Kanye West Threatens To Leave United States Due To Racism


Kanye West was in the headlines recently when an encounter with a racist threatening his fiancée Kim Kardashian, led to him punching a teenager in the face. While Kardashian was trying to enter a Beverly Hills, California medical building on January 13, a teenager used a racial slur towards her, calling her a “n” word-lover. Subsequent admonitions that he shouldn’t use this word led to the youth actually threatening to murder Kardashian.

When Kanye West arrived after being informed of this, he walked straight up to the teen and punched him in the face. Now, in the aftermath of the incident, he said he is seriously considering leaving the United States.

West said he is dreading explaining the incident to his daughter, whose name is “North”, because it will lead to seriously negative discussions about American culture, society and history. West said he would prefer to leave the U.S. than have to have regular conversations about racism with his daughter.

Sources told Hollywood Life that after the physical confrontation, West “just held” his daughter, “held her tight and told her how much he loves her. He told me man to man ‘you know I’m dreading the day I’ve got to break this sh*t down to North and tell my little girl how f**ked up the world is. I don’t ever want her to go through what her mother did today.'”

West said further, “we’ve got enough money to buy our own island or some sh*t. I’ll be damned if I raise my daughter around ignorance and flat-out blatant racism.”

What are your thoughts? Is Kanye right?

(Article by Shante Wooten; image via Jessica Andrews)

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  1. A-dub says:

    Maybe he should open his eyes and realize the rest of the world is pretty racist also. Football teams all over the world receive sanctions every year because of their fans singing racist songs not to mention the players getting suspensions for on and off field antics related to race.

  2. Eric S. Harris says:

    Well, now that the racists have been put on notice that, unless they change their ways, Mr. West will leave the country, I’m sure they’ll adjust their thinking and hope that he stays.

    (To the humor impaired: The preceding was sarcasm.)

  3. Thatoneguy says:

    I generally tend to disagree with most things Kanye says and usually find him to be really ignorant, but in this particular situation I agree with him. The world is truly wicked and cruel and I dread having to explain it to my son so that he doesn’t have to learn it the hard way.

    • w1ze1ne says:

      i agree with you as well…

    • John147 says:

      Aw poor kanye. He grew up privileged and He’s rich , married to a white woman and gets to say anything he wants. He’s such a victim or racism!.

      • Andrew says:

        What I find extremely stupid is how he will have to explain this to “North” West. I’m sorry but that girl if she wasn’t that arrogant P.O.S. ‘s kid she would be teased with malice throughout her entire school life just because her parents were stupid enough to name her after a cardinal direction. Her nickname “Nori” is just extremely stupid since it’s a type of seaweed used to make sushi.

      • Suzie says:

        Kim K. isn’t “white.” She’s half “white” and half Armenian.

      • Jr says:

        Kim kardashian isn’t even white! She’s from India or some shit. I’m sick and tired of all these rich privileged celebrities

      • Jaz says:

        Where did u ever hear Kanye grew up rich & privileged that statement in itself is wrong. So he’s wrong for not wanting his daughter to experience any of the racial bs this country has to offer

  4. KDelphi says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass…we need more “Kanyes” like we need more Kardashians. Sure the U. S> is racist, it was founded on racism. But, Kanye West has a life that most people of any color can only dream of.

    I hope he does take his daughter to an island, but don’t leave behind your WIFE. I dread to see what the girl wil be like when she grows up.

    I just do not like this guy lol

    • Melissa says:

      The “U.S. was founded on racism”? WTF? The country was founded for many reasons, but racism wasn’t one of them. Before you try to “educate” the rest of us, remember that blacks sold blacks into slavery from Africa and that many countries praticed slavery. What the punched kid said was damned ignorant and he deserved a good slap, but don’t trash the rest of the country for it.

      • Allforms says:

        The country wasn’t founded on racism, but you can’t discount the treatment of the Natives (remember them?) as nothing less than racism. Racism in America did not start with blacks; it started with the Native Americans. And speaking of the rest of the world: yes, many other countries practiced slavery, but America is one of the last to end it and they didn’t do so without a fight (the Civil War). Other countries ended it voluntarily. But that’s history; the country is in a much better place now.

        • Leo says:

          The civil war had nothing to do with racism. Don’t believe everything you read in school. History is written by the winner…and no we were not the last country to abolish slavery. Do some research you’ll find some messed up stuff in the modern day, slavery still exists in parts of this world.

