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Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Legalize Shooting Pets


A bill has recently been introduced a by an Oklahoma legislator that allows pet-owners to “dispose” of animals by shooting them. State Representative Steve Martin sponsored the bill. He believes that the new measures put forth in HB 2613 are an effective solution for “euthanasia” practices already in place throughout the state.

“Euthanizing your own animal with a firearm in Oklahoma is done all the time,” Representative Martin said. “People have animals that, for one reason or another, they’re either sick or old or for some reason, not suitable to go to a new home, and it is as painless to euthanize an animal with a firearm, if it’s done humanely, as any other method.”

Current protections mandate that pets can only be shot in cases of self-defense or defense of livestock. But HB 2613 would remove that requirement. It would also not mandate that pet-owners to seek alternatives to shooting pets. If a pet owner wants to shoot an animal under their care, they would be allowed to.

The bill also seeks to reduce the penalties for a number of animal cruelty crimes. This includes laws against animal neglect.

Cynthia Armstrong is the director of the Oklahoma Humane Society. When asked about bill, she said that it is likely to lead to a number of unforeseen problems.

“What if somebody tries to shoot an animal with a gun and kill it with one shot but they miss, or the animal moves?” Armstrong said in an interview with News OK. “The unintended consequences of what he’s doing are greater than a ‘problem’ [Martin] is trying to solve.”

(Article by M.B. David)

40 Comments on "Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Legalize Shooting Pets"

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  1. nunya says:

    THIS IS BS…….

  2. Nini says:

    This is unbelievable. Has this politician lost his mind? This is NOT acceptable.

  3. AnimalLover says:

    why would ANYONE support or write something like this? And reducing the penalties for animal cruelty?? I hope he gets kicked out of office for this one. This is HORRIBLE!

  4. Kathryn Gintz says:

    This man is a nut case…next thing he will be wanting to use guns on people that are too old or sick…this is too cruel for words..he doesnt deserve to be a “public servant”.

  5. OOOOOOklahoma, where the morons get elected on the plains.

  6. GinaBean says:

    Just another bored politician trying to make use of his wasteful time. This is unacceptable!!!! Obviously has no compassion for animals. We animal activist work so hard to teach spay and neutering to reduce the euthanize rate and this idiot wants to surpass the cruelty to animals law and give each person a bullet!!! I’m disgusted!!!

  7. Betty Beasley says:

    Pathetic man!!!

  8. deb sprague says:

    a few hours in a locked closet with a dozen or so pitbulls might give him new perspective.

  9. Adrienne Young says:

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard…I hope it gets shot down quick..and the idiot who introduced it just as quick!!

  10. Steve Carzoli says:

    My Prayer “God deliver us from Ignorant and useless Politicians Amen”

  11. Jack Choy says:

    “The bill also seeks to reduce the penalties for a number of animal cruelty crimes. This includes laws against animal neglect.”

    This is the part that should be most concerning.

  12. mish says:

    Mr Martin is mentally ill and needs to be removed from office! The idea that some lives matter less is all that is wrong in this world!

  13. Jane Edsen says:

    Hope you vote him out of office if this is the kind of bill he introduces.

  14. Guest says:

    HB 2613 is a waste of taxpayer’s money, when it should’ve been invested ito creating jobs, not molding people to become a bunch of gun-totin’ redneck country-bumpkins! And be forewarend, that if this bill passes and is signed by the Governor, Oklahoma will be boycotted!!

  15. Billy Angus says:

    HB 2613 is a waste of taxpayer’s money, when it should’ve been invested ito creating jobs, not molding people to become a bunch of gun-totin’ redneck country-bumpkins! And be forewarned, that if this bill passes and is signed by the Governor, Oklahoma will be boycotted!!

  16. Laura Umphenour says:

    Let me guess……another REPUBLICAN legislator whose “little” mind for animals can only come up for this as a solution. So glad the world is changing and leaving these idiots in the dirt. I see in another comment, it didn’t pass…..and shouldn’t have.

  17. Mick says:

    In some states the penalties for cruelty to animals is higher than killing someone. I don’t know if OK is one of those states but I wouldn’t be opposed to reducing penalties if there are weaker penalties for doing the same or worse to humans.

