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How A Wealthy, Clean-Cut ‘Duck Dynasty’ Tricked The World For Publicity


In the wake of the recent homophobia and racism scandals surrounding A&E’s popular so-called “reality” show Duck Dynasty, there is an important, little-known detail that should be remembered: it’s all fake… all of it.

Sources close to the show have time and time again leaked details that the show is literally scripted. Because of non-disclosure agreements, cameramen, and others who wish to go public with this information have proven unable to do so. As a result, without a name attached to such leaked information, many of these claims of inauthenticity are seen as lacking credibility.

But as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” One thing that the so-called “Duck Dynasty” family cannot deny are family pictures taken before their fabricated “reality” show was scripted for them. These pictures all showcase a family devoid of backwoods attire: no camouflage, no face paint, no headbands, and no beards.


In the place of Real Tree camo shotguns, we see the family above with golf clubs.

Below is the real Jase Robertson and Family. They look like any other clean-cut wealthy Caucasian family. Admittedly, we see a very trim, socially acceptable beard in this picture… nothing like the costumes the family dons for the popular A&E show.


Here are Jase and Missy Robertson. Jase is a whole lot hairier and a whole lot richer.



But Jase isn’t the only one pulling the proverbial wool over viewers’ eyes. Willie Robertson too used to look a whole lot more like everyone else in his socio-economic caste. Instead of camo, we see hair bleach. And we are supposed to believe that these were backwards hill-folk, who raised themselves up from the trailer park?



You’ve seen the before image, now here’s the after:


These guys aren’t alone with the fakery. Below is a picture of the real Jep Robertson and family.

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Here’s Jep now, after the A&E treatment:


The costumes are for show, the beards and bandanas are for show – and more than likely, even the recent “scandals” are for show. We have recently learned that A&E will keep Phil Robertson even after previously announcing he would be kicked off the show for breach of contract, due to racist and homophobic comments. In all likelihood, the scandals were part of a well-orchestrated hoax to get even more ratings, even more attention, and ultimately, even more money for this already filthy-rich family.

Remember, that while this fake scandal was front page news, the NDAA was passed without a peep from the mainstream media. The bill which is infamous for its language regarding “disappearing” U.S. citizens and  indefinite detention was passed via “Fast-Tracking” while a huge number of Americans were distracted by the Phil Robertson “scandal.” Let’s stop giving this Schmuck Dynasty the attention and money that they so obviously don’t deserve.

About the author: M.B. David is the author of several scholarly works on Middle Eastern politics, history and religion, such as People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam” as well as the recently published Sci-Fi novel Sleeper Cell 2240: Memoires of the 21st Century Interplanetary Revolution. He is currently working on his doctorate, writing a dissertation focused on the non-profit Hashlamah Project Foundation and associated global study circles.

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438 Comments on "How A Wealthy, Clean-Cut ‘Duck Dynasty’ Tricked The World For Publicity"

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  1. Joe Arbogast says:

    Yeah? So what? The American people have been tricked by a fake president — they are gullible. Survivor, Big Brother — all that crap is scripted. What’s your point?

    • Cheryl says:

      WOW. Apparently a Republican president’s (Bush) “trickery” is preferable to you. Look around you at the world created by the Reagan’s, the Nixons, and the Bush crime family (along with Darth Vader Cheney). This show just proved that any distraction is enough for certain people of lesser intelligence. It doesn’t take much to take your eye off the ball. In the meantime, all the wealth of America got shifted to the top, the jobs went overseas, the schools, prisons and even much of the military has become PRIVATIZED FOR PROFIT. Time to shake your head, turn off Fox “news” and come into reality. You’re doing yourself and your family a serious disservice.

      • REV VINCE says:

        It is reassuring to witness someone actually “gets it”! I actually was a Republican until Reagan. Even voted for Nixon 2x. Yeah, I know. :( Reagan intentionally put the middle class into our continuing downward spiral. I liked Bush 1, but the son was and is pathetic. Lying our nation into a war that is STILL costing us was treasonous. When Cheney was asked during a television interview how he felt about the 4,000+ KIA in Iraq, his response: “Well, they volunteered!” I boiled over with rage at such a callus and fully heartless comment. He gets a new heart at taxpayer expense, and 30,000+ MIL Personnel will live out the balance of their lives without limbs, eyes, ears and with brains racked by IEDs. I never watch Duck Dynasty. Just not my thing. I don’t care what Robertson says or thinks about gays or blacks; or any other group for that matter. I simply do not share any of his views, including his belief that he “embraces Jesus”. Wow! Not the Jesus I believe in. As to your comment about privatizing, how is it our “so very moral” nation now has prison systems build on PROFIT? They actually budget for new incoming. To my way of thinking, that is consummate evil. But, sadly, there is so much evil and amorality in our nation today people simply turn a blind eye. We are destroying ourselves from within. How sad is that!

        • Holly says:

          A house divided can not stand Rev.
          how horribly right you are :-(

        • Paul Browne says:

          You’re dead right. Cheney is a lying, sociopathic, evil, p.o.s. who should have been put on Trial at the Hague for War Crimes.
          You are also right about the commercialisation of the Justice system. Police have arrest targets, how long before Prisons have inmate retention targets?
          The major problem is stupid, uneducated,right wing nut jobs who vote for the evil GOP and Tea bag scumbags.

          • V Lee says:

            “…how long before Prisons have inmate retention targets?”

            that’s ALREADY in effect at Gitmo.

        • Jayne says:

          Wow! I agree with all that you said! So very true, and sad!

        • Gene Blodgett says:

          The downward spiral started with Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6) = 666. The address of his California home was 666, before he made the USPS change it. The republicans have gushed for 33 years about how giving tax cuts to millionaires was going to create jobs, weelll, guess what, It has not worked and will never work, time to wake up unless you want to live in a feudal country like Europe during the dark ages, time to do it different, unless you look forward to becoming a laughing stock of the world.

          • Sharon says:

            FYI Gene the post office doesn’t change addresses, that is done by the assessor’s office. They don’t issue addresses either, that’s done by the planning office. I know this because my job at the PO is growth management.

          • Carolina Red says:

            Seriously? I’m really hoping you’re going for the ‘tongue-in-cheek’ sarcasm method with that comment..(“Number 23” anyone?) I promise you if anyone looks hard enough, the human mind will find/create some sort of pattern within virtually any situation! Its things like this that make it much more diffiult for those of us who really work hard to expose the ACTUAL corruption and conspiracies we’re regularly spoon fed, to be taken seriously.

        • Patrick says:

          Love this comment by Rev Vince. With minds like his and Pope Francis, there is hope for the so called Christian World. Not a Christian myself, but am impressed with a few of the world’s christian spokespersons!

        • sayNo2stupid says:

          Uh, I hope that you aren’t saying that you ”like’ GHW Bush’… I think that maybe you don’t know all the tricks he pulled, not the least his involvement with the JFK assassination. You more than likely voted for Dumbya. I apologize in advance if I’m wrong on my assessment.

          Duck Dynasty, as well as most of what you see on television… is fake. Anything not outright fake on tv is at the very least controlled and/or scripted. News is all filtered and approved before presentation. Anyone who may still believe in tv and particularly the news are one and the same as those who choose to believe in fairy tales, such as bibical nonsense.

      • pat shields says:

        Really?this is your reply? Typical I guess coming from someone who seems to want to blame others for her demise. I’ve lived for 50 plus years and have yet to blame anyone or any political party for my life challenges and set backs. Liberals should do the same. Just a bunch of whiners.

        • Rich says:

          Yea, because guys like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity never whine about anything or blame anyone…

          • l says:

            Have you taken the time to listen to Rush, Sean or Glenn?

          • Mel says:

            Rich — have YOU listened to Rush? Here’s an excerpt from “Limbaugh can afford to live the way he wants. When we met he was on the verge of signing a new eight-year contract with his syndicator, Premiere Radio Networks. He estimated that it would bring in about $38 million a year. To sweeten the deal, he said he was also getting a nine-figure signing bonus. (A representative from Premiere would not confirm the deal.) “Do you know what bought me all this?” he asked, waving his hand in the general direction of his prosperity. “Not my political ideas. Conservatism didn’t buy this house. First and foremost I’m a businessman. My first goal is to attract the largest possible audience so I can charge confiscatory ad rates. I happen to have great entertainment skills, but that enables me to sell airtime.”” From his own website,

            The above means he doesn’t care or necessariyly mean what he says, he’s only interested in getting a big reaction in order to draw a big audience. I.e., he’s a fraud.

        • AMG says:

          Funny Pat – do you even realize you started the “whine fest” with your original post. Tell me – what does Obama have to do with Duck Dynasty? Or, do you just like trolling around websites “whining” about him?

          How about this – when your party (note: I’m a registered independent)actually gives people something to VOTE for (hello do-nothing Congress)…when your party stops running Tea Party darlings…when your party stops trying to push the MOST extreme agenda they can – maybe then people will vote for a Republican president again. Good luck with that.

          • Brian says:

            Tea Party darlings? Are you mental? McCain and Romney were far from Tea Partiers. Both of them might as well have Ds next to their names.

        • TeeWJay says:

          I agree with – you to a certain extent. We are all responsible for the choices we’ve made in life. They are “largely” responsible for most of our present situations. But anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that no man is an island. We are all subject to the actions of others at some point in time. A women is shot, by some loser robbing a pharmacy, while she is picking up a prescription, can hardly be held “responsible” for her predicament. When people in government are elected based on their campaign promises, and then turn their backs on the desires of the people, yes we are victims. That being said, we do still have options. VOTE THEM OUT! But then we start the process all over again.

      • Brad Keith says:

        I like how you notice that Bush and Obama are basically the same person.

      • SD says:

        LMAO! Yeah, cause that kind of thing is purely the realm of Republicans only. Democrats would NEVER pull the same kind of shit on us. LOL!!!!

        Man…we are a nation of utter and complete fools. Haha! Yeah, pick one side because that side is the sole posessor of integrity while the other is clearly the source of evil. LOL!!!
        Fools….*shakes head*

      • tmb says:

        Come on, Cheney is obviously the Emperor. Rumsfeld is Vader, and Bush is Grand Moff Tarkin.

      • Zodeper says:

        Wow Cheryl, if memory serves me right…Billary signed off on jobs overseas.

        • Rhys Aiden says:

          No, but he did sign the NAFTA which was a major blow to keeping jobs in Country. His hands aren’t completely clean in this.

          • david weinstock says:

            nixon signed a deal on the great wall to build sneaker factories, while americans were fighting communism in viet nam. that was the big push to put jobs overseas.

      • Bruce says:

        How can you possibly tie this story to Reagan Bush ect. That makes NO SENSE!!! If it is fake so what dont watch it if you do not like it, but to tie it to Reagan, Bush ect is pure craziness!!!!

      • Martin Rosenstock says:

        Cheryl, stop drinking the ‘kool-aid’ like the rest of the sheeple and WAKE UP. There has always been a class system but in modern ages it has been more distributed and the middle class had been the ruling class but 51% of the morons like YOU put a tyrant into the WH who is even destroying THAT while taking away your liberties. I am not a fan of Bush or Nixon but they don’t come close to the shit that is being heaped on us by the current administration !!

        • Montely Wilson-Bey says:

          So, are you saying that the current administration has cost American lives for profit wars? Are you saying that the current administration caused the economic collapse that devastated the economy? Are you saying that the present administration voted for profit wars, and is not denying the veterans of those war proper healthcare and benefits? Now, your just parroting Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, etc. because your incapable of speaking for yourself. Your statement make that make plain and obvious!

          • rob says:

            You need to wake up. Obama has invaded Lybia, is sending troops to Africa, and has yet to end the war in Afghanistan.

            The current congress just cut the retirement of veterans.

            So yes, we are still in “profit wars” and our government doesn’t give a shit about its soldiers.

      • Jess says:

        NICE Cheryl. Incredibly well said.

      • Nygell says:

        Well said Cheryl. My sentiments precisely!!!

      • Jamiel says:

        What’s with all of this Republican bashing? Just remember yours is the party of abortion, that is the party that condones the slaying of innocent human life for material convenience. So spare me the rants about social justice you hypocrites.

      • j says:

        You’re clearly of lesser intelligence if you think “Fox News” is the source of any ire and not MSNBC, ABC, CNN, or any other mainstream media organizations. You’re a typical liberal douche bag who thinks the answer to everyone’s problem lies within Fox news. It’s a f*cking stupid joke you idiots tell yourselves so you can keep believing that idiots like Obama, which I would bet you voted for, are the good guys. Quit blinding yourself with emotional bullsh*t that doesn’t work in the real world.

      • Robert says:

        I believe it was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA into law to send our jobs over seas. Lets keep facts facts

      • fluffygrrrl says:

        The republican’s cultivate these types because they are easily led and believe anything that is told to them, especially when it is repeated by chain mail, rabid talk show hosts and faux news. They even pay people to post on all of these sites on the internet. What will they say when people in red states find out it will cost them #2.00 to mail a letter when they bankrupt the post office to privatize it.. and another thing is funny is that NONE of them realize what is really in Paul Ryan’s plan for social security…I have friends my age (50), and we are the cutoff date that would not get social security,

      • Jack says:

        You full of crap lady.

      • ZbOROVAN says:

        Yet another conspiracy from the evil GOP unearthed! I was mislead in believing that a Democratic Republic was best for WE THE PEOPLE. But you have opened my eyes, Cheryl. I see now that a Socialist Autocracy is the only way to go. Where Freedom, Human Rights, and Free Enterprise are just words. Thank you. Right after I hit ENTER, I’m going to snatch up my picket signs and run right over to Fox News and set up camp. I was lost, but now I am found. What would we do without enlightened individuals such as you?
        Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

      • Ben says:

        I guess you prefer to have the wool pulled over your eyes by this socialist we have for president. What was his running points his first term. I will do away with Bush’s NSA

      • Ben says:

        I guess you like the lying socialist we have now. He said he would do away with the NSA, but yet he has expanded it and made it worse. He said he would bring the troops home but they are still there. He said his stimulus would jump star our economy, it didn’t. He said he would do away with the Bush tax cuts. Some but not all ans he has raised your taxes 2 years in a row. He wanted to help green technology but gave money to frieds who went bankrupt after getting millions of taxpayers money. He wanted to make insurance affordable for all. He and the Democrats in the Senate came up with the ACA. It passed only because Reid bribed a democrat Senator from Nebraska. He lied for 3 years straight if you liked your insurance you could keep it. He lied about if you liked your doctor you could keep him. He spent almost a billion dollars just to make the website work. Give me Bush any time.