          • James says:

            The civil war was about the southern way of life which was completely dependent on slavery is was justified by racism. Once slavery was abolished the racism only became worse (or perhaps just more violent).
            The United States may not have been founded on a racist principle but without racism being wildly practiced and accepted it may not even exist today. Natives being removed because white settlers wanted land and a booming southern economy based on slavery. This isn’t a knock against the United States but simply the way things are/were. It’s only fair to accept it.

          • Adam says:

            Nothing pisses me off more than someone says “do some research” then says something that is incorrect, indicating that you haven’t done your research. Slavery does still exist in the world but it’s not legal. As someone who’s studied the civil war extensively I can tell you that it was over slavery. Any arguments about states rights or any of that bs.

          • Leo says:

            Adam the civil war was not started due to slavery please enlighten me with some references that state the civil war was started because of slavery. It was over states rights most of the north was still for slavery by the end of the war. The Democrats did everything the could to vote it down a good portion of this country was for slavery. Abolishing it was a political and military tactic.

          • KDelphi says:

            here is for ppl who think that the civil war was not about slavery and black slavery at that (lol) The Constitution of the CSA: http://www.law.ou.edu/ushistory/csaconstitution/article.i.shtml

            That is EXACTLY what it was about, but Southerners have been brainwashed to think it was about some “lost Cause” (ie constant victimhood) or “states Rights—bullshit…why dont you guys just secede? We will certainly let you go this time

          • KDelphi says:

            and if its too long for ya, here ya go: Article I

            Section IX

            1. The importation of negroes of the African race from any foreign country other than the slaveholding States or Territories of the United States of America, is hereby forbidden; and Congress is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the same.

            2. Congress shall also have power to prohibit the introduction of slaves from any State not a member of, or Territory not belonging to, this Confederacy.

            4. No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law denying or impairing the right of property in negro slaves shall be passed.

      • Mind Games says:

        Yes the country was indeed founded upon racism just ask all those dead natives who once roamed free till the murdering Europeans stole what they wanted.
        As far as the selling of blacks before you educate us about our people you may want to look into what was common practice in Africa and yes it was slavery BUT they weren’t brutal and or barbaric when they were bought sold and or traded.
        The rapes, mutilation and murders didn’t take place until the white race got involved.
        In Africa you commit a crime slavery, war lose slavery, owe a debt refuse to pay slavery.
        Don’t simply pass along half assed information.
        And for the record it was the Spaniards who kick started slavery like I said it was the white European who took it to a whole new low!

      • mandi says:

        you should not be the one trying to educate anyone. how about the Native American holocaust.

      • Jaz says:

        I don’t think he trashed the rest of the country. What he said was real I dread the day I have children and I have to explain this country’s brutal history of our ppl to them but I’ll have to do it. To have something like that happen then have to pay the person who hurt the one u love. I’d want to leave too

    • anabsurdclam says:

      “founded on racism”
      are you stupid?

  5. Jason says:

    Good riddance you racist piece of s&*t! You need some help packing? Maybe a swift kick in the ass the send you on your way? I’d be more than glad to assist you. Let me know, homie!

  6. not_Kanye says:

    Did he give any indication on how we might speed up his decision?

  7. SouthEast Kardashian says:

    He can stick all his paper money right up in his anus. What a joke. He wants respect when all he does is flaunt about how much egocentric he is. Douchebag, you should leave Earth.

  8. gthorne says:

    don’t let the door hit you on the ass, KW.

  9. TAZZY says:


    • reallydude says:

      Racism aside,(because it’s EVERYWHERE and much worse in some countries)him leaving the country because he doesn’t wanna explain the reality of where we live is pathetic. It’s a bad example as a father to make empty threats,(cause common, he isn’t leaving..) and if he does he’s teaching his daughter to run away from her problems if throwing money at them doesn’t work. Shitty Human beings.

    • Robert says:

      Tazzy, what a dream-come-true it would be if you and all people of color did. When I read your comment the first thing I thought is, “what’s stopping you?” The next thing I did did was imagine what the US would be like without you. It would instantly be a much better, safer place. The jails would be empty and people could walk the streets without worrying about the knockout game. We would save an enormous amount of tax money that is spent on people of color and the democrats would lose a gigantic voting block that they have bought and paid for. Thank you. Just imaging it has made my day better. btw, your CAPLOCK button is on.

    • Thisisaracistshame says:

      Amen brotha amen!

