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LAPD Cops Kidnap and Sexually Assault Woman


Kim Nguyen, a 27-year-old pharmacist, says she was thrown from a squad car after police kidnapped and sexually assaulted her. Nguyen was shown on camera tumbling from a moving LAPD cruiser last year, after being handcuffed in the early morning hours of March 17, 2013.

Nguyen says that officers confronted her and two male friends outside of a downtown Los Angeles restaurant at 2 am, waiting for a cab. They had been drinking and didn’t want to drive home intoxicated. The two men were told to leave or they would be arrested. After they complied, Nguyen was cuffed and placed in the cruiser.

Video of the incident appears to show Nguyen sprawled on the ground with her dress removed from the waist down.

The deposition taped last month claims that while the officer who was in the back seat with Nguyen grabbed her left inner thigh and began forcing her legs apart. Nguyen says the officer also grabbed her chest and pulled her by the ear to bring her head towards him. As she struggled to get away from him, she says officer negligence led to her being thrown from the high speed, moving vehicle.

Nguyen spent two weeks in the hospital as a result of the injuries she sustained. Her jaw was wired shut and she lost all of her teeth from the impact, after being ejected from the cruiser.

Watch the video below and spread the word about these rogue cops! The more we remain silent about these abuses, the more people like these officers are able to abuse their positions of power.

About the author: M.B. David is the author of several scholarly works on Middle Eastern politics, history and religion, such as People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam” as well as the recently published Sci-Fi novel Sleeper Cell 2240: Memoires of the 21st Century Interplanetary Revolution. He is currently working on his doctorate, writing a dissertation focused on the non-profit Hashlamah Project Foundation and associated global study circles.

93 Comments on "LAPD Cops Kidnap and Sexually Assault Woman"

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  1. StuffandStuff says:

    Wow, what can we really do against this abuse and such negligence by the police?
    Even now it seems the court is so intent on protecting these individuals who clearly abuse their privileges as enforcers.

    • le le says:

      If this is really happened, then the US is no different than a communist country

      • anonymous says:

        Really i like how a girl yells rape and just because they are cops means they did it??? How about this is a great attempt to get the charges dropped against her…and thank you media for once again putting a half ass story for people to read with no real facts just allegations ..and i dont know about you but that video of two cop cars shows nothing lol. People need to stop trusting the media. I also read a couple people post that because they dont want to comment means they are hidding something ..maybe it just means the department doesnt need citizens who are angry that this may have happened seek their own justice…

        • le le says:

          Maybe the media could be wrong, but reality is always right, let’s wait to see the result of this case.

        • ANONYMOUS 2 says:

          Really!! “an attempt to get charges dropped against her” you do know they took her in for a FKN drunk in public!!!! Which is pathetic since they were waiting for a cab. A drunk in public is a quick fine and nothing more im sure she is not trying to do that! YOU ARE A FKN MORON!

        • John G says:

          I agree the video doesn’t really show anything… However the police had no business stopping her and her friends when they were trying to get a cab. Furthermore, don’t you think it’s suspicious that they apprehended her and not her friends? There needs to be more transparency when it comes to the actions of our public servants. The NSA shouldn’t be spying on citizens, it should be spying on all public servants, from politicians to police! In the past, reporters rode along with police and they were allowed into crime scenes; as it stands today, these cops can do whatever they want because secrecy breeds corruption.

          • Anonymous2 says:

            You’re a freaking genius! One of the few that makes absolute and perfect sense here! *standing ovation!*

        • Anonymous2 says:

          I’m guessing by your comments that you’re either a cop or your daddy is.

          Obviously you didn’t even care enough to pay attention. So why take the trouble to comment?

          What charge is she avoiding again? Calling a cab instead of driving drunk? Yeah that’s a bad one! <~ sarcasim… Being thrown out of a moving vehicle? Is that a law on the books in la la land? Fucking disgusting, disgraceful and despicable behavior!

          Shame on these useless individuals! Shame on us all for allowing any PUBLIC SERVANT (YES! Cops ARE in fact actually PUBLIC SERVANTS they seem to forget this fact all too often) to think this is acceptable!

          The report didn't say she was raped. Sexual assault isn't always rape. Also, just because YOU happen to be a misogynist doesn't mean sexual assault doesn't exist.

          It is true that just because they're cops doesn't mean they're guilty but it sure as hell does NOT mean they're innocent.

          Cops rape, brutalize, terrorize and murder people all the time.

          Young homeless schizophrenic beaten to death while screaming for mercy (dozens of witnesses and audio footage),

          business owner shot dead in the back while on the phone in their own business (cop never identified himself-witness on other end of the phone heard entire thing),

          family puppy shot dead in front of young children for running (as puppies often do) out of the open door of the vehicle, not even at officers-caught on tape,

          father of six shot dead… 12 times while sitting in his wheelchair on his front porch for reaching for his ID in front shirt pocket (that must've been one tiny firearm to fit in his shirt pocket,-multiple witnesses)… just a few that actually got press. Many, many more never do. I could go on and on.