        • REV VINCE says:

          And, yet, Bush/Cheney lied the United States into an illegal war that resulted in 4,000+ KIA US MIL and 30,000+ maimed for life and you are okay with that. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

      • CHRIS says:


        • REVVINCE says:

          So long as government and the corporations that own government (once “our” government) keep the people distracted they will continue to wreak havoc on our once great nation.

      • Jase Lover says:

        Mmmmm mmmm mmmm, Jase Silas Robertson.

    • Lance Boil says:

      I did not know W Bush was fake, just stupid.

    • Mary Goncalves says:

      The only real reality tv show was the first reality tv show “COPs” even then it was edited at some point… I agree with a lot of views here.. Pati sheilds, Gary! (off the subject wise) PatiJ has a good point.. but Brian Koppelman put it into perspective.. It is definitely fake or scripted whatever you want to call it.. The comments he made with GQ, is why it has to be. The ending numbers for the year provides us with the answer. This was all done to boost their rating, and it did. The year end totals has at #21 DUCK DYNASTY A&E 12.4 million. Looking over the list it seems to be the only show anybody watches on A&E. While all the other networks had several shows in the top 25, this was A&Es only one. For everyone’s information 2013 #1. was NCIS CBS 21.6 million.

      • V Lee says:

        You make ALOT of sense here. It’s the ONLY show A & E has, so they air it back-to-back, marathon-style throughout prime time hours. The REAL coup [of the promotion]was the resulting politicization of the GQ interview. Just try and count (promo value) the coverage by print, electronic and digital media. Cumulative Audience numbers for the show will go through the roof [increased ad/sponsor revenue…and don’t think it all coincidentally happened around the same time they got that gun endorsement deal. The Robertson family’s PR/Publicity entity has demonstrated some dynamic imaging and audience generating strategies.

    • Elisabeth Carmen says:

      You seem to parrot my thoughts.

    • Greg Terkanian says:

      Everyone in this post who thinks it’s still about left and right is so far behind the times. Wake up people! The illusion that there is even a difference is what distracts people away from what is really happening. Do a little more research than solely believing what you see/hear on mainstream media.

    • friday jones says:

      Yeah, I remember when PresidentObama sent his UN ambassador to the UN to lie about Iraq having WMD’s in order to fake an excuse to invade and occupy a foreign nation, how Vice President Biden claimed that the Iraq war would be over in a month and only cost $100 billion and require a maximum of two years’ worth of direct involvement in Iraq’s internal affairs. I also remember how secretary of state Clinton crafted memos calling for “enhanced interrogation” that led to the United States torturing multiple prisoners to death.

      Darn that Obama Administration!

    • DaisySpins says:

      Obama wrote the script.

    • Frances says:

      Everything on TV is fake most of the time. Look at Storage Wars–the original one. Dave that was on there said that the producers and all put stuff in the storage buildings. Who cares if it is fake they are using the show to tell people who wouldn’t hear about God about God, so if it is fake they are doing it for the right reason, but I don’t think it is fake.

    • Way to go Joe you are telling it like it is!!!!!!!!

    • Lola says:

      the president is real and gullible idiots are just bitter because they are being played for fools. the joke is on you, loser! now, do you have an original thought of your own, boy?

    • ibwilliamsi says:

      You’re right. The Cheney Presidency was a fake, and the Americans had no choice but to buy into it all along.

  2. gerry says:

    fake or not I still love the show and will continue to watch.

  3. Gary says:

    LOVE IT! Cancel this show already!

  4. Joe says:

    That quacktastic!!!

  5. cher says:

    There is so much crap on TV that is fake… give me a break. These are good, GOD loving american people. They have the #1 reality TV show… that’s why everyone loves them! You want to talk about Fake… watch the Kardashions, the House Wives of every city and the liberal news.

    • belinda says:

      You realize that this show was losing ratings before the ‘scandal’, right?

      • Colleen says:

        That’s probably why they came up with the “scandal”. They knew their audience of Bible-thumping, gun-toting fellow rednecks would go running back to the TV at the first hint of hatred against a minority. You know what they say about birds of a feather…(no pun intended)

    • AMG says:

      The point is that Phil and his family are EXACTLY like the Kardashian’s. Maybe worse – because at least the Kardashian’s are not FAKE about who they are. They might be annoying…they might be scripted…but they are who they are…

    • Lonnie Ray says:

      If by “being” you mean ACTING like good, god-fearing americans, then I completely agree. It’s an act. They would and could be anything that they thought would appeal to whatever audience they act in front of.

      • Wynema Gonzagowski says:

        I agree with you… KNOWING the show is scripted just adds to the possibility that none of them are really anything like the project to the public… AND anyone with a brain has to realize that prior to the interview with GQ the questions were submitted for approval and more than likely the answers were gone over a time or two before the actual interview ever took place… IMHO the entire thing was a HUGE publicity stunt!

      • V Lee says:

        EXACTLY…that’s called scripting.

    • jordan says:

      I totally agree I love this show it is the only one that does not have garbage or filth all over it

    • Lola says:

      what do conservatives know about God, bitter one? i’ll take my real liberal values over your bigotted, sexist, hatefull conservative ones any day of the week, toots. that is what happens when you are raised properly! now run along, some woman-hating con male wants his doormat back!

      • Adam C says:

        Actually Lola, if you were educated on what the entirety of the political spectrum’s beliefs were, you could not truly say that in anything but condescending arrogance.

        Liberals voted against civil rights.
        Liberals fought tooth and NAIL against women’s suffrage.
        Conservatives STAND AGAINST the Communist precepts.
        Conservatives believe this nation’s governance system has grown too large and could possibly collapse under it’s own weight.
        Conservatives believe that the power and authority the government utilizes are given to them by they people. Which consequently over the years have been usurped with more and more liberals entering the arena that believe that government is purveyor of all good things and tend to lean toward the old “divine right of kings” philosophy.
        Conservatives believe that the people should provide for and protect the people of this country who are unable to defend or provide for themselves.
        Liberals believe that GOVERNMENT should provide for those who cannot NOR WILL NOT provide for themselves.
        Conservatives believe all life is sacred and is the most fundamental right of human freedom. Liberal’s place more value on the enjoyment that comes from the act that life is born out of and considers life to be a undesirable consequence often times of that “fun”. Therefore they believe the carrier of that life should be the sole decision maker of whether that life is allowed to fulfill it’s destiny or whether it be snuffed out.
        Liberals don’t believe in the right of the “father” or the right of the single man or married man who might WANT the child that is being carried.

        Ma’am, Conservatives do have our problems. NO DOUBT. But to earnestly believe that Liberals have the moral high ground and are the social champions of this country; that is elitist and misinformed.

  6. KCBen says:

    This article is BS. Your pictures don’t mean anything. What do they prove? Read a book about the Robertsons or watch one of their old “Greenhead Hunters” videos if you want to know a little more about them. Yes the show is scripted, but it’s successful. Do you expect less from “reality” tv?

    • Zoe says:

      Really? So the fact that the Duck folks pose with their families in pictures more befitting a Kennedy clan doesn’t tell you anything about the kind of folks they really are, off-camera?


  7. jonathan says:

    None of this stuff is real. Every single show is scripted; that we even call it ‘reality’ television is the biggest hoax. When you see a photograph of Miley walking out of a boutique in LA, the paparazzo was paid to show up ahead of time. When you see Aloe Blacc get into a Lincoln: guess what, we gave him that car in exchange for him tweeting a few times. And when you see some dickwad who should be in a boy band putting on a beard and some camo and talking shit about the homos, that’s all in service of making some network exec rich.

    That any of this is surprising should be news in and of itself. Every single thing you see on TV, from reality, to a blockbuster movie, to the news: it’s all just about making money. That is the only criteria that we judge against, as a society. If it didn’t make money, they would cancel the show and put something else on.

    Welcome to Idiocracy.

  8. Bubba says:

    What a surpise. “Reality” shows that aren’t real. This is not news. Most reality shows are either scripted or “staged”. This means that activities and people on the show are encouraged to interact in non-natural ways which benefit the narrative. The only thing “real” about a reality show is that they can pay the stars less and don’t need the same amount of writers/staff which is required for a fully scripted show. Reality “stars” are not part of any guilds or organizations which help dictate their rights to content and salary. Therefore if a company has a hit “reality” show they make a lot more money than if they had original content and is why these shows will continue to persist. Most filmed shows require multiple takes to get anything “right.” The same is true of any of these shows.

  9. Jerico says:

    You know what? Good for them. The people on the show never make any claims to how authentic the characters they portray are. Shame on the viewing public if they get upset. If you think any of this is real I’ve got this bridge….not very old…over a big river I can sell.

  10. MissTee says:

    All so-called reality shows are scripted and fake.

  11. KatieJ says:

    The NDAA was passed a year ago in January 2013. That’s when Obama signed it. Not during this scandal. I’m not saying your overall theory behind this editorial is wrong, it could very well be true. And the NDAA does actually allow for indefinite imprisonment of Americans on the suspicion of terrorist activity. But when you get something like this wrong, the date, and throw in something like the NDAA here when it is unrelated, it appears sensationalist and it’s hard to take your opinions seriously.

    • PBSpot Admin says:

      The article is referring to NDAA 2014, which was passed during this scandal via “Fast Tracking.”

    • Scott says:

      The NDAA is passed every year. The National Defense Authorization Act is used by different Presidents to do different things. Like in 2008 President Bush singed into law that it was then legal for retired military, active duty, and other prior service to actually render a hand salute during the raising, lowering, and passing of the colors in a public place while in civilian clothes. That was only one tiny part of it but the new term NDAA is being brought out to scare people because it sounds like something new and people don’t do their research to know what it actually is.

  12. shelby says:

    What bothers me about this post is that they have never said they used to not have beards. Those pictures are from years ago, you can tell by how old the kids are in the picture.
    Also, all reality shows are staged anymore. Its ridiculous to think that any TV show is completely reality. Even on The Bachelor there are makeup and hair crews and wardrobe is provided.
    My next point is that A&E never “kicked Phil off.” They stated he was on hiatus indefinitely, and it wasn’t because he was in breach of contract. It was because what he said didn’t reflect the views of A&E and they were saying that the network isn’t homophobic.
    Lastly, what Phil said was in no way homophobic either. In the interview he stated that he doesn’t treat anyone different, whether they are gay, straight, purple, white, etc. He simply stated that according to The Bible it is wrong and he believes that what The Bible says is true.

  13. Brian Koppelman says:

    Where are you writing this from? Listen. I make TV shows and here’s a news flash. There isn’t a single show in the history of the medium that ISN’T scripted. It’s entertainment people. Guess what? There’s no tooth fairy either. Grow up.

    • marinecreature says:

      Wrong! There ARE still great fly-on-the-wall documentaries around. Channel 4’s ‘One Born Every Minute’ is one of the rare recent examples. It’s down to film makers to respect their audience and not cheapen the art.

      • Becca says:

        Like the documentary journalist that takes pictures of the bird is about to peck the malnourished baby on the ground instead of shooing them away?? Sorry, couldn’t resist!

  14. John says:

    There’s a difference between not supporting gay marriage/believing homosexual acts are a sin and being homophobic. Check yourself that you’re tolerant too.

    Also, stop saying “rich” as if it’s such a bad thing. People who earned lots of money are no more likely to be bad people than those who haven’t earned lots of money.

    This is a free market, so unless someone *stole* money, it’s a weak point to claim these (or most) rich people didn’t earn it.

    • marinecreature says:

      actually, several recent studies have shown that the wealthy lack compassion. Seems that if you’re not reminded regularly of what it’s like to suffer, you forget what it’s like.

    • LearnEnglish,People says:

      Again with the anti-gays complaining about wanting “tolerance”. No, if you think there is anything wrong in any way, shape or form with being gay you deserve no tolerance. Get your head out of the Bible and actually speak to some gay folks, ask them exactly when they chose to commit the “sin” of being who they are. When did you choose to be straight? How is believing gays should not have the same rights as anyone else anything but bigoted?

      • Someone says:

        I’d argue that your view on the matter is awful bigoted. You ask a group of people to tolerate something that goes against their fundamental beliefs (newsflash, tolerating and supporting/agreeing with are not the same thing), yet you show them absolutely no tolerance in return, and you have gone as far as to say that they deserve no tolerance. That’s an incredibly bigoted viewpoint.

  15. C says:

    Who cares if they haven’t always had long beards & wear camo 247!

  16. Louise says:

    Big damn deal. Who cares? That’s entertainment!. A&E right? DUH.

  17. nikki says:

    Weither fake or not we love the family. God bless thrm

    • Zoe says:

      How can you love them “fake or not”?

      That’s like saying, “I love Obama, whether or not he and his wife are secret Muslims.”

      Wouldn’t it change your perception of them if they were, in fact, secret Muslims?

      I just don’t get people who “don’t care” what people are really like. If I find out one of my heroes is, in fact, nothing like the public persona he or she presents, he or she usually stops being my hero.

      • Navywife says:

        Why would you care what religion anyone is? Are to trying to say that every Muslim is bad or a terrorist? I for one don’t care who, how or why someone worships the God of their choice. I think that stereotyping a particular religion is just as bad if not worse than any other form of discrimination. When I was in the Navy we served alongside all religions and atheists. I never needed to worry if these men or women had my back.

  18. CelticPriest says:

    A & E is complicit in this entire scheme. At first I thought A & E was trying to take the more scrupulous high road. Then I learned their “shock” (but, not awe) was all part of ramping up A & E’s ratings. So, people have been had; even Bobby Jindal.

  19. Jewel Rhames says:

    So what !!!!

  20. Leslie Edwards says:

    I always wondered how such back-woods, scruffy and whacky men could attract such good looking women as wives. Now I know.

  21. Daniel says:

    I agree that most of the show is staged. However, one thing you are forgetting is that these pictures were taken a number of years back. I don’t think they have ever shied away from the fact they didn’t always have beards. I appreciate you wanting to let people know that the show is scripted in many ways, because it is. But I do genuinely believe they are good people that enjoy the outdoors. They just like to make money off of it as well.

  22. Eva Whitley says:

    And they’re not only rich businessmen–but they have crappy customer service. BBB gives them an “F” and it seems like they’re in no particular hurry to address it. I think we should relentlessly bring this up to their supporters–no matter what your religion, who likes bad business practices?

    • Lou A says:

      The BBB is a scam. I’m in business and when a customer had a complaint, they letter that the BBB sent to have it addressed never made it to our corporate office because it was sent to a wrong address and addressed to an employee that had been gone for two years. We spent 3 months and several thousand dollars with the BBB to clear it up when we became aware of it. The BBB charges companies to have a listing and one complaint can cost a company. The BBB never goes back and cleans anything up or checks out anything.

