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Jury Finds Police NOT-GUILTY of ‘Excessive Force’ In Beating of Jordan Miles


An all-white eight-member jury just handed down a verdict that the police officers who beat Jordan Miles were guilty of false arrest but not of using excessive force in their beating of Miles.

The civil trial’s bizarre conclusion left many wondering how Miles could be wrongly arrested but his being beaten up by the police didn’t constitute the use of excessive force? If there should have never been any arrest, there never should have been any force used at all.

Back in January 2010 Miles was walking to his grandmother’s house, where he had planned to spend the night. But before that could happen, police officers – plain clothes police officers – jumped out of a car and accused Miles of being a drug dealer… A little background here: Jordan Miles was a violist and high school senior at the time. He had absolutely no history of run-ins with “the law.”

When Miles tried to resist the un-uniformed officers, they brutally beat him to the point that he required urgent medical attention.

“The officers claim they got rough with Miles because he fought with them while they mistakenly thought he had a gun. But it was bottle of mountain dew” MIles say that this is a lie he never had anything in his pocket.

“Miles contends he was talking on his cellphone to his girlfriend while walking a block to his grandmother’s house, where he routinely spent the night, when the plainclothes officers rolled up in an unmarked car asking for money, drugs and a gun without identifying themselves. His lawyers contend that practice – which police denied using – is commonly known as a “jump out” and used to put suspected drug dealers on the defensive.”

Help SPREAD THE WORD about this travesty of justice! The police can only get away with this as long as we remain silent and, thereby, complicit!

(Article by M.B. David)

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  1. wiseoldsnail says:

    this family should sue the courts for allowing this travesty of so-called ‘justice’

    all of us should prevent future beatings and killings by police, even if it puts us in danger to do so . police officers are members of the world’s mangiest gang

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