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Missing 234 Nigerian Schoolgirls, Kidnapped, Sold For $12 Each


It’s been over two weeks now since 234 Nigerian girls were kidnapped from their school. A  local terrorist group has been pin-pointed as the culprits. The search continues, but families are beginning to hope, as little international help or pressure has materialized.

The perpetrators are thought to be part of a group of militants that calls itself Boko Haram. The name of the group translates, roughly to “western education is sin.”

The organization launched a campaign against schools around Nigeria, but they also target markets, churches, mosques and other public places that they deem “western.”

The Nigerian military claimed to have found and freed the girls. They even claimed to have captured one of the terrorists involved. But all of this was later disproven and the statement by the military was retracted.

A village elder, from the area surrounding the school, Pogo Bitrus told Agence France Presse that local families had consulted with “various sources” in the forested northeast.

“From the information we received yesterday from Cameroonian border towns our abducted girls were taken… into Chad and Cameroon,” he explained. Bitrus added that each girl was sold as a bride members of the organization for 2,000 naira, approximately $12 USD.

Now, according to a report by Voice of America, the Boko Haram organization is threatening to kill the girls – acknowledging that they took them – if the search operations aren’t called off.

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