    • Jeff says:

      most of their complaints are for late deliveries. ill give them the benefit of the doubt on that one considering their business went up 1000% when the show became a hit. seems they might have issues meeting demand. as for not addressing the BBB complaints? who says they have to? the BBB invites successfully vetted businesses to become dues-paying accredited businesses that pledge and continue to adhere to the BBB code of business practices. the key words being “dues-paying.”

  23. Matt Martin says:

    Who wrote this crap? So they used to not have beards. I used to not have a beard either. Who cares if it’s scripted. It’s funny and its clean. And the one part I can guarantee isn’t fake is the Robertson’s love of God! Maybe you should try talking to them before you start making accusations that are unfounded. Perhaps you should spend some time reading the bible. Being hateful to people you don’t even know is kind of pointless.

    • Wynema Gonzagowski says:

      You can guarantee it eh??? When one thing is fake then the risks of something else being fake are even higher… I am not saying they are fake in the religious beliefs but I do believe there is a high possibility that the magnify many things…

  24. Kel says:

    It is interesting to me that because they have dressed aka normal that it is all fake! Because people can’t grow a beard or change their style. Ok so let’s say for a minute is is staged.. Good for them! The show is funny and has a great message. Cool to see a reality show with good ole morals and values. Why are you attacking it? What the hell do you care? If u don’t like it don’t watch it! I think good for them!

  25. sharpin la says:

    It’s hard to tell if they are the same people. Not that they don’t do this stuff; heck they use the same actors as witnesses and the interviewed on all the fake terror attacks so…why not, I just couldn’t easily tell if they were the same people.

  26. Petunia says:

    Again, if you read the original GQ article. Phil did not make “racist and homophobic” remarks. This is the media making it out to be racist and homophobic. Why can we not praise the Lord God without controversy? Fear!! Fear of the unknown. If you’ll just believe and start you life on a Godly path you’ll be surprised of the peace that will overcome you. Everyone is welcome!!

    • belinda says:

      If you don’t think what he said was racist or homophobic, its entirely possible you don’t actually know what those words mean.

      • Wynema Gonzagowski says:

        agreed….. after seeing all this I did some research on Phil… The man has said a lot of really strange things including encourging men to find wives that are the ages of 15/16… UGH!!!

        • Wynema Gonzagowski says:

          Wish I could edit after posting… ENCOURAGING not encourging

          • gerry says:

            Laurie, I have seen every episode of Duck Dynasty at least three and I’ve NEVER seen any of them reading out of the bible. what show are you watching or are you even watching it at all? they do say grace at the end of the show when they are all sitting at the table for a meal. But there is no bible present.
            And for the person who wished they could edit after posting… proof read your comment before you hit the submit comment button. it’s that simple.
            I do agree that it is good clean fun, no cursing or lewd behavior , so much better than some of these shows like 2 1/2 men and others that fall into that category.
            But we must all remember folks….. this is a TV show much is scripted, and when all is said and done we all have to return to our real lives and get over a few comments one of the stars of the show made. Really it’s not worth the anger and vile comments that I have read on here. so many of you claim Christianity but by your comments you sure don’t act like it.

        • Adam says:

          Strangely enough, Mary was 13 (most scholars believe) when she had Jesus. And as crazy as it is, MOST people prior to the 20th century (which would be our grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents) married around that age. My grandpa was born in 1909. Granny in 1919. Papa was 24 when they married. Granny was 14. They were together til my papa died in 1993 and loved one another with all their heart. This whole concept of waiting til late to get married has not wound up with the best track record. Divorce has skyrocketed since the “modern” era kicked in. And he does not say it as if he is enticing hormone raging boys to go out and conquest. Like you seem to think. What he offers is his own experience. That he and Ms Kay married young and have been together ever since. Why is this? It’s like he said. If they marry you young it’s for love. If they marry you late it’s for your money. And that for the most part is true.

          Want to know another reason that this is not the worst of ideas?

          Many reasons for divorce is hostility created by the “idea” of sexual inferiority. Now days, thanks to liberal thinking, children have been having sex earlier and earlier. And when a dude DOES get married; unless he’s packing big time, then he begins to compare the pleasure he can give his wife to the pleasure he believes she has already received from other men in her sexual past. This pool gets larger as a woman is older. Giving him more and more reason to doubt his being able to satisfy his wife. That often gives way to feelings of inadequacy. And sexual self consciousness. So he starts trying to push her away. Maybe feeling like she isn’t really satisfied by him. Or he goes to look elsewhere to see if she is likely telling the truth or lying when she says he DOES satisfy her.

          When two people do not have anybody else to compare each other’s ability and experience with, it does not give rise to those issues. As well most times neither are financially established when they get married. So it surely isn’t for money. Which a large part of marriages today are for status, money or sex.

          As well he also adds in advising to find a young lady and marry early, is, that if it is agreeable to her and his parents both. That is a BIG difference than just telling them to go out, hit their woman over the head with a club and drag her off and marry her while she’s knocked out. Geesh.

          • Debbie Learn says:

            Miss Kay and Phil were married young. In the early years of their marriage, they were separated. Miss Kay talked about it. It was not being married young that brought them back together……but rather, GOD !

    • Zoe says:

      Did you read the article? His comments were certainly both racist (and condescending toward blacks) and homophobic. It actually IS homophobic to pretend that the reason men have sex with other men is because they prefer anuses to vaginas. It is in fact one of the more bizarre quotes about homosexuality that I have ever read.

      Also — all of you Bible-loving folk might want to ponder the fact that the OT Bible spends far, FAR more time talking about what you should and shouldn’t eat (grasshoppers = OK! rabbits = sinful and bad!) then it does about men having sex with men. (And it spends literally ZERO time talking about lesbians, so apparently that’s not sinful.)

      • Bryan Hinnen says:

        Try reading the book of Acts sometime. Christians have been released from all the old Jewish laws except four: you can’t eat meat from animals that have been sacrificed to idols, you can’t eat meat that has blood in it, you can’t eat meat from animals that have been strangled, and you can’t engage in sexual immorality, which includes gay sex.

        In other words, a few dietary restrictions, and no gay sex.

        That shouldn’t be hard, even for a lesbian.

        • Bryan Hinnen says:

          Oh, by the way, in the first chapter of Romans, lesbians are condemned for the same reason that gay men are condemned. If you need the exact verse, I can look it up for you.

        • Bob says:

          I’ve already read the entire Bible and found virtually no relevance for it in today’s society. Luckily civilization has grown far past biblical ‘morality’ so it is 100% irrelevant in this day and age. Besides, the Bible is chock filled with contradictions, inaccuracies and patently false information. In fact, the Bible helps me in deciding who is worthy of friendship because in nearly EVERY case, I find that those who claim to be Bible believers are most often the same people who hold the most hatred, ignorance and arrogance compared to most folks. They are also always the most closed-minded people of all. So if u like Acts, or any other chapter, keep it to yourself, I am not interested in your opinions or beliefs!

          • Jonathan says:

            Yet you had no trouble sharing your own? If you want people to care about your opinion, you should also be open to others, or aren’t you being equally as close minded as those you rail against?

          • Allie says:

            It’s funny those who claim the Bible has contradictions don’t provide actual evidence of this claim; they only repeat what they see on the internet. If the Bible contains all these supposed inaccuracies, then why are there archaeologists using the Biblical records to uncover discoveries of the ancient world? Why have the Biblical documents been preserved for so long and why have intellectuals over the centuries taken the Scriptures seriously and devoted hours upon hours of study to them?
            It’s one thing to read the Bible (or at least claim to)know what’s in it but it’s a completely different ballgame when it comes to actually studying the Bible in the context in which it was written and understanding the Bible. In the time of Jesus, the Pharisees prided themselves on how much they knew about Scripture and the law but they were totally ignorant of Jesus being the Messiah. They twisted the Scriptures to make them fit into their personal expectations of the Messiah. Long story short, you will not be able to understand the Bible unless you know and have a relationship with God.

          • Gerry says:

            just so ya know the bible you read today is nothing like what was ORIGINALLY written. all was written hundreds and even thousands of years after the fact. so much has been added to , taken from, mistranslated and misinterpreted that what you read is just stories , superstitions, and myths. very little of the original writings have survived. If you really want to know what happened during those times read a REAL history book instead. God is a figment of human’s imaginations and not necessarily what you believe him to be. rethink your beliefs, because if you are christian you are living a lie and living in the ancient past.

  27. Bobby Socks says:

    Bimbly numbsuckers moment of fame went kabloomy like the gas from my southern exhaust vent.

    • Adam says:

      While TV ratings tend to fluctuate, particularly during the holidays when viewing drops, the overall A&E audience was smaller after it landed in “Duck” soup than before.

      For the week of Dec. 16-22, the channel averaged 1.5 million viewers, compared to 2 million for the week before, according to Nielsen figures.

      During the week of Dec. 17-23 last year, a roughly comparable period to the post-Robertson flap week, the channel averaged 1.73 million viewers.

      “Duck Dynasty” is the channel’s highest-rated program and set a reality show record for cable with nearly 12 million viewers for its fourth-season debut this past summer.

  28. randyontheglobe says:

    Whatever… the brand is trash at this point.

    • Lou A says:

      A&E took them back in a heartbeat because other stations were knocking at the door to take the show. It is in no way a dead brand. It’s stronger than ever.

      • Wynema Gonzagowski says:

        It is highly likely IMHO that the entire incident was scripted itself, anyone knows that big start (which they are considered) with a network contract (which they have) generally have any interview questions submitted prior to the interview taking place AND the questions are reviewed and responses gone over prior to the actual interview taking place… So A&E and Phil KNEW what was going to be asked and A&E and Phil already knew how the questions were going to be responded to….. This was a publicity gag pure and simple….. IMHO

  29. crystal says:

    ok yea they grew beards but u must not know anything bout hunters hunters have NORMAL LIVES they dont always wear camo just cause they look normal in a pic from a few years ago and now have beards and wearing camo cause they do have job in the hunting biz dont make them fake get over it dude

    • Caligari says:

      For one family member to change might be legit, but for ALL of the guys to grow identical ZZ Top facial hair and start dressing the same at around the same time is obviously shtick for showbiz purposes only.

  30. What is the difference in this reality show and all the others such as Bruce Jenners family.
    They are total fakes and all are meticulously scripted to meet the show producers ideas.
    I have never watched an entire episode of any reality show including duck dynasty and don’t intend to start now.

  31. Bill Kirk says:

    Never did see the show and don’t intend to. My social intuition is generally reliable. And people call this entertainment. I’ll choose a good book, listening to Mahler or REM or better yet, visiting healthy friends.

  32. Listen, these guys are a bucket of pudd’s. But Phil just said he’s not attracted to men. Is that so bad? Me? I am a transgendered member of the community. I”m going to have the spine to understand he doesn’t understand us nor ever will understand a sexuality beyond Jesus Fucking Christ. Good for Phil. Honestly, I would not piss on him to douse a fire, but yeahh. Listen, I am a guy who likes men. I did not ask for this issue, but so be it. I don’t speak out against traditional marriage, so leave me alone. I just want to say yes to the person who loves me and be able to MAKE IT SO! Is that really a whole lot to ask for? Quote your bible and reach furter in to try and make your point, Hate is Hate, and Jesus never preached hate. Grow the Fuck Up! :)

    • Lou A says:

      Jesus preached that marriage was between a man and a woman. How can anyone misunderstand that? Oh and by the way…taking God’s name in vain isn’t going to win you any points with the big man so when you are turned away at the pearly gates, don’t say no one ever told you that would happen.

      Live your life – that’s your choice. It’s the free will God gave you but don’t expect any Christian to accept it. We never will. I won’t judge you. It’s not my job. My job as a Christian is to share God’s word. All I can tell you is that you are not living a life reflective of God. What that will mean to you in the end is not up to me.

      • David says:

        dear Lou A.
        You do know who God is right? He created everything to ever exist, yes, everything. Now think about that for a moment. Seriously, think about that idea. Do you think that the creator of all things would judge one, based on the marriage of a couple of the same sex? Jan, please do yourself a favor and think for yourself and stop being so IGNORANT. God Bless, p.s. god sees and knows everything.

      • Ahhh! Sweet! How kind of you to remind us that we should be focused on “winning points with the big man”! I hope you’re as active in the straight-and-married forums about all those who commit adultery. Or disrespect their parents. Or forget the sabbath. Your big man rolled out those out on His Top 10 List of Pet Peeves (er, commandments) and I don’t think your people are hearing enough from you how He’s planning on frying them up in a pan for eternity for dissing Him on that.

        Geez, just writing that out sounds like your guy is some easily affronted school yard bully. (A game! With points!) But, hey, if that’s the kind of guy you want to worship, so be it.

        Still, I can’t help thinking that you’re not as active on those other issues with the spouting off B.S. (er, “sharing God’s word”). Nevertheless, hey, that has nothing to do with how a democracy of diverse people and beliefs should operate. That is, we don’t all have to love your sad bad boy, dearie.

        • Jacob says:

          Interesting. “Big man”, “Bully” “Pet peeves” “B.S”, “democracy”, “sad bad boy”. I’m sorry, were you under the impression that you were living in a “democracy?” This nation’s system of government is a republic, at least for the present. As far as the “Big man, sad bad boy” is concerned, we shall see how that works out. Good luck with that! Personally this is one “choice” that I can afford to be wrong about. Can you?

      • Wynema Gonzagowski says:

        Lou A, you said “I won’t judge you. It’s not my job” then you turn right around a judge when you say “All I can tell you in that your not living a life reflective of God” That is a judgement… “so when you get turned away at the pearly gates” That is a judgement… “Don’t expect any Christian to accept it” That is a judgement…..

      • kate says:

        How can anyone misunderstand Jesus’s message of grace and acceptance? God is not a vindictive scorekeeper, there is no list of points at the pearly gates. If our job as Christians is to spread God’s word, how is telling someone we will never accept them doing that job? I don’t think the word God wants spread is “don’t expect my acceptance.” None of us are “living lives reflective of God.” Do you look like Jesus? I sure don’t. Nothing you said sounded like Jesus to me, so I’m guessing you’re as flawed as I am.
        I tried to resist your trolling, but the “we never will” truly upset me. Please do not speak for all Christians when you express your opinion. It gives us all a bad name.

  33. Some User says:

    So they adopted a persona. So what? They were independently wealthy long before A&E came along. All they did is come up with a business idea and run with it. That you were duped simply means that it worked…all the way to the bank. Wish I’d thought of it first.

