple really. Would you wash your children’s food with ammonia to use as a filler to reduce your food costs. Doubt it. Is the meat safe? Probably yeah. Do customers have a right to know what they are buying? You’re damn right they do.

        • rita says:

          I never understood why people “think” fast food is cheaper, therefore poor people have no choice but to feed their children junk. How about buying lentils ($1,19), beans ($1,19), rice, pasta, carrots, potatoes and making soup? Ohhhh, I am sorry, it involves cooking/work. The fact is fast food is not cheap and nobody forces anyone to buy or eat anything they don’t want. Rule of economics-supply and demand. If there is no demand, nobody will make the junk! And those of you who are bashing capitalism, Cuba is only 90 miles from FL.

        • tbonez says:

          I have to agree with you being the staving student I am and father, budgeting to eat a meal every night leaves me buy meals full of carbs because eating health is much more expensive and I can’t afford a healthy meal for my family every night.

        • Heather says:

          Actually, the people/families that consume the most fast food are middle class. The truth is that low income families can not afford fast food, regularly. So, your theory is incorrect. It’s obvious that buying food and cooking it yourself is always cheaper. You do not need a ‘functional kitchen’ to make a meal, haven’t you ever gone camping? My husband uses the outdoor grill to cook all of our meat for the week on Sundays. Fast, easy convenient and no electricity used.

      • AKKAKAKAKa says:

        McDonalds is not the cause of diabetes and cancer. We all have a choice in what we eat. In today’s world with information about our food and health more and more easily available, we all need to make smarter choices. Even the biggest companies operate to meet consumer demand, thus if we buy better and more nutritious food, companies will have to deliver. Their are many more examples in history of companies having to change to meet changing consumer demand vs. companies forcing humans to consume products that they do not want.

        • scorpio6 says:

          @AKKAKAKAKa – I’m not sure if you live in America, but everything you said is false in practice.
          The choice to “eat healthy” is not a simple one for many American families because it is quite costly to do so.
          Also, accessibility to fresh organic produce isn’t readily available to most Americans.
          Unless you farm your own (without using genetically modified crops) or live in urban cities with access to expensive stores like Whole Foods, you are not eating healthy.
          Monsanto and its partners modify & poison much of the produce that families eat from average Grocery Stores every day; but there is no FDA discussion on the subject. They’ve lobbied against that.
          Your statement about market demand also isn’t accurate because companies like Monsanto actually define markets and bully farmers into supplying them.
          They try to force most farmers in this country to use their pesticides, grains, live-stock feed and of course their bio-engineered seed monopolizing the market.
          Any grass-roots resistance is met by corporate lobbying and a few wink-wink strings pulled at the FDA allowing the crap-regulations to be passed.
          Did you know that farm raised Tilapia and Salmon are the most poisonous cancer-causing sea-food available?
          Why? Because they are fed tainted chicken-poop made by Monsanto. (Absolutely true… Google it.)

          The public does not have too many choices for real fresh food unless you can afford it.
          That’s the sad truth about food in this country.

          • Terie says:

            Wow. Knew about Monsanto. Didn’t know about the seafood. Thanks for the info. No more Tilapia for me!

          • PAt Sharp says:

            Scorpio 6..You are SO RIGHT!
            I am old & healthy. Growing up during rationing with WWII, My Mother an RN dietetics specialist, taught me nutrition as I helped her in the kitchen . My Dad 4F was a manager at the worlds largest vegetable producer cans/ frozen, in the “Garden State”. I have always been interested in advertising & marketing
            Point #1 SUGAR was rationed…..1946 after the war the country went on a “SUGAR RUSH” because it was available. So the overlarge BOOMER group provided a demographic for sweet stuff in adulthood. Bagels with cinnamon & sugar & blueberries ….. NOPE …….. eeeuuu! That is a muffin not a bagel…AS food companies evolved their sophisticated profit grabbing, practices, Castro grabbed GHW BUSH”S favorite Uncle’s sugar plantation in Cuba, 1959, and we searched for substitutes..for cane sugar……natural food, it was beets, NOW Monsanto has injected the DNA of beets with pesticides…….. ( did you read about the activist torched crops of GE ( genetically engineered) beets in Oregon recently? Bet not. MSM didn’t write about it. High fructose corn syrup , in everything……….Govt. subsidies to the major huge corn growers….Conservative politicians getting repeat elected on lies and filling the Congressional Ag committee, to serve the big corporate supporters…..Donald Rumsfeld worked at Searle before politics………..Rammed the alleged “safety” of aspartame through the FDA judging process……so it was officially labeled harmless, ( NOT) & approved.. I had a friend VP of one of Campbell Soups divisions. With the massive layoffs (in the name of profit) following the ’87 stock market crash…..he lost that job.went on to do a short stint at Bumble Bee Tuna, & Hagendas Ice Cream, & disgusted with their practices he got out of the food business entirely……. ( I heard it from the horses mouth) By the early 90’s 80% of my diet, ( preferred foods) had disappeared form the market shelves in favor of sweet bagels, blue energy drinks etc. Now scraping by on a too small Social Security income, in a rural area where there are no jobs I have plenty of time to STUDY this field. I alerted Fedco Co-op ( small, seed provider) to the fact that Monsanto had purchased Semini Seeds supplier of 2/3 of N Eastern states seed retailer. They scrambled to reorganize their seed sales increased their call for local heirloom seeds……….I talked to a young woman last year who had the right idea. She had bought a patch of land, was building herself a house and preparing to grow her own food…….SHE WAS SO BUSY WITH THAT, SHE DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO STUDY, WHAT WAS HAPPENING WITH THE SEED SUPPLY. She was horrified with what I told her……same with young working Mothers…..AS retiree, I DO have time to read these things on line etc, talk to people, gather & dispense the info. It DOES take a considerable amount of time! AND while it is great & rewarding to grow your own food……..FARMING is NOT a fail safe activity. Failed crops has been a threat to humans for centuries…….(Potato Famine , Ireland . 1845-1852) Dust Bowl USA , 1930’s result of attempted, increase in mechanized, productivity, caused major erosion of soil……….. no crops…………Greedy farming pratices and willful failure to fix extreme weather changes…………..are leading us into another MAJOR FOOD FAILURE disaster…………. The ideal community is one where each person’s skills & talents are recognized utilized and supported by the group, ( think Native American) My communcation/education ability is appreciated and I am given an abundace of fresh food…….so that IO don;’t have to spend time in the garden….. ( though I do some because Iove it) And go figure…….my tomatoes are booming this year, where the’ve failed for the past 5 years……….but the broccoli is just limping along????????????

      • John says:

        I love when people insult Americans and they don’t know shit about our country. Stop watching our movies, and playing our video games then. People just hate us because we are easy to hate, plus it is the fad pretty much everywhere else in the world…”if you don’t do it your ‘not cool'”. Racist bigots….

        • Falconeri says:

          Actually the video games are all japanese. Not everything belongs to your country. Just because you think you’re big and powerful doesnt make your country the best and owner of all. Facts about obesity and health are all over the news all the time so people know. Its just the people of your country who choose to ignore until it bites you in the ass and then you complain like a schoolgirl

      • Thinkabout it says:

        Listen to yourself….this stuff is poison, it’s gross, it’s not fit for humans to eat until they use chemicals. You think 6 times a years is okay? Idiot.

      • muppetpoo says:

        So Americans are the only ones that stuff their faces with food deemed to be crap? I suggest you try to use less hateful remarks if you want people to actually take any of your opinions seriously. Maybe use less stereotypes as well. If you would like to do a little research and use actual facts that can back your statements, people would probably listen more intently as well. If your incapable of having friendly debates without automatically going on the attack, then maybe you should reexamine your thinking process.

        • Falconeri says:

          Its not a stereotype america is the fattest country in the world. People say things like that because its true. There are tons of shows on the food network to cook healthy at a low price. Rachael ray shows how to do that ALL THE TIME! So dont blame low income and all that on the obesity problem. Its because people in america do crap and then whine afterwards. Just like gun crime and all other problems that end up being bawled over later. Maybe of you didnt want things that were bad and fight so hard to keep them then maybe you would have less problems to complain about later

        • Heather says:

          Americans DO stuff their faces with crap. HOWEVER, JoSto is right that much of the reason for this (certainly not the ONLY reason for this) is that the government and processed foods industries make it much less expensive to eat products that were designed to for shelf life and not to fuel our bodies.

          • you bare correct , read , listen to Sweet and Low on tape… all this “shelf life ” started with war rations.. you know freezed dried , canned , Eisenhower was ignored . and the industrial military complex has infiltrated the world …. and not it’s “Privitized” feel secure . they hope you don’t ….

      • Andrea says:

        @nownownow: “tasty in moderation” tasty does not mean nutritious or even edible! “you americans who stuff their faces full of shit” where the hell are you from that you think you are so much better? and why are lumping all americans into the same categories? MOST americans don’t eat that shit! and why does the rest of the world want to emulate americans bad habits? it is the corporations and their unlimited power not Americans!

      • IAm says:

        are you mental? this shit should not even exist

      • June Cleaver says:

        I’m sure your country is full of fat asses as well. Not all Americans eat that crap. Get your head out your ass.

