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Indian Factory Workers Beat CEO to Death


A huge mob of Indian workers has recently beaten their CEO to death. Workers at the jute factory beat the owner amidst a dispute over increasing their working hours, police informed the Associated Press, after arresting six factory workers.

Originally, four suspects were arrested on Sunday, which was then followed by two on Monday. All are expected to be charged with murder, vandalism and other crimes.

In all, however, over 200 workers were said to have been wielding iron rods and stones, when they stormed the office of 60-year-old HK Maheswari in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal.

Sunil Chowdhury, the Hooghly district superintendent, informed the Associated Press that Maheswari had denied their earlier request to work and be paid for 40 hours a week at the North Brook Jute Mill. Currently the norm is 25 hours maximum.

Maheswari had instead proposed shutting down the mill for three days a week. That didn’t sit well with the workers, according to the factory’s general manager, Kiranjit Singh.

“The mill workers suddenly resorted to stone pelting while we were busy in a meeting,” Kiranjit Singh said.

During Sunday’s meeting, Maheswari looked out the window to see a growing crowd. That’s when he was hit in the head by two stones.

After that, a huge group of workers swarmed the office, according to Singh.

“The CEO was thrashed with iron rods, and he succumbed to his injuries very soon,” Singh continued.

Maheswari died on the way to a hospital, a police source explained. In the meantime, work at the mill has been suspended indefinitely.

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