Anonymous Hacker Who Exposed the Steubenville Rapists May Get More Prison Time Than Rapists


Deric Lostutter, the 26-year-old “hacktivist” who leaked the evidence that led to the conviction of two of the Steubenville, Ohio rapists is now facing more time behind bars than the rapists he exposed. The Steubenville Rape Case made national headlines when a video made by the rapists themselves, and their friends, proved that their victim was unconscious and unable to consent.

Instead of giving Lostutter thanks for exposing these criminals, however, the FBI raided his house last April. At first, Lostutter had denied that he was the man in the video, but he decided to come forward after the appalling reaction of the rapists after they were exposed.

Lostutter is now facing ten years behind bars if indicted for obtaining tweets and social media posts which revealed the details of the rape as well as for threatening action against the Steubenville rapists and school officials who helped to cover up the crime. Lostutter posted the video to the Steubenville High School football team website, bringing national attention to the case and the cover-up.

Word of Lostutter’s 10-years comes just as one of the rapists themselves, Ma’Lik Richomond, 16, was just released from prison for “good behavior.”

The Richomond family released a statement, following the release, which focused on how hard the past 16 months have been for Ma’Lik. The attorney for Ma’Lik’s rape victim noted there was no apology made to her in that statement.

“Although everyone hopes convicted criminals are rehabilitated, it is disheartening that this convicted rapist’s press release does not make a single reference to the victim and her family — whom he and his co-defendant scarred for life. One would expect to see the defendant publicly apologize for all the pain he caused rather than make statements about himself. Rape is about victims, not defendants. Obviously, the people writing his press release have yet to learn this important lesson,” attorney Robert Fitzsimmons said.

Stay tuned. You will be hearing more about this story.

About the author: M.B. David is the author of several scholarly works on Middle Eastern politics, history and religion, such as People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam” as well as the recently published Sci-Fi novel Sleeper Cell 2240: Memoires of the 21st Century Interplanetary Revolution. He is currently working on his doctorate, writing a dissertation focused on the non-profit Hashlamah Project Foundation and associated global study circles.

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  1. Melvin P. Arbuckle says:

    He still has to be convicted. Get one single rape victim on his jury… someone who never reported it so there is no way for the prosecution to know… he will walk.

  2. Barb W says:

    If this is justice, I am in the wrong country. I thought whistle blowers were not subject to the same rules as others. He should be rewarded instead of giving prison time. He needs to look into Project Innocence. They will look over his case.

    • David Harley says:

      Commendable though we may find his actions, he is not a whistleblower. That term refers to people inside an organization who reveal criminal acts, such as defrauding the federal government. There is a chaotic tangle of laws, and many things one might expect to be covered are not.

      Nor is he a suitable subject for a project which aims to free people on death row, or with very long sentences, who were convicted on the basis of questionable evidence. DNA, misconduct by police and prosecution, and dubious eyewitnesses are their usual points of attack.

    • Whether it’s justice or not, you’re in the wrong country. The USSA has become an unfriendly place for the truth.

    • Virginia Z Hall says:

      Barb W., I agree with David Harley (below). What was done to the victim was wrong. It was especially offensive that social media was used to amplify the crime. However, we only need vigilantes when law and order breaks down. This guy Locstutter is a coward and had no business in the Steubenville case, he may have made the victim’s suffering and embarrassment even worse, so shame on him. That was even more manipulative and exploitative than the sexual assault and should be punished accordingly.

      • J Clark says:


        Considering the police and prosecutor were doing absolutely nothing to try and convict two rapists who made a video of their crime, this is a prime example of law and order breaking down. According to the criteria stated in your comment, it was the perfect moment for a vigilante.

        Calling this person a coward is utter nonsense. He took a risk to expose the video evidence. That isn’t the act of a coward. A coward would do what the police, prosecutor and school officials did – cover it up and hope it goes away.

