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MEDIA BLACKOUT: No ‘Stand Your Ground’ Right For CeCe McDonald Against Neo-Nazi Attackers

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that 23-year-old CeCe McDonald was sentenced June 4, 2012 to three years and five months in prison for the death of Dean Schmitz, a white Neo-Nazi.

McDonald was walking past a Minnesota bar on June 5, 2011 when an altercation between her and Schmitz, in addition to other patrons, erupted on the sidewalk outside. According to various reports, McDonald pulled out a pair of scissors in a clear self-defense attempt after the group hurled a glass at her face, resulting in a gash that required 11 stitches: far more than the two Band-Aids George Zimmerman received for his injuries. The Neo-Nazis targeted McDonald with both anti-homosexual and racist epithets, including “fagg_ts,” “n_ggers” and “chicks with d_cks.”

Minnesota’s Governor Mark Dayton, vetoed the “Stand Your Ground” defense, claiming that “state law already protects law-abiding residents who shoot someone in defense of themselves or others when it is reasonable under the circumstances.” Critics of the “Stand Your Ground Law” have said is used to facilitate the murder of African Americans, while the right is in turn denied to members of that community.

Schmitz, who had a swastika tattoo died at the scene from the self-defense stab wound to his chest. Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon is among those to defend McDonald, saying she was targeted for her race and transgender identity. “It appears that CeCe was the victim of a hate crime that involved many people but she was the only person held by the police,” Gordon wrote on his blog. “Here is another example transgender women of color being targeted for hate- and bias-related violence. It is unfortunate that in this case, as in so many, the hate crime itself appears to have been ignored.”

Melanie Williams, columnist for the Minnesota Daily, felt similarly. “[Schmitz’s] attack, therefore, was not just a random attack on one person’s body, but an attack on an entire race and entire gender,” she wrote. “An entire population of living, breathing, feeling people are hurting with McDonald, perhaps not physically but in the core of who they are.”


Though prosecuting attorney Mike Freeman has insisted that “gender, race, sexual orientation and class [were] not part of the decision-making process,” McDonald’s supporters have also drawn attention to the treatment she is said to have received from officers and other officials throughout the course of the investigation and trial.

In the end, CeCe McDonald was sentenced to 41 months in prison for self-defense against an unprovoked hate-crime from Neo-Nazis. George Zimmerman, of course, was allowed to walk free after shooting Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African American, dead after receiving only a bloody nose and a scratch requiring two Band-Aids.


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  1. E.F. Mohammed Martinez says:

    Written by
    E.F. Mohammed Martinez

    What happened on Saturday, July 13, 2013, will ALWAYS be remembered as a DAY OF INFAMY when the pseudo so called “American Judicial System” once again, attacked deliberately by the pseudo American judicial system empire against those who do not look like “them”, including the assassination of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, a half HI-spanic half white accused defendant who was eventually acquitted by an all white jury of six women. If this judicial “not guilty” verdict can not be called a travesty of justice…, then I have a decaying “Bridge To Nowhere” on Rosecrans Ave. in the city of Compton that I want to sell you!
    Black America and other oppressed people of color were at an unholy “peace” with white racist America. During the intervening time the American judicial system had deliberately sought to deceive their occupied people of color by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace, but that was not to be so.
    The acquittal of accused assassin George Zimmerman has caused severe damage to the American great divide between white racist xenophobes and non-white people of color in America. Many American lives of color have been lost at the hands of “civilian” vigilantes like George Zimmerman, including induced police brutalities and killings of Black and Brown people without abatement. In addition Americans of color have been reported to be the norm of “business as usual” throughout America, the land of the free! Yea…, right
    White racist xenophobe America has, therefore, undertaken an offensive against Black and Brown people extending throughout the entire North American continent. The facts of the verdict speak for themselves. The people of the United States have already formed their opinions and well understand the implications of outright racism to the very life and safety of our non-white populace. We will always remember the character of our white supremacists adversaries’ onslaught against…, NOSOTROS LA RAZA!
    No matter how long it may take us people of color to overcome this premeditated miscarriage of “justice”, Black America and other people of color in their righteous might will eventually win through sheer self-determination and organizing to absolute victory against those who wish our demise.
    I believe the will of the oppressed people when they will not only defend themselves to the uttermost final consequences, but will make very certain that this form of treachery by our nay sayers shall never endanger us ever again in our own stolen lands from California to Texas aka AZTLAN! .
    Make no mistake! Diehard hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that we people of color are aware that our interests of our very own survival in America is in grave danger. With confidence within ourselves and with our own self-determination, we will gain the inevitable triumph, so help us for an authentic just peace from our entrenched American bigoted adversaries.