        • Marc says:

          Well I can feed me and my son on just a few dollars a week. Try eating various fresh pasta variations like spaghetti with olive oil and garlic or just spaghetti with tomato sauce… There are a thousand variations that cost almost nothing.
          Also if your child can make it on to level 12 of super mario, you can sure as hell teach him how to boil a pan of water and throw pasta in there.
          I had to start making dinner when I was ten and I’m still alive! You don’t need to eat half a cow everyday. As for Americans, it’s not even your fault, you have been taught to eat GIANT portions, you buy a gallon of milk instead of a liter. Your supermarkets are FULL with basically man made crap that leaves you hungry for more, after 30 minutes. Just because they are kids does not mean they have the right and NEED coke all day or any other kind of soda! Cooking pasta takes 10 minutes and you can store it forever, it does not go bad, the same as oil and tomoato sauce.
          Sure you can always blame others and look for an excuse… But the only person to blame are those of you eating that crap! And yes you are idiots if you eat it and you’re still idiots if you go buy capitain crunch or cerials with ice cream cones in it!
          Nobody needs to be educated as we all know that it’s junk and more importantly if you have kids and can’t afford to pay for electric or your house is a disasterous mess…. then stop putting kids in to those enviroments and start working on yourself first till you are in a position to be responsible!!! The solution is easy, there is no difficulty in making food the cheap way, it just depends on what you really want and most people like being targets of society so that they have something to complain about and make others feel sorry for them.

    • Iggy says:

      Holy f___!!! Thanks for the insight dude. Always knew they were up to something.

    • rob says:

      are you kidding people will make money however they can even if its wrong but blaming diabetes and cancer on mcdonalds what is wrong with you everyone has a choice and if you choose to eat that crap everyday you deserve what you get. what is wrong with americans and blaming all their problems on everyone else but themselves. everyone knows how bad fast food is, you can all see the western world is getting fat and instead of doing something about it lets just blame everyone else. I’m fat because mcdonalds force fed me food i shot someone because this gun forced me to do it. seriously all you people need to grow up

    • Nick says:

      Use another hyphen why don’t ya!…You make a good point though

    • Nicole says:

      Real criminals are the FDA and USDA.

    • Geo07866 says:

      Nobody is forcing you to eat there

    • Randy says:

      Human infections from Mad Cow in the last ten years:

      US (360 million people) 2 cases, 0 deaths.
      UK (60 million people) 160+ cases 28 deaths.

      This guy is a narcissistic prick with an agenda.

      • Stephanie says:

        Thank you for the stats, had no idea. However, this study is about exposing what the Government connected FTC, USDA consider the noxious, toxic chemical “ammonia” as “edible” once it’s in meat by products considered “inedible” prior to the process. I personally would not eat anything knowing there is a toxic chemical process involved.

    • Z says:

      I have no doubt that what you say is true, but when you bring up diabetes please refer to the type of diabetes. My son is type 1 and it has nothing to do with what he ate or where he ate it. The beta cells in his pancreas went nuts and attacked his insulin making cells. It is an auto immune disease,and the lack of education where all diabetes is the same is just frustrating especially when someone tells my son that if he would just lose weight he would be cured. Losing weight will not make his pancreas work again, but it would make him blow away in a stiff wind.

    • lonewolf says:

      don’t like it don’t eat it. enough with the food nannies

    • John says:

      Isn’t “as bad” and “equally bad” the same thing?

    • Jesseca says:

      Actually, we are all responsible for what we put in our bodies. Fast food is disgusting. Stop whining and stop eating it.

  2. mary ann taylor says:

    thank you Jamie!! i do appreciate all you do . and more..i never liked macdonalds, but i ll be checking on them

    • says:

      Thank you all the people who fight against McDonald poisoning our communities.
      Now …How can we get ‘Maccas’ out of the Melbourne Children’s Hospital where they continue to poison very sick children under the disguise of ‘fun’.

  3. eileen fowler says:

    Thank you ,Jamie ! You do so much to help us live to an old age by not eating bad,bad food ! …..Thanks !!!

    Thank you ,Jamie You do so much to help us live long and healthy lives! Thanks !!!

  4. Jeff Neuhaus says:

    Cheese, Salami, and Peanut Butter (just to name a few) all have more ammonia in them than pink slime. Also, ammonium hydroxide is Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the US FDA and is not associated with ill health in healthy individuals at low concentrations.

    • Junk Mountain says:

      I’d believe you if the US FDA wasn’t so easily bought by large corporations with millions to spend.

      • Jeff Neuhaus says:

        So then who DO you believe? Some celebrity chef who isn’t even a scientist? Some sensationalist journalist? Ammonia is naturally produced in our bodies. It’s in our milk. It’s in a huge variety of foods we eat every day. How can we possibly determine how much is too much if it’s in everything and we completely disregard the scientific consensus on what and how much is safe?

        • leuk says:

          Do you work for them Jeff HAha

        • Denny Crane says:

          Um… Pretty sure you are missing the point. How about the fact that even the ‘Scientists’ at the FDA rule that the meat is deemed unfit for human consumption before the treatment? Not to mention that it sounds like none of the lean/healthy parts of the animal are used. Disgusting.

        • Rebecca says:

          what are you saying? Jamie Oliver isn’t just a celebirty chef,he is an intelligent activist who has done his groundwork and spoken to numerous people inclsuing scientists.Of course you must disregard the scientific consensus they have approved MCDONALDS. What you do have to do is regard the other hundreds of scientists who are speaking out against those government paid scientists.You don’t have to be a scientist to know what real good quality food is and the benefits of that over cheap nasty byproducts of real food and how that would affect your body it’s common sense.

        • tim says:

          He isn’t officially a chef either.

        • Amy says:

          Thought I’d cut and paste some info I found on a materials safety data sheet provided by the University of Arizona:

          “Ingestion of ammonia solutions causes effects similar to those of other corrosive alkalis;
          severe burning of the esophagus, stomach, mouth and throat; gastritis. Possible death from
          shock or asphyxia may result. Although human lethal dose has not been established, any
          amount can be dangerous. As little as 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of 28% NH4OH solution has been
          recorded as fatal.”

          Still think its safe Jeff?


          • bill says:

            A teaspoon is a million times more than what is in “pink slime”. You can find it disgusting, but there is not enough ammonia in it to cause harm. I don’t like the idea of pink slime, but the population grows every day. At least they are not wasting food.

          • Maria says:

            Scientists can conclude tests to go either way they wish. 6 different scientists will come to 6 different conclusions as well. Especially if they know whose product they are testing and how biased or unbiased they are about the company or product.

        • Calvin says:

          would not the sfest level of any additive in any food for any living organism be nil that would negate the need to know how much to add for health or safety reasons in itself a saving on food costs by not needing enough scientists to cure cancer to work it out !!!!!

        • Erin says:

          Ammonia is naturally produced by our bodies – as pee.
          Possibly in other processes but that’s the one I associate it with. Doesn’t make me want to eat it more.

      • onyroc says:

        Its a low cost food. Some ammonium is the least of a issue

      • Jamie says:

        Anyone who believes just because scientists approved it then it must be ok is an idiot. The reason for this is the funding for the research generally will come from the company who is trying to prove that it is safe or vise versa. Even if its government testing, lobbying currently has largely tainted that process. Plus many times “facts” can me manipulated much like statistics commonly are, to be one sided when they determine the final yes or no on the subject. An example of the government showing one sidedness in statistics recently has been the drop in the unemployment rate at the end of the recession that just hit. The were trying to claim that more people were getting off unemployment, which was a sign that the job market was strengthening. What was really happening was the Federal Government stopped funding the benefits and people were systematically getting kicked off unemployment. They knew this they whole time but “spun” it officially to seem like a good thing was happening, Everyone has their interests, which is usually $, “scientists” included.

    • kerie says:

      I still don’t want that shit in my food!

      • Anna says:

        what about the left over chicken, in the nuggets? I think your missing the point that Jamie is trying to make and more importantly McDonalds is trying not to advertise.

    • Nick says:

      You want an award for your comment? I say you can drink a gallon of ammonia if you think it’s ok to consume. Just don’t make me eat it, at least label the food that contains it.

      • effing yoda says:

        Here are 10 foods with more ammonia than your slimy, slimy burger:

        Cheese. Oh my god, cheese is like an ammonia warehouse. Domestic bleu cheese topped the list with 0.138 grams of ammonia per 100 grams, but cheddar (0.11), beer cheese (0.092), American cheese (0.081), and a couple types I’ve never heard of all ranked.
        Salami, 0.11 grams of ammonia per 100 grams.
        Peanut butter, 0.049 grams per 100.
        Mayonnaise, 0.041 grams per 100.
        Ketchup, 0.035.
        Gelatin, 0.034.
        Onions, 0.027.
        Potato chips, 0.024, though I imagine the brand and flavor would matter.
        Brewer’s yeast, 0.022.
        Margarine, 0.021

    • Steve says:

      Surely it would have been cheaper for McD’s just to say this, rather than go to all the trouble and expense of changing their recipe.

    • hairpro says:

      cheese and salami when made properly and the old fashion way is good for you and is NOT made with ammonia …its the mass producers who need to make it fast and cheap who put the ammonia in it…we need to get back to our roots and make our food the old fashion way like our grandparents did .

  5. Anon37 says:


      • G from Shanghai says:

        AGREE !!!!! I know I eat too many Mickey D’s but its YUMMY !!!!!! I also eat a ton of veggies, soups, fresh fish, salads, and healthy stuff. Moderation, common sense, excercise….is a great plan. Oh yeah, last time I was back in Indiana there are a TON of farmers carrying containers with anhydrous ammonia in them around. Wonder if they are washing their cars with that stuff or ???? Hmmmmm. Our food chain is a disaster in the U.S. but I cannot imagine whats in the food served in restaurants in China, India, SEA, etc. If you dont like McDonalds STAY HOME & dont buy it. Line will be shorter when I go in for my upsize Quarter Pounder Value Meal. Oh yeah !

  6. Josh says:

    The easiest way to avoid eating this kind of rubbish is to only buy meats from local/trusted suppliers, or avoid meat all together. I don’t eat McDonald’s because they are obviously up to dodgy stuff like this to be able to provide it at such a low cost.

