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Heavyweight Boxing Champ Knocks Out Racist Internet Troll Who Threatened His Daughter’s Life


Ever wanted to beat the living hell out of an internet troll? Well so did heavyweight boxing champ Deontay Wilder. But unlike most of us, Wilder actually got a chance.

The racist internet troll, Charlie Zelenoff, was taught a lesson in respect after facing off with the champ who he foolishly believed he could beat in the ring.

Zelenoff met for a fight in a Los Angeles gym, where, after subjecting Wilder to years of abuse on social media and harassed him with phone calls, the 28-year-old got just about everything handed to him. Lucky for Zelenoff, Wilder backed off after the n-word-slinging troll cowered on the ground, with his hands up over his head, begging for mercy.

Watch the video below…

Wilder was a 2008 Olympic bronze medallist who called out the wannabe fighter after Zelenoff racially abused him and made comments threatening and insulting his daughter, who suffers from spina bifida.

Despite the profound arrogance Zelenoff displayed prior to the fight, he quickly scrambled to get away from the bronze metalist. The heavyweight champ can be heard shouting “Don’t you ever call me a n***** again. Don’t you ever say you’re going to tape my daughter.”

Even though Wilder then chases Zelenoff out of the building, the troll insists on yelling “I’m the best. I’m still the best.”

Thankfully it was all caught on video, in case Zelenoff came up with an alternative version of events later online.

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