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Media Ignores Right Wing Terrorist Cell Plotting To Murder Muslims


The FBI have just broken up a major terror plot, targeting Americans. But the media seems to be largely silent since those Americans are Muslims and the terror plot was orchestrated by a man who doesn’t fit the public stereotype of what a terrorist looks like.

The FBI have arrested a man who was plotting to use C-4 explosives as well as assault weapons to kill police officers, rob banks and armored cars, and ultimately to blow up government buildings and mosques.

The culprit was Robert James Talbot Jr., 38, of Katy, Texas. He was charged Thursday with attempted interference with commerce by robbery, solicitation to commit a crime of violence and possession of an explosive material, according to the FBI.

The Feds were tipped off by a Facebook page called American Insurgent Movement (AIM). Talbot set up the page but didn’t apparently realize that the name “AIM” was already claimed by the American Indian Movement.

Talbot sought five or six like-minded people who wished “to restore America Pre-Constitutionally and look forward to stopping the Regime with action by bloodshed.” He was looking for people interested in “walking away from your life … to stop the regime.”

Somehow, Talbot didn’t understand that the police and FBI could read his Facebook page, not just potential, fellow terrorists.

The Facebook page said that that Talbot had gone to four Bank of America branches to “play observation.” He explained to potential accomplices that “anyone who robs these banks to kill everyone working for the ‘banking Cartels’ during the heist.”

“That is exactly what I will have my men do during the heist. Same goes with the Muslims. Mosques are to be a blast!” he continued. “With three of my guys with FA [full automatic] AK’s [AK-47 semi-automatic rifles], we will send that white house worthless piece of dirt and his Muslim brotherhood a message they will never forget.”

Talbot also produced a “manifesto” …because you have to have a manifesto. The diatribe read: “We must rebel. There is no other option no. Blood and bullets are the only two things that will change this world, short of divine action.”

Further hair-brained ideas included openly discussing overthrowing the government on Facebook because: Jesus.

“Liberty movement starts this summer for those who are up for anything. Email the admin if your [sic] interested in walking away from your life (we have weapons if you need a weapon) to stop the Regime. We always will be recruiting. …You will be giving your life for a greater nation restoring liberty and the Lord himself. Stopping the New World Order and banking cartels.”

Just before getting picked up by the FBI, Talbot wrote: “In a few weeks me and my team are going active for Operation Liberty. I will not be able to post no more. We will be the revolution, things will happen nationwide or in the states. They will call us many names and spin things around on media. Just remember we fight to stop Marxism, liberalism, Central banking Cartels and the New World Order.”

The big question we’re left with is why the mainstream media doesn’t apparently find this to be a news-worthy story.

(Article by M.B. David)

5 Comments on "Media Ignores Right Wing Terrorist Cell Plotting To Murder Muslims"

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  1. Lucifer says:

    Funny how the media also ignored the countless democrats who were arrested last week. Or the Saudi writter Abdullah muhammed who urged his 97 thousand twitter followers to molest women in the workplace. Or how only 1.7% of unisured people are actually insured under Obamacare. Or the new climate action plan that provents us from becoming energy independent. Or the 68,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records released. Or the Obama admin caught giving military equipment to russia. Or the GOP couple in california who got their voter registration card from the states obamacare website with the party box already marked democrat. Or the U.N report that said the U.S is full of human rights violations. My point is the mainstream media misses alot of stuff. Oddly enough though most stories shinning a negative light on the political right wing is often marauded for weeks and weeks on end.

  2. Alex Norton says:

    Why are there never any citations in these articles lately? Links, people!

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