        • Joe Bassett says:

          What about those guys that go across state lines and they solicit girls for sex and offer them cash and then hands them cash on camera and then have sex with them while driving down the highway and filming the whole thing and the post it online. This is a serious crime and with video evidence the FBI does nothing. Of course they murdered those kids in Waco and planted bombs in Oklahoma City and was involved in 9/11 and so we are so screwed because now the Commies are in control.

      • Rick Romero says:

        I agree with you in principal, but in this case there were multiple levels of coverups. If this guy hadn’t gone above and beyond, there would have been no prosecution.

      • Freeman says:

        When law and order break down. Let’s see, two guys rape a child and put the evidence online. Four adults conspire to cover that rape up because… football. One guy hacks a computer and shares the truth with the world. Yep, looks like Mr. Lostutter here is a dangerous man and society needs to be protected from his kind.

      • Christopher Shirk says:

        But law and order DID break down in this case. Had Locstutter not done what he did, the rapists wouldn’t have been discovered, and nothing at all would have happend with them. There was a coverup by the school and the atheletic department. He exposed them all.
        It’s a shame that the rapists are already out of jail. It’s even worse that the man that exposed them is going to jail.

      • Louie K says:

        “we only need vigilantes when law and order breaks down.”

        So like, when a girl is raped and no one investigates but it is covered up and denied? Law enforcement is the definition of dysfunction.

        The real question is why you are so supportive of rapists?

      • Cory says:

        You can’t be serious?! That was the point. Law and order broke down and nothing was going to happen until Mr. Lostutter exposed the truth. Even then, these RAPISTS are getting a slap on the wrist while this guy is facing 10 years in prison for doing the right thing. You Ma’am are beyond reason if you believe that exposing a rape and cover up is worse than the actual crime that was committed. I am sure you probably blame the victim for being raped in the first place. What the fuck is wrong with people?

      • catherine says:

        So are you saying the rapist should have gotten away with it???? That if it wasn’t exposed, it could have all been just swept under the rug? Virginia ~ you are an IDIOT!

      • Thereisnolaw says:

        You are delusional the law is broke. Wake up and smell the roses dumb ass when is the last time you watched the news. America is a corrupt country with laws that only protect the rich and criminal.

      • Suzanne Smith says:


        Are you crazy lady? The guy was instrumental in getting the rapists convicted when the police and the corrupt infrastructure were letting them off the hook to rape more women. You are one insane lady to think that Locstutter is the coward. The cowards are the football coaches. The cowards were the police and DA who were letting them off. The coward is the judge who let criminals go after 2 years. You are insane lady to think that Locstutter deserves the shame on you you directed at him. You are crazy lady and those rapists should be serving ten years instead of two.

      • Kate says:

        But that’s the very problem! “Law and Order” has broken down. Our system is fraught with politics, cover ups, and questionable practices. The police weren’t doing a damn thing about this rape case, and the school was covering it up! Anonymous has also helped the girl from Maryville. The police in Maryville actually refused to press charges, except for “endangering the welfare of a child” and claimed that both the victims and their families were being uncooperative. The police allowed those victims to be re-victimized, which has happened over and over again. So yes, Anonymous needs to be around to point out these horrendous crimes against victims. We as a nation should be outraged when people believe they can harm other people without consequence.

      • StallChaser says:

        Do you honestly think she would have been the last victim if they got away with it?

      • Theresa says:

        You are right Virginia…because only the Feds have the right to hack and filter information. This IS the time for good people to stand up and do something. Law and order HAVE broken down…people just don’t realize it yet. I only hope that his jury knows what the actual rights and responsibilities of a jury are.

