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‘Killer cops aren’t welcome here!’ Officer Who Murdered Kelly Thomas, Driven Out Of Restaurant


One of the police officers who infamously murdered Kelly Thomas, was recently spotted at a Southern California Denny’s restaurant. Customers instantly recognized the killer cop as Manuel Ramos, who was recorded on surveillance video beating unarmed Kelly Thomas to death, as he screamed for help.

As Ramos tried to chug his drink before leaving the restaurant, customers yelled. “Killer cops aren’t welcome here.”
Last month, Ramos and his partner Jay Cicinelli were found “not guilty” of murder, even though the homeless, mentally ill man offered no resistance to their brutal assault.

Ramos showed no mercy to Kelly Thomas when he begged for his life. Now Ramos is hopefully starting to realize that he will be shown little mercy from the public.

Following the verdict in the murder case that Ramos and his partner faced, public protests began erupting in California and throughout the country. Last Saturday saw the biggest turn out yet, with a crowd of 300 reported by Los Angeles media outlets, for a Hollywood demonstration against the killing of Thomas and the acquittal of the officers involved.

KEEP THE PRESSURE ON these killer cops, and their departments. SPREAD THE WORD and get out there to show your support at JUSTICE FOR KELLY THOMAS rallies in your area!

(Articles by M.B. David; image via PBSpot)

6 Comments on "‘Killer cops aren’t welcome here!’ Officer Who Murdered Kelly Thomas, Driven Out Of Restaurant"

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  1. Paul Bodnick says:

    This is why people hate cops

    • Linda Tillotson says:

      On January 13, 2014, two Fullerton Police officers were found NOT GUILTY for the murder of a homeless man with mental disorders. After viewing several video’s of this fatal beating, two that were enhanced, my opinion is… Not two, but all six police officers should be charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER. The jury was corrupt and so was the prosecutor. The following is my opinion that I have put in a poem.


      Here’s a story, sad but true,
      A not guilty verdict, on the six o-clock news

      This story started three years ago.
      A homeless man, cops called a psycho.

      Serve and protect, the police do promise,
      Then beat to death, Kelly J. Thomas.

      Officers Cicineilli and Ramos were charged,
      While four other cops remained at large.

      Beaten and kicked, Kelly begged for his life,
      Then came the taser that hit like a knife.

      Laying unconscious in a pool of blood,
      Cops feeling proud, look what we done.

      Caught on film, these cops we trusted,
      Just murdered a man they recently busted.

      The top D.A. Prosecuted this case,
      While cop after cop, lied straight to his face.

      A miscarriage of justice, to say the least,
      Why was the jury believing police?

      The District Attorney should be disbarred,
      The cops and jury all put behind bars.

      Rest in peace Kelly J. Thomas,
      You will not be forgotten, this I promise.

      Written By
      Linda J. Tillotson

  2. rau says:

    Cops in the People’s Republic of Califruita have nothing to fear. Guns are illegal there and they can push the average Califruitan around all they want to because they can’t fight back. To the average Califruita politician and cop, GUN OWNER EQUALS CRIMINAL.

  3. Jace says:

    What a disgusting pig! I have respect for the uniform but not for some of the people wearing them.

  4. // says:

    I’m quite sure that another restaurant would be more than happy to serve him without defamation happening.

    That, and the customers that defamed the cop are certainly going to not have the benefit of the doubt on their next traffic ticket.

  5. Ricky R. Jr says:

    Stop hiring red-necks. I’ve noticed even here where I live that cops are very unintelligent and sociopathic.

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