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MEDIA BLACKOUT: Militia is Holding Pennsylvania Town Hostage


By Eric Dolan, Randy Morris and David Warner

Welcome to Gilberton, Pennsylvania, where men with loaded guns, propping up a suspended police chief accuse all other citizens of being “tyrants”. It is a place where men with Swastika tattoos claim the “other people” are the Nazis. What, didn’t you hear about this on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or really anywhere else? Isn’t NPR even interesting in this story? For whatever the reason, no one is touching this. Perhaps the Federal government fears a stand off and doesn’t want this to snowball, or inspire other towns with similar demographics to go the same route. Whatever the reason, this is a true case of media blackout. Here’s what’s going on…

Gilberton, Pennsylvania is a small borough which is currently living under the constant threat of terroristic violence. Armed men block the entrance to public meetings. Public officials openly threaten every member of society who holds a different political view than they do, and councilmen are strip searched and arrested without cause if they don’t fall in line with prevailing opinions.

Anyone who tries to fire the Police Chief is be forced to live in fear of retaliation from a militia of armed terrorists. Pennsylvania police chief Mark Kessler is the head of a political organization which refers to itself as “The Constitution Security Force.” Kessler was recently given a thirty day suspension, for using police property as props in a video where he threatens and insults “libtards,” otherwise known as people who hold political views which differ from his own.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below:

In a second video, Kessler can also be seen threatening the life of a federal government official, Secretary of State John Kerry.

On August 1st, Kessler called on the militia to attend a meeting of the Gilberton Borough Council, where disciplinary actions against Kessler (for the videos) were being discussed. A State Police helicopter was called to the scene, as more than a hundred armed men and women arrived at the meeting, brandishing AR-15 assault rifles. Armed members of the microcosmic police state “militia” blocked the doors of the public building where the meeting was held, in order to prevent those who wished to speak from entering. According to the Huffington Post, members of the group “angrily confronted Michael Morrill of Keystone Progress, who delivered petition signatures from 20,000 Americans who want Kessler fired.”


In an email Morrill explained, “I have been organizing for four decades. I have faced Klansmen in Kentucky, Ustase in Bosnia and police indiscriminately beating demonstrators in Italy. [Wednesday] night in Gilberton was more frightening than any of those situations.”

Due to mounting tensions and no doubt, concerns over increasing threats of violence from Kessler and his armed political faction, only a small number of residents were given the chance to speak during the meeting. Of those who did speak, however, many said that they themselves, or members of their families, are living in fear of Kessler and his militia.

You know why there’s not more residents here? The threats. That’s why. Because they’re afraid. They’re afraid they’re going to have their windows shot out.” – Lifelong Gilberton resident Rose McCarthy speaking about Police Chief Mark Kessler and his supporters on July 31, 2013.

Others who were allowed to speak referred to Kessler as a “nut,” a liability and a detriment to the small community. Many who wanted to speak were prevented from doing so, either because they were blocked from entering the building or because they were too afraid of retaliation to come forward. On July 31, 2013, the borough’s insurance carrier also contacted local officials, stating that they believe that Kessler may be a liability, as well.

While Chief Kessler and his armed followers may be able to delude some people into believing that they are  “exercising their First Amendment rights,” there is no doubt these militia members are aware that their actions and speech are causing many others who live in the borough of Gilberton to feel threatened, intimidated and terrorized. When armed men stand in doorways, with the direct intent of interfering with the rights of other members of society, when they seek to deny the rights of other persons to participate in open public meetings, when they verbally or physically threaten other citizens who hold opposing political views, when they interfere with the rights of others to speak freely about their fears and concerns, and most importantly, when they use their weapons as a way to intimidate public officials, and members of the general public, there should be no doubt these people are terrorists and need to be treated as such.

Whether the town of Gilberton, Pennsylvania can legally continue to employ someone who is causing members of the community to live in fear, is yet to be seen. Kessler’s position as Police Chief is one which comes with a great deal of power and one which requires a great deal of trust from the public. After viewing the videos he has posted on-line,  it is hard to imagine that his outright hate for everyone who holds political views which are different from his own, does not interfere with his ability to perform his duties in a non-partisan manner.  Kessler’s out of control behavior has already cost the town of Gilberton a great deal of money. In 2010 he illegally arrested a councilman and performed a strip search on him.

While Kessler’s own on-line videos are filled with profanity, in 2010 the police chief claimed that the councilman’s use of profanity in a complaint made to the mayor’s office, was cause for his arrest and strip search. No evidence for any alleged “crime” was ever produced. In fact, the same councilman later sued the borough over the incident. An out of court settlement was struck, in which the tax payers of Gilberton were forced to pay $15,000 plus court costs and attorney fees, in a case which the ACLU helped to bring against Kessler and two other Gilberton officials. This settlement was arrived at only after a judge ruled that the arrest was carried out as political retaliation.