      • If this had happened in the Uk,the school staff would have been prosecuted for covering up a sex crime.Have you considered that if they had got away with this,one day you or a female member of your family could have been another victim of these animals.”the Land of the Brave” my arse!!! This lad stuck up for a defenceless young girl,yet he is victimised himself? He is the brave one,yet he is hounded instead of being rewarded by the very people who failed this girl,he stood up to get her the justice she was denied,then she was failed again by the authorities,with their pathetic sentences,America should hang it’s head in shame

    • michie says:

      completely agree

  3. 16 months in prison for a rapist and 10 years for the person who helped put the rapist there by exposing information. This is some SERIOUSLY fucked up shit! >.<

  4. Ashleigh says:

    Please sign this petition to Obama & the Kentucky state governor, asking them to pardon and drop charges against Deric Lostutter for exposing Steubenville, OH. rapists

    [ ]

  5. anarchitek says:

    This is what’s WRONG with our legal system: We’re putting away people for STUPID crimes, and LETTING GO murderers, rapists, psycopathic sickos, and strong-arm robbers, with light taps on their wrists! It’s time to STOP the way SOME “crimes” are AUTOMATICALLY given HARSH sentences, and REAL CRIMINALS are released, due to “over-crowding” (caused by putting INNOCENT citizens in jail! Too much MONEY and Public Relations value is involved in JUST PUTTING people in jail, REGARDLESS of whether they are a threat to society, or just stepped on someone’s toes, while the SAME prosecutors MAKE DEALS with VIOLENT CRIMINALS, whom they KNOW will REPEAT offend, giving them SMALL sentences! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

    • Virginia Z Hall says:

      I believe that what was done to the victim in this case was wrong. It was especially offensive that social media was used to amplify the crime. I believe underage kids and alcohol are a bad mix. However, we only need vigilantes when law and order breaks down. This guy Locstutter is a coward and had no business in the Steubenville case, he may have made the victim’s suffering and embarrassment even worse, so shame on him. That was even more manipulative and exploitative than the sexual assault.

      • Flabbergasted says:

        Are you seriously advocating that raping girls is justifiable under any circumstance? You are a disgusting human being and a coward.

      • HH says:

        So, who are you to the rapists since you’re so valiantly defending them, with very thinly veiled “compassion” for the victim?
        No one is going to back you up on this, not even the victim.

      • Jenn says:

        You are an idiot…You are what is wrong with the world. This guy is awesome and you are damning him for exposing two cowards. You are calling the wrong person a coward. Apparently you have never been sexually assaulted because if you were or have know anyone who has been then you would not be saying that the embarrassment is worse than the sexual assault.Or maybe you personally know the rapists. either way you sound like an idiot. It like saying that she deserved it or was asking for it because she was drinking.

      • Frank says:

        The law was breaking down. The school, his team and the city were basically covering the crime and trying to remove the proofs. The rapists should be in jail for AT LEAST 10 years.
        Thinking that what he did was worst, you’re everything that’s wrong with the justice system.

      • John Jones says:

        Law and order did break down. This guy is the only reason the rapists were prosecuted.

        You are the very definition of “Lawful Stupid”.

        • Er says:

          He didn’t help a bit. Remember he never did a thing until 4 months after the kids were arrested. He learned about the story from a newspaper, and took credit for most of the information already gathered by other sources.

          Good intentions don’t make you a hero.

      • Facepalmonyoy says:

        Why copy and past the same bs. Punishment supposed to fit the crime. Your probably a rapist and find “vigilantes” as a threat to you. The system has broken down and snowden proved that. Just like police admitted that they are out for civilians due to quotas. Put your head back in the sand and go away fool.

      • des says:

        The system did break down. Until he brought attention to the matter the school and police were sweeping the entire incident under the rug. It’s only after he pulled all the video did it get national attention.

    • des says:

      You know capitalizing random words doesn’t bring attention to your message. It just makes it hard to read.

  6. Allison says:

    This should get thrown out of court!!!! He acted as a whistle blower to this cover- up and there are laws against imprisoning whistle- blowers.

  7. JULIE says:


  8. Fred says:

    Smells of some of Holders fingers in there somewhere

  9. KDre says:

    We Are Anonymous We are legion

  10. ??? says:

    Amazing that this poor guy is getting punished for revealing the rapists and busting open the cover-up plot while the predators are walking. Just goes to show how messed up the politics in this country are. It’s story after story like this every day. The american dream is long dead.