          Wake up! 90% of them only protect and serve themselves and each other. I don't trust any cop to do anything that isn't in his/her own best interest and I've never even had a "run in" with the law.

          Pretty sad when law abiding citizens don't trust and even fear the law enforcement that they pay for and are supposed to protect them. I guess an oath means nothing to these pos'!

          I, for one, hope these cops do hard time with a few that they put away. They should be held to a higher standard not a lower one!

          They deserve an ass raping or seventeen a day just for abusing the authority given to them BY US to protect US and for thinking they can act like the freaking Gestapo and get away with it.

          I daresay that we'd all be a little safer with them and all the others like them off the streets. Doubt they'd be missed by anyone with any sense. Every one of these, cop thought he was god almighty, stories just piss me off! Is it just me? Wtf!?!!

          • fascist pigs says:

            I TOTALLY AGREE. With every point. Jesus. The situation literally makes me cry for these people. The abuses! How could they do this to people??
            They have no recourse. There is no rule of law. The gov doesn’t care about the constitution. They are abusing power. Check out Jesse Ventura, he tried to sue the tsa but the court did not have the power to stop the tsa. Who does???
            And the media. They should all be fired.
            What happened to honor? Liberty? Fairness? Justice? Freedom?
            Part of the problem is that americans have forgotten/not been taught their history so they don’t know how important it is to hold onto their rights. Because it is almost impossible to get them back.
            You have to guard your freedom as fiercely as Ron Paul.
            If people give up their guns the are in trouble.

        • MustBe says:

          anonymous seems to be taking this personally. Must be either 1. a cop 2. spouse of a cop 3. mistress/girlfriend/boyfriend of a cop. Either way, how can you support such obvious brutality and abuse of power? Cops who abuse citizens on the streets are more likely to be domestic abusers too.

        • alex says:

          you are either dumb as shit, or are associated with those pigs.. you obviously missed the point that it shows that she didn’t just jump out or simply fell out of the vehicle like the officers claim. […]

        • anonymous says:

          Nice try, pig.

        • j says:

          Go back to school and learn some grammer before you post something so ignorant. My 10 year old sister is more capable of writing a proper sentence than your dumbass.

        • Benny Bellagio says:

          Really? A girl would go through all this just to get a Public Intoxication charge drop? You are one freaking idiot.

        • daveguapo says:

          even if the sexual abuse is a lie,( which i doubt, but as you say is unproven) they WERE negligent, she couldve died falling out of that car which should never happen if the police were doing theyre job properly and as for trusting the media? are fuckin serious!! look up the amount of corrupt cop cases that have never been reported on if you think the media are against the police

      • B says:

        What does communism have anything to do with police brutality?

      • Clarissa says:

        Yes, because communism is synonymous with rape culture. Of course.

        • MustBe says:

          Actually, democracy is more synonymous with rape. Ask anyone from any country where occupiers and invaders have come in to spread democracy. They’ll tell you. China would not have turned to communism if, under western advisers, the Koomingtang hadn’t gone in raping women, men and children and stealing their goods and their land. Then forcing them to buy their own stuff back at exaggerated prices. Throw western religion into the mix and things have a tendency to become really brutal and sadistic.

    • jimbo says:

      I hope you sue the fuck out of them and make million, hate asshole like cops and anyone else do stupid shit like that. Like in florida guy shots and kills a man in the movie theater cause he was texting his daughter oh did I say he was a retired cop Fry his ass. Well Kim sorry that happened to you sue them for all the fucking money you can get and make sure they lose their job or jobs and move out of cali.

  2. kimmy says:

    May she get justice. … I pray those cops go to jail and get rap there.

  3. LN says:

    I hope those bad cops will get full penalty. Are those cops Ku Klux Klan?

    • LN says:

      This is why you always should go out with a “big” group and go home together in big group. You go I go, who cares if it is a cop. When you look vulnerable, they will target you.

      • Xub Tsab says:

        Dude… that’s what I was thinking when I was watching this clip…

      • Max says:

        And always remember that police cannot order you to leave for no apparent reason. They must be on official duty and have apparent reasons and suspicions to do anything to you.

      • Clarissa says:

        The size of the group, “big” or otherwise, is irrelevant. Cops have authority and some cops abuse that to advantage themselves. People know it. Her friends knew it, which is why they left when the cops threatened to arrest them—-because history has shown that cops get away with that shit, doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not.
        There are no “should haves” in this situation for this victim, so stop imposing them. The “should haves” lie firmly with the perpetrators of this abuse, the cops. They “should have” comported themselves with the decency and upstanding befitting their station and NOT engaged in sexual assault.