    • Martin Bergström says:

      I avoid meat. I think it’s crazy that we kill kind, grass eating animals to eat their muscles. I don’t see in what way we have the right to kill them, especially not in an industrialised, ” conveyor belt” kind of way.

      I’d probably be able to kill an animal if it was aggressive and tried to kill me, but otherwise – no way. All life on this planet is related. To me killing an animal is like killing a friend, albeit not a human one.

      Ant there are so many good vegetarian dishes, plus there are good vegetarian meat substitutes for many kinds of meats nowadays.

      • B says:

        While I respect your choice not to eat meat, I just thought I’d point out that the whole food chain of this world is built upon animals eating other animals just for their meat. Mountain lions kill cute innocent baby deer, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles =]

      • G from Shanghai says:

        Martin: I know what your saying…..however, I once got drunk and went “cow tipping”. Let me tell you, some of those gentle – grass eating creatures get pretty damn mean and pissy if they dont feel like going down gently. Im totally cool with one of those bastards getting zapped or kncked on the head with a ball peen hammer so we can enjoy prime rib again for holiday dinner. Bon appetite !

      • effing yoda says:

        so lets think you won’t eat animals because they are living creachers…………..but umm you do understand that plants are alive and breath and all that to right ??? so just eat what pond scum ??? oh wait that’s alive to just like yogurt

        • MBD says:

          To be fair, plants don’t have brains and therefore it is a good argument against them having consciousness. So if Martin is vegetarian for such reasons, they it would seem he doesn’t have anything to worry about in eating plants.

    • Kyle says:

      This is why all the meat I eat is grown on my Grandpa’s farm. Raise the cows yourself so you know what exactly i going into the meat and then have them butchered. That way you see the whole process and can avoid this crap.

      I’m curious if Wendy’s does the same thing or not.

  7. flip says:

    and yet life expectancy continues to increase- who really cares- does it taste good?

    • Jargo says:

      Let’s talk in ten years fool, if you make it!

      • G from Shanghai says:

        Nice Jargo….

        He’s referring to overall life expectancy actuarial tables. That number continues to rise over the past 50 years.

        Hmmmmm……about the same amount of time that those wonderful brothers Dick and Mac started up that cute little burger joint in California.

        Therefore perhaps McDonalds is NOT killing us all off afterall.

        Nahhhhh. The facts and data has to be wrong.

    • Gwen B. says:

      I’m concerned that you just don’t seem to care about the explosions in Cancer and Autism rates. The epidemic increase of ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Thyroiditis, inflammation, food allergies and Leaky Gut and Brain syndromes. Quality of life has been stripped. What difference will it make if science can keep us breathing but we feel like hell and our children or grandchildren are on chemo or lost to us in Autism’s different reality? That’s not living. Stop being so lazy. Maybe society’s will to live WELL would improve if they could thin clearly without the chemicals dumming them down?

      • Tranquility7 says:

        Gwen I thoroughly agree. And behind all this increase in disease is money…not only is money made selling bad food, but money is being made hand over fist by the pharmaceutical industries, health care industries, agricultural industries, corrupt politicians, lawyers and scientists being paid and getting rich just to look the other way. That’s capitalism and it’s killing us!

        • G from Shanghai says:

          You guys are right. Were victims and evils of capitalism are destroying us all.

          Now….jump in your Beamer’s, drive down to Whole Foods, be sure and stop at Bed – Bath – Beyond for some organic soap and some Tantra CD’s for your Bose Box….. no capitalism there folks !

          Im hitting the drive thru as all this talk is making me hungry.

  8. I prefer Burger King for burgers but McDonalds for fries. I’m lucky too, because where I live, the two are right across the street from each other. So, I always go into McDonalds with a Burger King bag. They usually ask me why I have it and I say ‘because your burgers are crap compared to BK.’

    Flame-broiled, baby!!

    However, if I have to eat Micky D’s because it’s the only option: no problem. But I usually just get a cheeseburger.

    I don’t think I eat enough of any one particular food, that it’s going to kill me or reduce my life. I try to mix it up for the three standard meals and snacks in between. Could you imagine eating Lucky Charms or Count Chocula 5 times a day??

    I wish they had Taco Bell where I live, but the local food is good too.

  9. Murray says:

    It’s nice to know they are using the parts of the animal that would otherwise have been chucked out – respect.

  10. Jennifer Rash says:

    Despite all of the whining, complaining, or bashing that is done by the anti meat/fast food fanatics, one thing will remain,… meat and fast food. This is America, and nothing is going to change. This country has made itself the way it is and no matter what people’s opinions are, the fast food industry will never be defeated. We are all entitles to our own beliefs and choices, but lets not make it into another thing to fight over! It’s food, for crying out loud! Eating (or not eating) meat or fast food doesn’t make any one person any better or worse than the next. People don’t ever seem to be totally content with life unless they are complaining about something! Get over it people, your protests and rallies aren’t going to change this free country that we all have created.

    • Lincoln Osiris says:

      Taco Bell has a few items without meat. Personally, I like the ‘old standard’ bean and cheese burrito with sour cream. I do add hot sauce to liven it up a bit: delicious!!!

      I don’t know of any fast food joints that serve peanut butter & jelly. Now that would be something! But I don’t think I would pay too much for it. I make a pretty good one myself.

      • effing yoda says:

        peanut butter has more of the ammonia in it than McDonalds food

        Here are 10 foods with more ammonia than your slimy, slimy burger:

        Cheese. Oh my god, cheese is like an ammonia warehouse. Domestic bleu cheese topped the list with 0.138 grams of ammonia per 100 grams, but cheddar (0.11), beer cheese (0.092), American cheese (0.081), and a couple types I’ve never heard of all ranked.
        Salami, 0.11 grams of ammonia per 100 grams.
        Peanut butter, 0.049 grams per 100.
        Mayonnaise, 0.041 grams per 100.
        Ketchup, 0.035.
        Gelatin, 0.034.
        Onions, 0.027.
        Potato chips, 0.024, though I imagine the brand and flavor would matter.
        Brewer’s yeast, 0.022.
        Margarine, 0.021

      • Juan says:

        All you people who don’t agree with Seth are all fucking idiots. I raised three boys and financially cared for my wife it’s way cheaper to buy food at a grocery store no matter how freaking far it is than to go to Mcdonalds and buy 3 number 1s and 2 mighty meals for $29.00+.$3.00 for 2 pounds of the best pasta Barilla, a big pot of water 30 cents, salt & and seasonings 50 cents, 2 pounds of ground beef $5.00 parm cheese $3.00 fresh basil 2.00, French bread to make garlic bread $1.59 Couple cloves of garlic for garlic bread $1.00 1 bar of butter $1.00, 2 two liters of cola $2.00, 2pounds of tomato sauce $3.00. This is enough to stuff 6 grown adults and maybe even some left overs. Do the math and get in touch with logic and your brains.=$22.39 and $1.00 for gas to complete your feast. STOP BEING LAZY AND CRITISIZING THE TRUTH.I got your back Seth, and I’m a cook and live in Chicago where we pay some of the most highest taxes in the country.

  11. Karen says:

    Jamie, I am extremely worried about what we are eating. I bought fresh Queensland strawberries which I thought at the time looked strangely perfect but ignored. My daughter and I ate them over three days but one strawberry was left out of the fridge overnight. The strawberry was still perfect so I put it on my window sill to see how long it would take to go bad. The strawberry stayed perfect for around 10 days which I have taken photos of and labelled each day. We are healthy and eat fresh food but at the time we ate the strawberries we had pains that felt like appendix. When we stopped eating the strawberries so did the pain. I wanted this food analysed but I have phoned Fair Trade, Food Safety, Coucil and NswFood Commission but no help. The strawberry is in my freezer. I would love a representative for Jamie Oliver to read this and investigate for me?

  12. anonymous says:

    The best you can do is, first educate yourself on what is offered and how it is ‘manufactured.’ You can then make the decision yourself and ‘vote with your dollar.’

    Unfortunately, a large majority of fast food customers are in locations where fast food is relatively cheap (not if you consider the long term cost though; ie: healthcare) and easily accessible.

  13. Mark Hofmann says:

    Meat is murder.

  14. mar says:

    The difference between latin american and US in the ability to provide good meat are the costs… mainly because of the meat packing unions driving up the costs in the US.

  15. Reddog says:

    So where are the studies that prove that eating McDonald’s food has actually made somebody sick? I’m 53 and have been eating McD’s all my life and I’m pretty damn healthy.

    • kwijibo says:

      for sure eating MCdonalds 3 times a day will cause some health issues.

      but eating a good ol big mac once every 1-2 weeks ain’t gonna kill nobody!

    • aynyc says:

      Watch the documentary “Supersize Me”. One month straight where everything this guy consumes – even water- has to come from McD’s. The effects are horrifying.

      • G from Shanghai says:

        Watched it….several times. Spurlock is awesome but anybody with an ounce of working brain would realize that if you ate a lot of things, exclusively, for a month straight you’d be screwed up !

        He ate it three times a day, everything on the menu, had to upsize if they asked……hell yes he had issues.

        You are welcome to avoid McD’s at all cost.

        Meanwhile: Reddog, Im having a Big Mac attack so order me up a value meal buddy….and super size me !!!!!

        Signed: 60 year old…..runs marathons….no diabetes-cancer-etc…eats McDonalds 2-3 times a week for my entire life and IM LOVIN IT !!!!

