Most Americans Dissatisfied With Presidential Options

The major reason respondents support one candidate is because they are opposed to the other candidate.

Clinton supporters view her as untrustworthy and Trump supporters view him as a racist.

Results of a recent survey  reveal the dissatisfaction the majority of Americans feel about the two presidential candidates. One respondent said that if Clinton wins, she’ll consider suicide; and another says in case Trump wins, he’s checked out residency in Malta and New Zealand.

Clinton is viewed by many respondents as untrustworthy and Trump is viewed as a racist. Only 22% of those responding to the survey reported they’d feel proud and 26% would feel excited should voters elect Republican candidate Donald Trump as president; 48% reported they would be proud and 26% would be excited should Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton be elected president.

Most respondents, 75%, stated the major reason for supporting a candidate was because they opposed the other candidate. That’s 80% of Trump supporters and 75% of Clinton supporters. Some respondents even hold negative views of the candidate they want to win: 14% of both Trump supporters and Clinton supporters say they’re backing a candidate they don’t like.

Eighty-one percent said they would feel afraid if either front-runner wins the White House. That breaks down into 25% saying they would feel afraid if Secretary Clinton won, and 33% saying they would feel afraid if Donald Trump won. For 23% it doesn’t matter who wins; they say they would feel afraid if either candidate wins the election.

The study also found gender differences in the favorability of the candidates. Women (40%) were more likely than men (33%) to have a favorable opinion of Clinton. When analyzed for ethnic groups, 68% of blacks, 52% of Hispanics, and 28% of whites were found to have a favorable view of Clinton. Men (34%) were more likely than women (28%) to have a favorable view of Trump. Ethnicity-wise, that’s 40% of whites, 13% of Hispanics, and 7% of blacks with that favorable opinion of Trump.

The Associated Press-GfK survey of 1,009 adults was conducted online during July 7-11. Respondents who did not have access to the internet were provided internet access for free.

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