    • Mohawk Mike says:

      The cops are both Korean so I doubt they are KKK.

      Asian on Asian crime.

      As high profile as LAPD is, I would think they would have in car cameras and glass partitions between front seat and rear.

    • Anon to LN says:

      Why don’t you take a look at the officers names before instigating a race war? “The arresting officers have been identified as David E. Shin (신은총) and Jinseok Oh (오진석) of Olympic Division.” Doesn’t sound very “Ku Klux Klan” to me…

    • getAgrip says:

      yes the cops are the only asians in the kkk the kkk took them in cause they like there style

    • Scotty says:

      they weren’t even white!!!

    • bm says:

      I guess your assuming they are white. hmmm… Has to be racist right? lmao.. IDIOTS!

  4. Khong says:

    Unfortunately bad people are in every field and every where these days, only loves can overcome everything. God bless all people around the world….

  5. Stan says:

    My take on it: the ethnic Chinese and Koreans do not have much respect for the ethnic Vietnamese. It is common to find Vietnamese women working as slaves or prostitutes in both China and South Korea. So now about these two cops… Ethnic Chinese and Korean… They treated her in a same manner that Japanese treated their people: rape.
    The worst thing about it — it happened right here, in the United States of America, and they supposed to be cops. They supposed to protect and serve… ;-(

    • Howard says:

      Nice generalization. You seem to be very ignorant considering they are Chinese and Korean when they are both Korean. It is funny how many people think because their names sound like Chinese/Korean without even thoroughly researching anything. It is common to find Vietnamese women working as slaves in China, South Korea ,most Asian countries and UNITED STATES OF F’ING MERICA. People like you seem to have 2 digit IQ and no education. Don’t generalize a WHOLE nation because of two people’s faults. Its like saying you found a news of a African American or Hispanic American who robbed a bank and you think ALL AA and HA are robbers.

    • Lilian says:

      This is probably the dumbest comment. In your effort to be “culturally aware,” you’ve only proven yourself to be as prejudice and closed-minded as the person who commented above who referenced the Ku Klux Klan. Are you saying that the police officers confirmed with each other, “Bet that woman is Vietnamese… you don’t like the Vietnamese, right? Me neither. Let’s attack her.”

      Assault is assault, especially sexual by nature. What difference does it make what race they are or what generalization of cultural relationships exists? It’s assault, pure and simple.

    • Joe says:

      where did you get ethnic chinese from? theyre both Korean. The fact that you cant tell the difference between a Korean and Chinese suggests you don’t know anything. Please shut up and try not to act smart[…] btw there aren’t any Vietnamese slaves in Korea. lmao

  6. danielle says:

    Thoes cops need to get in trouble lose their jobs and go to jail. That is not right at all they are supposed to protect us not hurt us. That is BS i hope that girl heals up and gets back at them. They need to pay , you dont just do that to anyone just cause you want something from someone no that is bs. Screw them i hope they rot in hell for their actions.

  7. Qui says:

    LAPD been getting away all kinds of stuff. Rodney king , Perez case etc… now this case are just the ones they got caught for. I hope more cases start coming to light because of this. Kidnap and sexual assault are very serious crimes from these officers.

    • Tomeka says:

      Not just LAPD but there’s police across the country that are doing shit like this and getting away with it. I pray that it becomes a requirement for all cops to wear “cop-cam” a small surveillance camera that views everything in from the cops POV. so stuff like this can’t be prevented.

  8. allen says:

    To the individuals who cause this great pain of suffer to this poor girl. I hope that you start praying and ask God to forgive you. What you’ve done to this poor girl was not an act of a human or an animal. There are no words to describe to an individual like you. Good luck behind bar and what you have done to this poor girl and other victims, It will all come back to you in multiple.

  9. Chris Dorner says:

    See what I’ve been trying to tell you people all along!!

  10. Xub Tsab says:

    At the end of this clip. The news reporter said “They will not comment” pretty much explains that they did it and their excuse is to ignore this situation. I hope these cops gets more then a suspension and no week payment. I hope they get prison raped from the inmates in their County prison.

  11. pyjammez says:

    More cameras everywhere! Especially on police officers.

  12. George Atwood says:

    Cops like these have no honor and deserve no respect. They are the worst kind of scum bags and deserve to be taken out back and put down like the rabid dogs they are.

  13. Chris says:

    There’s something odd about this. First if it were a REAL cop then thats just horrible and is the reason why all good cops have a bad rep because if thew like this. The possibility does exist of an imposter. It doesn’t make sense because cruisers are not made to be opened from the inside or people would be jumping out all the time.