  10. Clyde Benson says:

    White people have been telling me to go back where I came from for millennia. Now I think they are right.

    we cannot integrate with a group of Albino, genetic, non melanin mutants who hold all the power in this country if that is not what they want. I think all strong, intelligent African Americans should leave this country and then make these White beasts an offer they can’t refuse!

  11. Tim says:

    Really dude? You are the racist running up pissed at a whitey for winning an award. Go away. There is becoming too many racist black people. If you want people not to notice color quit shoving it in everyone’s face. We all bleed red.

  12. Andrew says:

    You will not be missed.

  13. Lash says:

    Yes he should leave the US right quick. Comments and slurs from either of the parties will only be considered during the sentencing phase of his trial, perhaps he will be allowed to apply for parole early. If he leaves now for a country without an extradition arrangement with the US, he will have plenty of time to teach his daughter how to solve her problems using violence.

  14. Kellie says:

    Don’t let the door to your private jet hit you in the a**

  15. françois landry says:

    It ain’t racism when you suck as an entertainer.

  16. Kathy Martinez says:

    Is this the same Kanye, that uses n***r in his music? Really Kanye? Really?

  17. Matt says:

    I’ll help you pack. The sooner you leave, the better….

  18. whocares says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish there quite few of us that hold the door open for him .

  19. PJParks says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass moron.

  20. DK says:

    Maybe he is a little short on money, might I donate to the cause?

  21. Ratyus says:

    What’s worse – words or violence?

  22. Mr Obvious says:

    I call BS on the whole thing. First, the idea that Beverly Hills is a hotbed of racist intolerance is just a joke. Second, This supposed recist teenager just let KW walk up to him and punch him in the face? No retaiiation? No charges/personal injury suit? It’s all Bullpuckey, never happened.

    Just some manufactured PR stunt to keep certain names and issues in the news.

  23. jr565 says:

    One single person saying a racist thing and all of a sudden he’s a standin for the entire country. I only hope for his sake that the country he resides in doesn’t have any racists. Otherwise, he might have to leave there too.

  24. NoInterested says:

    Don’t go away mad Mr. West. Just go away. You find it less racist somewhere else, that values you worthless productions, well go for it.

  25. MikeK says:

    Well, if he left it would do a lot to reduce inequality.

  26. SuzyQue says:

    Well, the fact that this was a noteworthy and unusual event, tells us that, no, as a rule, the US is not racist.

    Some people can be, but it’s just not that common.

    And, Mr. West, yes, please leave. Just do it.

  27. BigBird says:

    There is racism and mean people everywhere who treat other horribly. Kanye and Kim have the luxury of buying an island somewhere where they can live in the land of unicorns and complain about others. For the rest of us who are not multi-millionaires, we learn to deal with it.

  28. halevi says:


    Go ahead, make my day! Bring your family with you please – AND DONT COME BACK!!

  29. TSB says:

    Let’s see if we have this straight. Here is a guy who grew up in a middle class family, made it big as an entertainer, then branched out to the fashion and restaurant businesses, and is now so successful that, in his own words, he has “got enough money to buy our own island . . .” Yet he claims that the country he grew up and lives in is so biased against his race he has to leave.

    Anyone see any contradiction there?

    (A punk teenager mouthed off to his wife. Punch him in the mouth and get over it.)

  30. Doug says:

    Does Kanye ever wonder if he is contributing to the problem by using the N word flagrantly in most of his songs? And anyone who names his daughter after a point on a compass does not deserve to live in our country.

    • Andrew says:

      Exactly, we don’t need idiots like him or Kim and her arrogant P.O.S family, hell who freaking names their kid after a direction and gives the poor child the nickname Nori which is a type of seaweed… This is just a stupid plot to keep his ego high up in the clouds next to Mount Olympus where the Gods can just throw crap at him.

  31. Dratttt says:

    Any witnesses… bet it didn’t happen!

  32. raemu8 says:

    Foriegners who move to the US say the US is one of the least racist countries in the world. Hope he enjoys his world travels.

    • Angel says:

      WHO you ignoramus? Is that why Tina Turner and so many other black performers LEFT this hellhole? I’ll never leave but I’ve lived internationally and you are FULL OF SHIT.

  33. Whatever says:

    Oh please leave Kanye. Hell, I’ll pay for your ticket. You are a POS to begin with whose so misguided because of his own fame that you think your shit doesnt stint. Please leave. Please!!!! Go bug another country… one less asshole left on american soil.