The people of Gilberton borough are also rightfully concerned about Kessler’s irrational behavior. In 2011, while off duty, the police chief fired his weapon during a bar brawl, shooting himself in the hand by mistake. At the time of the incident, police and media reports show that the bar was “packed” with people. In a report from the Republican Herald, published shortly after the incident first occurred, an officer under Kessler is quoted as saying: “He got mixed up. Why, at this point, is still under investigation.”

The town of Gilberton, Pennsylvania has a duty to protect all of it’s citizens first and foremost, and to ensure that all of it’s citizens are able to exercise their constitutional rights. Since Kessler also runs the police in Gilberton, who is there to arrest these militia members when they threaten and intimidate others citizens? Who is there to protect other members of society and ensure that their rights are being protected? How can citizens who hold political views that differ from those of Kessler and his group of gun-wielding bullies not feel terrorized in Gilberton? The Constitution Security Force web-site makes it clear that members will not hesitate to shoot people for expressing political views contradictory to their own.

Still, the mainstream corporate media seems to be sleeping on this story, for reasons which are as of yet unclear. Spread the word. It’s up to “we the people” to let our friends, families and neighbors know what is going on, when the media refuses to do their job.

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  1. I know this could happen in a lot of places now…… I believe that Homeland Security Agencies, (the FBI Anti-Terrorism task force agencies) and local law enforcement is out of control….. I believe some of the officials have been connected to the CIA and are involved in Drug Smuggling operations across the Canadian Border in Washington State……….. I have been targeted for police harassment for reporting repeated, ongoing illegal entries and burglaries with the planting of stolen and unknown property into a residence and storage units. Others have been targeted too for speaking out against Obama…… America has become truly a Nazi state now……

  2. DanaD says:

    Please define the term militia. Is this a government force? Military? Private Militia? This makes it sound like a bunch of independent militia member have taken over a town.

    • MBD says:

      A non-government militia acting in support of and apparently in collusion with the suspended Police Chief.

    • Mr-DJ says:

      Yes, anytime you see the word ‘militia’ in this country, it is self-appointed group of gun-wielding “patriots”. And that’s another word synonymous with these people. They have obfuscated that word for their own political use (abuse). So it no longer carries the same meaning as “Patriotic” which most of us normal Americans are (hopefully). Patriotic Americans have respect for their country and President no matter who it is. You can have differing political views from our President but you still respect the person and office. That’s also the Christian thing to do, not to be confused with the “Self-Righteous” Right who have created their OWN new god in THEIR OWN image.

      • DAN III says:

        Mr. DJ….soetoro-obama is an illegal. He is adamn scoundrel in violation of Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution. He is no more an American than Vladimir Putin. And you, are another fool calling him “our” president. What is it with you sheeple ?

        Soetoto-obama is a hoax, a liar, a fraud. You….you’re pitiful.

      • Darcy says:

        You are right. The citizen’s of this country are supposed to respect the president and the office he holds. However, we now have a president and his administration that no longer respects the office that they are holding. We now have a president who’s plaque the office with unlawful acts against the citizens of this country, Scandal after scandal,In just about every branch of our government.This has happen under his leadership.
        The office of the president does deserve respect. However, The Office only gets respect when they earn it.

      • Teri says:

        “Patriotic Americans have respect for their country and President no matter who it is.”
        Patriotic Americans do NOT ever respect or support an illegal person, elected by fraud who is destroying America. We can respect the office, we do NOT have to respect the man in it, especially when he is anti-America.

        • MBD says:

          Fair enough. Strangely, however, i rarely hear such sentiments expressed from the Right during Republican administrations. Then it was only this and that about how liberals were being unfair and disrespectful to the office by vehemently criticizing Bush (admitted, sometimes in a polemic way). Now that the shoe is on the other foot, your views seem to have changed. For the record, i am personally neither Democrat or Republican, i am a Peace and Freedom Party voter: not anti-gun in the least. i am anti-Police Chiefs intimidating their bosses into keeping them, lest they few violence for suspending/firing said individual. This is police abuse of power at its worst.

    • Newbe says:

      We the people are the militia. You are militia.

      • dafuq? says:

        No, we are not militia. Anyone who says they are militia is batshit crazy.

        • Bonifide says:

          If you live in America and are a citizen you are the militia when required.

          The term “militia” is well known. What people are not acquainted with is the term “required”. When?, Where?, How? Why? Etc.

          • Joan says:

            Even if he was born in Kenya he was born to an American citizen. How is Senator Cruz any different (except for the white and Canada thing)he was not born in the US.
            I guess you’re going with the further absurdity that President Obama’s mother was really a terrorist on the lam from the law.
            We call him our President because he garnered enough electoral college votes to be elected. It is the law and the constitution.

