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Was the Monsanto Warehouse Arson Connected to the Recent Destruction of Oregon GMO Fields?

ELF Graffiti

On the heels of Monsanto being found GUILTY of chemical poisoning in France, with Haitian Farmers pledging to Burning Monsanto hybrid seeds, with the Anti-GMO ECO-REVOLUTION hitting EUROPE as Hungary burns Monsanto, and with RUSSIA Suggesting that WAR, or more accurately, popular revolt may arise to as a result of Monsanto, the uprooting and burning of 40 tons of GMO crops were torched has made a lot of very wealthy people in the US nervous that Monsanto’s previously iron-clad protection is weakening in the United States.

The FBI’s Vague Press Release termed the recent Oregon GMO Direct Action “Economic Sabotage” and in spite of one local source which insisted 6,500 crops were pulled up by hand, the FBI seemed to corroborate what our sources told us, that the GMO crops were uprooted and the fields TORCHED. The Press Release seems deliberately vague, speaking only of the destruction not only of the crops, but also ”significant damage to two plots of land used to grow genetically engineered sugar beets.”

FBI spokewoman, Beth Anne Steele, would not comment on the manner in which the crops were destroyed “…because we don’t want to encourage copycats.”


The debate now is whether those who sabotaged the crops were local farmers rising up against the GMO or if they were Earth Liberation Front (ELF) activists, more directly inspired and informed by “field manuals” such as Ecodefense

The ELF was one of the earliest voices of dissent and rage against Monsanto, claiming responsibility for torching the Genetic Engineering Program in California, at the Delta & Pine Land Co. Research cotton gin in Visalia, California on February 20, 2001. D&PL are responsible for the Monsanto Corporation’s controversial terminator seed technology. This program renders seeds sterile forcing farmers to purchase seeds annually from Monsanto. These seeds also have been proven to pass sterile genes onto wild plants through crosspollination threatening biodiversity.

A statement from that vanguard attack reads:

“We chose this warehouse because it contained massive quantities of transgenic cotton seed in storage. But now, this seed will no longer exist to contaminate the environment, enrich a sick corporation, or contribute to its warped research programs… D&PL continues to pursue its ‘Terminator technology’ despite global opposition to the genetic engineering of plants to produce sterile seeds. Engineering a suicide sequence into the plant world is the most dangerous new technology since nuclear power and needs to be stopped.”

Since 1997, in the United States alone, the ELF have caused near $40 million in damages to entities profiting off the exploitation and destruction of the natural environment. The communique finished by stating, “We are the burning rage of a dying planet. Earth Liberation Front (ELF)…Terminate D&PL, cremate Monsanto, burn biotechnology…”

It would seem that the 2001 attacks just took a while to catch on, with the nation – and the world – waking up to the real dangers posed by Monsanto and genetically engineered crops. Whoever carried out the attacks in Oregon, it is more likely than not that they are the first of more to come…


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