  11. Leilani Jones says:

    We are now a society that punishes those who would expose fraud, crime, lies and coverups. Kind of reminds me of Rome when it all began to unravel. If the F.B.I. goes after him, it will be the message from them that you will be punished for even letting them know if you have helpful information. I used to admire the F.B.I. but now I really wonder who they are protecting and why? Derek, I sure hope you aren’t punished for doing the right thing. A lot of people are watching to see if they can trust the F.B.I. anymore.

    • Virginia Z Hall says:

      Commendable though we may find his actions, he is a coward behind a plastic mask not a whistleblower. That term refers to people inside an organization who reveal criminal acts, such as defrauding the federal government. At least the people who assaulted the victim admitted their guilt. This man probably made things worse for her with his “Anonymous” stuff.

      • Red says:

        If it were not for the acts of these “masked cowards”, an entire town would have gotten away with shaming and bullying a young girl into staying quiet about an inhuman, disgusting act. If the case has shown anything, it is that the justice system was -not- going to prevail without outside help.

        He’s not a whistleblower; he blew the house down around a bunch of rapists and disgusting adults who wanted it covered up.

      • MrsStigg says:

        The people who assaulted her did NOT readily admit their guilt and it was being covered up….they are all cowards. Who would rape a woman like that and broadcast it.

        “The Richomond family released a statement, following the release, which focused on how hard the past 16 months have been for Ma’Lik. The attorney for Ma’Lik’s rape victim noted there was no apology made to her in that statement.”

  12. kayla says:

    I weep for my country.

    • Steve B. says:

      YOur country was seriously finished when FBI murdered those children in WACO and the citizens didn’t hunt down the FBI agents who did it and remove their heads from their shoulders, but we did nothing and then we get Oklahoma City bombing the FBI had planted bombs in the building. Then we get 9/11. The problem is the citizens are a mob.

  13. sparky says:

    theres a lot of jumping to conclusions here. Just like you COULD get 6 months in prison and a $1000 fine for running a stop sign, the 10 years is what he COULD get. Also, the article mentions NOTHING about what the FBI found in his home. Perhaps the 10 years in prison are unrelated to the Steubenville incident. Who knows what this guy has been hacking into or what type of stuff he had on his pc/laptop/phones/devices that the FBI confiscated. Maybe hes not the hero everyone is making him out to be

    • Steve B. says:

      What if a guy hacked a police computer and discovered corruption with 20 cases and the cops went to arrest him. They could plant all kinds of child porn. YOu see it is a serious crime to hack something, but what if you find the government was involved in 9/11 by reading an email Bush sent to Cheney that said I’m going to Florida I don’t want to be around when those jets slam into the trade towers. Do you think when the government busted in and got his computers that they would say damn glad you found this? NO way they would bust him big time if they found anything on him.

  14. Tom says:

    He should have his sentence commuted for his breaking open and exposing the crime. Perhaps the folks in the legal system are afraid of him. We are taught in our faith to “seek justice, even if it is against ourselves.”

  15. christian says:

    Yeah…this isn’t the organic way, shure! But the authority’s will keep doing such stuff as long as they can! For me, the problem is that we continue and still listen to thia crap! There is an other way’s! People do work on, search!!! You will find…don’t let the little spark of hope letten be waisted!
    To the hacker who reveilled the rape: “You are a modern hero”, and marther at the same time…
    Such story’s must not be unknown.
    Keep faith and do well brothers and sisters, there is no alternative!

  16. lol says:

    this is why ppl need to mind there own business

  17. Tawnie says:

    First of all he is NOT a hacker. He supposedly took advantage of a password reset and that is all. He has no skills and is just looking for fame and recognition

    • Steve B. says:

      Tawnie give the guy his fifteen minutes. HE exposed a cover up. Football dudes are slapped on the wrist. IT used to be back in the seventies the coaches on the pro basketball teams would go get women for their star athletes. So they were just pimps.