        • aynyc says:

          Wait –if you ate “anything” exclusively for a month you’d be “screwed-up”?! Ummm… I’m pretty sure nobody ever got screwed-up from eating fresh, natural foods for a month straight, no matter how large the portions. The adverse effects on the body aren’t just true for McD’s, the same goes for all processed foods in general (although some carry more severe results than others). This particular activist chose to focus on this particular health concern, although there are many more out there. He’s not saying that McD’s is the only unhealthy food – it just happens to be one of them. I’ll just throw in the disclaimer that I enjoy McDonald’s once in a while too. In fact, I drink Diet Coke every day and I smoke socially. I love hot dogs from street vendors. However, I also accept the reality that these things have negative effects on my health. You can still enjoy something while accepting that it’s also bad for you. And if you can’t handle doing it without having a justification beyond “I know it’s awful but I just don’t care”, then don’t do it. You’re only fooling yourself if you say “I as an individual have not seen negative effects from ____, therefore it must be safe”. Yeah, well I didn’t fall off the earth therefore it must be flat.

  16. Lea says:

    I wouldn’t eat the Taco Bell burrito and consider it healthy. My son worked there, the beans come powdered and you add water and heat it up!
    That said, what is wrong but with organs and skin? If you eat meat, what is the difference? Their nuggets taste good and are the least harmful to my blood sugar in a fast food punch.

  17. Bobby Olin says:

    So where does Jamie Oliver get his data and information from if McD doesn’t disclose it? What is he really trying to say here: Buy my burgers instead of McDs? Sounds more like he’s been paid off by the competitor companies.

  18. Mark says:

    One point that you’ve failed to mention here: the reason that the meat is treated with ammonia is because the cows are corn-fed instead of grass-fed. You see, corn production is subsidized by our federal government; as such, it is significantly cheaper (especially so at such a large scale as Mickey D’s) to feed the cows corn instead of grass. While this corn feeding process doesn’t necessarily affect the cows in any harmful fashion, what it does do is foster and greatly encourage E. Coli production in their stomachs. Thus, the meat ends up riddled with horrific bacteria to the degree that one of the only feasible methods of elimination is via harsh treatment with ammonia–and this is why the USDA recognizes ammonium hydroxide as an appropriate “component in a production procedure”.

    This of course in no way absolves McDonald’s, but I wanted to offer a chemical perspective on the matter.

    • BC says:

      Actually not true, when they make the finely ground meat (commonly called pink slime), it’s heated up and spun to separate the lean bits of meat from the fat. The gaseous ammonia is then used to kill any possible bacteria introduced during the process. Has nothing what-so-ever to do with what they cows ate while they were alive.

      Gaseous ammonia has been used on food products for years, most fruit is sprayed with it.

    • GMK says:

      False. Ammonia is not the only chemical used as an antimicrobial agent in meat processing. Lactic and acetic acids are far more common. Also, a grain based diet doesn’t greatly encourage e. coli production, that is a natural bacteria found in all cattle. Chemicals are used because the USDA demands the meat processing industry use a ‘multiple hurtle’ intervention plan to remove any potentially harmful bacteria the can make people sick. This sounds great, but the cost in doing so also drives up prices. What the USDA needs to do, but never will, is institute a consumer responsibility program. U wont get e.coli if you cook your burger to 160 degrees, but people get sick all the time because they are retarded.

      • Canuck says:

        Feeding them grain DOES result in much higher levels of E Coli.

        If you know otherwise cite a reputable source. Cows are supposed to eat GRASS not corn

    • Terie says:

      You say it doesn’t harm cows in any harmful fashion,yet they have e-coli in their stomachs. I’d call that harm. Cows do not eat corn naturally. They eat it if they are forced to. The USDA approved labels give me no comfort whatsoever. They would approve feces (and do in small amounts) if the powers that be told them to do so.

    • effing yoda says:

      Ammonia has been used as a leavening agent in baked goods and as an acidity controller in cheese and chocolate products as well.

  19. Michlle says:

    Lets take a step back and look what is being said I mean come on people want to sit and rant about McDs i mean i have 5 kids and I may not agree with what they serve and I am not some rich person probably not even mid class but even if in proverty and you do not want your kids eating that then there are options out there for you they sell food at the store that u can make a meal relatively cheap out of i have made plenty of meals on a budget…Beyond that tho people want to talk about eating animals as murder well eating is no worse than eating the plants that require life too they are a livings thing as well not to mention that taking plant life and harvesting it for human use is no worse bc you are taking away food from the animals that they eat so no one thing that you do is better than another we were put on the earth to survive with what resources we have so maybe you should take another look at your rants

  20. Lestandolite says:

    I hear all of these radical claims and they pray on those of you dolts who are simple minded enough to hear the words “pink slime” and say “Yucky I don’t like pink slime”. Yet two weeks before if we said “beef trimmings which have been treated to assure the highest levels of safety for human consumption” you would have went on ordering it. The fact that you are so simple minded and unable to think and reason for yourself that you would follow such an idiotic claim is ridiculous.

    Do you know all of the toxic chemicals and bacteria that naturally occur in dirt? Did you know that even organic vegetables thrive on nitrogen? Oh my nitrogen! Isn’t that what we build bombs out of? Oh my then I think farmers put this nasty chemical along with ammonia on the fields they grow crops in…Lets all boycott all vegetables before we explode.

    Wow another thought…anybody up for poop colored wax enhanced blocks with cacao flavoring and which has ingredients which is often produced with the assistance of trafficked human children slaves?

    My point…get off your high horses. Someone tell me what the actual ammonia content is of a McDonalds burger and how that is going to affect me in a ill manner. Or get off your butts and try to help save a human and improve society for real. A true education might be a start!

  21. Farmfield says:

    Yeah, lets clarify that not all (or even most?) countries allow for these processes at all. It’s allowed in the US but not in Canada, for example. Same within the EU. I dunno about the UK, but as far as I know, this is not allowed in Scandinavia, where I live. So this is partly a local problem…

  22. Pillsrgood says:

    Many people just don’t care about their health as they are convinced they are “smart animals” and nothing more. So they tend to just get “theirs” and act like pigs most of the time….i.e. no manners, ethics, class. But they always seem to have money for cigs, beer, and another new tattoo or piercing. Wake up people!!!

  23. Kc McNeely says:

    How can any of you people of privilege speak about what poor people “should” do? If you do not understand the trappings of cultural and systematic oppression, than shut your damnable mouth.

  24. MissKitty62656 says:

    What does manners, ethics, class, cigs, beer, tattoos and piercings have to do with McDonald’s meat?!? Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill…

  25. burgermeistermeisterburger says:

    om nom nom! my fat american butt wants a mc double! pronto! extra spit and pickles please.

  26. glen giroux says:

    Sheeople or people- are basically lazy and by virtue are hedonistic – we live in the moment
    I would never let my children grace the doors of McDonalds or any other fast food eatery – because it’s the DEVILS FOOD – This coming from an atheist – I teach my children to understand right from wrong in every aspect of life – and the same goes for what you put in your body ( and on your body for that matter) there is a revolution going on – think – get real healthy – grow up – contribute – love It’s actually really simple

    Vote with you pocket book and boycott all FAST FOOD RELATED INDUSTRIES

    crackers/french fries/all microwave products/all GMO/all animals raised on maize-corn products/anything that is not BIODEGRADABLE (because it will become BIO-ACCUMULATIVE) full of pesticides

    Force industry to clean up

    Peace out Brothers and sisters

  27. Ed says:

    The toxicity of ammonia solutions does not usually cause problems for humans and other mammals, as a specific mechanism exists to prevent its build-up in the bloodstream. Ammonia is converted to carbamoyl phosphate by the enzyme carbamoyl phosphate synthetase, and then enters the urea cycle to be either incorporated into amino acids or excreted in the urine.

    • Stephanie says:

      Still believe if I choose fast food, I’d like the choice of “opting out” of eating something that’s gone through this process. I prefer my kidneys to not have to cyphen these things through. It’s not a natural roughage in everything already.

  28. dino says:

    people will eat what is available. Period. quit your belly aching and move on. If you don’t like the fast food burgers, don’t eat. Those who eat, enjoy at your own risk.
    Now, my ride is waiting. McDonald’s here we come!

  29. CP says:

    I really don’t understand how McDonald’s justifies these practices by saying they need to further cut costs to make their products cheaper WHEN:

    – Their magical “meat” formula (ie. flavored poop) can hardly be called meat & is already cheap to produce
    – Their menu prices are HIGH. A REAL meat burger at a diner or other place can be gotten for similar prices
    – Their employees are basically paid like slaves
    – And what else is fake on their menu?

    The reality seems as though the few at the top of this company want to continue getting RICHER, at the expense of the US health, and that’s it. Unfortunately, this company now has too much power and money to the detriment of the world.

  30. Olivia Jackson says:

    Some people have choices, but others don’t. I live in Harlem where they don’t have green grocers on every corner but they do however, have a fried chicken place on each block. The corner stores only sell white bread, no yogurt and no fresh fruit.

    A green salad, providing I can find a place that sells one, costs $8 – $10. I can get a burger, fries and soda for $5 at any of the local fried chicken places. They sell ‘fruit’ juices for 25 cents. Of course these ‘juices’ are basically water, sugar and food coloring.

    With the influx of Europeans, the neighborhood has been changing. There are still no green grocers but new restaurants have been cropping up and supermarkets are now offering salads. However, a hamburger in these restaurants costs over $10, a meal can run $25 or more. When you are making $20,000 a year with children you do everything you can to stretch each dollar.

    Kids spend hours in the library because they can’t afford computers and wear clothes donated by their local churches.