  34. penny says:

    in one of the shows willies wife even admitted to america they where preppy while in college and before they grew beards…

  35. HH says:

    Everyone commenting here is full of it. You don’t care that the Robertsons are misrepresenting themselves? Already “knew” the show was fake and scripted? Liars all of you. And the point is since the Robertsons are misrepresenting themselves, then they are most likely being deceivious about their devout Christianity and other viewpoints on their show. AND if you still don’t care that that is what is happening, so long as they represent what you want to hear and see in a “reality” tv show, that is fine, but don’t lie to yourselves that what they are doing is NOT deceitful. AND are these the type of people you want to be entertained by? Wolves in sheep’s clothing?Because what has really happened is that if the show intentionally created the recent fracas that they did, THEN that’s the real problem, they are simply trolling the world to get better ratings and earn more money. Should fake news distract us from real news? And essentially people, that’s the point of this article. Pat yourself on the back if you didn’t get duped, which you obviously did if you were curious enough to click and read this article, but don’t pat yourself on the back for being ok for being with this influential show sensationalizing and trivializing pertinent social issues to make ratings.

    • Tes says:

      Finally a comment from someone who seems to have understood the whole point of the article!

    • Adam says:

      Hey HH. From one American to another, lay off the cheap stuff ok? It’s getting to you. lol You can’t separate the scenarios and guidelines created by the show producers for the guys ahead of filming to provide a “subject” for the episode; and the idea that they are “faking” their Christianity? Have you ever thought to query those maybe in their hometown who KNOW them outside of the show? These people are not Hollywood elites. Phil really does live in that little place out in the back woods. Willie, second to the youngest enjoys the perks of lifestyle but hasn’t changed who he is. You got to remember, Duck Commander and Buck Commander were famous long before A and E ever licked their chops about them. The line of duck calls, all hand made, and such have made them rich long before their stint as tv reality stars.

      Their faith is real. They are all very active in their spiritual life outside the show. They all go to churches when they are asked to speak.

      Sounds like you are just angry. You don’t like them because they don’t agree with your lifestyle. And so nothing they do can be right in your eyes. Sad. They are really good people.

      • Wynema Gonzagowski says:

        Actually, in an interview with Willie quite awhile back (wish I could find the link) he stated that he went to A&E with the idea after talking to Phil about it… Phil was trepiditious of doing the show but Willie convinced him it would be good for existing business….. I believe their faith is real but I also believe the exaggerate it for the sake of the show…

      • Navywife says:

        They all go to churches when they are asked to speak??? That’s it? That makes them devote Christians?

        • thepope says:

          I got news for you: EVERY CHRISTIAN is a ‘fake’. I mean if you think about it, believing in something that doesn’t exist is a way of lying to yourself, making you a FAKE. What I’ve always wondered is why instead of being ‘Born-Again’, don’t these morons just simply GROW the F*$ck UP!

        • Adam C says:

          My goodness! :) By all means, no! Going to church doesn’t make one a Christian. It is often the best place to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ which the Holy Spirit can use to bring the convicting power. This draws the person to the Christ and allows them to be heart grieved over sin. Once they are repentant THEN you ask Christ to come into your heart and take Kingship over your life. And He will. :) Repentance is a lot more than a intellectual decision to turn from sin. It’s really a spiritual process where God effectively breaks the heart of the sinner so that they can truly grieve over their sin and ask forgiveness from the heart. So many people just think a flippant “sorry” gets it.

          Christianity is the walk with Christ. A “Christian” is the product of salvation which comes when a person has met the above conditions.

          God doesn’t NEED a church to create that draw or that conviction. He can work through a individual, maybe a song, etc. But the preached gospel is the most effective carrier wave if you would for the invite to travel to the target God wants to hit.

          One Christian can often tell another Christian by looking at their life. Do they bring forth fruit? Do they proclaim Christ is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords? Do they believe “Ye must be born again?” Do they love their neighbor? In the Robertson’s case, are they charitable? Do they walk in the image and the person of Christ? By all indications, the answer is yes.

    • Clancy Penderghast says:

      The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

    • Nacho says:

      They were travelling the country speaking about faith long before the show, one of the brothers is a preacher, This show doesn’t talk about those social issues.

  36. They are getting rich, but they spread their generosity to others, the politicians are getting richer while we actually are paying them from tax money and NOT getting much in return espically someone’s health care new business. So at least the duck dynasty show gives us entertainment an a laugh for Free.

  37. I don't watch TV enough, I guess says:

    What’s Duck Dynasty?

    • laurie brien says:

      you should watch it cause they read and pray out of the bible and they r funny

      • gerry says:

        once again Laurie….. they don’t pray out of the bible , I have never even seen a bible displayed on the show. so I wonder if you have ever REALLY watched it. Like I said before, I have seen EVERY episode at least twice if not three times and some even more and have NEVER seen them pray out of a bible or even have one in their hands. they do say grace at the end of the show while they are all at the table for a huge meal. but no quotes from the bible like you seem to think.

        • do your research says:

          I’ve seen Phil preach. Holding and reading from his Bible. He does read it. The way people are so afraid of the truth (God’s word), I’m surprised they (A&E) even let them (Robertson family) pray. The Robertson’s insist on it or no show. The fact that the bible isn’t shown is probably something they agreed on so the non-Christian public wouldn’t have a fit about it being on television.

  38. So what. says:

    Who cares! Most everything on TV is fake. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Fake or not.. It is one of the better ” family ” shows on TV.

  39. Old pictures says:

    These pictures are obviously from when they were younger. Remember it was their dad that started the business and now the kids have taken it over. Who knows when those pictures were taken. I do know that you just can’t grow those beards overnight. Of course a show has to be scripted otherwise you just end up saying a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with the show. It’s entertainment.

  40. Amber says:

    Who gives a damn if its fake. Its good tv. Its funny. It has morals. Ya mad because they’re great actors?

  41. RAC says:

    . . . aka

    * Q U A C K
    d y n a s t y

  42. belinda says:

    This isn’t really surprising to me. If you ever see any interviews with any crew or former cast of a reality show, you’ll hear that its all scripted or forced. Its also not surprising that the show was starting to lose ratings when the ‘scandal’ happened.

  43. Nancy says:

    Whether or not this show is scripted means nothing to me. I would rather watch a show that is so stupid it’s funny. Instead of the violent shows that have overtaken the other channels. Shows like Criminal Minds, Law & Order, etc. do nothing for our society. If you don’t like Duck Dynasty – DON’T WATCH IT!

  44. William Leavenworth says:

    Dork dynasty? There’s a cosmetics fortune to be made in red neck paint.

  45. Buddi says:

    It’s not just “reality” shows that are scripted. A tiny number of massive conglomerates own most all of the TV news channels and networks as well. Don’t believe every story that’s fed to you. Look for reasons for misdirection (as in NDAA 14 passed during this “scandal”) and you will find it happens more often than you think.

  46. Mary Sammons says:

    Well that pic of Willie and family is really old. John Luke and Sadie are probably five. No Bella or Will yet. They have not hidden this. They’ve even shown pics like this on the show. One time Miss Kay was looking at one and another they showed pic of Willie and Korie at high school prom.

  47. Deloris says:

    I thought everybody was aware that the boys were all clean shaved a few years ago!!! SO WHAT!!!!

  48. Douche Duck says:

    I think he is a real man trying to get his followers to engage in statutory rape so girls 15 & 16 don’t get the idea about sucking a man’s wallet dry. I’m surely gonna watch Douche Duck USA

  49. David says:

    Never in the history of my lifetime (43 years) have I seen a more divided country. It’s your fault, NO! It’s your fault. And you obviously must be a complete idiot for supporting a certain politician. I know many democrats as well as republicans, and they are decent people… all of them. I think it comes down to… Why are you so angry? All most of us do is complain about things we can’t change. This was supposed to be a comment section about a reality show. It’s scripted??? NO WAY! I’ll let you all in on a little secret… (EVERYTHING ON TV IS SCRIPTED). It doesn’t matter if you watch The Mentalist, The Amazing Race, or Duck Dynasty. Some advice… take a breath, respect others and their opinions/beliefs, and focus on your own little bubble of a life. If America goes down in flames, we’ll all be in it together.

    • John says:

      So you’ve never heard of slavery? Civil Rights? The Suffragist movement? In the fast 40-odd years there has ALWAYS been the same amount of division, or don’t you remember the Cold War, the hippies, the nation divided over a presidential blowjob?

    • Thomas says:

      @David, The Amazing Race is not scripted. I was on the show and have no signed “disclosure” forcing me to say otherwise. Duck Dynasty, however, clearly has a script. I doubt the cast would even deny that. Whether they have a NDA or not

  50. Ellen says:

    They are good looking boys. Too bad they are covering up those dimples.

  51. Pat Tyler says:

    If you don’t like them or the show, don’t watch it Jack! Some people enjoy a Christian based family having fun hunting and living their life. They earned whatever money they have and you have no right to begrudge them that. When they were younger they probably did not have the beards due to their lifestyle then…get over it-if you don’t like it turn the tv off and shut up!

  52. Tracie says:

    Really???? Who really cares people ? We have service men and women fighting to keep us safe and your obsessing over if this reality show is real or not. If we were as passionate about things that are important this world would be a much better place. Get real … make our country better one preson at a time starting with …SELF!

    • Rienne says:

      I love how all these comments are blaming everyone else and almost immediately became political, while you stuck to the original topic so thank you. And yes agreed we all need to stop worrying about everyone else and their opinions and start making yourself a better person… me included.

  53. liz says:

    If you like the show who the hell cares. It’s called entertainment for a reason. As for the comments made about gays, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I may not agree with them, but I don’t have the right to stop others for stating theirs.

  54. K Burger says:

    I you watch the show and I have, you will notice that the houses the kids live in are mansions except for the father Phil’s house. The do not accomplish any production of products’ while filming and they are limited to what areas of the buildings they are filming in. Along with other things. You would know immediately that its not real. It’s entertainment, that’s all just like the other shows mentioned above. Now how you all bring in politics to this is funny as hell, the article itself is used for publicity so what really has happened here is it sucked a bunch of us up into talking about it more publicity… Welcome to television folks….

  55. kyle brand says:

    Can anyone really be a Christian and support this? You wont find this BS on Christian Republican FB site. Are you a Christian and support Phil ?
    Phil only harms animals today, but years ago he assaulted a couple during a bar fight. They were injured so badly, they had to be hospitalized, and he fled the state. During Si’s time in Vietnam, he has admitted, he once came close to killing a local boy and a local woman for no reason at all other than his own bloodlust. The ‘Duck Dynasty’ men claim to be clean and sober, but they all have a serious snuff habit that is never shown on screen, according to a recent feature in Men’s Health. Theres much more I did not want to rant but please dont believe me folks just Google it for yourself

    • Adam says:

      You forget my friend, Paul the apostle, while he was still Saul went around hunting Christians for sport with the blessing of Rome and slaughtering families and torturing families left and right. Kind of tame what Si and Phil did comparatively speaking. And God loves to take the dregs of society and turn them around.

      As far as snuff goes, if that is their biggest demons left, I’d say they have about 80% of the “left” and “right” and “center” beat.

  56. Sephiroth says:

    I’ve read all these post what no one has noticed is that Haliburton has a contract to build “residence camps” all across america two words martial law.While everyone consumed with Phil Robertson he said she said BS. THE GOVERNMENT IS ABOUT TO ORCHESTRATE A MEGADETH. USING THE GUIES OF BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS AGAINST US.

  57. slogoing says:

    A perfect example of divide and conquer. While each of goes to our respective political corners in the boxing ring of life and attempts to fight the good fight ideologically, the government takes away more rights. Before any of you attempt to congratulate me for having taken the same correct view, please remember that for the last many years there has been no “better party” So if you love Obama, bash Bush- if you love Bush, call the President a communist Muslim from Kenya. Each of us will be playing right into the hands of government agenda. The last paragraph in this story should have been the first one, but perhaps not enough celebrity sensationalism to garner any comments let alone this many! From a guy who voted for Nader- repeatedly.

  58. Annie Optima says:

    Really? How did this turn into a political battle?

    Wake up people…. reality TV has NEVER been “real!” It’s about entertainment. It’s about making money! It’s about filling 900 cable television networks with crap. Costumes! Characters! Drama! Scripts! Sponsors! Commercials! Licensing!

    Do you think ‘any’ reality TV is a true slice of life? Do you believe pro wrestling is a real sport? Do you believe the evening news should kick off with Rihanna? Do you believe Miley Cyrus’ last drunken exploit is news? Do you believe there is nothing more important in the world than who Kim Kardashian is marrying? Do you believe Joan Rivers has ANY business being the Fashion Police for Americans?
    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have lost your way. You have a blurred the line between real American heroes and celebrity trash. You should assess your priorities and rethink what is important to your future. You have placed way too much importance on creating news for entertainment.

    Just sayin’

  59. laurie brien says:

    i dont think phil reading out of the bible is fake that is real,even if duck dynasty is a fake its entertaing and we all learn something,i think they r great cause they brought god back on tv in stead of this other garbage that r children watch,i would rather have them watch duck dynasty then the garbage they watch today,so i think duck dynasty is real more real then r president of the untied states,and this obama care,

    • Caligari says:

      Holy fuck, Laurie, did you not learn to read and write in school, or are you just trolling? The words are “our” and “are”, not “r”, and no one will take your opinion seriously as long as you avoid capitals and separate your sentences with commas instead of periods.

      • ZbOROVAN says:

        Now that you picked the nits out of Laurie’s statement, what was the content?

        • Okradingle says:

          Oh. The content? It was as bad with proper grammar as without. Only a rightwinger could combine Obamacare and the Pharisaical Duck Dynasty clan. I’m only surprised there wasn’t a Muslim, Gay or Benghazi reference in there.

          On what grounds would you say that Phil reading the Bible isn’t fake? In the Gospels, even Satan quotes scripture. Just because you want to believe does not make it so.

        • Suedini Inideus says:

          “If I only had a brain”

    • Gerry says:

      we live in the “untied states” I guess you could say that. LOL People that can’t spell or use proper grammar need to go back to school. and BTW god doesn’t belong on tv.

      • Suedini Inideus says:

        they are certainly untied these days… the superglue dried up and cracked off years ago LOL

      • Debbie Learn says:

        You’re quite humorous Gerry. You say people that can’t spell or use proper grammar need to go back to school. Guess you are on of those people who need to go back to school. United States is spelled wrong. It is not capitalized. Your sentences do not start with a capital letter and initials (LOL/BTW) do not belong in a proper sentence. Enjoy school ! And GOD does belong on TV !

