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Johnny Depp Wants to Buy Wounded Knee and Return It to Native Americans!


Buried in a Daily Mail feature on Johnny Depp we were sent, this tidbit stood out as big news for Indigenous American Indian First Nations.

“Such is Depp’s commitment to the Native American cause, he is planning to spend millions of his own money to return land, Wounded Knee, in South Dakota, to their ownership.

The site, the scene of an 1890 massacre, is up for sale for $3.9 million. Local Native Americans say they cannot afford to buy it. When Depp heard, he was outraged and pledged to help restore the land to its ancestral custodians.

“It’s very sacred ground and many atrocities were committed against the Sioux there. And in the 1970s there was a stand-off between the Feds (Federal government) and the people who should own that land. This historical land is so important to the Sioux culture and all I want to do is buy it and give it back. Why doesn’t the government do that?”

Is he really going to pay for the land?

“I am doing my best to make that happen. It’s land they were pushed on to and then they were massacred there. It really saddens me.”

Much more to come on this exciting and developing story.

4 Comments on "Johnny Depp Wants to Buy Wounded Knee and Return It to Native Americans!"

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  1. rfkolbe says:

    Can you say: public relations crap. OK, I will. Have not seen his new movie. Heard it’s a dud.

    • Priss says:

      I won’t. He’s notoriously known for stepping up and doing what he feels is right. He’s one of the rare people who said he wanted to leave the country and raise his children elsewhere… then actually did it, rather than just throwing a celebrity tantrum. (The only difference being that he didn’t care who was in office, he feels the U.S. has rotted to crap, and he had the opportunity to demonstrate his beliefs.)

      If he cared about PR all that much, he’d be hanging out with Streisand in California running his yap and doing nothing.

  2. icare says:

    If he is so sadden by this, why doesn’t he just buy the land and give it up? Depp says “Im doing my best to make that happen”, which really means I don’t care enough to spend my money, but I will try to raise the money for the purchase. Like $4million is alot to him.

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