  18. Geebus says:

    This is a perfect case for jury nullification. As a resident of Ohio, I hope I get the call for jury duty.

  19. Too bad says:

    See, that is what you get when a small group of people think they can curtail the law or make up their own laws, tho admirable, its still illegal at access and obtain a person’s private information online.

    I wonder, would he have gone to the same lengths for a case that wasn’t as publicized? Probably not, now he has his face on the news.

    • Right... says:

      “it’s still illegal to accesss and obtain a person’s private information online.”

      Yeah… tell that to the NSA.

      The US gov’t itself said that once you decide to use electronic media (phone, text, email, online storage, etc), you give up your privacy in that area, because those transmissions are stored with someone other than you, like a service provider. This was their basis for the data mining.

      He started this campaign before the rape even made really big news, and clearly hasn’t benefited from it in any way whatsoever, so “publicity” was clearly not the purpose here.

      and “tho” isn’t a word. I just had to point that out.

  20. Er says:

    The rapist were arrested approximately 4 months before Deric Lostutter ever did his hacking. Long after the story had already been in multiple newspapers (after all that’s how he learned about it).

    Good intentions, but he was no hero, or groundbreaking hacker of justice.

  21. This is quite frankly ridiculous a world in which you can’t expose greater evil for fear of even greater persecution of yourself.

    Hopefully it does get thrown out as one of the previous commenters has said due to him being a whistle blower.

  22. Nathan says:

    Letting criminals free is GOOD BUSINESS. If officials locked these rapists, and repeat offenders away for too long, how is the government supposed to make MORE money off of them? How is the police force going to justify the massive expenditures? How do the lawyers and crown attorneys justify their massive charges?
    We live in an unbelievably sick world, and we only know a small percentile of what is actually happening, the deals that are made with these convicted criminals and mob bosses in exchange for money or favors…
    Never trust the ones who you cannot see their true actions/motives and always hide the truth “for the good of the people”.
    Free Derek, lock up the ones who DID IT and lock up those who HID IT. School officials who hide rape deserve to be incarcerated, or worse if I was in charge!!

    • chris says:

      it costs about $31,000 per year to keep a person in prison, which comes out to just under $85 per day. There’s about 62,000 inmates who are in privately own prisons. They are forced to work for only 25¢ per hour (or face solitary confinement in the majority of privately owned prisons). So on top of the $1,922,000,000 that is payed per year to these privately owned prisons by the government (with your tax dollars); any corporation that owns a privately owned prison can either lease out the inmate’s labor to an outside company that needs manufacturing done, or use it for their own production means to sell the goods themselves (usually through a subsidiary). This obviously gives any corporation who owns a privatized prison even more incentive to invest in building more prisons. Not only are they paid well for housing prisons, but they also get a huge labor for manufacturing goods that costs them next to nothing to maintain. It also gives them reason to attempt to influence their respective state legislation for even harsher punishments on even more petty crimes through lobby groups, because the more people in prison for longer sentences means more profit on their end. There has even been a case of a judge accepting bribes from a privately owned juvenile detention center, because the judge can dictate where you serve your sentence.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg, and the cost of $1,922,000,000 accounts solely for the inmates who are in private prisons. The cost of your tax dollars on holding all inmates in the US in private and “public” prisons (both state and federal) is closer to $62,000,000,000 (sixty-two billion dollars) per year.

      The prison industry is a business, and business is good.

  23. Not at home says:

    Did anyone here actually bother reading the article?

  24. amanda says:

    This is outrageous! He put two men behind bars who committed an unspeakable crime on human lives and now he is being punished more severely than a RAPIST for taking two criminals out of the world? I am disgusted

    • Right... says:

      They were already behind bars…
      After the sentencing, before going to jail, Mays (sentenced to two years) apologized to the victim by name, as well as to her family and the comunity. “No pictures should have been sent around, let alone ever taken.” … no shit… they shouldn’t have raped her either.