      • Quintrell says:

        And you don’t belong among human beings, yet, here you are! Go figure.

    • Suedini Inideus says:

      Oh wow… Do you really think that him reading out of the buybull is real? Hello! The damn show is FAKE! ALL OF IT! The Creator is against television, this is why He isn’t down here, don’t you talk to Him? Or are you one of those “Christians” who blindly follow the bible right into the pit, after taking it literally? Because you believe everything that pastor tells you every Sunday? This is why this country is doomed. Too many braindead breathers out walking around aimlessly gullibly eating everything up like a round robin. SMH

    • Debbie Learn says:

      I think the Duck Dynasty show is refreshing. We have so much trash on TV today and it saddens me that none of it is wholesome or decent. No wonder good morals is decaying. I, for one, am glad the show boasts of the LORD and Christianity.

      • TheyLieAboutUsernames says:

        If so much of the family image is a lie then how can you be sure their faith isn’t either unless you sit next to them in church every Sunday?

        • Debbie Learn says:

          I personally do not believe the Robertson show of faith is a lie. They speak of the LORD and say a prayer at the end of each show. Speaking of the LORD that often would have to get you saved !

          • Karen Caldwell says:

            That isn’t true. Just look at Ted Haggard, Fred Phelps, Jim Bakker, and any number of people who preach Christianity. It’s just a book. They’re just people reading from a book. People are people regardless of how much exposure they have to a book and will not change unless they themselves are bound and determined to inspire the change. Plenty of awful people preach and even more claim the name “Christian.”

          • Quintrell says:

            Spoken like a true Theophibic imbecile. What’s wrong sweety? Sit on Pastors lap too long one day?

          • Debbie Learn says:

            That is true. There are people who claim to be a Christian and do not behave it at all in their personal lives. I have watched examples of that in my life and have been quite disappointed. But the LORD says, you will know them by their fruit. And I personally believe the Robertson’s fruit is good.

          • Karen Caldwell says:

            I personally, do not. Most all reality shows rot your brain, and I feel that DD is no exception. It’s like encouraging your kids to read Twilight. It’s garbage. Popular garbage, but garbage.

          • Debbie Learn says:

            That is your choice and I respect that. I do think that Duck Dynasty and Twilight do not belong in the same sentence; it’s apples and oranges. I choose to believe that the LORD is using that family.

          • BlossomX says:

            Well, I chose to believe that dragons ate my unicorn, but that doesn’t make it any more truthful.

          • BlossomX says:

            So, because these bearded dolts are transparent in their idiocracy and bigotry it’s OK?

        • Thelma2 says:

          The shows are reenactments of things that have happened before.

          • WYNEMA GONZAGOWSKI says:

            The shows are scripted ulla… I work in the industry and know this to be fact but I also know that you will discount it :)

          • BlossomX says:

            I’ll discount it 40% and throw in a FREE pair of salad tongs. Just cuz I like the cut of your jib.

          • BlossomX says:

            To people they read about in Backwater Magazine?

      • robingee says:

        Wholesome and decent = hating the gays.

        • Debbie Learn says:

          Phil Robertson made it clear that he does NOT hate gay’s; he hates the sin. As an ordained minister you should know that we are suppose to hate the sin and not the person.

        • Thelma2 says:

          Why, are there no decent gays?

          • WYNEMA GONZAGOWSKI says:

            Excuse me??? Please tell me that you do not honestly believe that… There are Gays in all walks of life, I personally know… thinking… probably close to 200 and not one of the ones I associate with are bad… There are Judges, Attorneys, Teachers, Business Owners, Businessmen/women, Chefs, Actors/Actresses, Producers, Cooks, Waiters and only 3 of them are currently unemployed… Oh yes, a couple of Drag Queens that make better money than some of the Businessmen/women… Your arrogant attitude is tantamount to saying why are their no decent Christians based on the WBC as the model…

          • Quintrell says:

            you personally know 200? holy krap! what kind of work are you in…sex trade, hollywood agent, news media, Obama administration?

          • WYNEMA GONZAGOWSKI says:

            Entertainment Industry yes… But none of the things you mentioned. When you meet one Gay person you end up meeting their friends and as you socialize you meet more of the friends friends and over the past 40 years (yes that means I met my first Gay person 40 years ago) I have met probably more than 200 Gay people… Not one has made me uncomfortable, been lewd to me, treated me like a piece of meat… I can not say the same for the straight men I dated before I go married. I have never been raped by a Gay person, I have by a straight man… Gays are people like anyone else and I am sure there are rotten apples in the bunch just like with straights I just have not had the misfortune of meeting a rotten Gay person as so far in 40 years they have all been pretty dang cool!

        • Quintrell says:

          I don’t think he hates gays. I think he hates perverts.

          • Kilkee says:

            “Unnatural” is presumably something that does not occur in nature? So I’m guessing you aren’t talking about homosexuality?

        • Debbie Learn says:

          robingee, since you are a Minister, you should know that we are suppose to love the person and NOT the sin. Phil made that very clear that he doesn’t hate gay’s, but pointed out the sin.
          Wholesome and decent = God’s true servant’s.

    • robingee says:

      The Christian God is on TV all the time. There are whole channels devoted to it.

      What’s wrong with the Affordable Care Act?

  60. L. Butler says:

    I myself don’t watch any of the so-called reality shows on television. Never have believed in them anyways. I prefer the old movies from the 30’s, 40’s, & 50’s era as well as the shows such as the 30 minute versions of Wyatt Earp, Marshall Dillon..etc…..but that’s just me. Yea, they are shot with a script also, but on 90 percent of them you kind of came away with a little something of value that you would always remember. Seemed like a lot simpler times then. Guess maybe the folks that lived through those time may say different but, comparing to what goes on today, I think a lot of folks would agree with my thinking. Now….I have read a few of these posts on here and come to realize that if people in this country would take action on what’s going on with our government as much as a television show…..there might be some light on the horizon that we could all benefit from. Whether you’re democrat, republican, or independent……we all have to abide by certain rules. All I would ask is to make it for the good of all of us…not just the rich, poor,middle class, black, white, yellow, or what ever. We’re all here together, so folks….we’ve got to get along with each other.

  61. Larry Paszli says:

    I just scanned down through some of the post and I am of the opinion that a large majority of you, as well as the rest of the country, would do yourselves a great service by turning off your televisions and do something productive and meaningful with your lives. Visit with your children if you can try their smartphones, iPods, IPads, MP3 players and so on from there hands and actually make eye contact with them. You may have to send them a text to actually get their attention. Do something constructive with your spouse. Go out to dinner, go to a movie, a museum, work on that to do list that your started three years ago, pull out your vinyl records and listen to music. Hell, anything but waste your time fueling conversation about a stupid “reality” television show that is nothing more a bunch of scripted, edited made up crap designed to capture your attention just as it has so successfully done with the intention of distracting you and preventing you from doing any of the real life meaningful activities I have suggested above. We have become a bunch of anti-social disconnected tech heads. While we were sleeping, our country has gone to hell in a hand basket. Our elected officials have all gotten in bed with Corporate America and continue to write laws that protect the rights and profit margins of corporations. Without your knowledge or approval, biotech giant Monsanto has invaded agriculture and genetically modified our staple food crops and permanently altered our food supply with deadly and toxic pesticide producing crops which have been released into the wild while suppressing the research and study results that clearly show these GM organisms to be dangerous to the environment, air, water and humans! The middle class is all but disappeared after all the jobs have been moved overseas, the unregulated Wall Street and Financial Markets have taken advantage of and violated every thinkable rule and basically put aside any moral or ethical business practices for the sake of the all mighty dollar, all of which continues to fill their pockets. Bad guys that break the rules and do all the harm are paid record bonuses, bailouts. No one loses their job, no one is charged with a crime, no one goes to jail. A slap on the hand and they are home having dinner with their families while millions of hard working tax payers are foreclosed on and become homeless. 1.3 million Americans are unemployed because we have stood by and watched the middle class jobs close their doors and move overseas never to return. Those jobs are gone forever. Our do nothing, civil liberties repealing, woman’s rights reversing Congress is determined to prevent any progress and growth from becoming a reality because they hate the black man, President Obama more than they love their country and the American people. If we don’t wake up and demand action from our elected officials that is in the best interest of the country and the people, forget Left or Right, forget Conservative or Liberal, wake up and get ahead of this paralyzing stagnant politicized polarizing inflammatory consumerist planned obsolescent world we now live! Are we just going to sit by wasting time arguing over these stupid television shows while everything is taken from us leaving us with nothing but television programs to talk about? It appears that is the plan or at least that is the way it looks from looking at your posts on this webpage. Come on people wake up!

  62. DMM says:

    Who really cares? The theater we watch in DC is the biggest fake reality show in the planet, with 300 million viewers. Our government has convinced everyone there is a two-party system, each fighting for the rights and well-being of half the country, when in reality they all work together in DC to screw us out of everything we have, while shielding themselves from the laws they are forcing on us. Our president is nothing more than a puppet, as were the past 10 presidents. Maybe more. They keep us fighting and arguing over bullshit issues, pillaging and looting as they strip our abilities to fight back. Wake up. Most of you still don’t get it. Washington DC is the most corrupt place on the planet, yet most still refuse to take the blinders off.

  63. Susan Landry says:

    I was surprised that their persona was not the same in their personal life but I like the way they are now on the show even if they are not like that all the time. Like ALOT of people have been saying they are good people and they are way better than other shows. Stay on so I can continue to see you. Thanks. There are more important thing in life to give more attention to while liking Duck Dynasty. Ty Susan

  64. Brian Buz says:

    Just like McDonald’s people wear a uniform to work the Camo is this company’s uniform and play (hunting play that is) form. HOWEVER I have never seen a family picture taken at the beach on a vacation where the family wears their work attire or CAMOFLAUGE at all. Most family beach pictures everyone wears all white or matching attire (my family included). Come on people….. These guys don’t sleep in Camo 365 they put it on for their job or for hunting. Even willy wears a blazer in most of the episodes. Stop making this political. Find somthin better to argue about

  65. Dan says:

    You mean it’s like wrasslin’ ?

  66. Kimberly says:

    I am so glad this show is going off the air. I wish they would take all the other dumbass reality shows with them. I don’t even have cable TV because either I have to see some naked bitch or a bunch of idiots acting stupid. People, please wake up! This is the most selfish nation out there packed with a bunch of whinny ass citizens. I love America but it is time that we the people stand up and do for our people. We need to help each other. Stop watching TV and plant a tree! Do something! Volunteer somewhere. There is so much we could do together! Our kids are suffering and they don’t even know it because we have taught them this is the way life is supposed to be. Quit blaming the damn presidents! Look around you and start paying attention. It is a sad sight. I love you my fellow beating hearts! Please start loving yourselves and you neighbors. It is not about black, white, gay, or some dumbass tv show. It is about humanity that you should care! :)

    • gerry says:

      actually they are NOT taking it off the air as a matter of fact a new season is upon us. And out of all the shows on tv, reality or not I find this to be a nice wholesome comedic show that is void of cursing and vulgarity. I’m not some smug, Christian that doesn’t curse once in a while but I do feel so many shows go overboard. actually I’m Atheist, but still enjoy shows that portray a clean family life. and no I’m not offended by them saying grace at the end of the show. I’m sure some of the show is actually real , some may be scripted and if they grew the beards and doned camo for the show so what!! it is the uniform of the job just like a nurse wears scrubs or a police officer wears his uniform. But I kind of think that the beards came long before the show as it can take years to grow one that full and long for some men. and the camo, well they were hunting long before the show, or they wouldn’t have gotten their start making deer and duck calls. some say well look at pics before the show they were all clean shaven, and to that I say those pics were taken 15 to 20 years ago, do you still look the same , dress the same and live the same as you did 20 years ago? most likely not!
      I do however agree with you about turning off the tv and find other activities that are much more important. unfortunately I live with a tv addict but I rarely watch it. I prefer to do my crafts or be outside doing something in nature.

      • thepope says:

        Don’t think I would ever consider homophobia and racism as ‘clean’.

        • gerry says:

          I don’t think Phil’s statements exhibited homophobia and racism. he was merely stating his opinion of those issues that he feels are going against what his religion stands for and as for racism, he has an adopted black grandson, and I’ve never heard him make negative remarks on the subject of racism. I think that some of what he has said was embellished to discredit him . you can’t always believe everything the press reports. I agree with Ohio duck fan. if you don’t like it turn the channel. I hardly think that a college education, nice homes and cars makes them bad people. if that’s the case we should be criticizing all politicians, wall street jerks, and big business owners. at least these guys aren’t pretentious about who they are and how they live. nor do they seem to put on airs of being better than others. they appear to be just ordinary folks that happened to hit on a good business that made them rich. why would anybody have anything negative to say about it? just jealous I guess.

  67. John Bell says:

    Standard practice for a consumption based economy.

  68. Patrick says:

    Everyone needs to look up “Edward Bernays and the Art of Public Manipulation.” Unt5il you do, you will never get it, and be stuck in the “right vs left”, “dem vs repub”, “red vs blue” artificial paradigm that has been created for us to keep us bickering while the corporate/government monolith continues to grow in size, power and influence. None of this started with Bush, or Clinton, or Reagan. It started in the early 1900s and was perfected by Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, who believed that people were too stupid and unpredictable to be trusted with free will and believed that rather than appeal to rational thought, they could better be controlled by appealing to irrational feelings, emotions and desires. He proved it with advertising, and began being courted by both political parties to manage campaigns. Thus was born the modern day PR firm.

    It is a certainty that any media one consumes these days is designed not just to inform (in fact, information is the enemy), but rather to manipulate and to persuade and to keep up the illusion that those we oppose are evil and subhuman. If one wonders why we seem more divided than ever, it is not by accident. It is now the favorite vehicle by which elections are won- not on how good the candidates are, but by how deeply they can convince us of the vileness and evil intent of the opposition and thus make us fear them.

    • thepope says:

      Actually, it happened WAY before Bernays and started back with Jesus Christ and the Bible after Christ — probably the biggest hoax ever played on mankind. The Torah, Koran and Bible were all propaganda techniques used to prevent people from thinking and using their own minds and replaced individualism with brainwashing and behavior modifications. Even today people are still gullible enough to fall for religion just like they fall for political ideology. Hitler took what he learned from Catholicism and used it during WWII to commit genocide on the Jews and to build his army. Luckily, he lost, yet the bible continues to dupe folks in to blind obedience, and even more ridiculous, they tell folks that God is a supernatural entity, which goes to show Hitler was correct when he said ‘The bigger the lie, the more readily is it believed.’.