  3. Melanie Heilman says:

    First of all, you misinformed, overreacting imbecile, this story has very little, if any, truth to it. This is the reason that “no one is touching this.” I know because I was there. I was the one and only woman who was there with my “assault rifle” blocking the “doors of the public building” even though I was about 40 feet away standing in the grass. Media was all around asking questions and doing their standard reporting. The reason why they couldn’t make it bigger than it was is because Kessler did nothing wrong. He made a few videos. He spoke his mind. I do believe that we, as Americans, have the freedom of speech (1st Amendment, if you didn’t know). I also believe that we have the right to keep and bear arms (2nd Amendment). So without any physical “threats” (as you claim) to anyone, there is nothing anyone can do, not even the Pennsylvania State Police who were stationed about 2 blocks down the road on their horses. You even have the audacity to say that we were there to “intimidate public officials.” Well, as far as I’m concerned, when the mayor of Gilberton walks right by you and smiles in your face with the words “have a nice night,” you, sir, are completely out of your jurisdiction with this article. Get your facts straight before writing nonsensical garbage like this. There’s your reason no one is avidly dispersing your pathetic excuse for a story. If you weren’t there firsthand to see the “terror” we allegedly were instilling in the borough, then please keep your daft comments to yourself.

    • MBD says:

      What you have said seems to confirm this story. You only disagree on perception of the events described, not on the details. When the Police Chief is suspended and then his supporters show up – armed to the teeth – to coerce those who tried to remove him legally into backing down from this legal process of suspension then that is IN FACT terrorizing and taking over the town on his behalf and in collusion with him. Outside of your town where this might seem perfectly normal, this is insane. The man was unfit to be the Police Chief based on his videos which showed his lack of willingness to do his job in an impartial manner, and for that he was suspended. Then his local militia supporters took up arms to keep him in. That is EXACTLY what this article described. So thank you for your first hand confirmation.

    • Crystal says:

      Well I would tell you what I would do if some idiots were standing there with their AR15’s trying to intimidate me;
      I would arm myself.
      I would arm my family.
      I would look straight at them and say f*ck you.
      I fought for this country not so some dumb asses can try to intimidate the people that have A RIGHT to their safety. I hope they send in US armed forces and force you all to either head for the hills or act like grown *#cking adults. To show up at a meeting armed is to intimidate. PERIOD. I wouldn’t be afraid of some redneck broken down wanna be tough militia. I guess what I am trying to say is; You are in the wrong, your back woods police chief will be fired or killed by those you attempt to intimidate, and it won’t take people long to rise up against a dumb a@# militia trying to steal peoples rights. Good luck in life dumb a**es.

    • Mr. Himmler says:

      Gun-nut Melanie apparently agrees with the crazy idiot.
      I’ve read other accounts and this article is 100% accurate. This goon and his squad needs to be rounded up, arrested and have their guns taken away. They do not deserve the right to own arms and neither does anyone that agrees with this bat-shit crazy lunatic. He’s an un-American traitor.

      • Patriot V says:

        oh listen to this another small minded liberal willing to down talk someone for standing up for their constitutional right to keep and bear arms and using there other right of freedom of speech. our whole Government is filled with tyrants, that wish nothing more than to destroy this country, its happening now our Muzzrat commie in chief is helping to see to our out right and utter destruction. How dare you down talk people who are out there fighting to stop the monsters you helped create. this story is so far from the truth about what is happening its not even funny, you people believe any bullshit you see spewed on anywhere as long as it falls inline with what comrade Obama wants you to think.

        • MBD says:

          Saturday Night Live or the Onion could not possibly have come up with a better comment than what you just wrote in all heartfelt seriousness.

        • Weapon XX says:

          So Patriot V,
          It’s your constitutional right to suppress others’ rights? Just as it’s your constitutional right to prevent the firing of a public official who has abused his powers OVER AND OVER AND F*ING OVER AGAIN, and coast the taxpayers in your area thousands of dollars? If you were shot in the head, would brains, air or s**t come out?

        • SixGun says:

          please practice your 2nd AMENdment rights and march on DC. please get your pathetic life over with as quickly as possible.

        • Darcy says:

          Patriot V..

          Strange isn’t it,when people don’t even realize that they are already being policed by their own government. That their rights are being taken away not by the militia, but by their own chosen government. You would think that they would see the difference.

          • MBD says:

            I consider the Chief of Police to be “the government” too. If you hate the government, it’s strange that you’re in bed with the Chief of Police and support paying him to be members of his “militia.”

    • Teri says:

      I have been following Chief Kessler and his concern for our nation for months-before you liberal idiots ever heard of him. He is a true American patriot and the lies in this story are so pathetic, they are laughable. Real Americans are fed up, angry, outraged and sick to death of the stupid liberal bullshi- taking over our country. The country previously known as “The Greatest Nation On Earth.” You have destroyed all that was good and have spewed your anti-God, anti-life, anti-moral ways for too long-all in the name of equality and tolerance. We will be taking back America, so if you don’t like what Chief Kessler is saying in his videos (he has a RIGHT given by Our Constitution to free speech,you know)then you better leave now, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. And it will get better, we will see to it!
      We, The People will NEVER let our rights to free speech and our rights to defend ourselves be taken away.