  34. ChurchSox says:

    If he’ll take Kim with him, i’ll pay for his flight.

  35. moonpie49 says:

    If by racist you mean someone who detests mugging, preening, posing, self-absorbed, semi-literate, narcissistic celebrities like Kenya, I AM A RACIST. Good riddance!

  36. Proud Denier says:

    A punch in the face is just what this guy needed and deserved. As far as I’m concerned that should have been the end of it. As for Kanye West sitting down and explaining this stuff to his daughter, he probably has a lot of things about his own behavior that will need explaining along with it. Five years from now when Kim Kardashian is on her fourth husband and Kanye West is looking for something new to catch the public’s attention I’m sure the news media will cover his “heart to heart” with little North.

    Poor, wealthy Kim and Kanye

  37. Donald says:

    There I was, all happy and stuff cause Kanye knocked the crap out of the guy (Assuming any of this is true), then he goes and ruins it by opening his big moronic yap.

  38. RlynH says:

    Please, Kanye, just go. And take your vacuous bimbo with you.

  39. Esteban says:

    Hey dumbass, if you ever step outside your entertainment cocoon you will learn that most of the world is far more racist than the United States. But go ahead and leave Kanye. Permanently please. You’ll see how little you are missed.

  40. What a coward. All parents have to cope with the bad in the world—most don’t have the deficit of character and lack of emotional resources to resort to brute violence as their first solution. Nor do they have the cash to allow them to escape reality to an island rather than trying to make the world better by joining in the tough collective job of creating values and healthy role models—something neither West nor the Kardashians have been willing to do. He’s not ready to be a parent; West is a child himself, if a talented one.

  41. DrDean says:

    A few years ago my wife (who is black) summed up Kanye West saying, “Kanye’s not black, Kanye’s stupid.”

    At the time I didn’t know who he was. But she was dead on right about him.. guy’s dumber than a rock.

    Hopefully he actually will leave so I can once again, not know who he was…

    • Angel says:

      Apparently you ain’t ready to have kids. because YOU are dumber than a rock. Run this stupid line past yo wife and see next time she has sex with you will be a few hundred YEARS from now you white ass douche. I never did marry a white guy cuz I can’t stand seeing maggots glowing in the moonlight!

  42. RonF says:

    Mr. West has every right to be upset with how members of his family were addressed. But evil exists everywhere, and it is a parent’s obligation to explain that to their children. There is nowhere he can go to avoid this.

  43. Aguywhoisoneanddone says:

    Come on man! I get the kid said something racist and of course it will offend you but saying you’ll leave the country to somewhere that might be less tolerant of your ethnicity, race, or religious background is outrageously stupid. But hey go on ahead, no one will stop you. Oh yeah the kid may have been a rascist but bro you just knocked him out,if can recall that’s straight up assault. Way to go douche.

  44. Lots of entertainers, black and white, have bugged out to foreign countries, because their fellow Americans were just too icky for them to be around. He won’t be the first or last.

  45. RS says:

    Good for Kanye. The guy deserved a punch in the nose. Maybe if more people did the same the punks wouldn’t be so quick to call people names.

  46. Hi says:

    Bye, take Kim w/ you.

  47. Leeila Cashner says:

    Did someone really comment and say the white beast? Im not racist at all, but its gets real old with the white man did this and that but if people hate on us its somehow justified. There are so many racist.black people that say things if white ppl said it would turn into a media circus. Like i said im.not racist but if thats how you feel you need to go back to wherever u came from

  48. ClownBabyCK says:

    Racism is world wide Coinye

  49. Eliot says:

    I would say go live in the country. It’s what people like me to decide to do when you’re tired or fed up with pointless, annoying BS of people and civilization.

    But, I’m not so sure if he’d be living too close to anyone else that would see him. I’m not black, but as a black person, he might have to hide.

  50. Lisa F says:

    Really Kanye, if this article is accurate.. are you saying that at no point in your life your parents did not sit you down and explain racism in America and your potential precarious position regardless of your income? Hmm…very strange coming from Chicago!

  51. Selene says:

    I think it is ridiculous that anyone is giving what Kanye West says a second thought….I think he should take all the kardashians with him because I’m tired of looking at the front of magazines and seeing something about them every week….Racism? Can kiss my ass the only reason he brings anything up is to get attention….racism is in every day life and I was also raised to treat everyone equally…..getting attention is the only thing keeping any of them in the spotlight….your goose is cooked….get out of the country

    • Angel says:

      THEY are better looking than you foo thats the only reason ppl pay to get their pics. You should take better care of your prune nasty ass self! Oh and leave those std diseases behind yo!

