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Israel Bombs Syria, Angered At U.S. Leaders For Revealing, While the Media Ignores


In what former Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney calls “a conspiracy of media silence”, the mainstream media has virtually ignored, or mentioned quickly, in passing, a major Israeli military offensive in Syria recently. Now, Israeli officials say they are “furious” with the Obama Administration after the White House revealed that the bombing of Syria’s port city of Latakia was the result of Israeli airstrikes.

The White House confirmed that the Israeli attack targeting a Syrian air base on Wednesday evening will not result in a Syrian retaliation. Israeli TV stations said they were “concerned” that a public acknowledgement of Israeli culpability could “start a regional war.” The blame, they said, would fall at the feet of the White House.

Lebanon, however, had confirmed Israeli overflights just hours after the bombing, stating the planes were going in the direction of Latakia and were without a doubt Israeli planes. The White House confirmation, therefore, seems to be more an attempt to distance itself from the bombing than anything else. The big question, however, is why the corporate media refuses to highlight these important issues and stories.

(Article by Simeon Ari)

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