      • MBD says:

        Yes, he has EVERY right to say those things in his videos. And his employer has EVERY right to suspend him for it. When you are a “public servant,” you do not necessarily get to openly make your department and your very role in the community look bad by alienating and intimidating anyone who doesn’t hold to the same politics as you. You can voice those ideas, but you can also be fired for it. Many liberals are fired for far less. There is no Constitutional right to not be fired for shooting at effigies of elected politicians, nor for alienating members of the community which you are supposed to serve. If you then try to force your boss to keep you on the job, by starting a pay-for-membership private “militia” (not a public one, by the way), then you have crossed the line from having your rights violated, to terrorizing your employer into not firing you. That is not the Constitution, it is the mafia, and it is no different than the jackboot tactics which Police Chief Kessler decries.

  4. alex says:

    the writer of this article seems to be an enemy of the american people and good journalism. this article is heavily biased, full of twisted facts, and statements out of context. this is who i feel i need to protect myself from, people that would use the media to negatively influence the ignorant masses to blindly fear and hate what they dont understand, and they dont understand because they were lied to.

    • MBD says:

      “An enemy of the American people” sounds like another way of saying “traitor.” That is EXACTLY the worrisome issue here… when police officials are suspended and their supporters take to the streets with assault weapons, branding any dissenters “enemies of the American people.”

      Alex, you said “this is who i feel i need to protect myself from”. Does that include taking up arms against people who disagree with you? Amazing. That is your idea of “America”? Sick and sad. Thank you for confirming everything in this article.

    • dafuq? says:

      God bless you, Alex. If it comes to civil war, I’m enlisting just to shoot your inbred ass in the face.

  5. Crystal Starheart says:

    Why aren’t all the comments being displayed?
    My previous comment doesn’t appear or some of the others.

    • MBD says:

      Not all comments are approved. Your comment was. We keep the comments free of slurs, and personal attacks, as well as spam and the like. So usually there is a short lag time between when you click submit and when your comment goes live. Pretty typical for many news sites, as we do not want to give a forum to hate and ignorance: there are plenty of forums for that.

      • EricIII% says:

        Yeah like the one above that says he wants to shoot someone in the face?

        • MBD says:

          Yes, EXACTLY like that. In some cases, comments are so ignorant that we allow them through in order to show people that there are things like repeated death threats from members of Police Chief Kessler’s private army. We have received no less than a dozen of such threats in the past few days, as well as other illegal activity emanating from Gilberton, PA. So once and a while, when someone posts it here, we let it through to show people 1% of what we are seeing and not posting.

  6. Summer Hayes says:

    My question is: why show up with guns in the first place? The minute you take a gun with you, you had better be prepared to use it. And if you were not “intending” to use it, why is it needed? The answer is intimidation. If you believe, Melanie, that anyone who showed up to that council meeting who was NOT in support of the “Chief” would not be intimidated upon seeing a bunch of armed citizens, no matter how far away from the door (and 40 feet is NOT that far away), then you don’t understand the word.

    If you need weapons to get your point across, you are not very articulate.

    Also, Kessler was NOT suspended because of making his video. He was suspended for using the guns, which are actually the property of the Borough, without permission. So why do you insist on saying that his rights are being stomped on? Which of Kessler’s rights are being removed? The truth is that Kessler is the one who is abusing his position as Police Chief. He should absolutely not be allowed to return to his position without agreeing to three factors:

    – ongoing psychological counseling
    – attending anger management sessions
    – attending diversity and sensitivity training (which law enforcement officers, EMT’s, and other personnel who deal with the public must take.)

    Sure, Kessler has the right to free speech, and because he exercised that right, he has no one but himself to blame for his current situation. HE made the videos and published them on YouTube for the entire world to see. The result is that he must now come face to face with the fact that he has been living in a reality bubble. the backlash is not because he “spoke his mind” – it’s because he is a Police Chief in a position of authority, is entrusted to protect all citizens and not just those who agree with him, and his conduct is highly unbecoming of someone in such a position of leadership. He may not like it, but once a person accepts such a position, his behavior, both public and private, must reflect highly ethical standards, no matter what his personal beliefs are.

    If this was anywhere else but Schuylkill County, he would be fired by now.

    • Melanie Heilman says:

      As I respect your response, I also must disagree with you in some ways. You say 40 feet is not a lot. Well, if you were there, as I suspect none of these commenters were, you would understand that given the size of the municipal building and it doubling as the waste water treatment plant, 40 feet is a nice distance from the door. The entire town is only 1.5 square miles.

      Regardless of size, defending myself from any possible situation, big or small, is my right as an American. Whether you agree to it or not, I am allowed by my Constitution to own and bear my firearm whether you like it or not.

      • MBD says:

        40 feet is not exactly far, and what was the need for such a display if not to intimidate. Was anyone forcing you to keep quiet about your ideas? Did anyone say that supporters of the chief could not speak there? So why stand there displaying weapons unless the point was to intimidate? That is everything the Second Amendment was NOT about.

        • Grim says:

          The second amendment isn’t about hunting deer. It is about hunting redcoats, even in modern times. Patriots can decode my words easily, those who cant will assume the worst.