  52. beth says:

    Kanye if you feel this way please leave. I know you are rich but if you need money for a plane ticket let me know. I will stand on the street corner and ask for donations.

  53. Teddy House says:

    Read an article about what happened…. GET OVER IT KANYE! Every one is discriminated against in one way or another…. discriminated because we are women, too fat, too thin, not pretty, Asian, Polish, Hispanic, disabled… should I continue? Be the better person… be respectful, honest, loving. Ignore the ignorant, and stop playing the race card. The more it’s played the longer people think about it and play it against you! GET OVER IT!

  54. Mind Games says:

    Let’s look at this closely… Some kid who simply wants cash comes from his house or from under his rock probably located in the other side of town insults/ threatens a man’s fiancée and by the whom Kayne does not know in any shape form or fashion.

    Would you defend the honor of your fiancée and your manhood? Sure there will be some low life lawyer who will attempt to assist in this lawsuit hopefully there will be a judge who will ask this one question at the beginning of the trial and that is “Where do you live sir?” Pause…… (Thinks)……..”OK sir what you did you brought upon yourself to drag your foul mouth from across town and into public for the soul purpose to harass Mr. West’s family the way you did I will throw this case out as frivolous, have a nice day and I hope ya head gets better”.

  55. The Truth says:

    I’ll buy his plane ticket! No joke. Gtfo!!

  56. bob says:

    no racism here, but send me your deets Kanye and ill pay for the one way ticket

  57. jj says:

    how can de talk about a future if our past is part of our present.

  58. Autumn says:

    Stay and teach your daughter to stand up for herself and that racism is wrong. Don’t teach her to run from her problems! No matter where you go there will always be someone who cannot respect someone else.

  59. Noboru says:

    I guess one thing Kanye could do is stop using the ‘N’ word in his songs. That would at least help stop peolpe from using the word so lightly.

  60. Taylor says:

    Let him go. He’s the biggest tool in this country anyway. No doubt the kid was in the wrong, but anyone who thinks dancing is like war can bite me. Let him go.

  61. Good bye and more importantly as he figures out how to tell his daughter what happen to her mom I hope he also figures out how to tell his little girl how he had her mother nude on a motorcycle for all the world to see in his video. He wants his wife treated with respect but shouldn’t he be the first to do it. Yes what happened to her was wrong. That kid was out of line and who cares about skin color. I am more worried about what their little girl is going to think when she sees how much skin her mom showed and how little respect her father really has for her mom.

    • Angel says:

      Whats wrong wit nudity you puritan? According to YOUR OWN HOLY BOOK nudity is BEAUTIFUL ie Garden of Eden. YOu are a typical white HYPOCRIT and you enslave the masses by looking the other way. I would hate to be YOU.

  62. Greg says:

    Get out. He is as ignorant as anyone, thinking he is so great. He is a jerk and doesn’t deserve to be an American. I feel sorry his daughter has to grow up with such a douche of a dad.

  63. Harry Cox says:

    Tell ya what. I’ll HELP this moron pack to hurry his exit OUT of the United States. I’ll even donate a dollar to buy him a coach airline ticket out. Let him whine and cry somewhere else.

  64. Ivehadenough says:

    Everyone wants to be a victim these days. I’ve heard enough to last me a lifetime on racism.

    Has anyone in this country ever own or been a slave?

    How about all the entitlements you are given everyday because of a horrific past YOU weren’t a part of.

    Everyone just shouts racism.

    Shut up and pull yourself up. Ppl are going to insult you it doesn’t matter what ethnicity, intelligence level, gender, etc. if you play into that- you are being a victim.

    If everyone could just focusing on being the best they could be instead pointing the finger at ppl holding them down…. We’d be a lot better off. And remember when you point that finger, you’ve got three pointing back at yourself.

    • Angel says:

      I’ve been a CHILD SLAVE in the FOSTER CARE system of Northern Cali now you wanna talk?? It would not have been that way but for my MIXED HERITAGE but I still thank god for being a UN of a human being! Being kept out of school I lost 40 lbs and I was ALREADY SKINNY. That was BEFORE I even hit 15 so dont you DARE think slavery doesn’t exist HERE AND NOW. Because it DOES and you will NEVER know how horrific it is to endure constant discrimination PLUS being a slave… that is something it would take YEARS for me to educate you on!

