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ISIS: Made In America?

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ISIS: Made In America?

Most experts on Middle East affairs allege that Western powers and their allies gave rise to ISIS. Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook has said that Al Qaeda is without doubt a product of western intelligence. Alan Godlas, a professor of religion at the University of Georgia, is also of the opinion that Western powers helped ISIS to grow strong.  Former CIA officer Graham Fuller has described ISIS as “made in the U.S.A.” Former United Nations diplomat and long-time Algerian politician  Lakhdar Brahimi  recently said, “The U.S. is to be blamed. It created conditions that allowed ISIS to grow.”

Many Middle East observers agree that the most obvious way in which the U.S. bears responsibility for the creation of ISIS is the 2003 invasion of Iraq. When the U.S invaded and occupied Iraq in 2003, the U.S. destroyed Saddam Hussein’s Sunni (Muslim) -dominated government and replaced it with a mainly Shiite (Muslim) administration. This resulted in massive unemployment in Sunni (Muslim) areas; Sunnis lost their financial assets and their political influence. Thus, U.S. foreign policy in Iraq intensified disharmony between sectarian divisions and created an atmosphere that increased Sunni discontent. It was in this environment that the insurgent group Al Qaeda in Iraq was formed; it’s goal was primarily to protest U.S. invasion. In 2010, the group changed its name to ISIS and expanded its goals.

Sabeh al Nasseri of the Political Science Department at York University, Toronto, Canada, says that because the U.S. disbanded Hussein’s military and security services  Iraq became dependent on the U.S. for security and defense. Since the invasion Iraq has been vulnerable to outside attack because it lacks the ability to defend itself.

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perke stated there was no reason to withdraw the last group of Americans who were training, managing, advising, and exerting influence over the new government. ISIS filled the power vacuum left by that withdrawal.

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