          How about this, if Germany had a second amendment, someone would’ve shot Hitler. If Russia had a second amendment, someone would’ve shot Stalin. If Iraq/Afghanistan had a second amendment, someone would’ve shot Bin Laden.

          This is what the second amendment is about in purest terms.

          • MBD says:

            This crazy cop isn’t talking about defending freedom, he’s talking about intimidating and suppressing anyone who doesn’t agree with him. That’s not what the Constitution is about, and it’s not even what his own claims about liberty are about. He’s just a regular ‘ol, run-of-the-mill hypocrite, and so are those who comprise his hilljack “militia”.

          • Weapon XX says:

            No, Hitler would’ve been shot if one of his officers had the guts to do it, after July 20th, 1944 and the failed assassination attempt (with a bomb) no one was allowed to enter Hitler’s office armed. STUDY YOUR HISTORY.

          • LauraKY says:

            Except that Hitler didn’t disarm Germany. Just conquered countries.


          • MBD says:

            Hitler disarmed groups which he viewed as undesirable, but did not disarm those who considered “Aryans.”

          • M says:

            Did you just say someone in Iraq, a country where there are more AK47’s than people by the way, would have shot Bin Laden? BIN LADEN!?!?!? Your comment is invalid!

        • Ryan says:

          Well, I greet this article with some skepticism. As someone that is schooled in the art of political analysis, I do see some apparent bias in the article. That being said, I can’t verify to a certainty that it is not 100% true.

          So, if I were to operate under the (ddubious, IMO) assumption that the article is 100% true, to me, the one major question that needs to be asked is, how does the author know that the citizens and residents were intimidated by the presence of guns? I am a gun owner. IF this article is 100% true, I would not support these actions, and niether would most gun owners I know. But, you’re operating on the assumption that a gun is intimidating. To me, they are not. IMO, that demonstrates a heavy bias.

          Just my $0.02

          • MBD says:

            The article is informed directly by first hand accounts of residents, some of which have commented here, and other who have contacted us before the story was written, telling us about it. We only know about this because there were many residents who were intimidated who did not wish to have their names used as sources for what they consider “obvious reasons.” Like you, I am a gun owner too. As a gun owner, I do not support a rogue cop hijacking the Constitution to sell membership cards to his “militia.”

      • Rebel Yell says:

        Good Lord! What could you have possibly been afraid of at a community council meeting? Most of us carry concealed so as not to draw attention to ourselves, give the bad guys a target or scare children and the elderly.

      • Zachary says:

        I don’t feel Kessler has lost (or had threatened) his right to free speech.

        His free speech would be trampled if his videos had been censored, or he was told he can’t make videos. Free speech just means that you get to speak your mind without censorship being a factor, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to deal with any consequences that may come from what you said while exercising your right to free speech.

        I have to say that if I had an opposing viewpoint to Kessler and I lived in your town, I wouldn’t feel very comfortable having just watched the man who is sworn to protect and serve me and my community say that I was a public menace that had to be put down. Public office is meant to serve all members of the public equally, whether you agree with them or not. No one expects you to give up your right to free speech, but if you’re going to be Sheriff, you have to show respect for everyone in your community, and certainly not threaten them based on their political views. As Summer very eloquently pointed out, in public office you’re held to a higher ethical standard. If you stray from that, your office will be in jeopardy.

        I also think that understanding each other’s point of view is key. I don’t want to stereotype you just as I hope you wouldn’t stereotype me. I understand that for you and other members of Kessler’s militia, carrying your weapon may be a political statement showing your support for your second amendment right, which you feel is very important, rather than a way to intimidate people.

        However, I think you could also consider that for anyone else who doesn’t share an extremely right-leaning political stance on the second amendment that they wouldn’t see you being armed as a political statement. They’re more likely to see it as a bunch of potentially dangerous people standing around with guns. They may be asking themselves “Why bring guns if not to intimidate?”

        I definitely think it’s an issue of perception. Maybe your intention isn’t to intimidate, but if you show up to something like this heavily armed, it’s going to feel a like intimidation, and then again, considering the content of Kessler’s videos, I think that adds a new dimension to why someone would feel intimidated by an armed presence at the hearing.

        As for the question of 40 feet, even if the town is 1.5 square miles, 40 feet is still 40 feet. If I were walking down the street in my city and suddenly noticed a group of people armed with assault rifles 40 feet from me, my first thought wouldn’t be “they’re way over there, no need to worry about them” but rather that the effective range of an AR-15 is anywhere from 50 to 200 yards or more, depending on the skill of the shooter. Projectile weapons with high capacity magazines make distances like 40 feet pretty meaningless when it comes to whether you could be perceived as a threat or not.

