KFC Customer Claims He Got a Fried Rat

Customer thought he got a rat in his chicken tenders meal.

Customer thought he got a rat in his chicken tenders meal.

A man who ordered fried chicken tenders at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) claims he was served a fried rat instead.

 Californian Devorise Dixon says he ordered a three-piece chicken-tender meal from a KFC in Compton and when he took a bite it tasted nasty, causing him to  spit it out. He also said it was hard and rubbery. When he looked down he observed that the piece had the shape of a rat with a tail. He put the piece of food in the freezer and later returned to the restaurant with his receipt and a photo of the piece of food. Dixon claims the manager of the restaurant “freaked out,  confirmed that it was a rat, and apologized”. The  day after receiving the food Dixon posted a photo of the piece of food and a warning about the safety of fast food on Facebook, where it attracted much attention. Many responders said they would never again eat at KFC.

 KFC responded that their chicken tenders often vary in size and shape and they had no evidence to support Dixon’s allegation. The KFC company reached out to Dixon and Dixon’s attorney eventually handed over the suspect food for testing at an independent lab.  DNA testing determined that Dixon’s chicken tender was actually chicken.

 In an official statement, KFC wrote: “Recently, a customer questioned the quality of a KFC product, and this received considerable publicity given the sensational nature of his claim. The product has now been tested by a third party independent lab, which confirmed it is definitely a piece of chicken, as we knew all along. The right thing for this customer to do is to apologize and cease making false claims about the KFC brand.”

 Dixon has not commented publicly or released a statement concerning the lab’s findings. KFC did not comment on the possibility of legal action against Dixon but a spokesperson for the company said they were “reviewing all options at this point.”

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