      • REV VINCE says:

        Yours is an interesting perspective/take on Holy Scripture. In some respects I agree with you, but not in all respects. After completing my seminary graduate degree, I came away with more questions than answers from the religious perspective. Depending on which part of Scripture one reads, God is either loving or vengeful. The nation of Israel was built on the slaughter of innocent men, women, children and animals. How “holy” is that? The rite of circumcision was instructed by God to Abraham. Why? Perhaps this was Abraham’s way of assuring Jewish males were noticeably different from Gentile males? Jesus says to “stop judging” and “stop following the stoning codes”, but who today among most Christians even bothers to listen to Jesus? So, there is certain credence to your points. “Love they neighbor” with conditions doesn’t quite cut it if one reads Jesus carefully. But, Jesus was executed on the Cross and were He to return as so many apocalyptic wishers would have it, they would execute Jesus once again because they would not hear what He might have to say.

        • thepope says:

          So true, you don’t KNOW what I would give to know that there were some Christians who observed the teachings of Jesus. The fact is that this person is very rare when you combine everyone who declares himself a ‘christian’. The followers of Jesus behave more like SATAN than anything else, always taking the time to correct everyone with a differing view, bigoted self-righteousness, and always worrying about everyone else’s sins other than their own.

          • REV VINCE says:

            I will accept how some self-described “Christians” act more like Satan, but the truly big flaw here is how the self-righteous run to the passages of Holy Scripture to support and gird up their intolerance (even hatred) toward others. Yet, those very same people could be “stoned” for failing to follow other laws in the very same parts of Holy Scripture they pull out for their self-serving benefit. Sadly, religion (mostly Christian and Islam) has been used to do great harm. Religion has generated more disharmony and murder than it has created harmony and peaceful coexistence.

          • Adam C says:

            Though I would agree with you on Islam to a large extent, I think what has caused the most grief is power wielders such as governments recognizing that they can’t get support for the land/resource/gold conquest they want to make any other way than to make it a matter of faith. It’s just like what happened in the civil war. Slavery wasn’t the reason for the war. But it was the societal hot button issue of the day to wrap that war around to make each side’s people willing to kill each other for it.

            Another problem you have is when the “Church” (usually Catholic in all instances) acts AS the government. Then all power grabs, slaughters, land grabs, pillaging and plundering that they do they just slap a “FOR GOD!!!!!” on there and the people rally.

            Religion is the scapegoat or the catalyst that the humanist power brokers have learned to utilize to get people not interested in their quests to be willing to fight them.

      • Adam C says:

        Amazing. So none of it is real? There is no spirit world? There is nothing more than matter? Oh. Sorry. Science calls the void of space “dark matter”. lol

        There is a lot of political manipulation. And if you look at the number of those who follow Islam you are going to see that more people are being “duped” by them than Christianity. I have nothing to say about Catholicism. But Hitler’s views were based largely in the Mystery Schools of Babylon.

        Truth is, if the Bible is brainwashing every ONE OF US need to read the Bible. See, the Bible doesn’t wash the brain. It’s the central figure in the Bible who made the way for our HEARTS to be washed.

        Spirit trumps matter. Though the world we live in is physical, that that is BEYOND physical or TRANSCENDENT of physical is greater in volume and even importance than that of the physical. The physical life of a human is a short span. After it’s end, the spirit goes continues.

        Strange that I’ve never seen the name of Mohammed cast out Jesus from a believer of Christ. Yet I have seen Mohammed be cast out of a former Muslim at the compelling of the Name of Christ. I have seen Antichrist driven from Jews. Which, the Torah is the Old Testament of the Bible. So it’s not really in conflict and many Jews continue to carry out Jewish tradition after their revelation of who the Messiah is in Christ and their conversion. These are Messianic Jews that you hear about today.

        It’s definitely more than physical bro. No doubt about that. I’ve seen lots of manifestations of the spirit world in a person. Several this weekend. :)


        • thepope says:

          All followers of monotheism are being duped. The problem is that Islam, like Christianity has followers who have lied to themselves for so long that they begin to believe their lies are reality. It’s a phenomenon that has puzzled scientists and free-thinkers for ages. They also think that if it’s int he Bible, or Koran, it’s automatically true, which is an insult to any sane human intelligence. And in 2000+ years not a single Moslem or Christian has proven their God(s) exist, yet we have magnitudes of evidence that leans to disprove them.
          And, if the bible supposedly ‘washes hearts’ as you say, then why do Christians always behave almost exactly the same as the radical Moslem movement, cursing anyone who disagrees, bashing gays, women, Pagans, atheists and the list goes on and on? In short, why don’t Christians act like Christians, but instead behave like Satan?
          The only ‘messiah’ are the ones that man creates in his mind. Believers often forget that the Bible, Torah and Koran are all 100% MAN-MADE inventions. It was MAN who created God, not the other way around.

          • Adam C says:

            How many times have I heard that tired line? lol More than I can count. But I will point out that you for the most part are saying all Christians act like extremist Muslims, who, incidentally engage in “honor killings”, mutilate clitorises of young women, use them as sex slaves and enjoy cutting the heads off of homosexuals and anyone who opposes Islam.

            Sorry, don’t know many Christians who act like that.

            NOW, we are NOT immune to getting our dander up. If you berate or belittle us in an attempt to change us or insult us, engaging in un-gentleman like words, then yes, do not be surprised if you get a snoot full of the same kind of words for a response. You forget that many of US were many of YOU and though we are free from the curse of the Law we are oft still in the process of 2 Corinthians 10:5 “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ..” and thus we are apt to fall back into the humanist world view attitude when defending the God world view.

            You say that none of us have ever been able to prove our God or their god. Yet proof is “matter” based and God and even “gods” are ethereal in nature. So what you are asking IS INDEED quite improvable. To your end anyway. Thus it says it is impossible to please God but through FAITH.

            See, it’s not our job to convince you one way or the other. If you want to mock and such, have at it boss. Perfect to this article, it’s like “water off a duck’s back”. lol Problem is what you are seeing in a lot of cases are people like yourself with a polarized viewpoint but the same intensity as many unbelievers tend to boast.

            We have a hard time not being able to shake the dust from our feet and moving on. Hey, I’ve had that same problem myself. Thinking it was my job to convince someone. Only to get caught up in a circle and waste days and nights to what ended in nothing more than a standoff. So I’ve wised up a bit. I will speak my peace and I will engage in conversation. So long as it is gentlemanly. If there is no desire to exchange ideas from the other person, that puts a quick end to it.

            But I will answer your question. Or try in my own way. The Bible doesn’t wash our hearts clean. The Bible contains the message and the instruction and introduces us to the One that CAN wash our hearts clean. There is a duality to scripture. Or is the word dichotomy. Whichever. And likely it even goes to a third. But there is a physical application. Then there is a spiritual application. The third I’m not sure about.

            And you are ABSOLUTELY right. Mans hands did pen our scriptures. And I believe there are books that are not canonized that should be. Because though they be not canonized they still agree or harmonize with the rest of the Word. But it WAS written over the course of a like 1500 years by some 40 different writers. And it is said that MANY MANY MANY books were written regarding the Savior that never found their way to publication. Now. Based on that fact and the fact that these were not Jewish scholars who had access to the scrolls, it’s amazing the harmony that exists between them.

            Have you ever heard the term “ghost writer”? It’s when someone pens someone else’s idea. For the most part they take dictation. Which is really what God intended. But as each of the 40 authors were individuals and influenced by their own feelings and the social environment they lived in, it’s not a great mystery why there would be some contradictory positions. At least in the physical. The question when looking at anything that appears contradictory is “What is the context?” As well “Is there a different goal that is to be achieved?”. Much of the OT that shows God’s wrath is a picture SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING of God having the linage mapped out that Christ was to come to fulfill prophecy. Satan knowing this was always trying to derail that plan. Dragging the people into the worship of false gods (demons, fallen Watchers, etc) and to corrupt the seed so that Christ could never come. So God is a lot more harsh toward the people of Israel who keeps fledgling. As well the peoples used of satan to steal, kill and destroy the Israelite people. Once Christ is born you see a shift in focus. God is more long suffering. He walked among them in the form of His Son. And His Son was teaching and walking. The time of wrath had passed. At least for a time. The focus now became the salvation of the Lamb. Salvation by the atoning of Christ on the cross and his subsequent victory over death, hell and the grave.

            Think of a measuring cup. If you fill it up, to allow for more then it must be poured out. This is the cup of God’s wrath. God released all of His righteous indignation out upon His Son, our Savior. His cup was poured out and could now begin to be filled again. For we def fill it with the crap that you were talking about in your comment. As well, prior to Christ we did not have the Bridge if you would to a relationship with Him like after. Before Christ the only way to bridge the relational gap between He and fallen man was to follow orders. Plain and simple. And if you followed those Laws then you were looked at as faithful to Him. If not, an enemy.

            Christ taking all of His wrath on the cross though made it possible through Him that we could be restored to the original relationship. That Adam and Eve had with Him in the garden. Now God’s cup fills slower. If you would. As now Christ reminds Him of what He did on Calvary. And God’s wrath is stayed. But that time is coming to a close. God’s cup of wrath is once again full and starting to spill over. If you see Him brother it will be as He is coming to take us away before His wrath is poured out. Those who are Christians that are left have some refining to be done. Doesn’t mean they won’t inherit eternal life but they will have to endure some suffering for leaving their first love. Which is Christ.

            God demands faith brother. Jesus said to Thomas who didn’t believe He’d rose from the dead: “You have believed because you have seen. Blessed are they that have NOT SEEN yet they still believe.”

            It is the acceptance of Christ as are propitiatory offering that saves us. That restores us to a Father/son relationship with Father. Now when we go against Him our FELLOWSHIP with Him suffers but our RELATIONSHIP doesn’t change.

            Hope I answered a couple of your questions. You have said you must see to believe and I believe one day you will get that chance. But what a waste of time til then. :(

      • gerry says:

        I agree with you 100% too bad brainwashed Christians don’t see it. they will argue with you to the death about this issue.

  69. Dan says:

    If this is true they better get out of town quick !!

  70. Dan says:

    I only watched this show a few times and I could only last about 5 minutes each time because I just did not get the entertainment value of it. I just thought it was stupid. Anyway, I always thought something was ‘off’ when I saw the somewhat good looking wives and the fact they were married to these cavemen. Hot girls don’t go for the caveman looking dudes. That should have been a tip off immediately for all the idiots watching !!

    • gerry says:

      duh these girls married these guys BEFORE they grew the beards and I beg to differ with you about hot girls liking men with facial hair. I know many hot girls that go with guys that have beards. so what is your idea of an entertaining show, Springer??? Probably.

      • thepope says:

        Jerry Springer, (as much as I loathe it) is a THOUSAND times better show than Duck Dingleberry because it at least has moments of surprise where you don’t know what will happen. Duck Dynasty is probably the most predictable show ever on TV and is so limited in any kind of message or value. It’s a show for aging rednecks and ONLY aging rednecks, except for it’s appeal to the conservative christian camp too, because it’s so toned down and boring. Frankly, I can’t think of a worst show except maybe the one miserable flop by E! network: What Would Ryan Lochte do?

        • gerry says:

          to each his own opinion. altho I enjoy the show and have watched every episode several times I do not consider myself either an aging red neck or a conservative Christian. I may be a senior citizen but certainly not red neck, and I am an Atheist so I must be an exception to the rule in your book then eh? moments of surprise?? you must be very naïve because I can predict without fail what is going to happen on every Springer. I don’t care for the show but my significant other likes it, so I watch it with him. I dislike the violence and vulgarity. and no I’m not some prudish old lady either. but I do appreciate entertainment without the cursing, fighting, and sexual overtones. Altho my favorite show is….. Family Guy. LOL

  71. OhioDuckFan says:

    Well, duh! If you had paid any attention to the Robertson family prior to the set up by GQ magazine, you’d know they used to look different. You’d also know they are all college educated (except Uncle Si, who served this country in Vietnam). You’d also know they are millionaires who live in mansions. They have fancy cars, boats, etc. And, who cares? If you don’t like them, turn the channel!!

    • Debbie Learn says:

      they are all ordained minister’s as well. God bless the entire family.

      • robingee says:

        I’m an ordained minister too. But I don’t bless them because they are fakes and liars. That’s not very Christian.

        • Debbie Learn says:

          Dear robingee, I will pray for you. As an ordained minister, shame on you for making a judgment against these people. That is not very Christian of you. On judgment day, as a supposed servant of the LORD’s, you will be held to a higher accountability standard. I pray you are NOT a minister in a church. Father, forgive him for he knows not what he does.

          • Jason Andrew Hahn says:

            Keep drinking the kool-aid you poor deluded soul.

          • BlossomX says:

            Wait, don’t the fake hillbillies pass judgement on people??? Isn’t that what all this BS is about?
            And I really don’t see why you’re asking your Dad to forgive Robingee, it doesn’t even appear as though you’re related.

          • WYNEMA GONZAGOWSKI says:

            WOW! So it is wrong for him to judge the DD family but it is alright for you to judge him… Can you say….. Hypocrite…

          • Debbie Learn says:

            Wynema Gonzagowski; If you re-read my comment, I did not judge him (robingee). I did say what the Bible says about those in positions and servants of the LORD, will be held to a higher accountability on judgment day by God. Yes, I can say hypocrite, however, hypocrisy is not what was going on in my comment.

          • WYNEMA GONZAGOWSKI says:

            You said “shame on you’ that IS a judgement… You said “That is not very Christian of you” that IS a judgment… You said Father, forgive him” that IS a judgment… Sorry, but you did judge though you may not have realized it…

          • Debbie Learn says:

            You may call it what you like. Jesus said; if a brother or sister in the LORD falls, point out his error and pray for him. I’m pretty sure that’s what I did. So, I’m all good with Jesus on this.

          • WYNEMA GONZAGOWSKI says:

            Got it,,, Judging others is okay for you… But him judging the fallacy of the DD family was a sin…

          • t albert says:

            And so we will pray…and pray…and pray for you Debbie…

          • bill thorton says:

            ur a dumb redneck who believes the bible. lolz what a stupid human

          • robingee says:

            You cannot say what The Lord wants. Only The Lord can. You are human, and therefore not authorized to tell anyone what to do or think.

          • Debbie Learn says:

            robingee, I can say what the LORD wants, because Jesus said, I give you all authority to go into the world and preach the Word of God. Jesus gave me (and you) that authority. And God already did say what His laws and commandments are on every topic we would ever encounter in life. I would encourage you to get your hands on a Bible and start learning the Word of God. Then you too will be equipped on every topic on what God says. God bless.