      • Angel says:

        Oh and you better not call me a liar either or an exxagerationist because MY case went to FEDERAL COURT. I have names dates and PROOF. So F you since you dont think these things still exist. It was WHITE AMERICANS who enslaved me, my brother and sister. WE SURVIVED but not because of morons like YOU who DENY it still exists! WE WERE SLAVES IN MY LIFETIME. Now tell me the reparations you will make you doughy white moron?? The only reparation I want from you is an APOLOGY for DENYING what we go thru DAILY. Is that too much???

  65. KM says:

    Kanye could have taught this kid a better lesson….using words instead of a fist in the face! He is only facing hatred and anger with more hatred and anger! He could have told this kid to explain himself and ask him why he is so angry…He should have asked to sit down with him and have a man-to-man conversation about it…the kid might just listen! As long as Kanye doesn’t say racist things in the conversation. PEACE everyone!

    • Angel says:

      And do you have any CLUE what it feels like to be discriminated against? Much less see somebody you love- your KID hurt like that? No you white piece of raw damned dough you DO NOT. Well get a bit of melatonin cuz it feels a lot different coming from our side.

      Now everyone thinks I’m white or italian. Well when I was a kid we got our asses kicked my brother almost lost his life from being lynched yes lynched. It feels a LOT DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER SIDE! So shut ALL THE WAY UP until you know what the hell you are talking about! AIGHT?


  66. Henry says:

    Kanye is a piece of pigeon shit

  67. Michelle says:

    Does he PROMISE he will leave? lol

  68. Andy register says:

    It’s funny some one said black people can’t be racist but I have seen plenty of black racist Hindu chimoro Vietnamese French they are in every race every country

  69. KDelphi says:

    WTF am I still getting these?!

  70. JL Yuke says:

    I understand West getting upset about it, but if he thinks moving is going to end his daughter’s exposure to racism, he’s totally wrong. The U.S. doesn’t have the monopoly on racism…it exists everywhere. We just seem to get the most media attention for it. And, although I don’t care for what I’ve heard about West in the media (he does have good music, though), I don’t blame him getting mad and hitting the guy. The guy was an idiot who needed a quick lesson in basic manners.

    Having said all of that…if you, Kanye West, want to leave the U.S…..leave. From the things I’ve seen of you and things that you’ve said and done, I’d be glad for you to leave. You and Justin Bieber can hang out together and discuss how awesome you both are. Money and fame do not make up for rudeness or arrogance. You’ll just be rich while being rude and arrogant.

    If you want to show your daughter how to actually handle problems instead of buying her way out of them, show her that a man seeks to change the bad things that happen, not ignore and run away from them.

  71. KDelphi says:

    I guess it is just impossible to stop getting responses from this over-discussed topic…I will just have to keep deleting them…

  72. Liam Connaughton says:

    I think the whole story is full of sh#t! No one in today’s society would actually do what was suggested, there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye. Racism is just an easy convenient way to spin it.

  73. ak says:

    Honestly, I really don’t know why he got so upset when a lot if not all of his friends who are rappers use the N word in their songs all the time and on top of that call each other the N word themselves and i’m sure he has used the word either in a song or calls his friends that when approaching them.

  74. KDelphi says:

    I DO NOT want to unsubscribe to PBS–but I do not want anymore of these comments on this issue–wtf do I do ?

  75. Frank says:

    ..still waiting..he’s still here…LOL

  76. Michele says:

    Oh my. Kid deserved a punch in the face for sure. Leaving the US isn’t gonna save you from stupid kids, but please, don’t let that stop you.

  77. KDelphi says:

    this is SO old…why am i still getting replies from it??

  78. BillToo says:

    He should leave now….Unfortunately, he’s an entitled pos that just wants his way and will never leave.

  79. John147 says:

    What is it going to take for blacks to realize there is minimal racism against them these days? We’ve got a black president, black attorney general, we had a black secretary of state under bush, black top general in collin powell.

    Blacks are %15 of the population so EVERY position won’t and cannot go to black people, unless of course it’s a government job.

    So for everything else ofcourse there will only be %15 representation by black people. Stop whinning already, grow up and take some accountability for your lack of abilities or opportunties. YOU have to make things happen for yourself. YOU are not entitled just becaue your black. What about me? Why should blacks be favored and not me? See how stupid this racism concept is?!

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