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MEDIA BLACKOUT: Boston Bombing Secrecy Surrounding Private Military Contractors “Craft International” and the Killing of Their Founder!


By Micah David Naziri

In the past two weeks, Political Blind Spot has brought you numerous articles on the Boston Marathon Bombing and the suspects involved, presumed guilty based on trial-by-media hearsay, and anonymous “law enforcements sources.” We would later find these sources utterly contradicted by law enforcement officials making clarifying statements quite to the contrary of the first stories that the sensationalist media ran with. Some examples are today’s article “SHOT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD, UNARMED: ‘Why did the FBI execute my boy?‘” and yesterday’s “WHAT WE KNOW NOW about the Boston Bombing…” These followed on the heals of the article entitled “IT’S OFFICIAL: The FBI MURDERED the UNARMED Boston Bombing suspect” Ibragim Todashev, which told of the FBI investigation, turned killing of unarmed man who was supposedly was “about to” confess to triple murder. The day of that FBI killing, we asked the question “Were three Jewish friends of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Ibragim Todashev murdered by Muslim extremists, or did the FBI just execute an innocent man?

But perhaps more important than these questions was the report on the FBI Agents Who Arrested Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who MYSTERIOUSLY DIED in fall from helicopter off Virginia Coast. Why is this more important? Because beyond the veritable assassination of Ibragim Todashev, the freak deaths of these agents indicates an organized attempt to suppress information about the Boston case, and those who might relay it.

With that said, this article is absolutely NOT accusing the United States government of conducting the Boston Marathon as a false flag operation, as so many have. There is simply NO evidence that could lead us to CONCLUSIVELY make that statement. Neither could we imagine the entire government to be indicted as one united body, common in such a conspiratorial purpose.

While it is clear that such a scenaria is exaggerative and conspiratorial in nature, there is evidence, nevertheless, that something quite different than the official story was going on in Boston that day, and that there very well might have been rogue elements at play in the bombing who had nothing to do with Islamic extremism or Chechen immigrants. This article is one more piece of the puzzle, but it hardly constitutes the whole of the investigation into these events and anomalies in its entirety.

Beyond this prefaced statement, it is important – essential even, for civil libertarians – to remember that the one surviving suspect maintains his innocence, is to be presumed innocent. This only surviving suspect, we already know had hundreds of rounds shot at him as he hid, unarmed, even while we were lied to and told he had a stolen, fully automatic police M4 assault rifle. His brother, as we have described in the aforementioned links, appears to have been beaten in the face and shot point blank in the ribs by a high caliber rifle. There are a lot of things wrong with the official story about this case.

But wait, there’s more! Actually much more…

Not only were the FBI agents who arrested Tsarnaev and heard his story first, the mysteriously victims of the aforementioned fatal “training accident,” but as it turns out, that notorious story of the “World’s Most Lethal Sniper,” Chris Kyle, who was killed at the shooting range, ties directly to the Boston Marathon Bombing case… Sounds crazy, right? Have a seat and get comfortable, it won’t sound so crazy in a few minutes.


In the image above, Mr. Kyle was wearing a hat, as in most posed pictures taken of him before he was killed by his friend and training partner in February. Chris Kyle started a paramilitary contracting group – akin to the infamous “Blackwater Mercenaries”, after leaving the Navy. Here’s a better view of the hat, employing Marvel Comic’s “Punisher” logo.


After Kyle was killed, for reasons which still remain “undetermined” by investigating law enforcement, his paramilitary mercenary outfit, “The Craft International,” contracted a gig working the Boston Marathon. We see them pictured here at the scene of the bombing:



This anomalous images of these enigmatic men went viral after members of the loose network of self-affiliated hackers known as Anonymous, fingered the men from pictures circulating on the internet. Strangely, while the media and public alike focused on the image of an innocent Sa`udi student, there was little mention of these characters.


Lest there be any confusion on the matter of who these men were working for, we see the “Punisher” logo on the clothing of the paramilitary contractors at the Boston Marathon in precisely the same locations as well-documented attire of Craft employees.

craft1 craft2

The trademark khaki pants and matching desert military boots can also be seen on Craft employees at the most recent Craft International Expo.


The Boston Globe acknolwedged that the Police had deployed “air patrols, K9 units, and more than 1,000 uniformed officers and soldiers along the 26-mile course and the finish line,” but it made no mention of the private contracting of soldiers-for-hire like the Craft International. Meanwhile, Reuters reported that a top official for the Massachusetts state Homeland Security Department, Undersecretary Kurt Schwartz, told a group at Harvard University that his agency had “planned” for a possible bombing attack on the marathon, even running a “table-top” exercise about such an event a week before the race.

This would seem to make sense, since just before the bombing, numerous bystanders claimed to have been warned of bombing drills. Indeed, there are still numerous live reports of bombing drills in the immediate vicinity. Eyewitness testimony from University of Mobile Cross Country Coach Ali Stevenson, stated, “At the starting line this morning, they had bomb sniffing dogs and the bomb squad out there. They kept announcing to runners not to be alarmed, that they were running a training exercise.”

The Boston Globe and even the Police Department, initially claimed that the fire at the JFK library was a product of these drills… This was shortly thereafter disavowed, even while earlier statements about the bombing drills remain uncontested


But how did they know? Were they psychic? Was it just “dumb luck” that they were preparing for the exact crisis about to unfold?

There is another disturbing question, far more damning than that: The image of the exploded backpack released by the FBI and identified as the remains of the pack that was carrying one of the two pressure-cooker bombs, prominently displays a white square on a black background, and further coloration on other parts of the backpack which we simply do not see on the Tsarnaev brothers’ backpacks.


There are also at least two photos depicting the Craft International contractors wearing a black backpack like this one in the photograph released by the FBI. There does not appear to be any such markings – square or otherwise – on the top of the black backpack worn by Tarmelan Tsarnaev, as observed in several security photos taken of him. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was shown carrying a smaller white or light-colored pack, slung over one shoulder.


What does this all mean?

Again, Political Blind Spot is not presenting a “theory,” it is only presenting documentation. We cannot say why Chris Kyle was killed before his company took the Boston Marathon job… Was it related to this job and perhaps some reluctance to take it for whatever reason? Perhaps, but we cannot say for certain at this point, so we will refrain from open conjecture until there is conclusive evidence.

We cannot say that the paramilitary Craft International was directly involved in this bombing, or that the accused Chechen brothers were not. But we can document evidence that indicates their presence, media and law enforcement silence – even secrecy – about it, and otherwise seems to point in that very direction. Unfortunately, the media and law enforcement alike do not seem to find this an interesting subject for further investigation. Why they do not is anyone’s guess.

If we are ever to find out anything for certain, it will be because people stand up and demand a full investigation that does not solely fixate on the Tsarnaev brothers and their unarmed friend who was shot in the back of the head while being questioned by the FBI, but also looks at the Craft International mercenaries-for-hire, who were policing the Boston Marathon… who no one seems to want to talk about.

That’s all for now, but expect a lot more to come.

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  1. rjbarnett says:

    The mysterious death of Chris Kyle in conjunction with the Boston Blast was a topic I attemped to explore — but was getting no help from Texas media. No journalists seem willing to pursue it. And no recent news can be found related to the shooter & his legal disposition. Was he a victim of PTSD treatment, and then converted to a special conditioning program? Weaponized by military doctors ? Who found him at the shooting range, and who arranged that outing? Kyle’s widow should know… Hey, that should spur an idea or two, given the slander lawsuit .

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