    • Stuffy says:

      Some cruisers aren’t full patrol cars but are painted like them, ive seen 3 cops riding in a LAPD squad car and the rear passenger exited himself, it also didn’t have the gate, but it did have the shotgun. some food for thought

    • Clarissa says:

      Interesting theory, and you have a point about cruisers, but I’m pretty sure the Department would have already decried these as imposters if they didn’t know the individuals were amongst their staff. If they weren’t, it wouldn’t make sense for the LAPD to not say as much since it would save them a lot of bad press.

  14. homeboy703 says:

    Damn redneck cop

  15. Bobby says:

    They’ll get paid vacation and nothing will happen to them… as always

  16. JB says:

    She has no proof. Right now this is just her bringing these allegations up after she was drunk with two male friends. I agree, the women falling our of the car was negligence on the officers part, but to bring up this sexual assault case this to me is ridiculous. But who knows… This is just my humble opinion.

    • butters says:

      kind of a POS arent you?

    • KB says:

      Doesn’t sound like a very humble reply at all, victimblamer.

    • Clarissa says:

      Did you watch that video?

      Yes, it’s so ridiculous that this woman who can barely get the words out to describe how she was assaulted would bring forth these allegations—because society rewards victims of sexual assault so well, right?

      Because we don’t verbally abuse them or call them liars, because they never have to, in court, be cross-examined on their style of dress or sexual morals or have the fact that they were out in public at night without an entourage of body guards be implied as a personal failing on their part. Because their romantic history is never dragged out into it. As if ANY of these things has any bearing on their sexual assault.

      Yes, how dare she try to bring criminals to justice. How dare she think she deserves that.

  17. Tri Hoang says:

    What’s the call to action? There needs to be action from the people, a lawsuit is NOT ENOUGH.

  18. Moks says:

    This is where our taxes go…. to hire policemen to kidnap and sexually assault a helpless person.

  19. Morgan says:

    I don’t think there is much we can do against this crony system. I intend on buying a dashcam, planning on recording any encounter I have with a police officer, and am probably going to research carrying and conceal permits and will buy a firearm.

    I feel like there is going to be a lot of civil unrest in the future and there will be riots, or SOMETHING bad is going to happen. All this shit that has been going on lately…

  20. BOBJONES says:


  21. Buntya says:

    This is just wrong. Poor woman, she got injuries & bruised all over, just hope she heals soon & a fast recovery.

  22. AJ says:

    Innocent until proven guilty. That’s how our justice system works but sounds like everyone here has their pitchforks and torches ready. I’m anti-police but this story is terribly one-sided and everyone needs to get a grip before jumping to conclusions.

  23. Gary says:

    Horrible! Very messed up, I hope this lady gets justice!
    P.S. newscasters- not a great situation to laugh. Its not SNL.

  24. Darren says:

    We can, as individuals, keep an eye on the police forces in the country even if it means, as some have proposed, setting up permanent committees of appeal in every city to hear cases of police brutality, or of any other infraction of our freedom to speak and to pursue what our founders called happiness; two rights perennially endangered not only at the local but at the federal level.

  25. We says:

    The police are meant to protect and serve the people. But we the people are not being protected or served, therefore in order for things to change, WE must make it change. We have the power to make changes. In Thailand the people are overthrowing a corrupt government, simply because they want change and are tired of corruption. To see people shut the city down just by marching in the thousands is amazing and sad at the same time. Sad as in I know this will never happen in our country until we wake up. We’ve become too complacent and desensitised to corruption & violence that affect us in our everyday lives. Our biggest exports are weapons & entertainment, we have more prisons than any other country on earth, and our education standards are failing our children. When do we have enough of it and make a change?

  26. Ernie says:

    Crooked dirty PIGS are worse than the criminals they arrest, im. sure the Pervert Pigs will not get convicted

  27. Jenn says:

    LAPD according to another news article I read yesterday will soon be required to wear the mini cameras that sit on their ear or hat while on duty. It’s about time too! Other areas where that has been implemented already had their citizen complaints against officers lowered by over half. LAPD has been crooked for way too long, I won’t say all officers cause if that were the case I would hope justice would be served in any way possible, including vigilante. Even in my home state I have come across rude police officers who couldn’t be bothered to help me when some crazy man had slashed the tire of my car and was stalking my apartment, bet he would have been there had I taken out my own gun and got rid of the guy. I got lucky though in the end in finding another police officer who didn’t mind coming by 4 times that day in trying to capture the creep but since he was the only one who would come he didn’t get caught. smh

  28. Maybe the police were trying to assess her physical health somehow. Or she was afraid of the semi automated system and jumped. I’m too squimish to watch the video, but the New York Daily News article states that she was put into a medically induced coma for 6 days. Maybe there is a wolf and sheep story here. Horses act chaotic ways when faced with greater danger such as nuclear bomb tests, hunters or low flying helicopters and aeroplanes. That’s all I can think a bout for now.

  29. tim says:

    this cop is just another human I mean animal That’s all He’ll burn in hell soon !!

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