          • Gerry says:

            how do you know Jesus actually said that? were you there and heard it with your own ears? and if you want to quote the bible I will tell you that all in the bible is not truth, or fact. and quotes can be muddled and changed or even just blatantly added for effect and to promote their cause. I hate to burst your religious bubble but most of that crap in the bible is not true. example stories change from person to person. tell somebody a juicy story and let it circulate through 25 people then hear the story back . it will in no way be what you originally said. and you don’t think that is what happened with the bible? none of the new testament was written when it actually happened, much was written hundreds of years after the fact. some of the facts in the old testament are true because there was recorded history at that time of who lived where, who ruled , how they lived. but the new testament is a bunch of gathered fairy tales written for the purpose of controlling the masses by the popes. if you want to control a large amount of people you make them fear and you create stories that fascinate and make you want to believe.

          • Debbie Learn says:

            Gerry; you may believe whatever you need to in order to feel better about whatever it is you need to feel better about. But as for the Bible, every word is God breathed. Every word is anointed by God. And God said; do not add to My Word or take away from it.
            So, as far as my bubble being burst, it wasn’t ! God bless you.

          • Debbie Learn says:

            Gerry, As I said to you before; you may believe whatever you wish. But as for me, the Bible says it is God breathed, God anointed and God’s Word is the same yesterday, today and forever. I think forever defines itself. I have no religious bubble to burst. As for me, I have a relationship with Jesus.d

          • Gerry says:

            I can’t believe we are still discussing this article it was published a YEAR ago!! give it up folks. this one has been beat to death. so they pray, so they appear to be religious folk, so they didn’t have beards back years ago. so they didn’t wear camo in all their pics. it’s a tv show get over it.

          • Gerry says:

            how many times do you want to post that remark? you posted the same thing a month ago. are you on drugs? or just old and so jaded by your religion that you can’t remember or even read your past post. from a month ago.

          • t albert says:

            Wow, Debbie–so do I! And when I speak with Him and He speaks to me, He makes it very clear that goodness and kindness is what He seeks from His children. Maybe if you listened to Him, you would have the opportunity to open your heart and receive the love and joy and freedom that comes from God! God bless you!

          • mmmmeh says:

            Then you better get back to your bible, honey, because nowhere did Jesus preach hatred, discrimination or homophobia. Don’t depend on someone else to interpret all the hard parts for you, read it for yourself. And read ALL of it – don’t just cherry-pick the parts you like and support your narrow belief system.

          • Debbie Learn says:

            mmmmeh, Well, maybe you wan to get to a Bible. Jesus did give harsh words at different times to people, including His Disciple Peter. Jesus did not preach discrimination, but Jesus did say to obey “every word” that God spoke. And God said that homosexuality is a sin. And God also said to show your brother is sin so he can turn to the LORD and repent for his sin and turn from his sin. Jesus was always saying go and sin no more. Call me a homophobia all you want and cherry pick all you want to. This helps you to hide from the truth. And Jesus did say the way to God “is narrow!”

          • mmmmeh says:

            Well, to start with, there are actually more than 100 versions of the bible in print, so which one would you suggest? I’ve read the Douay-Rheims and one of the King James versions; it’s a big mistake to assume that atheists are uneducated. I’d like to know which version – and book, chapter and verse – where God said that homosexuality is a sin. I have no idea what you mean by “show your brother is sin”? Do you possibly mean “show your brother his sin”? Jesus said “Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye?'” (Matthew 7:3) If Jesus is God, then aren’t those the words of God? I apologize for being blunt, but you can barely express yourself; based on your response, I suggested that you’re a “homophobia”; I’d never call anyone a phobia, because a phobia is a symptom of mental illness. Someone who has a phobia is phobic. And I’m not the one who is cherry-picking; by only selecting parts of scripture that support what you choose to believe, you’re only reinforcing those very narrow beliefs. If there was a God, he created all life-forms; if you think that homosexuals “choose” to be gay, then maybe you need to look back on your own life to identify when you decided you wanted to be heterosexual. Once again, if there was a God, you insult him (and Jesus) by suggesting that they are narrow-minded hateful beings. You are the one who is sinning, by sanctimoniously assuming that you are in any way superior to those that you that you condemn. You are not God, and you do not have the wisdom to sit in judgment of anyone. I’m not the one hiding from the truth – people like you just don’t like the truth, so you hide behind a world of fairy tales and myths.

          • Poff says:

            I can say what the lord wants. Because i am the god lord almighty. Get outta here with your senseless religious crap

          • francis says:

            You do realise, darling, that with a little bit of cash and a few Internet sites, you can ordain yourself (with a legal certificate and everything) without actually being Christian?

            No? Might want to broaden your horizons.

          • Debbie Learn says:

            I do know that. And that is sad, because one can pay a few dollars for a certificate and never be a representative for Jesus Christ.

          • robingee says:

            You can be a minister for many different religions. Yours is not the only one that exists.

          • Debbie Learn says:

            robingee, You are correct. There are many different religions, but there is only 1 Bible. 1 true book of the Word of God. And I never mentioned a religion, I only mentioned the Bible. Jesus never said mentioned a religion, He too, spoke the Word of God.

          • Gerry says:

            so what makes you think that your bible is the only true book and how can you be sure that the others aren’t saying the same thing??? and how do you know that it isn’t all a bunch of whoey?? you don’t!! you have been taught to believe this way and it is much more convenient and safe for you to keep on keeping on than to question and form your own opinion.

          • mmmmeh says:

            But it certainly does show just how much it takes to get certified as a rep, doesn’t it?

          • Gerry says:

            I’ve never met a minister yet that was actually a representative for Jesus (what ever that means??).I find it hard to believe that anyone can represent a fable. all I have met (and that is many as I lived in the bible belt for 35 years) were representing themselves and revel in their ability to control their congregation and bilk them out of their earned money, by doing nothing for it , so they can get rich , live in a nice house, have a nice car, eat well, (most ministers I know are fat) and travel around the world . all on their congregation’s dollar. while their followers go hungry, live in hovels , drive beaters, and their kids are wearing second hand clothes. don’t say it doesn’t happen , I’ve seen it many times over. religion is a farce to control the masses, stop spewing your religious garbage nobody is interested. it has nothing to do with this article.

          • robingee says:

            So we are supposed to support fakes and liars? Yet gay people, who hurt no one, get the vitriol like I have never seen? So many fakers out there, my dear.

          • Gerry says:

            never met a christian yet that wasn’t a fake and a liar. so what’s the big deal? BlossomX you are hilarious. love your brand of humor.

        • Quintrell says:

          minister in what denomination, Universal Light? Divine Revelation? Or some other $10.00 donation outfit. Maybe…wait…I got it…you’re part of some hyper fundamentalist cult!…that explains your judgmental bullshit.

          • BlossomX says:

            And what internet site did the Duck phucks get their “ministerin'” licenses from? Or was the form in the back of “Liars and Terrible People” magazine?

          • Quintrell says:

            my, my, my..aren’t we just the standard issue judgmental liberal. please feel free to express your hatred for those that disagree with you. The big secret is that liberals are always guilty of the things they accuse others of. It’s called deflection and is standard among pre-schoolers. Example: Johnny breaks a window and gets caught by Billy and Todd. Johnny then tells the teacher that Billy and todd were playing in the sink during recess that way Billy and Todd are immediately branded as troublemakers, he waits for a while then finds the teacher and accuses Billy and todd of breaking the window. That way when either of them accuses Johnny, he can say that they are lying to cover their tracks and my oh my isn’t that unfair. Basic Progressive tactic…basic immoral crap…and YOU presume to judge others? What a laugh, Snotblossom.

          • WYNEMA GONZAGOWSKI says:

            Iskitini ulla… All people have a tendency to deflect not just Liberals… AND you just judged her… And called names like a child…

          • Quintrell says:

            Well aren’t we self righteous? Liberals have taken deflection to the level of an art form in politics and you know it. The fact that you defend that little prima donna just makes me think that you too are one of the Progressive overlord wanna-he’s..

          • WYNEMA GONZAGOWSKI says:

            Really… You did exactly what you were accusing her of doing and deflect your own guilt onto me… Blossom is a bit on the naive sounding side BUT… YOU cannot accuse others of something and then do the same thing and NOT be a hypocrite… As for being a ‘Progressive overlord “wanna-he”‘ Whatever :) Walk in peace iskitini ulla… You choose insults over intelligent conversation and that says enough to me to know you are just not worth the time to take this any farther…

          • robingee says:

            “The big secret is that liberals are always guilty of the things they accuse others of.”

            I find that the loudest homophobes are the ones caught with their pants down in the mens room with another man. They hate themselves so they hate others.

            What do “Liberals” do that they accuse others of?

        • Buffy says:

          being judgemental is not Christian either……..go figure

        • Gerry says:

          ordained ministers are some of the most judgemental people I know. they seem to think they have a right to judge others because they are “men of the cloth” . more like overly deluded, self centered, control freaks. never met one that wasn’t.

        • CrazyAuntJane says:

          Jealous? Do they have a larger audience than you do?? So they have grown beards and started wearing camo. Why is that fake? Did they say they always dressed that way? Did you always wear the same styles/clothes you wear now-well you probably have always worn blue suits with ties! Yeah it’s a show, yeah it’s scripted, Why did anyone think it was unscripted? Do they deny their faith? You sir, are they hypocrite!

      • old_cowboy says:

        While I agree they are quite involved in their church and often speak at other churches and related functions, they are church of Christ, which does not ordain.

        • Debbie Learn says:

          Well, Phil said all 4 sons are ordained minister’s. So, not sure about that. Jesus Christ was not an ordained minister and went about preaching God’s Word. None of us have to be an ordained minister to preach the gospel. Any of us can be anointed by God to preach and be invited into any church to speak the Word of God.

          • Quintrell says:

            Ordination is a very specific act performed by representatives of a church or denomination.. being “called” is a separate issue.

          • Debbie Learn says:

            Exactly !

          • BlossomX says:

            I don’t care what these fakers do with their phones. They’re terrible people and don’t deserve admiration or respect.

          • Autismmomx4 says:

            I got ordained on the internet…took 5 minutes. I can do weddings now.

          • BlossomX says:

            You’d believe something this proven liar would say? Wow, your mom was a bird and dad was a mammal cuz baby you are gull-a-bull.

          • Debbie Learn says:

            BlossomX; I thank you for all your replies. They were quite humorous. You gave me, and probably some others, a good laugh.

          • bill thorton says:

            im an ordained minister that had his way with all my three little boys. oh yeah its a sin? well not in my bible.

      • mmmmeh says:

        Hah! I’m an ordained minister as well; I’m a high-school graduate with no theological background whatsoever – in fact I’m an atheist. It took less than a minute online and cost nothing. However, for about $20, I was able to purchase a snazzy bumper sticker, several different parking passes and all kinds of cool stuff. And yes, I can marry people and conduct other religious rites. Oh, and start my own church – I’ve been trying to think of a good one. So being an ordained minister is utterly meaningless.

      • mmmmeh says:

        Oh, and ordained “minister’s” what? You used the possessive rather than the plural, so I can only imagine you didn’t finish your thought. You do realize that fundamental Christians who indulge in these extreme belief systems have the lowest levels of education in the country, right?

  72. MARLIN says:

    Well, I must say, all this creates is more attention to the Robertson family. I own a business, mother of 4, grandmother of 2 (of which i am raising at the moment) To say my life is full of stress is an understatement. I watch duck dynasty all the time. ITS CALLED ENTERTAINMENT! Living the the world we live in is confusing for most, society has killed most family values that used to be treasured. The music and tv shows that target the youth are absolutely horrible. So sorry for you that you cant see the nice calm entertainment in the show, kids say “yes mam” “yes sir” and i smile. I respect your right to your opinion, just as i do everyone else. Again, you don’t like the “reality entertainment shows” dont watch them.

  73. Cain6661 says:

    So what?

    I say good for them.

    They took the opportunity and cashed in. I don’t blame them one bit, I woulda done the same thing.

    • vcb says:

      I agree, they could shave their beards, and their hair, and keep duck hunting, building duck calls etc., and apparently they would all still look great to boot!

    • Debbie Learn says:

      I give the Robertson family 2 thumbs up. They were poor people and given an opportunity to have some fun and make some money. Unbeknownst to them, the show became “way” bigger than they anticipated. It’s the only clean cut show on TV that also includes God. Keep the long hair and beards Robertson men! God bless the family.


        I hate to tell you this and burst your bubble but the Robertson’s were filthy rich long long long before the show was even a concept in some producer’s eye… In fact their success is what brought them to the attention of the network…

  74. MB says:

    So should we stop watching award-winning movies because they are scripted? Those actors are not playing real people so they must not deserve all the money they make, according to your opinion of these actors.

  75. Name Required says:

    Remind me again… Why would GQ readers be interested in what a Duck Dynasty cast member had to say?

  76. Qkiyyt56 says:

    Of COURSE Duck Dynasty is a scripted show…. DUH!!!! SO what. Everything on TV is scripted and everything from the White House is scripted. You think Americans don;t know this? DUH!!! But they DO enjoy the show. It’s entertainment. DUHHHH!

  77. Jasewillfall says:

    One day Jase Robertson will fall to temptation. They all do. It’s only a matter of time.

  78. Maggie says:

    Here are some examples of what I have picked up on. Some are blatant and others are suggestive:

    > The episode where Phil was explaining to Cole how crawfish mate, using very descriptive language to describe the body parts.

    > Jase talking about what he does or doesn’t wear to bed. Too much info, but it’s what female viewers want to hear.

    > Jase again. Hunting turkey’s with Si. Whispering about mating and molesting mannequins. This was extremely erotic. Too much for a PG rating.

    > Jase once again. Talking about Willies 14 year old daughter Sadie swapping spit with her boyfriend and condoning it.

    > I hate to have to say it, but Jase bragged to reporters about as group of girls that propositioned him in a parking lot. I think we all know this story. Of course he declined the offer. Hope we never have to open up a tabloid and see otherwise. I’d keep him on a short leash. Just saying.

    I am convinced that they are probably scripted to say this stuff.

    Mixed messages? You betcha! Jase is doing speaking appearances all over the country about his faith. He is probably the smartest of all the Robertson’s. When the show is cancelled, he will still have a gig, while the rest of them will be left holding the schtick.

  79. DDfan says:

    The show is funny, period, so what’s the big deal? It makes me laugh out loud unlike most of the other comedy shows on TV these days.

