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Israel Forcibly Injected African Immigrants with Birth Control, Report Claims


Last weekend, a report was released revealing that African immigrants to Israel have been subjected to forced sterilization (even if temporary). The controversial move has outraged many in Israel, and abroad, who learned that the government had implemented mandatory contraceptive injections, effectively amounting to forced sterilization. Still, this story has not caused much of the stir in American media where it has barely been mentioned.

Of those thought to have been subjected to the program, 130,000 Ethiopians, most of them Jewish, live in Israel, have seen a birth rate decline by at least 20 percent. Talk of such forced sterilization amongst Ethiopian Jews in Israel has been discussed for years now. But the new report corroborates what Ethiopian women in Israel had been saying all along.

The Israeli news source Haaretz claims that one Ethiopian immigrant recalled doctors injecting her with a birth control cocktail, who claimed that “people who frequently give birth suffer.”

For the State’s part, Israel has acknowledged the issue yet says it did nothing wrong. It has, however, said that it will explore institutional changes in healthcare for immigrants.

Israel’s health minister has since said that gynecologists have now been ordered “not to renew prescriptions for Depo-Provera for women of Ethiopian origin if for any reason there is concern that they might not understand the ramifications of the treatment.”

That such practices would occur in Israel of all places is particularly shocking, considering the fact that this practice was widely used by the Nazis throughout the Holocaust. 

(Article by M.B. David)

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  1. Richard Gearon says:

    I’ve been saying, for 50 years, that the Israelis are Nazis. The racist and immoral policies of the Israeli government towards the Arabs, who live in Palestine, are due to the common psychological phenomenon of “reaction formation.” The Nazis screwed over the Jews, now the Jews feel obliged to screw over the Palestinians. Also, there is a strongly racist basis for how they treat that indigenous people. Racism is the ONLY reason for the forced sterilization of Ethiopian Jews. Jews all claim that they are not racist towards Black people; they say they just call them “schwartze,” which means “black.” That is TECHNICALLY correct, but have you ever seen a Jew, talking about Black people, IN PERSON, and how they pronounce the word? I have, numerous times, with numerous Jews, who owned pawn shops in Watts, and lived in Beverly Hills. GENERAL QUARTERS. GENERAL QUARTERS. Prepare for imminent torpedo attack by outraged racist Jews. I’ll respond to that spurious attack in a later post, but let me tell you, first, how they pronounce schwartze. They screw up their face, much as one would when encountering a foul odor. They drool and spit the word out, like it was the nastiest word they know. I have, through personal experience and reading thousands of books over my lifetime, come to the conclusion that Jews are the #2 most racist people on this planet and Blacks are #1. GENERAL QUARTERS. GENERAL QUARTERS. Prepare for imminent torpedo and spear attack by outraged racist Jews and Blacks.

    • Flanagan says:

      Actually, reaction formation is the act of doing the polar opposite of what you feel. An individual or group hates another entity, so instead of acting on that hate, the person or group becomes overly solicitous. As repugnant and indefensible as it is, to force birth control on anyone, this was not sterilization. Sterilization is permanent. Birth control is not. Claiming this was sterilization is sensationalizing and is a false statement. Sterilization suggests permanence, which is not the case here.
      Also, a Jewish individual does not necessarily have to be racist to be outraged at your comments. It sounds like you have encountered a number of racist persons, as we all have. Question to you: Do you consider yourself to be racist?

      • Richard Gearon says:

        Last things first: I am absolutely not a racist, and I self-examine my attitudes frequently. Next: Sterilization may imply (in some people’s mind’s) a condition which is permanent, but those injections are certainly the cause of temporary sterilization, and that is a 100% accurate statement. Last: Why should ANY Jew, racist or not, be outraged at my comments. I know for a FACT that every single pawn shop, in South – Central L.A., was owned by a person with a Jewish surname, and every single one of those owners, SAVE ONE, lived in Beverly Hills, and the lone holdout lived in Rancho Palos Verdes, and his sister, Rose Mendelssohn, who owned her own pawn shop, lived in Beverly Hills. I saw, and heard, Rose (a stone MILF, by the way) say “schwartze” several times, early one morning after someone (assuredly of the dark persuasion) threw a wooden milk-crate (the object of choice for this application) through a display window, reached in and stole a cheap-ass electric guitar. The window was worth more than the guitar. Did you know that the insurance companies ripped off the owners of pawn shops, for insurance on their glass, so much, that none of them carried insurance on their glass windows? If a particular pane of glass lasted six months, it had paid for itself. This is, of course, a moot subject, because after all the liquor stores had been looted and burned, the mobs hit the pawn shops. Not a single liquor store or pawn shop was left standing after the 1965 Watts Riots. I was there, Buddy, so don’t tell me it isn’t true.

        • Flanagan says:

          The term “temporary sterilization” was not used in the article, or by you. When the term “sterilization” is used, don’t think for a minute that anyone thinks “Oh, maybe it’s just birth control, pills, or perhaps a patch or some other form of pregnancy prevention”. Sterilization equates permanence. Also, I see you didn’t address my correction on the use of reaction formation. And after I simply asked “Do you consider yourself to be a racist?”, how did that turn into a full on rant about the South Central LA pawn shops, insurance companies and the Watts Riots? It sounds like you have some anger issues when challenged on what you believe to be true.

          • Richard Gearon says:

            Birth control pills are “temporary sterilization,” you twit. Just because you WANT a word to mean something, doesn’t make it so. And, speaking of reaction formation, your BS definition would mean that because the Israelis hate the Palestinians, they (Israelis) would trip over each other to “love up” the other group. Preposterous. There isn’t even a word that fits your “definition,” because such a phenomenon has NEVER been observed. I did an un-official minor in psychology in college; 21 semester units. I don’t think that you have completed Psyc 1A, so stop making stuff up. I am prejudiced against TWO things, ignorance and stupidity, and you exhibit large amounts of both of those things. The only “anger issues” that I have concern ignorant, stupid people like yourself.

          • Flanagan says:

            I’m ignorant and stupid? I’m “making stuff up”? The definition of reaction formation is a defense mechanism, which causes the superficial adoption of and exaggeration of ideas and impulses that are diametrically opposed to ones own. Therefore, the term reaction formation does NOT apply to the Israelis and Palestinians. Don’t believe it? Get out your books from your unofficial minor in psychology and look it up. Or, easier still, just Google it. And it’s not MY definition-it’s the definition of every psychiatric volume in existence. And you say “such a phenomenon has NEVER been observed”? Are you kidding? Do some research and get back to me. And, the point I was making regarding the article on this site, was using the term “sterilization” when using birth control pills and/or devices WITHOUT indicating that it’s temporary. I will forego any name calling. It’s childish and reveals a lack of self control.

          • Flanagan says:

            Still waiting for a reply. I believe an apology is in order. It takes strength of character to admit you’re wrong. Man enough for it?

          • Flanagan says:

            I see you’re still stonewalling me. I wouldn’t pursue this, but for your scornful and belittling accusations and assumptions. You came out with fists flying when I informed you of the correct definition of reaction formation, and now you don’t have the backbone to admit I am right. When I posted my reply to you, I was respectful and courteous, and did not resort to name calling and degradation, as you did. You know, there ARE other people on this planet who are educated and intelligent, and when they are wrong, are gracious enough, and have the fortitude to admit it. I’m still waiting for your reply.

        • Flanagan says:

          One more thing: You answered “Why should ANY Jew, racist or not, be outraged at my comments”. YOU’RE the one who said, in your post previous to mine: “Prepare for imminent torpedo and spear attack by outraged racist Jews and Blacks”. Perhaps you should take a deep breath, and collect your thoughts before answering.

  2. gacl says:

    The poorest and least responsible people on the globe are having the most babies and asking the other population groups for aid… This is a dark issue. Ideally, Africans can get their birth rates down to a sustainable level that they can be self-reliant with. Otherwise, it’s hard to see a really happy future.

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