  18. dps says:

    You are a mad man!

  19. Blake says:

    The article doesn’t say it, but dollars-to-donuts, a Republican drafted this monstrosity. Can I have a pet Republican if it passes?

  20. Anna Boone says:

    WHAT THE EFFFFFF????? some one should shoot him instead!

  21. Vicki Trusselli says:

    this dude is a real nut case a real sociopath.

  22. Paige Lovelace says:

    OMG this man needs to be out of office now! How in the world did he ever think this would pass? This guy is a an out right idiot and he should be made to get his face licked off by one of the pets he wants to kill.. This is too cruel for words!

  23. Ben Bates says:

    A very wise man once told me “show me someone who doesn’t like dogs and I’ll show you someone you can’t trust”.I have found in my experience that it is based on fact….the same tenet applies to all animals.It serves as a useful barometer in my dealings with others of my species.

  24. Bettyk says:

    This makes Oklahoma look like some backwoods area of a 3rd world nation. They’re lucky they don’t rely on tourism!

  25. Jane Davison says:

    IF people in Oklahoma really care about the animals, they need to tell the other state reps there to vote this bill down and have Steve Martin arrested and put into prison for a very long time on charges of animal cruelly.If he has pets of his own, they need to be removed from his home and be on that list of people who should never ever have a pet. He is also unfit to be a lawmaker and the people of Oklahoma need to vote him out of office for this. The people in Oklahoma need to know that their state rep is unfit to represent them and he should not be in that office at all. This man is very very sick and he is in for a lot of unpleasant surprises with ideas and suggestions like this. I do hope the dogs attack him. In this case, it is justified. Sorry, about that comment, as it is public we we have to go public on things like this.

  26. audiodoc says:

    who do we have as lawmakers in this country???? idiots? Seems that way

  27. Andrew D'Angelo says:

    Not only do I find this piece of morally gutless filth being a legislator OFFENSIVE…THIS PHOTO IS OFFENSIVE TO EVERYONE, MYSELF AND INSULTING/TORTUROUS TO ALL ANIMAL-CARETAKERS. To promote animal cruelty in this manner is beyond WRONG. Please take this photo down ASAP!

  28. OK Proud says:

    Are you people serious? Have none of you lived in the country or on a farm? Bottom line is, animals get sick who have been pets or on the farm. And the humane thing to do is put the dog/cat/cow/fish down. A bullet is a very humane way to euthanize an animal quickly and painlessly. Sometimes situations happen where it would be more painful and more stress on the animal to transport it to a vet. Get real people, death isn’t anything any one of us look forward to, and it isn’t always pretty. It should be up to the owners discretion to put their pet down as painlessly as possible. Obviously certain people will abuse any given right, but it doesn’t mean we all will. And shame on ALL of you for wanting a man to die or be tortured for his opinions, you are the real animals!

  29. hardluckwoman says:

    Does this man without a soul realize that a few lazy animal owners will then start shooting their pets for no reason other then that they don’t want them anymore and are too lazy to re-home them! What’s next…children???

  30. Sam2001 says:

    That might be fine thinking for 1814, or even possibly 1914, it is WRONG for 2014!

    Like most others i foresee MORE animal cruelty, MORE abused animals, and more crimes of pet stealing for the thrill of “killing a living animal”

    Citizens of Oklahoma, write and call your representatives now!

  31. Manel Dias says:

    So in other words this man Steve Martin when he gets older and cannot see or walk anymore then the next step would be to shoot him dead.? Well good to know now. The people who lives in the area need to know that let him get old, after that any one is allowed to get rid of him, because he would be pretty old & useless.

  32. Manel Dias says:

    He is a psycho. He needs to get his mentally deranged head examined. What a lunatic the people have chosen and put in a position to take such evil decisions against the vulnerables in the society. May be some one needs to get him out of that place right now. He does not deserve to be living & breathing in this world. This man Steve Martin is a evil scumbag. Disgrace to the human race.

  33. Manel Dias says:

    Yes it is not euthanesia at all. It is a murder but this political moron does not understand the difference between the murder & the euthanesia..that is the case here. May be it is time to euthanise him as the way he explains it. Oklahoma is filled with guns so no problem some one can euthanise him.

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