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Israeli Peace Protesters ‘Die-In’ For Gaza Outside IDF Air Force Base


The Israel Spring continues to gain momentum as fifteen Israeli peace protesters performed a “die-in” at the Haztor Air Force base in southern Israel.

The protest against the Israel Defense Forces “Operation Protective Edge” sought to give voice to the now more than 1,000 civilian victims of IDF violence in Gaza.

The peace protesters were dressed in all white overalls which were stained with red paint. Activists held signs protesting the killing of civilians in Gaza, in case the visual didn’t convey the point well enough.

The peace protestors who turned out declared that “military violence and killing of civilians will continue to feed the cycle of bloodshed and hatred that must be stopped. We came here to express our opposition as Israelis for the attack which is done in our name. Entire neighborhoods in Gaza have been demolished, and Israeli residents of the south live in continue fear that no force or weapons will be able to solve. We are calling to stop the attack on Gaza, remove the siege and genuine dialogue.”

Since the War on Gaza began, more than 1,000 civilians in Gaza have been killed, as opposed to only three Israeli civilians. At least 200 of those Gazan civilians were young children.

(Article by M.B. David; image via Activestills)

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