  31. aynyc says:

    Okay, I’d just like to clarify for everyone that claims a grocery store is more expensive than fast food:

    Let’s assume for argument’s sake that you feed your family of four at McDonald’s for about $2 a person (pretty much as low as you can go). I’m not factoring tax since it’s the same either way. We get a grand total of $8.

    I live in Manhattan and I’m going off of Food Emporium prices, FE being a pretty expensive grocery store. For about $4.50 you can get 1 lb. of ground beef or boneless chicken breast (or thigh). You can get a bag of frozen mixed veggies that’s slightly over a lb. for about $2. Add a loaf of whole wheat bread for about $2.30. Grand total = $8.30. That’s just one example of a combination that’s enough to feed 4 people normal portions.

    Keep in mind, these are just shelf prices not taking into account any coupons or discounts that you’d be keeping an eye out for if you were really tight on money. Also, this is in Manhattan where EVERYTHING is more expensive (McD’s included). Big-box supermarkets (Walmart, etc.) in rural areas are even a lot cheaper to begin with and offer bigger discounts, double coupons etc.. So is it that fast food is actually cheaper? Or that the KIND of food you like is cheaper? Granted, none of the items I listed are organic, but still healthier alternatives to processed fast food. Plus, you can go to the grocery store a couple of times a week and stock-up on what you need, saving you both time and money on transportation. Even if you live in the inner-city and don’t have a car, most grocery stores offer delivery or you can get a portable laundry/shopping cart to load your stuff. Seems like a lot of people are trying to find excuses to justify what they know are poor eating habits?

  32. Maggie A says:

    Human consumption? My cat wouldn’t even eat a McDonald’s cheeseburger. One year for his birthday I bought him a McDonald’s cheeseburger and tried to give him the patty and cheese, but the cat wouldn’t eat it.

    • jj says:

      LOl I used to have a wild African serval cat. HE would kill for most meat and beg for it. esp chicken. BUT He would not even touch a mcnuget or even a hamburger from mc donalds at all. He would just hiss and swat at it then jump bak from it lie it was going to jump up and get him or some thing. and this cat not only would eat most other things he even had a problem eating stuff that wasn’t food. Socks, leather belts, shoes. But not Mc donalds.

  33. dean cameron says:

    Start a better franchise that serves better food for less money and make it more successful. Pay your workers whatever you think a living wage is.

  34. trick fox says:

    MMMMMM…. McDonalds – when can we go again Mom?? Love their food and love their restaurants. Nothing better than McDonalds!!!

  35. Terie says:

    Why do I read posted comments. It never restores my faith in humanity. For the most part,it disappoints me.People are so combative and get off the subject to personally attack each other. I need to just read the article and move on. If we would use our constitutional rights we could change many of these policies,but people are too lazy and full of contempt to band together and force change. We have given up and just let the government treat us however they please. We just accept it and let them get away with whatever. Complacency. We are all just a herd of sheep awaiting eventual slaughter. Keep your head down, spend your money, play on your smart phone.

  36. Lightning Shredder says:

    That’s great Jamie!

    But what really caught my mind was all the hatin’ in these comments. We have the facts, most food you’ll be getting in america is full of bullshit chemicals. I don’t think fighting over which way its more affordable to eat is going to change that.

    What can chang it though is if people started seeing things like food and shelter their right as a human being. Can’t afford food? GROW IT. Can’t afford a home? Build on someone elses property, use local materials or move in to an empty house. You have the right to stay fed and warm. If you have access to the internet, you can learn how to.

    FUCK THE GOVERNMENT they have no right to rule your life! EVERY LAW IS A FORM OF OPPRESSION. WAKE UP AND LIVE!

  37. Mmmmm says:

    Mmmmmmmm this mcdonalds cheeseburger is delicious. 3 mcdoubles. $3.18 USD. Thats like 1200 calories. That be almost a whole day of energy. Never know when the apocalypse will come and youll need lots of energy for running from zombies and looting.

    Are u kidding me? Even my grocery store produce is full of gmo’s (so they tell me). So whats the point lmao. Even the healthy food is gunna give me cancer or something later down the line. My city has horrible public transportation id probably have to ride 4buses for 5hours to get to trader joes (if the bus even goes there). I live by myself, eat mostly at work (restaurant). foods spoil good sir, its more cost and time affective to buy food with a high shelf life to supplement fresh foods. (Still im going to the produce store or grocery store and everything has gmo’s.). I dont know where u all live but around here ppl have gardens but they dont provide for a large % of their diets lmao. You guys live in a bubble

  38. Daddio says:

    First of all…Aussies knocking Americans for obesity problems? Check what spot Australia’s in. Mexico just moved ahead of the US to claim most obese in the world, so go hit THEM up.

    I’m not going to say eating at McDonald’s is cheaper than eating home-cooked meals because it’s not. But I am going to beat another horse. If you think you can reasonably eat healthy – grocery store included – quit whatever job you’re working today. Right now. Take a job which pays the equivalent of US 7.25 an hour. Make your significant other do the same thing.

    Borrow 2.5 kids unless you have your own. Make sure you maintain a home, telephone, electric and all other essential utilities. Now ditch your cars because you’re not going to be able to afford the monthly insurance, gasoline and associated vehicle costs.

    Obtain all the social welfare you’re entitled to in your new position in life. You’ll need it.

    Follow the Thrifty Food Plan ( for a family of four.

    Tell me how it works out for you. I’ll give you a hint. It doesn’t.

    You’ll be eating a lot of high sodium foods with little nutritional value before you’re done because you and your significant other are going to be too tired from working so hard to make ends meet you’re going to be too damn tired to fix meals and shop on a consistent basis (You’re taking the bus to the store, you see). You’ll see the sense of dropping US $3.00 per person (US 12.00) on a meal because it feeds you and keeps you from starving, while allowing you to get some kind of rest. Maybe. 2 hamburgers from the dollar menu each and a small drink apiece. Anything else and you’re greedy.

    Most of you weighing in here don’t have a freaking clue about what it means to be dirt-poor. I don’t mean “struggling to make it” because we ALL are. I’m talking dirt freaking poor: barely surviving making it day-to-day poor.

    If you want to understand it live it. Then come back here and give everybody a lesson.

    If you have lived it and are here…count your blessings because you’re luckier than most, and you’d be making my argument.

    Have a good day.

  39. Peter Johnson says:

    It’s true, Home cooked meals are so much healthier, and often not more expensive.

    I’ve found with Many people, they are too bone lazy to incorporate cooking into their schedules or they are possibly un motivated or depressed individuals who take the quick option. Many of them, their life style choices shows on the outside. I guess I learnt a lot from Mum when I was growing up, so was somewhat of a good cook by the time I moved out of home. I feel sorry for people who don’t know how to, because its essentially a survival skill.

    There’s times I’ve worked two jobs, gone to gym 4 times a week, kept entire house clean all by myself, and still had weekends to go out, see friends, play video games, yet I’ve still had 20 minutes to a few hrs per day to cook and clean up. Not because I’m special, or didn’t do anything else, but because I made the time.

    Another example, in Australia, Big Mac Meals aren’t $5 like they used to be. They are more like $8 for medium, and not that much for someone who is hungry. So the other night, I got myself a fillet of Fish, and some nuggets to share, almost $20 bucks.

    Lets just say, I didn’t get the extra burger or nuggests, but upsized my meal. Would have been an easy $9, and with that food would almost certainly be hungry again within 3 hrs due to its Hi GI properties.

    Well with $9, I could buy a pack of spaghetti, tomatoes, and Premium Grade Heart Smart mince meat. Make a Bolognese sauce, and feed four people, with enough left over for dinner for two. (of course this assumes you own some basic spices, and could be made cheaper with regular mince.)

    Therefore, Bolognese (six serves) can be made for around $10 (assuming ownership of some herbs and spices) = approx. $2 per serve once you factor cost of pasta.

    Or six McDonalds meals, at least $48

    Therefore, my example is almost five times cheaper, offering a lot more sustained energy and antioxidants.

    Catalogues frequently advertise ‘Make meals for four for $10’

    True, a restaurant may charge four times more for what you can make at home, but to say fast food is cheaper than home cooking is total garbage.

    In fact, the cost of fast food these days, if you cant be bothered cooking, you can probably go to a restaurant for cheaper in some cases.

    True story – I recently had a 3 course Chinese restaurant dinner with drinks and entrée, for cheaper than the cost of two yirros, fries and a coke.

    If pasta isint your thing, (which I admit does go a long way). You can even make a decent steak, potato and salad meal, casserole, stir fry, and many other things.

    In fact, when you consider just how much you can spend at McDonalds, it often disgusts me that one tiny little meal for two, sometimes gets to be around 20% of my weekly shopping bill.

    • Daddio says:

      “There’s times I’ve worked two jobs, gone to gym 4 times a week, kept entire house clean all by myself, and still had weekends to go out, see friends, play videos.”

      You don’t have a clue about being poor. Give advice to other middle-class suburbanites, mkay?

  40. John says:

    People, greedy capitalists make zero profits if no one buys their stuff. It takes two to tango. Thanks to this guy for giving us better information on what’s on the menu at McDs.

    • sabrina says:

      That’s a great idea. Cause when the “greedy capitalists” make zero profits then they close. And when they close, we will have a HELL of a lot of people out of a job. Not just the people who work there but the people who supply them will have to cut their workforce… I guess its a lose-lose situation.

  41. george says:

    I gave up all fast food for 2 reasons. 1st was when I first saw the pink slime video released. 2nd was when the state governments started subsidizing fast food to the less fortunate through their EBT/food stamp programs. I did end up a year later with type 2 diabetes and within 3 months of giving up all processed foods, sugar, flour, I’ve dropped my levels down to proper numbers. So grateful to have the knowledge now. I feel a million times better. Wouldn’t it be the most brilliant business plan to invest in the bad food supply, then invest in the medical industry as well.

