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Kim Jong-Un Declares War On Comedy: Implies Threats To Attack US If Film Making Fun Of Him Is Released

When it comes to Kim Jong-Un, truth is always stranger than fiction. In fact, writing satire about the North Korean dictator would prove difficult, as nearly every statement Un makes sounds crazier and more concocted than anything that could every be written as fiction.

That hasn’t stopped top comedians Seth Rogan and his best buddy James Franco from trying in their new movie, The Interview. In the film the comedic actors find themselves recruited by the CIA to assassinate the North Korean leader.

Kim Myong-chol, the executive director of the Centre for North Korea-U.S. Peace who is an unofficial spokesman for the regime in Pyongyang, was dismissive of the movie plot.

“There is a special irony in this storyline as it shows the desperation of the U.S. government and American society,” he said to the Telegraph.

“A film about the assassination of a foreign leader mirrors what the US has done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine,” he continued.

“And let us not forget who killed [President John F.] Kennedy – Americans. In fact, President Obama should be careful in case the US military wants to kill him as well,” Kim Myong-chol concluded.

But now, Kim Jong-Un has swornw ‘Merciless’ retaliation if the film ends up being released… Which is more or less certain. In fact, North Korea has stated that the new movie is nothing short of an “act of war”, and that if (when) released, there will be “consequences” as such.

Stay tuned… apparently things are about to get really weird.

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