      Richmond walked toward the family and said: “I had not intended to do anything like this. I’m sorry to put you through this.” then he broke down.

      Text messages, pictures, and social media were all used in the court case, before KYAnonymous ever got his hands on it.

      The two boys were tried in jouvenile court. Trent Mays, 17, sentenced to “at least” two years; Ma’lik Richmond, 16, sentenced to “at least” one year.

      KYAnonymous was completely useless. The job was already done. The boys were tried as jouveniles and given short sentences. He just wanted them to apologize, which had already been done.

  25. amanda says:

    I understand that we have to have rules in place, but haven’t we taken our humanity and feelings and sense of what’s right out of the legal system that this kind of stuff happens so much? If judgement is made without emotion, leave it to a machine.

  26. Asali Ecclesiastes says:

    The thought of this brings tears to my eyes…what about the ALL THE OTHER RAPISTS??? What about the D.A., the Sheriff, the Coach, who were all complicit??? Damn shame, we HAVE to do something!!

  27. CJ says:

    I think he deserves an award. Not a cell.

  28. Alan Jellerson says:

    Guy gets 10 years for finding and exposing the evidence that the FBI would try endlessly to find on their own. Nice.

  29. Katie says:

    Two Words: Jury Nullification

  30. Brendan says:

    As backwards as this seems, the guy DID break the law. The governmental agencies should be investigating this and bringing it to court. It’s not the FBI or police’s job to pass judgement and let him off any more than it would be for them to summarily execute a rapist. That’s not justice. Justice and judgement come from a jury. The FBI is right to look into this and to send it to a jury where both sides can present their case and a jury of his peers will most likely decide that he did the right thing and let him off.

  31. Virginia Z Hall says:

    If he really wanted to do right by the victim, he would have gotten that footage and sent it to police instead of putting it on the internet.

    • Mike says:

      The police were covering up the crime, you fool. Sending the footage to the police would have accomplished nothing. The only way to end the coverup was by bringing this issue to the rest of the country’s attention.

  32. Isonomist says:

    Please post the information for his legal fund. Better yet, give us an indiegogo page for his defense.

  33. WD says:

    This is unreal. He exposed a corrupt government and a bunch of predator rapists, but HE’S looking at jail time?

  34. A victimless crime gets a much harsher punishment than the monsters who mentally scarred an innocent girl for life? I do not want to live on this planet anymore. I’d be shocked but I’ve known the injustice system to be unreliable since I was,a little kid

  35. FuckAnon says:

    Anonymous members are hackorrists and deserve to be locked up. I hope he gets the full penalty.

  36. Scott Cook says:

    I’m not really certain how I feel about this young man being sentenced for cyber-crime. I do feel that, if he does do time, the government should be held to the same standard for unconstitutional, warrantless cyber-searches.

  37. Overide says:

    The USA is run by the rich, those whom fear the digital age and the pirates and hackers in that world. Instead of hiring the hacker or the pirates to fix the flaws that the hacker or cracker used they push for legal punishment as harsh as a death sentence.

    The reason is fear, the problem is we lack the level minded making laws based on actual reasoning and the rich guy does not fear the rapist, he fewars the man who can crack into his wallet. To them that is the bigger threat .. The scum, the magots of the planet and those need to be done.

    Rappists to them are just boys and the female was the cause. But as we know that is not the case

    But I can say, it will in time become a reason for revolt. Not by war, not by death, but built and taken in the digital world. Points will be made and shown, things hidden exposed to show that these laws and punishment methods fail and are wrongfully targeted. The question is will the people in the USA ever elect a politician who openly says he supports reducing penaltyts for hackers and crackers?