  42. Caisa says:

    So fun to read all this….. US created capitalism, live in capitalism created the poor people ( if they had work someone had to pay salary ie cost = decrease profit) just look at the health system? Insurance system? Which other country would turn a dying person the back because you cannot pay? THAT is capitalism… Mc Donalds may have some bad food, they also have good options ( but then of course you have to know it might be healthy…) they also contribute to Children with cancer and to youth to get out to the market get some working experience. How many “capiltaistic” private owned companies do that? a few yes but most nope, as that would take their profit.
    Communism is not equal with socialism. However that is something US do not understand or do not want to see/learn know about. All there is is Money….. which is NOT fun for the poor, because they do not have any.

    • Daddio says:

      There’s a huge movement toward socialism in the US right now, even though most Americans don’t know that’s what it is.

      The biggest problem is the media owned by six corporations that want sheep and feed a steady diet of “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars” versus real news. It’s not in corporate interest to have knowledgeable Americans. It’s easier to herd sheep.

  43. Glen Rossiter says:

    Well as a comparison, in NZ a MCD burger will cost you 3 or 4 NZ dollars (about USD$2.00). . and that’s for the most basic burger available. I don’t know exactly as I haven’t bought from MCD’s for 15 years at least. I am lucky to live in the country – have 4 acres and large gardens, that I’ve worked my ass off for and am still paying off. We plant veges, have fruit trees, nut trees, berryfruit and more. Hard work but totally do-able. We live organically and wouldn’t touch McDonalds with a barge pole. I’d rather work harder, longer and eat healthier than eat shit and feel like shit because of it. Just my two cents worth from this side of the world :)

  44. Robbo-PGi says:

    The US amazes me; time after time we see the insidious influence of money infiltrating every division of society.
    The effect of money in the legal system, the healthcare system, finance and the political system – all of these to a lesser or greater extent are morally corrupt and have been for years.
    Whilst lip-service will be paid to issues such as ethics, the law and religion, the real work is being done to undermine such considerations and the reason for this subversion is simple, to earn more cash.
    An almost infinite greed is generated satiated only by creating more wealth, more corruption and more influence – Joe Schmoe can do no more than sit on his ass and watch .. the illusion that a democracy somehow counteracts such evil is laughable, one vote every five years is not democracy in action, it’s the illusion of democracy in action.
    Someone once observed, ‘No matter who I vote for, the government always seems to get in’ … I think just about sums it up, for me at least.
    It’s easy to suggest, ‘you get the government you deserve’ but in this case, it doesn’t apply.
    The way in which politicians, financers and business execs work is subtle, below the radar of everyday awareness and if it does get revealed, feigned indignation will issue forth amid righteous cries of ‘foul’ … there is no propensity for these type people to look at themselves in any other light than green … the dollar is their god, nothing more, nothing less.
    The greatest irony of all, is having ‘in God we trust’ on their banknotes … if it wasn’t so tragic and inappropriate, it’d be laughable

    Companies like McDonalds work on the premise that they will abide by the law but … if there’s a way around it, we will actively search for it if it means we can increase our income; now before some dick says this is the fault of inept legislators, in part, yes, but morally, ethically, no, it’s a corrupt attitude on behalf of company execs.
    These people are a different breed to most, that’s how they get to the positions they hold, it suggests that the very people who make it to the top in commercial interests and politics are generally the very people you don’t want to be running the country.
    And there you have it …

  45. Easy says:

    If you want to stay fit, don’t pollute the earth and don’t want animals to suffer, there’s only one option. Don’t eat meat.

  46. choppa says:

    Now someone should take them to court for mass poisoning

  47. Anna says:

    I live in the UK and I consider to have a balanced / healthy diet. I have two kids and no matter how tired I can be I still push myself to feed them with freshly made non processed food.
    We get ones or twice per week fish – sea bass or salmon ( try to buy it organic as I’m afraid what they might feed the fish otherwise, peas are always good option as they as collected fresh and frozen also quite cheap. I make when I have time my own bread from organic flower. We have meat ones or twice the most but veg and salads on every meal.
    Pasta is cheap and you could cook your own healthy sauce for no time…
    I buy my chicken, eggs and milk just organic.
    We don’t spend on fuzzy drinks as no one likes them at home but some times my kids have orange or apple juice. It’s a good idea to put some water and dissolve the juice as its too sugary otherwise.
    I believe that if a person want it can eat cheap and healthy. And ones you get in the routine it’s not that hard either.

  48. Ham Burgler says:

    There’s no way I’ll hit my ideal weight of 450 now…

  49. Nic says:

    So is McDonalds using ammonia treated in meat from New Zealand to Singapore?
    Pledging not to eat the stuff.
    Kids should watch Fast Food Nation.

  50. A lot of the problem is the 20th-21st Century expectations about meat. Before mass production of meat, people who were not among the wealthy class ate little to no meat. It was not affordable. There were more people than the cattle available for slaughter. Today, the population has increased. So have the expectations of the mass consumer market to eat meat 1-3 times everyday. If it were not for factory farming, people could not afford to eat meat everyday and it would be a rare treat. That is the way it has been for most of human history.

  51. Marcy says:

    Who gives a shit?? If you don’t like it, don’t eat it…simple as that. I happen to love McDonald’s. If and when I want to eat healthy, I do. It’s MY choice, not anyone else’s. I’ve been eating fast food for most of my 46 years and I’m not grossly overweight, and I’m perfectly healthy (knock on wood), so people who have nothing better to do than to tell me what not to eat can go blow.

    • Mal says:

      Exactly.. It really pisses me off, I have been eating MCDs for 30 years and not overweight and in good health.

      Yet today I got panned for my diet by people who were overweight, on blood pressure pills and have a season ticket to the doctor and think Jamie Oliver is God.

    • Perelandra says:

      How shocking to find a sensible and intelligent comment among the specious drivel. Thank you.

  52. d julien says:

    In this whole discussion, I did not read anything about the horrible and inhumane treatment of cows. If you must eat a burger, make it a veggie burger….

  53. dange isler says:

    Why, congress should get involved, at the behest of the ammonium hydroxide unions, to ensure that McDonalds can continue to get inedible but cheap stuff to sell–and that all ammonium hydroxide factory workers can remain employed!

  54. Utahgirl says:

    I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s since I got the fried roach in my burger. That would be about 25 years ago. Bleh.

  55. Vern Fox says:

    Now that I have read all of your comments. Let me give you a very simple solution to it all. Those of you that are Pro McDonalds keep eating it and those of you that are against it keep driving by it. This country is still based on freedom. At least for now. PROBLEM SOLVED. God has a way of weeding out the week and stupid, it is a natural selection process as with smokers, alcoholics and so on. We the people are giving all of these companies the power to do as they please by buying their product. Whether it be McDonalds, Walmart or any other large chain. It all stems back to some Americans either being too lazy or too busy. As for those of you that claim you can’t afford a healthy meal ask yourself if you really need a computer, a smart phone and cable TV. It is very obvious that you have internet access. STOP your damn whining and do something about it.

  56. Mike Smith says:

    You all act like this was some big secret and Jamie Oliver outed them! Did you think Mcdonalds was healthy to begin with? There is nothing illegal with what they were doing. Immoral? well yeah but not illegal. I stopped eating at those places years ago for the fact that they are terribly unhealthy. And to the person who said Mcdonalds brought diabetes. You sir are an idiot.

  57. leigh stebbing says:

    We are having mcdonalds forced on us in our small town :( 9/10 residents said no to mcdonalds being built in Tecoma, the council voted no to it but some how Vcat (Victorian civil and administrative tribunal) said yes to it…

  58. Jack Legend says:

    Well, I for one am appalled at this completely unexpected pronouncement about what I previously considered to be heart-healthy nutrition.

  59. its all in my head says:

    So how do fast food restaurants sell burgers for a dollar and their employees want $15 an hour. Are you really suprised that they had to resort to this. I think the fast food restaurant as a whole doesn’t fit so well in our “semi-aware” society. time for a rethink Guys

  60. chris says:

    seriously go drink fracking water.. They are quality as we are for ordering their SHIT!!!!

  61. andre says:

    Why they are allowed to do it in the US and not in Latin America? Easy people in Latin America know real beaf from a huge load of “flavour enhancers” The more “developed” western cultures are at the mercy of food scientists ensuring that shelf life is everything and that most people are habituated to fake foods.

  62. jess says:

    I truly admire Jamie Oliver’s efforts to shift the perspective—and the weight—of our young people. He’s made major strides in his home country only to come here and be met with a ridiculous opposition to a much-needed change. He’s initiated menu overhauls in school cafeterias and offered wayward teens all over the world the golden opportunity of a brighter future. Now, he’s tackling the friendly-faced perpetrators of our fatter-growing nation and seeing super-sized results, successfully instigating reform in a fast food giant.

    Oliver’s influence over the ever-expanding issue of underage and overweight has pushed his “food revolution” to reach the culprits at their core, while also changing the way we look at health food. Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, but it is necessary if we wish to sustain longer, happier lives. If we stop indulging in artery clogging crap and start consuming smarter foods, the trickle-down effects could reach as far as lowering the cost of healthcare. If THAT doesn’t sound deliciously inspiring to eat better, then I respectfully suggest that you can eat shit… or a BigMac.

    The Naked Chef’s diligence just proves that even mountains made of mystery meat can be moved and made-over with a willful heart and an honest purpose. It’s either that or all it takes to get shit done is an accent and a pair of baby blues. Either way, BRAVO Jamie! I think you’re fucking swell.

