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African American Man Murdered In Texas With Throat Slashed, Ears Cut Off. Police Claim He Overdosed


Alfred Wright was a 28-year-old physical therapist, father, and husband. His wife describes him as “a man of faith.” He was on his to way work when his pickup truck broke down in Sabine County, Texas. He was found mutilated 18 days later, with his throat slashed, and ears missing. Police have ruled his death to have been from “drug overdose.” Now, the Department of Justice is getting involved to investigate this as a possible hate crime.

When Alfred went missing, the police were little help. His body was found 18 days after he was first reported missing. Local law enforcement officials said that they had been searching all of that time, but had turned up nothing.

His wife Lauren knew something was wrong when he tried to call her and was disconnected. When she called him back, all she heard was heavy breathing.

She texted him for hours, begging him to pick up. But there was no response. When his parents reached his truck, he was no where to be found.

Parked outside of a package store, the store clerk said she saw Alfred. She acknowledges he was dressed in scrubs, but says that after he talked on his cell phone, he took off running, of “his own free will.”

Racial tensions have been high in the area and many in the area believe the police, and perhaps even those who last saw Wright, are covering something up. There seems little reason for him to have run off into them middle of the woods, where he was found. Still, police have ruled his death a drug overdose.

Now, according to Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, the Department of Justice will investigate Wright’s death. Lee asked the U.S. Attorney General last week to investigate “all the circumstances surrounding this tragedy.”

The DOJ has agreed to conduct an independent investigation, which will focus on whether Wright’s death was racially motivated. Lee says the investigation must “take appropriate action necessary to vindicate the federal interest, protect the civil rights of all Americans, ensure that all persons receive equal justice under law.

“We are all better off when the facts are discovered,” she continued “the truth is discerned and the family and the community are at peace.”

Wright’s family are asking for donations to help cover their expenses related to this tragic loss, Click here to help: Alfred Wright Foundation at GoFundMe.

Wright’s family believes he was murdered. They say local law enforcement knows something. If you agree with them, then SPREAD THE WORD to keep the pressure on the Department of Justice, so that those responsible can be brought to justice!

(Article by M.B. David; Shante Wooten; images via local KSLA)

5 Comments on "African American Man Murdered In Texas With Throat Slashed, Ears Cut Off. Police Claim He Overdosed"

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  1. Sheena says:

    Why would someone overdose, cut their own ears off and slash their own throat? I mean at some point you cannot physically cut off your ears and slash your throat. Let’s just have alittle common sense. Where did the call come from that made him run? Is it possible someone threatened his family which made him run? I hate to play the race card but if the shoe fits, wear it. It just seems odd to declare a man insane and suicidal that he’d overdose on pills and then cruelly cut his ears off and slash his throat. There needs to be justice here…I just hope the town and DOJ work diligently in finding the truth!

    My prayers are with his family.

  2. NelsonRobison says:

    Okay, a drug overdose? Yeah sure! He cut his own throat and mutilated his own ears before he died? Do the police of Sabine County, Texas consider the rest of the world morons?

    There is not a single instance of someone cutting their ears off, then cutting their own throat that I’ve ever heard of. Can it be that someone is covering up the facts of a case that involves a hate crime as well as first degree murder? It’s very suspicious and highly likely that the county sheriff’s office knows more than they’re releasing and that there is sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation by the DoJ to determine if Mr. Wright was murdered and if so it was a hate crime.

  3. wiseoldsnail says:

    i sure hope the doj is also investigating local police for their apparent lack of concern for this man when he was reported missing, and their willingness to claim such a ridiculous cause of death . if the man died from an overdose, who cut off his ears and slashed his throat?

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