  80. ZbOROVAN says:

    Television is chewing gum for the eyes.

  81. StuManChu says:

    I did not have a beard until I was in my 40ies. You have to conform to society’s norms until you gt to a point in life where you hopefully do not have to any more.

    Also, these guys have he perfect strategy for when they tire of the fame…shave those beards and no one will ever recognize them. Perfect post show exit plan.

    • robingee says:

      So you’re saying these guys were pastel polo-shirt wearing Country Club folks because they were pressured into it? But what they really wanted was to be camo-wearing bearded rednecks? And now that they are rich they can be their REAL selves? But they couldn’t before, even though they were rich THEN?

      • Quintrell says:

        They were middle class schmo’s trying to make a living among other middle class schmo’s and did like most fold….groomed before photos.

        • WYNEMA GONZAGOWSKI says:

          They were actually already millionaires when the show started… It is a verifiable fact…

        • robingee says:

          Groomed before photos? So they looked like they do on DD but cleaned up for those pictures above?

          • Gerry says:

            you wear what is appropriate for the activity. would you wear your hunting gear to the beach? or for a nice family photo? or a white shirt and tie out to play golf or hunt? and as for the beards I’ve known several men who sport a beard once in a while. and have a clean shaven face part of the time too. so what’s the big deal. ?? and many who never grew one until they got older. I can’t believe we are still on this subject. this article is months old. !! they are who they are and who is anybody to criticize it. maybe you all are just jealous that you couldn’t turn your hobby into a multi-million dollar business with a little fame thrown in for fun.

          • AlDeLarge says:

            It takes years to grow beards like that. I’m not disagreeing with what you said. I’ve known more than a few people that fit what you described, most of them had comfortable incomes or better. But, those aren’t occasional or seasonal beards.

          • Gerry says:

            true, true but I’ve known some that can grow a beard like that in a few months my son for one can grow a beard that full and long in about 5-6 months.

          • WYNEMA GONZAGOWSKI says:

            It has been proven that hair grows on average half an inch per month or 1.2cm… Considering that the majority of the DD guys have hair that looks to be a minimum of 10 to 12 inches long and beards that are between 8 and 12 inches long this would mean that they had to be growing this hair and those beards for somewhere around 18 to 24 months on average… As for your son if his system is that fast you might want to ask him to have his hormone levels checked especially the thyroid, the only ones I know who have been able to grow hair that fast have been hyperthyroid…

          • WYNEMA GONZAGOWSKI says:

            Just remember it is Hollywood which means their could be makeup involved BUT being that I work in that particular industry it honestly looks like real growth… Which to shorten things means I agree with you…

    • BlossomX says:

      It is a plan. Become “redneck” looking, make a bunch of sensational comments that cause people pain, then when they’ve bilked Louisianna and their fine taxpayers out of another $2+ million dollars, they can just shave those smelly dead cats off and go back to the Hamptons with no repercussions.
      Genius if you’re a terd sucking crap sack. And they are. :)

    • Debbie Learn says:

      Willie did say that. He said after the show is down and gone, shave and get short haircuts and blend in. Yes, it is a very smart post show plan.

  82. Brian Gocher says:

    This is newsworthy? This matters?

  83. ZbOROVAN says:

    Nothing finite matters.

  84. Jase's Lover says:

    I would lay with Jase in a New York minute. This man is so sexy.

  85. Jeff Eckman says:

    Hello?!? reality tv has nothing to do with reality…never has, and never will. Anyone who thinks otherwise has been duped. If you are going to criticize the duck dynasty cast….you should probably go after the other ridiculous celebs on so called “reality” tv as well.

  86. Richard Lawler says:

    I can’t believe you don’t have better things to do. Lets see their homes before and after. They did not always have money and just like the hair it all came with age. Willie was around 24 when that picture was taken… nothing like the liberal media trying to knock someone down…

  87. clairenorth1 says:

    so they changed their image and started in the business of duck calls..whoopdie do. People are allowed to do that you know….it is still an amusing show.

  88. Adam says:

    Wow, hate much? Or just jealous? Of all the things you could pick in this world to bitch and complain about, you choose Duck Dynasty? All of Hollywood is fake. If these guys are fake then they are not any different. It is much better television than the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo or Housewives of whatever crap hole they choose. Who truly cares? I would be willing to bet you have a problem with their religion more than any thing else. Yet, I would assume you are part of the “tolerant left”, right?

  89. GMA213 says:

    Not having full facial hair from birth does not make anyone a fake. This whole article is a fake. And sour grapes.

  90. Austin says:

    They make duck calls and have always hunted ducks. Anyone who feels the need to accuse them of being fake should just watch one of the Duck Commander films. I believe they go back to the year of 1988. The costume you speak of is called camo. It is worn often when hunting. I bet you think the ducks falling out of the sky are in on it too.

  91. Stephenie says:

    Can I just point out 2 things?

    1. These photos are AT LEAST 10-15 years old. A lot changes in 10-15 years, especially our appearances.
    2. They look like nice family photos. Typically in a nice family photo, you dress nice.

    Just saying…

    • Trista Crass says:

      But there’s dressing nice, and there’s being a man with frosted hair.

      I’ve also never known a redneck to have family photos taken on a beach with everyone wearing white.

      • Stephenie says:

        My point was only that this article is hardly valid, they’re basing their argument that the Robertson family are not “true hicks” off pictures that are over a decade old. Even if that’s how they truly dressed back then, it doesn’t mean they’re faking their style now.

        Ten years ago I was a much different person than who I am today.


        • DougP says:

          Wow … if that were true, from preppy & clean-cut to ignorant rednecks, that’s some SERIOUS regression right there!
          Wonder if they checked to see if there was lead in their water supply?

  92. Trista Crass says:

    I can’t believe that anyone is actually surprised by this. These guys are keen businessmen, absolutely.

    The whole ‘redneck’ shtick was so obviously over-the-top, no one could have believed it was genuine. Sorry, Millionaires: They’re Not Like Us.

  93. Kathy McKinny says:

    and I suppose you think the Kardashians are REAL!!!

  94. Travis M. Cotton says:

    These guys were on that show Billy the Exterminator once and they had beards then. WAY before this show came about. But let me guess. They were just getting into character right?

    I dont care that you have a political axe to grind but for god’s sake dont be ignorant about it.

  95. Cpt_Justice says:

    Thanks for the sanity check! :-) The one time I looked in on the show, to see what the fuss was about, it was obvious to me that something was not quite right. Everything was too precise, as if they were wearing costumes, & reading from cue cards. The only one who looked like he wasn’t playacting was the old guy.

  96. TheyLieAboutUsernames says:

    For people who are so outspoken about their faith they sure are comfortable with lying.

  97. TheyLieAboutUsernames says:

    I find it interesting how so many of these comments are matter-of-fact about the obviousness of the fabricated image, yet are so (willfully?) blind to the the fact that their faith could be part of the package.

    “It’s all good ol’ wholesome entertainment because they’re good Christian people… because the TV tells me so.”

    The cognitive dissonance is getting deep.

  98. AngelaE8654 says:

    Seriously? ALL “reality shows” are scripted. This is no surprise to anyone. If you don’t believe me, follow your neighbors around for a week and see how exciting that is. You’ll be bored to tears; trust me. We all know that reality shows are “scripted”.

  99. FactsSaveLives says:

    All you have to do is read the credits on these so-called reality shows to know they are scripted: they have credited writers!

  100. Marty Fox says:

    who cares what they looked like years ago they have been good god fearing people forever. and if you don’t like the message they send then don’t watch. everyone has there on opinion if you truly are a believer in the word of god homosexuality is a sin it clearly say’s so in leviticus 18:21 / 1st timothy 1 : 10-11 thats all im saying and if you don’t like it i don’t care

    • DougP says:

      Whay Marty Fox – that’s interesting you’re calling out where you interpret the Bible claiming homosexuality is sin.
      Why aren’t you listing references to all of the others sins in the Bible? Perhaps the ones you are guilty of? ( Or….are you sin-free & that’s why you can “cast the 1st stone”? )
      Or… about how God sees “all sin is sin”, “guilty of thinking badly against your brother is the same as murdering him”?
      Hmmm…. pick & choose much to justify your ignorant, hateful, superiority complex?

      Re: “if you truly are a believer in the word of god homosexuality is a sin”
      Wow, so you are right there on equal terms with God, able to judge who a “true believer” is? I know MANY believers, Christians, myself included who don’t believe homosexuality is a sin. However, even for those who do misinterpret the Bible, I always find it so sinfully hypocritcal that you casually “forget about all the sins” YOU commit and start slinging those rocks Jesus taught us not to throw.

      That’s all I’m saying… and I don’t care if you don’t like it….it’s all based on the Bible.

  101. Gerry says:

    I happen to be Atheist and enjoy the show it is not just for christians.

  102. ABDarcy says:

    So, guys who hunt aren’t allowed to golf? You sure have a lot of rules. I can never keep up 😛

  103. ABDarcy says:

    Duck hunting guys often have this look during season (Sept/Oct/Nov in my area), then afterwards they get a shave and a haircut. These guys just decided to keep it year-round for show continuity. It’s not inauthentic at all!

  104. Oilgun says:

    Boy George was right, people are stupid. 😉

  105. ZbOROVAN says:

    The only “reality” to the show is that it’s called Duck Dynasty and it appears on A&E.

  106. Brian King says:

    Hello, M.B. David. I am reminded of someone that must have worked for Adolf Hitler and stretched the truth when I read you article. Are you proud of writing this? Perhaps you don’t like your life that much. Please stop assuming all “Caucasians” look a certain way. This is an example of someone having a bad day, writing a silly emotional story for no reason, and hoping to fire up others. In short: you are trash. ciao

  107. Rudeforthought says:

    and more than likely, even the recent “scandals” are for show.

    And that’s where you shed the last minute vestige of integrity you were clinging to. If you have a claim that incendiary, you provide proof. I can see no rational reason why A&E was willing to put themselves in the line of fire of the very powerful gay advocacy lobby which has had success in silencing opposition on a gamble for ratings. The paranoia involved for this to seem palpable is insane.

    Additionally, the men all acknowledge they used to be clean shaven preppy types (when you’re in your rebellious phase and your dad is a bearded woodsman, what direction do you go in?). The wives have been shown multiple times looking at pictures of the guys with no beards and commenting on how nice they used to look. It’s all above water. The family has also admitted that the show was scripted a dozen times and Phil himself said he never read the book that was ghostwritten for him. The “gotcha” journalism angle just doesn’t hold up.

  108. Okradingle says:

    He who has ears, let him hear.

  109. ULM Student says:

    Considering I live in Monroe and I’m a 5 minute drive away from their cheaply converted “store”, I can assure you that these scripts are very staged and fake. The majority of the things that have happened on the show were completely made up. The only person on the show that is real is Si. And maybe the teenagers.

  110. Rodney DeShong says:

    Still the best show on TV, started my beard in my 40s

  111. joe says:

    This is completely ridiculous that anyone even cares so much as to write an article about it. It’s REALITY TV. Of course its fake. Just as fake and scripted as housewives of California. Doesn’t mean they are bad people. They do it to make money. Most people are upset because they have a better life then they will dream of. They got lucky and worked hard. Congrats to them for becoming successful. I like the beards. And for their final episode I guarantee they shave and it will be the most watched show on television.

  112. RichardH says:

    Bob Bell: Bob Bell was an ordinary guy , who for a few hours a day he dressed up like a Clown.. Yes Bob was Bozo.. The One and Only…. Bozo The Clown.. Bob did it for…. wait for it……THE MONEY! Same Song different band…

  113. Matthew Chapin says:

    ‘Progressive Liberals’ are always promoting “change”.. yet, when someone does, for whatever reason, they are labeled ‘phony profit mongers’. Make up your damned minds, people!

  114. JOHNNY LAWSON says:

    The popularity of this show proved that most of Americans are classless, dimwitted and dumb as a box of rocks.

  115. Mike Alan says:

    Ive never watched the show but like every reality shows, lots of scripted lies. Who cares? I would hope people are watching for the fun factor and not for the meaning of life. WHO CARES if they lie? Its tv damn it

  116. Melanie Dowdy says:

    To the author M.B. Davis… talk about hypocrites! Your list of credits show that your loyalties lie with Islam. You will fabricate and twist any information to “crucify” any who hold Christian values. Members of the family have stated publicly that much of the show is “scripted” but based on actual events in the family’s life. No secrets here. As for the pictures of the boys without beards, can you not tell they were taken years ago. The “wives” have said they thought they had married clean cut “preppie” young men and they morphed into these bearded men. Some of the children in the pictures are grown now. Phil Robertson attended Louisiana State on an athletic scholarship and was first string on their football team. Terry Bradshaw was second string and has admitted he would have never made it if Phil hadn’t quit football. Phil obtained his masters degree and actually taught for a time, but his passion was the land and hunting. Phil developed and patented a duck call which made him and his sons millionaires. Three sons work for the family business and the 4th son (who is beardless most of the time) is a minister. They all grew up hunting, and many men in the south wear beards to hunt. Besides, it gives them their own “Look.” The show shows the sons living in large homes in beautiful subdivisions, but Phil and “Miss Kay” his wife of 50+ years still live in the small house where they raised their family. The men had another show on hunting on another channel before they were approached to do the reality show. Phil has made his life an open book, both his wild years and sinful activities and how his life has changed since he came to the Lord at the age of 28. So, show me the hypocrisy!

  117. CrazyAuntJane says:

    Did anyone NOT think this show was unscripted? Good grief people! So they are not ignorant hicks and didn’t always wear camo and beards! Why is that a lie? Get real!

  118. patricia says:

    I don’t let myself be bothered by anything the author: M.B. David has to write.. (jealous much?) Just take a look at all his other articles and it’s easy to see he’s simply out for blood to try to promote himself. It’s obvious as well that you aren’t up to date on your facts as the Robertsons were already bearded, made hunting videos and a hunting show before A&E ever took a look at them! If it’s all in the beard, then perhaps you should grow one and see if you can increase your wealth..

  119. Jesse Helmick says:

    All I have to say is, “So what?” It’s supposed to be entertainment! And entertainment is right. It’s a diversion and we laugh at the antics of this family. This is TV and if you even for one second believe everything on TV then you are a bigger fool than you think. Get over it and enjoy the show!

  120. Tony O'Donovan says:

    So many gullible people still watching TV. So sad.

  121. bill thorton says:

    its so funny how dumb people are who believe in the bible. you believed these guys right? and the crazed dad who brought his torn up bible onto every interview show? hmm i wonder whos paying him to keep rednecks dumb.

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