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Israeli Police Just Helped ‘JDL’ Terrorists Get Violent With Israeli PEACE Protesters


In the picture above, Israeli police are documented pinning down an Israeli citizen of Haifa for nothing more than peacefully protesting. He was one of many hundreds of Jewish and Muslim protester who turned out for a lengthy demonstration last night and Friday in opposition to the Israeli Defense Forces’ “Operation Protective Edge” which has almost exclusively killed Gazan civilians.

Cities like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa have been erupting with huge protests, all with hundreds and some cases thousands in attendance.

Police arrested nearly 30 Israeli protesters in Haifa after they attempted to ward off “Jewish Defense League” (classified as “a right-wing terrorist group” by the FBI in 2001) members who crashed the protest… literally “crashed” the protest by hurling bottles, rocks and fists.

Professor Ilan Pappe describes what he saw:

Last night one could see how Israel officially has given up the charade of democracy. I saw it in the city of Haifa. Two thousands hooligans came well-armed with stones and bottles that were hurled at the demonstrators from the very beginning. They were invited there by local politicians. The police did not only standby, but helped the mob by cordoning the demonstrators so that they could not move out of the firing zone. The media covering the event saluted the thugs for finally standing for the nation in its hour of need. The scenes were reminiscent from the last days of the Wiemar republic.

The JDL terrorists chanted “death to Arabs”, as well as “Muhammad is dead” and “we’ll burn down your villages” but the anti-war demonstrators, replied with “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies”. Israeli Anti-Fascist activists were there to tangle with the JDL terrorists and take back the streets of Israel from the right-wing hawks.

The police arrived with major reinforcements to the Haifa protest Friday, which seemed almost to bleed seamlessly into Saturday and Saturday night’s protests in Haifa.

Instead of arresting the JDL terrorists, however, the police turned on the peace protestors, forcing them to stay in the area where they would be hit by the JDL terrorist assaults, and refusing to arrest even one JDL member.

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