  63. Adam says:

    Hi, he is helping us to fight against McDonalds. They want to open a new 24h restaurant in our village where nothing is open after 10pm. Opposite the kindergarten and the primary school. 9 out of 10 residents voted against it, the council rejected it but they found a loophole and got the permit. Constant demonstrations for 3 months, McDonalds taken 8 protestors to court, they can loose their houses in the process. Check it out on and help our fight against this greedy corporation. Please sign our petition here:

  64. Bingd says:

    Jamie Oliver is a good man. One very small victory in a never ending battle with the policy makers who are hell bent on poisoning the population in the name of capitalism. It’s a shame this story wont get any attention from the puppet news outlets.

  65. lisa says:

    In Daniel 2:44 it says that “God will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin, it will crush and put an end to all other kingdoms and it will rule to time indefinite even forever.”

    Just imagine living here on earth when God’s Kingdom will be the only Government ruling Matt 6:9,10

    No corrupt politicians or Businessmen or Church leaders. All of these are trying to get their donations by fooling people into voting for whoever benefits their agenda.

  66. BonQuiQui says:

    I just wanna ADDRESS dis to erryone in the comments sayin McDix treat they employees like shit: I work at McDix and dey are one of ma BEST employers thus far, mkay? And it easy to talk shit bout McDix cuz we fast food and we run the game but y’all think dat greasy shit you eat at yo classy ass restaurant ain’t got the same nasty shit in it? We just don’t overcharge you 4 it. U wanna talk bout chemicals, tackle Kool Aid first then work yo way down. PEACE

  67. Danny6400 says:

    I can’t believe I eat this!!!

  68. Dee says:

    All of our food is crap… some way worse than McD’s… enjoy your Big Mac. It’s delicious.

  69. RAF says:

    I thought McDonald’s had improved their food recently, so I started eating there again after 15 years. At first it was OK, but then I started to really pay attention to what I’m eating and switched to a “clean” diet. The other day, I needed a quick meal, so I stopped into McDonalds and got one of their new Deluxe Quarter Pounders. My body revolted so much to the food … I got terrible diarrhea, stomach pains, etc. No more McDonalds for me…

  70. Edwin says:

    The bigger the company, the unhealtier the food!

  71. WillB says:

    I am a proud capitalist. If I do not provide good, quality service, I go broke. I use profit to create jobs, pay taxes which feed the socialist deadbeats that complain about hardworking capitalists. If in fact McDonalds does this than it is now exposed and up to people to stop buying and feeding their gives sub standard food. No one has died from eating McDs as far as I seen but I chose not go there. Also, it is providing jobs around the world and people accept working there to make the crappy money. Why not start there own opportunities. If McDs was a socialist/communist business there would be a lot more deaths from eating rotten, substandard food, I am certain and communist/socialist controlled businesses answer to NO ONE, not even God. So please stop making all capitalism evil over the few. Unfortunately, there are government corruption widespread such as FDA, EPA which do nothing but take liberties from the people and exploit the poor health and reduction of populations. Most foods are GMO in some form in the USA or they have some form corn by product to fatten people up or give them diabetes. What we need to focus on the entire situation where we can just stop buying the crap and going for the natural/organic or focus on making our own stuff to consume. Finally, how do you, Mr and Mrs Socialist bring liberty, freedom and jobs to people? How do you reward hard work? or do you work? How do you bring the pursuit of happiness to society? bad practice is bad capitalism but bad capitalism is not all capitalism. There is choice. In socialist/communism. There is no choice.

  72. davidw says:

    Am I the only one who just doesn’t care? It’s not killed anyone.

  73. seed says:

    Bonquiqui. What the actual eff was that? Did you mash the keyboard with your face and hope for the best, or do you actually speak like that? R.I.P English.

  74. The Mad Hatter says:

    You must be kidding me guys. After 14 years working with big name corporates and then switching sides…the actual facts are always somewhat fudged. I know this from experience.

    I’ve read some of your comments and unless you work in marketing or branding there is NO WAY you can know the actual tricks derived from human or behavioural psychology (consciously) that go into making you buy a KFC, Burger King or McD product. I consume them as well, and now they are part of growing up…

    That said, the lies big corp tell to make sure they look all nice, clean and kid friendly are an fing joke.

    and these are sophisticated half lies/half truths. The manufacturing process is never clear and its unlikely that marketiers themselves know what is happening unless right at the top of the tree. but then again brands view marketing people as persons that will try to sell anything/everything. i used to be one of those.

    Companies, and people when dealt with a hand to hold down a job rather than buy into a community, forget some very fundemental thoughts about being human. we have created an illusion for ourself. and the more we do it, the more we suffer. but like some crack junkie, we will never admit it. because we do not have the benefit of gaining another perspective.

    i hate what marketing became. i loved stories and being able to tell it. Now i am ashamed that i know the truth built from decades of perfecting it. disgusting.

  75. gavin says:

    mcdonalds are chemical hitmen poisoning your kids with toxins and ofal .cook at home if you want a healthy family,open your eyes,dont be fed what they are telling you to eat for a big price.2 happy meals please..really,chicks in a blenda pateez ,pullverized pressed burgers netted together by tissue,no way am never eatin there or kfc again..they rear alien chickens and spice them up in battered shi…te…urgh am off fast horrible food like,have been for a while,kerry brought in a kfc…dry as…n gis the scoots..rubbish mt,fkn alien chickens fed to unaware uncaring humuns at a cost,thats what the should put on the advert,.am lovin it hahaha wat ofal nd tissue ,compresed shite,weel there yu go my truth theory and above the actual truth.

    • Reddog says:

      “Poisoning Your Kids”… seriously, poisoning? Like I said before… sure would love to see proof that McDonald’s has actually made somebody sick. And I don’t mean some stupid movie about a guy who ate there for 30 days… you didn’t think he wasn’t going to get messed up by it? Would of been a pretty boring movie if he didn’t get messed up.

  76. Hellacious says:

    There are a lot of comments so after a while I started skimming.:

    McDonalds? would never consider eating that, or any other fast food, restaurant food isn’t particularly good for you either, in general.

    Eat at home, use good ingredients, eat healthy, fresh flavorful food, not plasticized crap – I built a greenhouse out of trampoline frames I found on craigslist and have fresh herbs and vegetables year ’round.

    And all the half informed politics! Capitalism? Communism? Socialism? all 18th century bullshit, why not find a new way? I live in as close to a post scarcity utopia of my own creation as is possible in the real world, I make most of the stuff I need in my workshop, generate my own power, grow my food, have endless clean water from rain and closed loop recycling, my monetary income is very low, but I pay almost no taxes as a result, I drive my electric car on electricity generated from solar thermal, most of my systems are built from salvaged materials and cost very little MONEY, they only cost effort & ingenuity. Anyone can choose to leave the system… or live in it, plan for the option that suits you best, enjoy…

    • Stephanie says:

      Hmmmm, tell me more! I’ve gone solar but, not the other stuff yet. Sounds intriguing! I don’t know how to do all of that, but I’d like to know. Can ya drop me a line?

  77. joem789 says:

    Hate to break it to you. But the fillers are STILL in the MCD burgers. They are just lying to you. I’ve been cooking for 35 years. And I know when there are fillers in the meat. Not only that. But they also use meat glue in both the burgers and the chicken sandwiches. You people need to wake up. The only way you are going to get healthy from a restaurant is if you turn your house into one and cook it yourself.

  78. Tony Chestnut says:

    Well, Jamie Oliver convinced not to eat at MacDonald’s again. But interestingly, during his demonstration, he showed no respect for the cow he used as a prop and spray painted.

  79. Jessica says:

    As an American it is embarrassing to read the ignorant comments left here by the citizens of my country regarding capitalism, socialism, and communism. We have got the be the most brain washed country on the planet. As far the rest of world please don’t tell an American to go back to school. That is exactly where they picked up this garbage they believe about our government, our country and the rest of the world.

  80. Stephanie says:

    Good work fighting for the publics right to choose their food “knowledgably”. We can’t choose a right kind of meal at a fast food place if we’re ignorant of the process. Keep up the good work to inform the world of the USDA, FDA and FTC – all governmentally connected AND equally CORRUPT and greedy at the expense of the general public. How many more people have to be killed off by mishandling and misrepresenting what shouldn’t EVER be called “FOOD”!

    Thank you Jamie :-)

  81. Linda Kington says:

    Personally, I think it is ridiculous that Americans continue to blame capitalism for diabetes and cancer. The only person that is to blame is the person consuming so much fast food. We are free to choose whatever we want to eat. As for capitalism being criticized really! This country was built on free enterprise. It is why millions are fleeing other countries and coming here. Greed is not the problem with being fat and unhealthy—the problem is lack of self-control and the ability to purchase anything we want. It is time Americans stop blaming everybody else for our problems and fix them ourselves. Own the fact that if we eat unhealthy, it is our fault. PERIOD!

    • Stephanie says:

      You have a point that people “choose” to be fat from their own choices however, I’d like to “choose” that the FDA, FTC & USDA raise their standards upon what is considered “SAFE” for the public. I’d rather jump on the bandwagon that is FOR the good of the humanity’s health and well being rather than fight it. Actually, many diseases exist as a result of the passive attitude that we CAN’T fight it. I refuse to be a “lemming”. Is there any confusion as to WHY we ought say grace over a meal anymore today? Didnt think so.

  82. Markus says:

    Thanks for the education guys. Maybe rants should be the next text book. BTW, what reads would any of you recommend?

