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Leith, North Dakota Council Meeting INVADED by Neo-Nazis (Viewer Discretion Advised)


The small town of Leith, North Dakota recently took center stage on social networking sites, even while most media outlets barely reported on the story getting all the buzz. A network of white supremacist groups had come together to purchase properties in the small town, so as to create a majority, using that to springboard into making a “whites only” town.

Just barely over a week ago a large protest was organized. Native American activists and general anti-fascist groups united to drive the groups out. But almost immediately after the protest, stories began to emerge in the local media that the hate-groups were on their way out because of a lack of plumbing in the condemned houses that they purchased.

In our exclusive report, “The North Dakota Neo-Nazi Take-Over HAS ALREADY HAPPENED (No, the bad plumbing didn’t stop them)“, we detailed proof that the Neo-Nazis of Leith were not going anywhere, in spite of the pitfalls they faced with some of the plumbing in their acquired properties. Now we have further proof that they are digging in their heals and “standing their ground” in North Dakota.

The Following News “RAW” Video Is Provided By The “GRANT COUNTY NEWS” And “CARSON PRESS” Of Elgin, North Dakota. The video contains “OFFENSIVE” language and “RACIST” remarks from a self-proclaimed “SKINHEAD – NEO NAZI” who invaded the Leith, North Dakota town council meeting on October 18, 2013!

Viewer discretion is advised. Watch and SPREAD THE WORD! We have to mobilize and DOUBLE our efforts against these bigots!

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  1. KDelphi says:

    This is really lame, eh? I mean, confront this guy at all, he just wooses out…what a joke…ppl. like him dont scare me nearly as much as true neonazis…and there are plenty of them in the rural areas around here….living, breathing irony machines

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