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A Map of Hate Groups In The U.S. Reveals Surprising State With The Most Hate Groups


A new map has been released showing where hundreds of hate groups are based in the United States. The map, created by The Southern Poverty Law Center, shows racist groups are still largely in the South but regardless, the number of such groups has increased significantly since President Obama took office.

While the number of such hate groups has dropped from 1,007 in 2012 to 939 in 2013, many of their ideas are becoming more mainstream amongst right-wing politicians.

“The idea that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, among others, is being plugged by U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). Last November, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) suggested the president was using the Affordable Care Act as cover to set up a ‘secret security force,'” the report comments.

As well, it seems that during Democrat presidential terms, the hate group activity spikes, with the Obama administration representing a new high.


While many states have an array of hate groups, the SPLC classified each of them into eight categories: black separatist, neo-confederate, Christian identity, racist skinhead, white nationalist, neo-Nazi, Ku Klux Klan and “general hate.”

Only Hawaii was noted to not have any hate groups whatsoever. Southern states, however – 589 of the 939 active groups that the SPLC identified – account for a huge 63% of all hate groups in the United States.

Even while Florida has 58 such groups, and Texas 57, California made the top of the list. Racist skinheads group in Southern California helped the state come in at the #1 spot, even though it has no history of slavery. 

Such groups “have for years, been running in political elections and haven’t done all that well,” the report’s author Mark Potok said. “They have however, recently gathered the top influential white supremacists to run their board and are becoming more aggressive about winning elections.”


(Article by M.B. David; images via the Southern Poverty Law Center)

73 Comments on "A Map of Hate Groups In The U.S. Reveals Surprising State With The Most Hate Groups"

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  1. Lucifer says:

    What about a map of gangs? They have also increased significantly since 2009.

  2. greekdish says:

    SLPC is a hate group themselves…they ignore their own hatred and BS classifications of other groups as “hatred”….they just ignore the facts.

    • Thack says:

      How about you show us an example of hatred from the SLPC. You can’t because it isn’t true. When you remove the lies from a conservative, all this is left is an empty pair of shoes.

  3. therain says:

    The splc is a pathetic group of liberals.

  4. Kyle Smith says:

    Why is Christianity the only religion singled out? Islam is far worse, especially considering their holy book encourages the active murder of homosexuals.

  5. Francis Vetter says:

    Obama spreads hate every time he speaks.

  6. Francis Vetter says:

    Obamas Black Panther brothers are a multi state hate group, they are in every state!

  7. Concerned says:

    Note that these are groups that SPLC categorizes as “hate” groups. I don’t share their classification on many of the groups they call hate groups. And there are hate groups which they have ignored as well.

    Why is a pro-Christianity group singled out but no other religion. Any Islamic religious groups should be considered not only hate groups but terrorist. Also conspicuous by its absence is La Raza. If there was every an anti-white hate group it’s La Raza. And they are all over the southwest and even in the southeast, now. They’ll be up north, too, as the numbers of hispanic illegals continues to grow.

    • April Pummill says:

      Not all Muslims hate America – some are from America. The Westboro Baptist “Church” is easily a terrorist group. Your bigot is showing.

    • Only the sort of bigot who would happily join one of the groups on this map could conflate “Muslim” with “terrorist.” Use this map to get in touch with like-minded individuals.

    • Thack says:

      Actually taking the time to go through the article and check each state is too much for a conservative. Other religious groups are mentioned in the state by state map. The reason cons are dangerous is that they are motivated solely by emotion and rarely are capable of critical thinking. They are intellectually lazy and tend towards bigotry and hatred of those who are not like them.

      Christian Identity (also known as Identity Christianity) refers to a wide variety of loosely affiliated believers and churches with a white supremacist theology. Most promote a racist interpretation of Christianity.

      According to Chester L. Quarles, professor of criminal justice at the University of Mississippi, some of the Christian Identity movement’s followers believe that non-Caucasian peoples have no souls, and can therefore never earn God’s favor or be saved. Believers in the theology affirm that Jesus Christ paid only for the sins of the House of Israel and the House of Judah and that salvation must be received through both redemption and race.

