Man Receives Penis Transplant

Recipient of first penis transplant performed in U.S.

Recipient of first penis transplant performed in U.S.

The first U.S. penis transplant has been performed on a 64-year-old cancer patient. The 15 hour operation occurred in May, 2016, at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, using a penis from a deceased donor who matched the patient’s blood type and skin tone.

In 2012, Thomas Manning of Halifax, MA, was severely injured in an accident at work when heavy equipment fell on him. While receiving medical attention, doctors observed an abnormal growth on his penis that Manning had not noticed. Tests revealed the growth to be cancer, and during a life-saving operation most of Manning’s penis was removed. He was left with an inch long stump.

The transplant team spent three years preparing for the penis transplant. During the procedure, surgeons connected microscopic blood vessels and nerve structures of the donor penis with those of Manning. Twelve surgeons and 30 other health care workers were involved in the surgery.

 Dr. Curtis Cetrulo, one of the lead surgeons of the team, said the aims of the surgery were to ensure that the penis looked natural, was capable of normal urination, and would eventually   achieve normal sexual function. In a news conference following surgery, Cetrulo said that Manning showed no signs of bleeding, infection or rejection. Manning was expected to be able to urinate normally within a few weeks and achieve sexual function within a few months.

The cost of the transplant is estimated at $50,000-$75,000. The hospital paid for the procedure and the doctors donated their time. The ultimate goal of such surgery is to help combat veterans with severe pelvic injuries, cancer patients, and accident victims.

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