  83. Bobby C. says:

    I Don’t care to see everyone at once be a critic. You all rant on a topic that Is totally not even on topic. Your ego’s blind you. Everyone trying to out do the man before him. Youre all fighting against one another. This is not a competition. Stop fighting amongst ourselves and stand together against globalization. The u.s. govt needs to go, out of office, a new start. Take back our country from the corruption our tyrant leaders have built. United we stand. Divided we fall.

  84. Todd sponer says:

    all I know is i’ll continue to pay for peoples bad health habits….
    obesity is not a disease, genes only can change when expressed in an environment. so fat mom, eating fat MCD and giving burgers to child will be fat, you can buy $3 pound of 80/20 lean meat at the store and cook it on the grill, but laziness is hereditary too. but in the end, we all will continue to pay for laziness and poor choices.
    i’ll see people buy 2 packs of cigs for $20 and use there stamp card for bubble gum and rockstar.


  85. Alfa1020` says:

    Why is there an argument about capitalism? The article is about food content. Good on you Jamie. McD’s food is just garbage otherwise he wouldn’t have won.

  86. Clintonmatic says:

    Capitalism doesn’t care about your comments nor this article.

  87. Johnny 2 bits says:

    Greed is not eliminated by socialism or Communism. Greed is inherent in all of us. It is a human characteristic. Capitalism simply uses greed and incentive to make products WE ALL WANT… Nobody is forcing you to eat a freaking cheeseburger! But there is a demand for it. Everyone knows Mcdonalds is bad for you!

    Small businesses have it the worst. They are demonized for low wages, when in fact if they didn’t make a profit, they would give NO WAGES… and that person is now worse off because he has no job.

    The greatest thing about America is Freedom. If you don’t like your current job, or are paid “unfair” you are free to quit and find other work. Nobody is forcing you to do anything. The only way to get equality is through freedom.

  88. Judie says:

    BLAME YOUR COUNTRY for letting this happen! NOT McDonald’s! In Sweden employees make more than 15.00USD an hour! The meat is NOT pink slime. So, in certain countries they have to abide by the laws in that country!
    I have lived in USA 42 years, and Sweden for 5! So it is NOT always the companies fault.
    Just like people blaming Obama for gas prices, well gas is 8.50USD a gallon in Sweden and Obama doesn’t run Sweden! That is just the stupidity of Americans now, they can’t see the forest for the trees.

  89. Rik says:

    This ammonia wash process is mainly used in the US where cows are force fed on grain, which they cannot digest properly. This leads to the growth of the E Coli bacteria in their stomachs, poisoning the meat. The ammonia wash is used to kill the E Coli bacteria.

  90. Paul says:

    People are missing the point here.

    How is any of this Mcdonalds fault if the public are stupid enough to continually eat there and therefore line their pockets!?!?

    We ALL know that burger and fries are not good for you, regardless of what ingredients/products are used or where you buy it from, yet the public, in their millions, return in droves to eat this sh*t.

    I would say educate these people with regard to foods you should/should not eat and McD’s profits go down but its not that simple as most people are lazy and take the easy way out.

    Capitalism thrives because stupid and lazy people let it.

    • Canuck says:

      This isn’t a ‘capitalism’ issue.

      And the truth has to come out. The article notes that the ammonia hydroxide is NOT listed as an ingredient because it’s considered a ‘component’ of the process by the USDA. That’s an indication of corrupt lobbyists influencing an authority that is supposed to inform and protect the public.

      And if you think ‘cronyism’ is limited to free market societies or that poor food is not found in communist regimes, I’d invite you to try a piece of Soviet era Kolbasa.

      • Jack Boden says:

        it’s not listed as an ingredient because this whole article is bullshit. everyone knows mcdonalds is bad for you. I don’t get why this article has to lie about it.

        • Canuck says:

          People should know what’s in their food. Apparently you disagree.

          • Jack Boden says:

            I don’t disagree at all. I disagree with making up ingredients that aren’t even in the food at all like this article is doing.

          • Adam Goodspeed says:

            Do you know what Splenda is? It’s ‘made from sugar’ right? Sucralose is produced by chlorinating sugar. It creates a substance that’s 400 times sweeter than normal sugar. It’s appeared to be safe for human consumption, but who really knows what the long term affects of chlorinated sugar will be on our bodies.

          • Jack Boden says:

            That’s a bit of a strawman. It holds no relevance to this argument since this ingredient isn’t even in the burger. At all. This whole article is fraff. Also there is no evidence splenda is bad for you at all. You can say “look in the future there might be”. That is potentially true but you can’t use it as an argument since there isn’t any proof at all.

          • VL Hudson says:

            Oh…yes…remember when FDA said “saccharine” was safe for diet drinks and food?

          • Jack Boden says:

            That’s because it is, do you have any evidence that proves otherwise? Also, what relevance does that have this whole subject?

            I’m talking about this article lying about the ingredients in McDonalds. Everyone should know it’s bad for you but I don’t get why this article has to lie about it. It just weakens their position when they could tell the truth and show how bad McDonalds is for you.

          • VL Hudson says:

            Scientists long ago determined saccharine was carcinogenic. Read much?

          • Jack Boden says:

            Yes, I do read quite a bit. Care to provide a source for that claim that saccharine is carcinogenic? Any form of evidence like I asked for originally?

          • Jack Boden says:

            Your new comment hasn’t been approved yet so I can’t reply to it so I’ll reply here. First of all, your link goes to a page not found website.Secondly, just like your argument, things change. It’s not carcinogenic.

            Also, why are you bringing up saccharine? It holds no relevance to this article.

          • Canuck says:

            Well the case has been made quite effectively that the meat is basically ‘pink slime’… washed with ammonia hydroxide.

            And the courts have apparently sided with Oliver – and you better believe McDonald’s would have successfully sued his pants off if it weren’t true.

  91. Amani Maat-Kheru says:

    I am a Vegetarian…been one for 33 years now>

  92. Daniel Loughery says:

    I got deathly SICK from eating a cheeseburger at McDonalds back in September of ’13…I was throwing up all day the next day and it was coming out both ends….I’m very happy to say that I’m glad it happened in a way because I will NEVER eat at SickDonalds ever again…Since not eating there I’ve lost almost 40 lbs and am continuing to lose. Yes, to all the above commenters; it’s corporate GREED and lack of ethics behind these corporate giants although yes, it is a person’s CHOICE to eat one is forcing you to. Thank God I’ll never eat there again.

  93. mary ford says:

    MacDonald is no worst than any other restaurants.Foods are high in fat salt & sugars. If you know of a restaurant please let me know where it is. 4 people eating at MacDonalds may cost $40-$50. i am a senior , i can’t afford to eat out anymore , take $50.00 and buy carrots, turnip , yams & fruits, can tuna fish,salmon and beans. I just don’t understand why young people don’t stay home & cook, then have a treat on the week end or even one night a week.

    • VL Hudson says:

      I would never consider McDonald’s a “treat” – and pethaps where you live healthy eating at a restaurant doesn’t exist…but there are vegan, vegetarian and organic food restaurants that offer healthier and often less-costly items than McD’s.

  94. Missterry says:

    Hi. Is the hamburger issue just happen in US? How about the other country? They still use the same ingredient or different hamburger?

    • Canuck says:

      Better government regulations in European countries.. they are bureaucratic and socialist yes… but in America the agricultural lobby is powerful enough to influence the government so they look the other way when their citizens are fed garbage unfit for human consumption.

  95. Steve Frank says:

    jews will be jews when it comes to making money off non-jews

  96. Bett Häschen says:

    yeah, and some of these people commenting smoke, and some bungee jump, or ride motorcycles and some will even run with scissors…so what. People will do what they want to do and those who actually have a life with let others live theirs

  97. Elani says:

    Hamburgers unfit for spoiled snobs maybe? restaurants are abandoning “pink slime” because of bad publicity, that’s all! You want “high quality” meat? sure, pay for it!
    An example is McD where their nuggets contain the chicken version of pink slime (US) prices at like $2 per 10 nuggets, vs where it isn’t (Canada) at $7 per half dozen. so yeah!
    People from Asian cultures grew up cleaning the bone off a drumstick with their teeth while eating it, while the western world stops pretty much what ever soft meat they can easily pull off, because heck, there’s way more where that came from right? why work hard?
    I having a hard time understanding where people think hot dogs, and jello come from?

    I’m sorry the majority of us can’t afford the high quality beef that you all and jamie oliver are accustomed to! If you have a problem with pink slime, STOP eating where it is served! Leave it as is it for the rest of us who have no problem with it! Go buy a whole piece of beef at a premium and ground it up yourselves. you think that by eliminating pink slime, we’re not going to get passed the price difference on to us?

  98. Steven Michaels says:

    Is McDonald’s any worse than other burger places or are they being singled out ? I know i prefer the flavor of other burgers in my neighborhood .

  99. Paul says:

    Bodies of Sacrificed Children end up in McDonald’s Meat????????
    if the elite were having people eat children unknowningly, people would become cannibals, and not even know it. not only would the illuminati get a good laugh out of it, it would be a type of satanic ritual, not to mention the type of energy it would create in a person who was eating children meat, it probably would slowly turn someone into a degenerate psychopath , just like the illuminati.
    also the book ‘tahnks for the memories’ by brice taylor who claimed to be programmed by the illuminati, she detailed how mcdonalds and mcdonalds french fries were used as part of her programming, you can also see other celebs like britney spears in mcdonalds eating fries. rotflmao

  100. thr33phas3 says:

    How did Mr. Oliver “prove” that the pink slime was being used in the McDonald’s meat production process, exactly? Not seeing that in the article anywhere…

  101. Sherry Jones says:

    and NOW it seems the “bun” – the thing we think of as BREAD – isn’t EVEN bread! yeah, fast food has it’s problems, but it IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOOD – there is no excuse for this! =^,,^=

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