  7. Corrina says:

    I think your all crazy to support our government in any way. I am not anti government. I hate all political parties equally. I am native (partially) and it makes me sick that you people have taken over a peaceful once beautiful unpolluted country just to destroy it with your greed… at the sake of our grandchildren and our planet. Americans are Cancer of the earth and need to stop destroying the planet with their nuclear waste. other contries look up to you and you are setting the worst possible example. I rather live without guns, and fancy gadgets, even electricity and cars than spend one more day encouraging illegal citizens to become like you. that means those that migrated to a country that wasn’t theirs including christopher columbus and george washington. your people went over and freed europe from nazi germany yet you still keep natives that actually give a crap about the planet in the worst possible living standards. Why did your ancestors steal our country if all you were going to do is destroy it with toxic, and nuclear waste. bows and arrows are great, they come from nature for free and they have silencers built right in.
    your evil ways have turned natives into alcoholics and gamblers trying to make it in the white mans world. its just sick what you have done to their spirit. I will never conform to your ideals. never.
    may pahana strike you down.

    • Rev.Washington says:


    • Grim says:

      You can go live how you want to live, Generally its Amish, but there was a place, a village that the land was donated I believe. You should check it out, nice people growing their own food, collecting their own water, no tech save for a camera or two to put the info on the net. Take care of yourself – Cherokee Wolf Native.

    • twilight says:

      Corinna,my grandmother was full blooded Cheyenne..I agree with some of what you said but,alcoholism and gambling are choices,a strong person will stand up for what is right and not blame another race.I am also part white and I am getting rather sick of people blaming every single evil thing in the world,on whites.There are good people in all races as there is bad in all races,including Indians.

    • Geo runer says:

      Wow, well speaking as a white man I agree with most of what you said. The American dream was built on the blood of the Native American people. But nation building no longer drives the wheels of economic development. Now naked corporate greed openly seeks to disenfranchise the American people from the Bill of Rights.
      One party plays bad cop, the other good cop on any conceptual wedge they can drive into the populous. The supporters of both political parties fail to see that the game is fixed, Both parties work for the same oligarchy. The name calling is just the proof of how the gullible have fallen victim to the ruse. As if your neighbor who’s (equally uninformed) opinion that varies from yours is the problem. Your neighbors are not the problem and guns are not the solution.
      I believe in the Constitution, and your right to speak, and bare arms. But you should not act in a way as to fear the light of day cast on you. If your path is righteous the light of day is what is needed. Let them bring the reporters. State your case. But above all, stop playing their game.

    • john says:

      i dont know a single person that isnt american that looks up to americans they all think your idiots

    • Weapon XX says:

      And I think you need to learn the difference between “your” which indicates possession, and “you’re” which is a contraction (joining together of two words, in this case “you” and “are”)indicating that “you are”. Just sayin’.

  8. 8/5/13 820pm EST The Monroe County coroner confirms he is responding to a shooting at the Ross Township Municipal Building where at least two people are dead. Reports indicate a person fired shots into the building during the Township’s Board meeting.

  9. Marc MkKoy says:

    I’m inclined to agree with Corrina. I, however, am anti-government. America was founded in blood, maintained in blood, and its empire spreads by blood. Law is not standards and principles which are universal and applicable to all; beyond the manipulating hand of man. Law is a tool to be twisted and fashioned by corporations and bankers in subjugating and intimidating the rabble.

    For those of you who claim to have a “constitution” are deluded. People have no need for a constitution. Only governments need constitutions; not for the purposes of granting it power because it usurps the power it desires, but for soothing the trepedations of the foolish people who have surrendered their natural rights to a body of men who feed on them and fatten their own bellies at society’s expense.

    I renounced my citizenship on this political cesspool and vow to not support, defend, or otherwise lend my allegiance to it. The US Government is a threat to mankind and enemy to freedom. I do what I see fit without requiring or requesting permission from the occupying criminal faction posing as a legitimate government. The sooner it vanishes from the face of the earth the better humanity will be.

  10. RabbitRabbi says:

    lmao pathetic white trash hicks hahaha

  11. Chad says:

    It is the duty of every citizen to look after our rights and freedoms. If that means guns and deadly force then that is what it means. What, you don’t look to the government to preserve your rights for you… you? Surely you know that the government, all governments, stand at antipodes with the interests of the citizens. Only through the use of tight reigns and the believable threat of deadly force will any government be kept in check for any length of time from turning to tyranny and totalitarianism.

    Our own government has already gone far down the road toward totalitarianism. Right and wrong is entirely alien to them. They use their own laws to exact dominion over those whom they ostensibly serve and they do it with increasing impunity. From para-military raids on ma and pa raw milk producers to hundreds of police murders a year. These people have been busted violating our constitutional rights on a grand scale through their illegal eaves dropping. These are crimes and yet they do so with impunity. I could go and on with examples, but the point is that the enemy who is our greatest danger doesn’t live in a sand country. Our enemy works in public buildings and we pay their salaries. They have forgotten the term public servant and increasingly consider themselves public administrators.

    • MBD says:

      You seem to forget that this is not some Robin Hood against The ManTM. This is a ROGUE POLICE CHIEF whose number was up. Once he was stripped of his power – in theory – he showed just how corrupt his police force was, by using his own personal “militia” to terrorize the town.

  12. nbw says:

    I am from an area farther south, a little closer to philly. Was not surprised at all once a google maps search revealed that this town is located in the dead end coal region that scars Pennsylvania’s reputation and leads many people out of state to unfortunately refer to the state as “Pennsyltucky”. What an embarrassment.