  8. ModdKenwood says:

    what hate group does that fat old black woman on an Atlanta bus cussing out the white people seated on the bus with her belong to?
    there’s video today of her hate filled screed…

    • maraith says:

      She appears to be an unhappy individual. Her actions are not part of a concerted plan of a bunch (or large group) of individuals with the intent of denying rights to a minority group.

    • Thack says:

      Kenwood, your hood is slipping over your ears. Hateful people don’t have to belong to a hate group. Are you a member of a white supremacist group?

  9. concernedcitizen20099 says:

    Means nothing.

    California has 38M plus people.

    So, it is first in most categories that you can think of…

    Not a valid survey.

  10. PUNKMAR77 says:

    The hate filled comments on here are priceless…splc is a hate group? Sure, sure they are…rusty trombone

  11. Polecatmtn says:

    The so called SPLC is a money making machine for its founder, period. The SPLC itself is a hate group. It is almost funny when you take a look at some of the groups it “selects” as “hate groups”. Many of them are a bunch of old guys, way out of shape, who are White and have extreme views but are as harmless as a toothless frog. I’m wondering where the Black Panther’s are on this list? Good Grief. Anyway, that is not the point, just keep sending your money to the SPLC so that their Founder can buy another racehorse. Oh, by the way, he is White and once bragged that he knew a quick way to get rich.

    • maraith says:

      They don’t judge the groups by how effective or physically fit they are. The groups are categorized by their philosophy. Old, unfit men can have disgusting ideas just as young, fit ones can.

    • Thack says:

      You seem to be another obtuse conservative. A hate group would be a group of people who hate and join together to unite that hate and direct it outward. They don’t have to build bunkers, plan attacks or burn a cross on your lawn. The Black Panthers were a black nationalist group. They disbanded in 1982. Conservatives who try to convince us that they are presently a hate group are little more than clowns.

      • Polecatmtn says:

        No. You live in Fantasy land in your proximity to DC. How about bigotry against European Americans (since we are in the hyphen land). You Racists are so filled with anger and bigotry you cannot see much less touch reality. Shame on you!

  12. meeka says:

    It includes black separatists in the list, the Black Panthers probably fit into that category.

    • Thack says:

      The Black Panthers disbanded in 1982. Why are cons so “no info”?

      • Tommycat says:

        Apparently you missed where they put in New Black Panther Party as one of the hate groups. So much for “cons” not reading.

        • Thack says:

          Not at all. The Black Panthers disbanded years ago..The New Black Panthers is a very small group. Cons don’t really read Ayn Rand, they just read the Cliff Notes.

          • Tommycat says:

            Oh hey, there’s this thing called CONTEXT that you are apparently unfamiliar with. Black Panthers in this context(as they are listed as Black Separatists) refers to the NBPP, which did not disband in 1982. So either your comment was a red herring, or you have no clue what you’re talking about.

          • Tommycat says:

            Again, CONTEXT! And your arrogant backside is the one who has been slathering your comments with calling Conservatives stupid. And a shorthand method of referring to NBPP is just saying Black Panthers. But since you felt it necessary to be pedantic, I felt the desire to correct you. Is there anyone else using the Black Panther name right now? No, then the blah blah woof woof about the ORIGINAL Black Panther Party disbanding in 1982 was completely unnecessary. He did not say Old Black Panther Party. Didn’t even say Black Panther Party. Just Black Panthers. Which given the CONTEXT means the ones CURRENTLY using the name.

    • wiseoldsnail says:

      the black panthers were not a hate group, but an organization dedicated to the betterment of themselves and all people of color . there tactics included teaching, feeding, providing health care, etc to those who didn’t have access to those things, thanks to a systemically racist social and legal environment

      read up on a bit of history

  13. me3tv says:

    I think the conclusions the data and the purity of purpose are suspect here, though for any and all hate groups I would suggest more uplifting enterprise.

