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Mom Arrested For Allowing Her Child’s Teeth To Rot

Mother repeatedly ignored advice of health care professionals to obtain dental care for her child

Mother repeatedly ignored advice of health care professionals to obtain dental care for her child.

A mother in Panama City, FL, has been arrested for not heeding the advice of medical professionals to seek treatment for her 4-year-old’s severe cavities.

 Catlyn Haley, 21, was arrested and charged with child neglect after being told several times by a dentist and multiple other medical professionals for over a year that her child had severe cavities that needed treatment for her rotting teeth. Haley had known that her child needed oral surgery for a year and a half and did nothing.

 According to the Panama City News-Herald, her child had a dental exam in March, 2014 and  Haley was told then that her child needed surgery because the child’s front four top teeth were rotted to the gum-line and were black. Dental professionals were unable to repair the teeth or save them because of the rotting. The child was in need of oral surgery to remove the teeth. The doctor scheduled a date for the surgery and told the parents the child would need a physical examination prior to the procedure. As the day for surgery approached, the Haleys told the dentist they had not made an appointment for the physical and the child would not be coming for surgery. A year later, a medical provider with the Department of Children and Families advised immediate dental care for the child due to the “terrible dentition” and “severe cavities”. The child’s father was present at the time. In July, 2015, another medical professional examined the child and found “medical neglect”. Again, Ms. Haley was advised to obtain immediate medical attention for the child; again, Ms. Haley ignored the advice.

 After almost a year and a half, the child had not been treated. The Orlando Sentinel reported that the 4-year-old told a dentist that she no longer brushed her top teeth because it hurt too much. Authorities claim the mother ignored multiple warnings that her child needed surgery, which caused her child unnecessary pain and suffering. The child’s father, Kenneth Haley, was named a codefendant in the case.

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