    Chances he won’t even have funds to run…

    Tis a shame how we punsih for digital crime word than rape or murder in many aspects. The concept of non violent crime should be monetary loss and some inconvenience is lost in the USA. They cannot even give all the citizens level necessities like healthcare. In time they shall collapse

  38. scott says:

    And most people in that community still believe the girl is lying about being raped.

  39. srichey says:

    The actions of a “rapist culture” (99% of the cultures on this planet). Not surprising he is being harassed.

  40. April says:

    I have always given “people” more credit than most deserve but are you serious a rapist possibly gets less time in jail than a hacker!!! Are you kidding me!! What kind of a justice system allows people to physically violate and emotionally destroy another human and take away their feeling of safety whether it be in their home or any where else for that matter is given what maybe a couple years if that!
    Makes me sick to my stomach…. People wonder why women don’t go to the police when something like this happens to them! Well now you know why!

    Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that the hacker shouldn’t be punished because he should he did something illegal but fact of the matter is he didn’t do anything near as horrible as rapists, my goodness he helped you catch them for crying out loud!!!! That should count for something!!! But in our world of technology and money hungry people I highly doubt that it will make a difference that he brought these brutal and horrible events to light.

  41. April says:

    Just finished reading all comments and I am ashamed that people consider a cyber crime worse than the actual physical deed that was done by these rapists. Scares the hell out of me that people are more afraid of someone stealing their shit online than they are of someone coming into their home and violating them!!!! Or worse!!! To be honest at least online there are systems set into place to hinder if not stop people from stealing your shit!!!! All you have to protect yourself from home invaders or someone trying to harm you is whatever you happen to have on hand or what is close enough to you to grab to defend yourself!!!
    Sadness and pity falls from my heart to those people who care more about their “shit” than another human.
    When did material things become more important than another human? When did people become hard and delusional about life and what they should get out of it?
    When did people turn and say ” I couldn’t care less about you or your family and your children all i care about is what the world owes me!!!”
    Are you f$$$ing kidding me!!!

  42. Cyr3n says:

    Great.. Let the rapists walk and jail our software engineers. Nice effing society guys. If this wasn’t for real, I’d think it was a sequel to “idiocracy”

  43. Kristy says:

    Wow Virginia… So you’re saying the victim would have felt better if this young man had not exposed the rapists?! You honestly believe allowing rapists to go free would be better than having someone turn them in and prove their guilt? Vigilantes are needed when the system fails and obviously the system had broken down if you have rapists walking the streets.

  44. Tarantulus says:

    This is obscene. Prosecute the imbeciles that are going after this guy, fire the cops and school administrators and politicians whose job he had to do for them, and give him a medal.

  45. Will Sword says:

    This man is a hero

    Persecution is the price paid for exposing the black on white crimes that the media deliberately cover up.

    Do right and fear no one

  46. jen says:

    Dude did the polices job for them he should be treated like a hero wrorse thing that should happen is that take his computer away

  47. Anonymous says:

    The idiot should have stayed anonymous, that’s the whole point of Anonymous. A truly selfless act accepts no reward. Logic fail on his part.

  48. Wastrel says:

    The lesson, as some of us have already learned, is never try to help the police or call them for anything short of your own murder (#humor). Because the cops don’t need you, and man, they expect the same.

  49. Pauliolio says:

    The guy did break the law, but for the right reasons.

    The fact that he stands to receive greater punishment than rapists is just plain wrong.

    The problem here is ‘precedent’.
    The American legal system, just like our UK one is screwed by its own previous decisions.
    They need tearing down & putting back without the spaghetti trail of historical idiocy.

    The law is there to protect people, but when it becomes this inflexible it’s time for a change.

  50. Lam says:

    It just goes to show that many men in positions of power still do not consider women to be equal. Until women are in the same position to sentence rapists for their crimes, these men are going to continue to get away with their actions.

    And to try and put someone in jail for more time than the rapists he outed is pure insanity.

  51. wirly says:

    He could have done something more responsible with the evidence than posting it on the football team website for the whole public to view. If he cared about the victim he could have found a trusted person in authority to help such as a female sex crimes detective.