  13. TruthInMedia says:

    What a slanted hit piece. No wonder there is no “breaking news” on other stations…because you’re so far of the reservation you need to be held for observation.

    • MBD says:

      Nice racist comment there with the whole “of [sic] the reservation” thing. You’re apparently on the side of domestic terrorists. Not surprising for a racist.

  14. Fat Hillary says:

    So why couldnt you show up to support you fav LEO with your weapons locked in your car?M-16’s?…Dear Lord.Dont you realize the portrait you present with such antics;giving tons of fodder to the anti-gun crowd?…Yeah,Yeah,I know.You have the right.Yes you do.
    There is a time and place for everything.Pick your battles wisely Grasshopper.

  15. Tom Stone says:

    @MBD you quoted this >>> “This crazy cop isn’t talking about defending freedom, he’s talking about intimidating and suppressing anyone who doesn’t agree with him. That’s not what the Constitution is about, and it’s not even what his own claims about liberty are about.”

    Is this not what Obama is doing with this country and Constitution?
    Suppressing whistle blowers, like the IRS, NSA, Eric Snowden, Fast and Furious, EXTORTION 17, his drones killing US citizens, and Benghazi. Oh wait Obama said, it’s all FAKE SCANDALS. So guess nothing to see here move on people.. HELL NO!

  16. Johnny Death says:

    MDB You’re so clearly a zionist shill. Watch out for these crazy militia….you are VERY brave….considering how dangerous you seem to paint these people. Stay safe my friend.

    • MBD says:

      And by “Zionist” do you mean that I am a very old man who was in Mandate Era Palestine, trying to establish a Jewish state? Because that’s what “Zionist” means. Or do you just mean “you’re a Jew”? Because like your other hate-mongering hilljack friend who commented here, that’s what it sounds like. But yes, I’m aware of how dangerous bigots with guns are.

  17. todd says:

    is this a lib web site,I find you people soooo entertaining. “we are all inclusive , except pro-lifers, repukes,christians,gun owners, libertarians” ad nausem lol, you people are like clowns sans makeup!

    • MBD says:

      Actually, this website has contributors who could be characterized as liberal, conservative, anarchist, libertarian, and more. It is not about this side versus that. Instead, this website addresses news items on an issue by issue basis, not taking a stance blanketly for or against any polarized position. It is not blanketly anti or pro gun. It is not blanketly anti or pro religion. It is anti abuse and pro reason. Personally, i probably own more firearms than Chief Kessler, so to characterize any criticisms of his actions as “anti-gun liberalism” is dishonest. It’s just not true. This has nothing to do with guns to me, it has to do with the people brandishing them, and what they are attempting to do by brandishing them (i.e. intimidate people into not reprimanding an employee of the State for actions and statements contrary to the standards his boss believes should be maintained by employees).

  18. It’s so ironic how many of these imbeciles are all up in arms over free citizens brandishing their arms at a community building calling it “suppressive” and “intimidating” but they don’t bat an eye when government thugs carrying the same said weapons beat down protesters or surround them and fire non lethal ammon at their faces. STFU already and get ready to hide in your holes cowards while the REAL Americans prepare to set the scales straight in the country once again.

    • MBD says:

      bran·dish (brndsh)
      tr.v. bran·dished, bran·dish·ing, bran·dish·es
      1. To wave or flourish (a weapon, for example) menacingly.
      2. To display ostentatiously. See Synonyms at flourish.
      A menacing or defiant wave or flourish.

      Brandishing a firearm is a criminal act called Aggravated Menacing. Most sane people have a problem with that.

  19. godofallbums says:

    when a problem comes along you must whip it, read the art of war and start fighting

  20. Marcus L. Dean says:

    GOOBER! The government has more guns and men! They will kill this guy and all his little buddies & reelect another sheriff all in the same day. Whatever fight you got don’t let it turn into a gun fight. The government has bigger guns.

  21. Mr. Gask says:

    “When armed men stand in doorways, with the direct intent of interfering with the rights of other members of society, when they seek to deny the rights of other persons to participate in open public meetings, when they verbally or physically threaten other citizens who hold opposing political views, when they interfere with the rights of others to speak freely about their fears and concerns, and most importantly, when they use their weapons as a way to intimidate public officials, and members of the general public, there should be no doubt these people are terrorists and need to be treated as such.”

    Lol, you just described every airport, public assembly, or political rally I have ever been to. I guess it sucks when the police start holding their own views and stop parroting yours, huh?

    • MBD says:

      When police do this to enforce their own personal views, this is called a police state. When Police Chief Kesseler charges $25-95 for people to be “in” with the police, and be essentially given a pass by the police so long as they enforce his personal ideas, this is also a police state. In this case, you have a very small town that has turned into something of a police state: where those who disagree with the Police Chief are bullied, intimidated and silenced. Despite all of the rhetoric to the contrary, that has nothing to do with “liberty,” it has to do with suppression.

