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Muslim Student Wears Headscarf with Uniform at Military College

Muslim woman wears hijab with her military uniform.

Muslim woman wears hijab with her military uniform.

Her family has a legacy of military and public service. She wanted to follow this path. She was also determined to stay true to her religious beliefs. So when she applied to colleges, she asked for a uniform accommodation to wear the hijab (Muslim headscarf). Norwich University, one of the country’s six senior military colleges, agreed to make the accommodation. Now 18-year-old Sana Hamze of Fort Lauderdale, FL, is the first woman to wear the hijab under her military uniform.

Hamze does not see herself as a pioneer.  Nor does she view her situation as one in which she is  changing the world or even changing the U.S. “I just kind of see it as the school allowing an American student to practice her faith while also training for the Navy.” She said.

Norwich University is located in Northfield, Vermont, about ten miles south of Montpelier, the state’s capital, and is the oldest private military college in the U.S. It has an on-campus student enrollment of approximately 2,250 students, and of these about two-thirds are in the Corps of Cadets, the university’s military program. The uniform accommodation will also apply to Jewish men who wish to wear a yarmulke (brimless hat) along with their uniforms.

One of Hamze’s great-grandmothers served in the Air Force; two of her grandparents served in the Navy; and her father is a policeman. She hopes to further the family legacy of military and public service by eventually serving in the Navy.

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