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Missiles Installed on Apartment Buildings to Protect FIFA’s World Cup, Residents Claim 200,000 Troops Deployed


The people of Rio de Janeiro who reside in the area surrounding the Maracanã World Cup stadium, woke up to find missiles placed on the roofs of their blocks of apartments.

Even worse than the missiles alone, there are actual full-fledged military bases that have been set up, literally over night, on the roofs of their homes.

The German news source, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten reports that the Navy of Brazil are “positioning airspace surveillance and air defense equipment” on the terrace of a building that has 15 floors and 90 apartments in Tijuca, just north of Rio. This is only 600 meters from the Maracanã.

They say that this is all to “defend the anti-aircraft Maracana.”

Now, residents of the Chateau Grenoble apartments say that they have noticed army soldiers occupying their rooftops.

A retired economist, Almir Gomes Cardoso, 72, said that he was shocked to see marines on his roof.

“They [the military’ confirmed that they will install a missile on the roof,” Cardoso said.

Cardoso lives on the top floor, so he is hearing nearly everything going on just above him.

No one asked him, or any other resident anything: “The landlady did not report anything. It was a fait accompli.”

The military this is all an effort to defend the “airspace” of 13 to 15 km surrounding the stadium Maracana.

Some suggest that the true intentions are actually to spy on and monitoring protestors on the ground. Watch the report below for more information, and SPREAD THE WORD!

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