    • Steve B says:

      exposure did it. Ask Susan Lindlauer about proper channels

    • Steve B says:

      This stuff goes on all the time. Look they just gave that black bastard the Heisman and he was accused of rape and he had assaulted a girl before. That should have weighed heavy, because there could be a civil suit and he could admit that he raped her and then what? I mean if a white guy was in the KKK he would not get the Heisman. If he had gotten caught doing anything he would not be awarded the Heisman. So it got close to the Heisman being awarded and the cops decided to drop the case. You honkies got what you deserved. Think about every time you pay $100 for tickets to watch this gorilla and order that $7 beer.

  52. Larry says:

    As thrilled as I am that two rapists were brought to justice as a result of this guys actions, I can’t give him a pass based on the methods that he used.

    We the people cannot and should not encourage privacy invasion by private citizens regardless of the motives. In this case, hacking was used for good but how could we charge hackers in the future if we simply let this guy walk? Laws are intended to protect us and when we decide to cherry pick which laws apply to which people we place ourselves and all others at risk.

    Frankly, if this kid wanted to be a lawman, he should have entered the field or, he could have shared his expertise with the police and allowed them to decide whether or not it was legally correct to hack into the accounts of private citizens. He broke the law and he knew that he was breaking the law… that cannot go unnoticed.

    • Steve B says:

      Cops break the law all the time. They lie and get dogs to give false positives and they search cars without warrants and they hide evidence and turn off cameras. They plant evidence. If the citizens see someone not doing right they are supposed to do something about it. If someone investigates a rape and maybe the prosecutor is paid off and let’s someone go with a slap on the wrist, then the people are the last resort to hang the prosecutor. If your friends son is a prosecutor and he decides to let someone go free and you hand him a million for doing it and the kid goes free and the prosecutor might lose their job, but they get a million for doing it. The Masons do this all the time. It’s how people sometimes are not prosecuted and of course because of some bogus charge.
      Let’s say you were there and you witnessed these guys raping this girl and you knew she was passed out and they pissed on her. Would you need a trial to find them later and kill them? I mean think about it. A trial is not necessary.

  53. Mark C. Staben says:

    I have seen far worse from authorities who cover criminal acts by their favorites and demonize their victims.
    That it took posting the video of the crime, to get an appropriate, if minimal result, is the sad reality in the US.
    Unfortunately, now the authorities are aware of the power of social media, and the rapists can and will edit their crime videos to present a favorable spin, which attracts a great deal of support from other predatory groups.

  54. Angel says:

    Very good point.

  55. coolduderino says:

    The FBI chose to raid his house due to his supposed affiliation with the Anonymous collective, not because of the case itself. They hope to charge him and get him to make a deal exchanging information for his freedom. Typical tactic of political oppressors not public servants.

  56. fatty says:

    That is true. He walks into a police station and says hey I found some evidence here about a crime you covered up. They say thanks now turn around you are under arrest and of course he resists and they say stop resisting and let us cuff you for no reason. Taser! TAser! TAser!. Don’t taser me bro. Wham with the taser. I like how you got six cops around someone and they resist and then wham with the taser.

  57. fatty says:

    There are so many white women raped in this country everyday and they are screwed over. There was a case of a white woman working at the Talbot Inn in Easton, Maryland. This white girl got on the service elevator and this black dude jumped on and raped her. She described the color of his pants and shirt and got them mixed up and the judge threw out the case. Sometimes judges that do this need to be paid a visit and someone let them know they are not pleased.

  58. fatty says:

    In Somerset Country Maryland this black guy left a club with a black guy and he raped and killed her. They put him in jail for six months and then quilty released him, because the girl was not from the area. Then he raped two more women and got seven years for those rapes and while in jail got seven more for the murder. If someone grabs a woman off the street and rapes her violently. He is castrated and then hard labor and he gives the girl all the money he makes.

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