  22. Richie says:

    Ricky from Trailer Park boys with a badge and a gun.

  23. jumping cowinkydinks says:

    interesting as i am one of those people who read the whole thing before commenting, and i dont take a political side other then i am a american first before i pigeonhole myself into a media created political bracket.
    i think both major political parties have lost their marbles and i would like to see a third party, maybe the libertarian party with its centrist leanings and smaller base, could be the party to get things done. work both sides, give a little here, take a little there. who knows unless we try it?
    that being said. while reading there was a paragraph i found so very descriptive of exactly what unions do and have done, im talking recently in washington state, a union decided they were in charge of the docks and basically took armed retaliation and sabotaged some rail lines held security staff hostage ridiculous….. this paragraph here ::: …“While Chief Kessler and his armed followers may be able to delude some people into believing that they are ”exercising their First Amendment rights,” there is no doubt these militia members are aware that their actions and speech are causing many others who live in the borough of Gilberton to feel threatened, intimidated and terrorized. When armed men stand in doorways, with the direct intent of interfering with the rights of other members of society, when they seek to deny the rights of other persons to participate in open public meetings, when they verbally or physically threaten other citizens who hold opposing political views, when they interfere with the rights of others to speak freely about their fears and concerns, and most importantly, when they use their weapons as a way to intimidate public officials, and members of the general public, there should be no doubt these people are terrorists and need to be treated as such.”.

    i read this and this is what the labor unions do. wheres the reporting on that?

    • MBD says:

      That sounds like a very worth-while question to ask. The biggest difference that i can see is that unions are not typically involved in threatening coercive force. It may happen when people cross the picket line, but it is not being openly stated as their policy.

      Still, your point is logical. Sometimes, some unions have crossed the line. Other times they have performed a very necessary and legal role, in ensuring human rights. That is, they ensured things like child labor were brought to an end. When they were more widespread, they helped to bring a living wage to many during eras like the 1950s.

      So with that said, if these folks were standing with Police Chief Kessler over issues of him being forced to work 16 hour shifts too often, or to work 60 hour work weeks with the threat of being fired if he did not, then i could see their point. When the coal miners of appalachia were gunned down by the police in Virginia, taking up arms in SELF DEFENSE made sense. But taking up arms because a guy was suspended for 30 days for shooting at effigies of elected officials, and using offensive terms? That’s not about self-defense. That’s a dude getting written up at work who isn’t used to being bossed around, he’s used to bossing others around. He didn’t take the reprimand well, so he contorted the issue to be about the Constitution, when it is just about being written up at work.

  24. angela says:

    Why is this allowed? Why hasn’t the military or FBI or the government stopped this? Why?

  25. MLK says:

    This sounds like the beginning of an old episode of “The A Team” B A Baracus and Hannibal Smith could weld together some parts of an old Ford school bus crossed with a Fire Truck, and a tandem bicicle. They’ll come riding into town shooting at everything, hitting nothing, flipping cars, and blowing stuff up. Then Jan Michale Vincent will fly right in with his “Airwolf” helicopter and save the day. Be sure tune in next week for another exciting episode of the Dukes of Hazzard!

  26. Chris Johnson says:

    First, those of us who are in the conservative movement need to remember we are visiting a liberal website, owned by and operated by liberals and we should respect their opinion even if it is different then ours.
    Hurling insults at each other, whether we are right or left does nothing to advance the open dialogue that most Americans would like practiced.

    1, the “militia” that the writers of the C.O.T.U.S meant were “the whole of the people” and were not official gov’t armies. During the revolution they supported the gov’t army.
    2, “Assault Rifle” an assault rifle is a machine gun, all AR15’s are semi auto.
    Nomenclature is important.
    3, its probably legal to carry a gun in the manner that the so called militia is carrying them.
    Liberals need to get over the uncalled for hysteria they get whenever they see someone openly carrying a gun.
    Open carry is protected by both the first amendment and the second, just because I may have a gun on me does not mean you should be intimidated.
    The other day I had to call the police on someone who just kept on freaking out over me carrying a gun.
    He claimed me simply carrying a gun was threatening and intimidating him, the same exact logic that used to be used by bigots against interracial/gay couples – that some how two people showing affection is a threat.
    I am a gun carrying libertarian/conservative I do not care who kisses who and you liberals need to respect my right to open carry like I respect your right to rub any genitals that consent to it.

    C’mon everyone! lets “live and let live”

  27. Lee Laubscher says:

    Good point MBD. Unfortunately I’ve seen mayors and city councilmen use the police to remove people from meetings to suppress opposing views.

  28. Lee Laubscher says:

    So why don’t the rest of the people in the community carry their guns with them to the meetings.

  29. MBD says:

    Yes, exactly, the moderators – including myself – typically do not allow racist and bigoted comments such as what you have written here. In this case we have allowed it to highlight the moral caliber of those of your ilk. Is that what the Second Amendment is about? Protecting you from The Jooooooz? Grow up.

  30. MBD says:

    At least some sort of cognitive reasoning test would be good.

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