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Jewish Father Married to African American Investigated By School For Being a ‘Neo-Nazi’


“I’m Jewish and my wife is half-black, half-white. I am the furthest thing from a neo-Nazi,” Josh Barry, of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania said in response to recent school officials alleging the suburban father is a neo-Nazi. What led them to make this accusation? Well, according to the president of the local teacher’s union his complaining about a classroom assignment that didn’t present a spectrum of political viewpoints was cause enough to think Barry was secretly waiting for a Fourth Reich.

His daughter’s American History class at East Pennsboro Middle School was assigned a newspaper article about the recent government shutdown. But Barry said the New York Times article editorialized too much and this was not a source which should have been assigned by itself. Instead, Barry, who said he is a registered independent, said that the teacher should assign at least two viewpoints on the shutdown, and not simply try to impart her own views to the students.

Barry’s letter to the teacher said “It is safe to say that I am less than pleased with your non-objective approach to education when it pertains to current political discussions in the classroom. You have a duty to be objective and your information you provided my child was not only grossly slanted but it is incompetently incomplete.”

“The objective was not to promote any political agenda but to work on non-fiction reading skills,” the teacher retorted, but Barry was not satisfied with the explanation.

“You will not indoctrinate my child. If you are going to present articles with a slant to one side you are morally and ethically required to present the opposing views,” Barry said, in order “to give an opportunity for the student, your captive audience, to come to their own conclusions.”

Barry contacted the principal but got nowhere…

Had that been the end of it, this story wouldn’t even be on our radar. Instead, this exchange went from bad to worse as Barry became the focus of a school investigation.

A friend of Barry’s who knew the president of the East Pennsboro Education Association told Barry that she received a phone call about him. The president, Cydnee Cohen had left a message saying, “We’re having some problems with a parent in our school district. I would like to know – some of it seems like he’s a neo-Nazi.”

Barry’s friend replied via text, saying: “Just got your message. Josh is the furthest thing from a neo-Nazi. He is JEWISH.”

He forwarded the message to Barry and informed him of the investigation. The Education Association didn’t contact Barry’s friend again after that, but he assumes the investigation continued.

Bruce Deveney, the superintendent of the school district, said “A teacher that was not involved with the assignment took it upon themselves to address the issue that was made public by the parent. The teacher’s actions are not supported or sanctioned by the administration and school board of East Pennsboro Area School District… The district is looking further into this situation and will take appropriate actions,” he said.

But Barry is firing back that the union president was “embarking on a campaign to dig up dirt on me and to make me look like a neo-Nazi.”

This backfired when it turned out that he was Jewish and married to a very non-“Aryan” wife. Had this not been the case, he says, they would have continued to try frame him.

“It’s a smear,” he said. “Instead of dealing with the issue at hand in a logical, adult manner, she embarked on a campaign to smear me. That’s their union thuggery tactics.”

After Barry called out the school official for this, his friend received angry phone calls, “She was swearing at her. When my friend questioned (Cohen) about her motive – she said, ‘I’m a union officer. These are my teachers.'”

“It’s going to be very difficult to intimidate me,” Barry said. “I’m not going to submit to their bullying tactics.”

(Article by Ari Simeon; image via TownHall)

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  1. Cash says:

    Great article, I just wonder why you call the woman african american, when she is half black half white as you stated.

    • PBSpot Admin says:

      Being half African American is still African American, just as president Obama is African American, even though he is also of European American background as well.

  2. Tam Joseph says:

    Jewish/ half black /half white … I’m surprised that he doesn’t claim to be half Jewish
    What an iiiiiidiot!

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