    • Thack says:

      So you believe that blacks think everything is ok in the US because Obama was elected? Since the election of our first black president, the racists and bigots have been encouraged and given voice by the republican party. We should start deciding if the GOP is simply a hate group that hates blacks, the young, the poor, and the sick. Rather than take up arms against them, they use the power of legislation to reduce them to less than full citizenship and rights. That’s institutional bigotry and racism. That is what the GOP has become.

  14. Thack says:

    When the democrats pushed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts through Congress and into law, racists and bigots in the South started to switch parties. The GOP used the Southern Strategy to draw racist whites to the party. Racists believe the democratic party is the party of blacks. When democrats gain power, the racists draw together and form groups in the belief that blacks are taking over the world.

    The GOP is now the party racists prefer. The republicans don’t mind as long as they get enough votes to get power and give the nation to the 1/10th of 1%.

    • Tommycat says:

      Wait… What? Democrats were the ones holding the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights act up. Democrats stayed Democrats. And still push the same policies.

      • Becky Wiren says:

        Sorry you are misinformed. Lyndon Johnson, Democratic president, is the one who pushed the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act.

        • Tommycat says:

          What party was it that filibustered the civil rights act again? What party eventually broke that filibuster?

          Johnson might have, but then there’s lots of evidence he only paid lip service to blacks while being harshly racist in his dealings with his help. Which fits right in with modern Democrats being outwardly “for blacks” but behind closed doors enacting policies designed to keep them down.

  15. Thack says:

    A lot of Southerners are still mad about losing the Civil War. It seems to have sort of castrated them and they want to unite and get even with blacks and Yankees for humbling them. Because of that “humbling” they tend to feel insecure about their manhood. When that happens, they start hangling plastic gonads off their pickup hitch balls, wear camo everywhere they go, grow lots of hair and need guns to protect them from the people who scare them. When enough of them get together, they form a hate group to hate on those who scare them.

  16. Thack says:

    Actually, that’s true. They are just haters who believe in FTW.

  17. Thack says:

    I’ve never heard a black person say “believe you me”.
    Street gangs aren’t hate groups. They don’t unite around hatred. They unite around having a center in their life because their is none in their home.

  18. Tommycat says:

    Actually being an atheist simply means you don’t have a god. You can be a religious atheist. Worshiping the planet as the giver of life would be an atheistic religion. Religion does not require a god. Buddhism does not have a god per se, but it does have it’s religious followers.

  19. Tommycat says:

    For heaven’s sake… So far of the few I have seen, it really depends on your political viewpoint. I mean I know the people in the AZ “Original North Phoenix Tea Party” And they certainly don’t hate people. I think they just assumed TEA Party was a hate group. Of course it also looked like they wanted to pad their numbers and listed the same groups multiple times even if they were the same chapter. They included groups like American College of Pediatricians because they don’t bow down to the LGBT crowd. But yeah They must be a hate group because they don’t promote homosexuality… And how the heck is Artisan Publishers(you know the “books” that “Conservatives” don’t like to read) a hate group? There’s a lot of questionable groups on the map here. And I’d seriously like to know why they labeled each one a hate group. Especially when they cover it with “General hate.” Many of the groups have a tenuous grasp on “hate” at best.

  20. Thack says:

    The cons hated science even then. Hey, origionalwinja, can you name the wars started in support of Atheism? The number of religious wars can be quantified. How about wars of atheism? Can you name one?

  21. Dana says:

    Right-wingers are like sulky teenagers who accuse their parents of hating them because the parents correct their bad behavior. If you’re doing something bad then you deserve to be called on it. If you don’t want to “interbreed” with people of color then that’s your business. You don’t get to tell people of color whether they can live here (what a joke–Native Americans FAR predate your inbred a**es) and you don’t get to tell non-supremacist white people whether we can befriend or marry people of color. And if you don’t like it, go back to Europe.

  22. wiseoldsnail says:

    the black riders are not a separatist group, nor are they a hate group . just sayin’

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