Hoping for a “First Kill”, Teen Slits Another’s throat

Self-described psychopath, 14 year of age, attempts "first kill".

Self-described psychopath, 14 years of age, attempts “first kill”.


Investigators in Wisconsin relate that in July, 14-year-old Kali Jade Bookey physically attacked her brother’s 15-year-old girlfriend, beating her, cutting her, and slitting her throat. During the attack, Bookey described herself to the girlfriend as a psychopath looking for her “first kill”.

The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram reported that Bookey called the sheriff’s office after the attack and reported that two men wearing ski masks, armed with a knife, and driving a green pickup truck had tried to abduct her while she was riding her bike. To protect herself from the men, Bookey said she told them that a girl in a nearby residence was home alone and they should take that girl instead.

Deputies went to the home of the victim and found her in a bedroom bleeding heavily from her face and neck and yelling for them to get an ambulance. The victim was taken to the hospital. There she gave a different account of how she acquired her wounds.

According to the victim’s complaint, she was asleep in her bedroom when Bookey appeared, dressed in black, and put her hands over the victim’s mouth. In the struggle that followed, Bookey punched the victim in the face several times and broke two bowls over her head. Bookey used shards from one of the bowls to cut the victim and slit her throat. The victim was asked by Bookey if she wanted to die or bleed out, and the victim chose to bleed out.  Bookey stopped cutting the victim, identified herself to the victim as a psychopath looking for her “first kill”, and added she would probably kill again. She then told the victim to “Have a nice afterlife” and left the home.

When questioned by investigators, Bookey initially stuck to her abduction story but subsequently confirmed much of the story the victim told investigators. Bookey said she hated the victim because the victim made her brother happier than she could. She wanted to scare the victim so the victim and her mother would move away and her brother would “come back to the family.” Bookey said she didn’t want the victim to die but wanted her to pass out from blood loss and then Bookey would go for help.

Bookey said she knew when the victim would be home alone, had been thinking about attacking the victim for about 10 days, and planned how to do it during her bike rides. She was arrested and charged as an adult with attempted first-degree intentional homicide. If convicted, she could face up to 40 years in prison.

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