    (This column was taken out of context and re-edited from the late former Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous speech on December 7, 1941; “A Day Of Infamy”, to fit the occasion in honor to the late Trayvon Martin.).

    • Anna says:

      I see so many times the racial profiling towards my friends that are brown and black and it makes me so terribly angry. I was brought up to look at a persons heart, not their colour. Until I was about 23ish, I never realized what racism was. Then my job transferred me to Detroit. I was one of the few whites that worked there and when I would walk to a restaurant or store, I was called names that I never heard of before. Thank goodness I worked with terrific people and they explained to me where I could walk and where I couldn’t and what those names meant. I know most of you could give a rip that it happened to a white girl but, I just wanted you to see that it is all in how we are brought up and how we bring up our children. I was young and stupid. What has happened to this woman by her ‘peers’ is exactly what I’m talking about. Here are these fat, white, southern good old boys ~ who we KNOW are racist ~ brought up by the same, that STILL go back to the stupid mindset that all people of colour are still slaves. It’s how they were brought up. Stupid parents rear stupid children. I am proud of the woman I have become and how I have brought my son up to be like me, but, damn, I’m becoming more and more embarrassed by these kinds of people who have a mindset that they are better than another. I pray with everything I have that people will get out and vote all these hate mongers out of office so we can start the reparations on our country. These politicians that are bought and paid for by big pharma, Koch bros and ALEC have put America back too far and they need to be gone!

    • A Veteran says:

      I don’t know how many of you people are drain bamaged or not, but the fact I’m seeing most of the comments calling this Racially motivated is enough to make me irate. The verdict here, nor in the Zimmerman case was racially motivated by any means. Y’all are just buying into the spoon-fed bullshit trying to divide Americans by race, creed, and religion. Yes, in both cases somebody died. Yes, she was convicted of murder. But people, Stand Your Ground isn’t a perfect law and I do believe it should be expanded to cover non-firearms.

      But seriously, quit with all these ignorant commentaries and blindly calling racism left and goddamned right. Do some homework first, or feel free to remain a sheep among the wolves.

  2. So when you are attacked and you defend yourself and you kill someone, if you don’t use a gun, or you are black, you have to do some time.Please explain this to me.

  3. Tom Johnson says:

    “Minnesota’s Governor Mark Dayton, vetoed the “Stand Your Ground” defense…” Minnesota does not have “Stand Your Ground” laws to begin with and the governor doesn’t get to decide what defense is used in trial anyway. You gotta do your homework better/write more clearly.

    • MBD says:

      Correct. Because when it was attempted, the governor, Mark Dayton, vetoed it.

      • David says:

        So there was no Stand Your Ground law then, correct? How can you even compare the two?

        • MBD says:

          Because, as you will see in this article, Mark Dayton vetoed it BECAUSE he said that it was unnecessary and that self-defense was ALREADY covered in the existing law. Apparently, however, that is not the case for African Americans, just like in Florida with Marissa Alexander, Toomey, and so many others.

        • Alex says:

          David, the Zimmerman side did not base its defense on Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. It was actually just a self-defense case, which obviously had a very different outcome than this case. They are very similar, indeed, which is why it seems so outrageous considering that a woman of color was being berated and threatened by blatant racists that had no problem throwing glass bottles at her head.

  4. bradspam says:

    The best part about this is a POS died. It sucks she has to do jail time, but thank goodness this guy died.

  5. Hotep Kenyatta says:

    There are three justice systems: 1 for the super rich. The second for the buffer class (poor and middle class whites, some lighter-skinned hispanics, black/africans that get some cash or are in secret societies, etc) and the 3rd justice system for dark humans. The same is true for the educational system, hospital system, etc.

  6. m1 says:

    Now where was and is the LGBT community for this person? Another example of how a black person isn’t entitled to self defense against a white person.

  7. Seren says:

    This is BS. But then, white supremacists always get a damned pass…they’re just good ol’ boys right?

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