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‘I Can’t Breath! I Can’t Breath!” – Shop-Owner Thought He Looked Suspicious… Now He’s Dead


The general manager of an LA Jewelry store thought that he looked “suspicious.” Just one day before, Brent Reetz said that 25-year-old McKenzi Cochran was “loitering” outside of the store. When he was spotted the next day, Reetz called security at the Northland Center Mall, in Southfield, Michigan.

Mall “rent-a-cops” said that Cochran was “not being cooperative.” A struggle ensued to apprehend the man who had not broken any law. Pepper spray was used on Cochran, who thereafter yelled: “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”

But the security guards dismissively replied “If you can talk, you can breathe.”

Watch the video below, that was captured by horrified on-lookers…

Cochran lost consciousness shortly after this, which led to the security guards calling for back up and paramedics.

But by the time the Southfield Police arrived, Cochran was not responsive and his pulse was fading fast. By the time he reached Providence hospital he was almost dead. Moments later he died at the hospital without regaining consciousness.

We’ve all seen more than our fair share of over-zealous mall security guards, but this is beyond what anyone can justify. More disturbing, these security guards have yet to be brought up on charges! Spread the word and help raise awareness about this crime, so that these culprits can be held responsible and brought to justice.

(Article by Eli Khalil; image via local News 7)

3 Comments on "‘I Can’t Breath! I Can’t Breath!” – Shop-Owner Thought He Looked Suspicious… Now He’s Dead"

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  1. denybedoomed says:

    I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

  2. lilly says:

    when is this going too stop the police are above the law this is a human rights issue and it seems too be spreading like a virus ,if police were held accountable for there actions they might be more careful in the future on how they treat a person with rights too live

  3. Shon says:

    If you can illegally detain a man, and sit on him with witnesses, you can be charged with his murder is my response. Cops seem to be above the law, lets see if rent-a-cops are now above the law as well?

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