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National Geographic Confuses History and Archeology, Claiming Black Skin Came From White Skin


Let’s get one thing straight: there is absolutely no dispute among legitimate historians or archeologists. No one argues that humanity evolved from “Java man” nor from Europe. These out-dated ideas have all been thoroughly discredited by science. The oldest hominid ancestors have all been found in Africa. It is now a well-known reality that human beings originated in Africa. Human and hominid groups throughout the world reached distant places by migrating out of Africa. So why is National Geographic confusing the issue by citing a bunk theorist who claims that black people “evolved” from white people, to protect against sun cancer?

A study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, authored by Mel Greaves, a professor of cell biology at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, claims that “black” people came from “white” people, and then “white” people moved back to Africa to become white again… As convoluted as that sounds, this is exactly what Greaves’ argument is, and for some reason National Geographic has decided to take this bizarre theory seriously.

National Geographic did, however, acknowledge that “Other scientists, including Charles Darwin, have long dismissed skin cancer as a force in evolution because it typically strikes those past childbearing age.”

While Greaves seems to acknowledge the fact that hominids originated in Africa, the study does not explain why that original base group would not have originally evolved dark skin from the “get-go”, and why it would have emerged as a species (or group of species), without a trait that the study acknowledges would have evolved in response to sun exposure in Africa. Why does Greaves assume hominids emerged without this necessary melanin? Wouldn’t the pre-hominid species from which hominid groups emerged have already evolved that melanin under the African sun? The apparently never occurred to Greaves.

The idea that “black” skin came from paler skin is appealing to some groups who might be ignorant of history. After all, Africa is largely quite sunny. Couldn’t humans have just “evolved” more melanin when they “moved” to Africa from some other location?

The problem is that this is not what science tells us, nor what observation today shows us. There are many very hot and sunny locations throughout the world. Humans there do not evolve Sub-Saharan African quantities of melanin. Why not? If the premise of the National Geographic article is sound, we should see this happening.

Instead, the reverse may well be what happened… and skin cancer might not have had anything to do with it. As Africans migrated throughout various regions of the world, the threat of skin cancer would have diminished in regions with significantly less sun. Or perhaps, conversely, the need to absorb Vitamin D from sunlight became heightened, so the skin of those migrating to less-sunny regions could have become lighter, with less melanin, in an attempt to soak in more.

Either way, the bodies of people residing in those areas generation after generation likely simply stopped producing as much melanin, just like blind cave fishes like Astyanax Mexicanus (the Mexican Tetra), and the Amblyopsidae, lost sight after generations of living exclusively in dark caves.

The promotion of the idea that “black” skin came from “white” skin is unscientific and unhistorical. We have to wonder why a publication like National Geographic would give voice to such a bizarre, fringe idea.

(Article by M.B. David)

4 Comments on "National Geographic Confuses History and Archeology, Claiming Black Skin Came From White Skin"

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  1. Nat Turner says:

    Since no one seems to be commenting around here,
    so let me drop my comments & replies as posted on this article in National Geographic :- **************

    Nat Turner Mar 10, 2014

    The distortions Europeans have injected into world history leave the doors open to many a fanciful theory.
    If fading to White skin was a necessity for survival in colder northern climes, then dark skinned peoples would have disappeared from Europe long before the historical age.
    Reports from the Greeks, Romans and the Vatican archives proves they did not.
    Many of the ancient Greeks themselves were Black,
    this includes their gods as depicted in their artwork.
    The Romans themselves stood on Etruscan ground,
    many of whom were themselves Black or dark Brown.
    in describing various of the tribes throughout Europe, particularly Predain (Britain) they spoke of the unusually dark complexion of some of the inhabitants.
    As late as 2nd half of the last millenium reports refer to encounters with the “Arctic Twa” better known as Skraelings, they inhabited Northern Europe, Greenland, the Arctic Circle and N.E. coast of North America some of these reports are contained in letters in the Vatican archives dated between 1000 to 1632.
    All of the major branches of humanity had / have a documented Black section.
    Dark skin is not there to block the life giving rays of the sun, but to properly absorb it therefore gaining the beneficial properties of sunlight,
    a lot more positive research needs to be done on sunlight, Black / Dark skin, Melanin and the pineal gland if we are to get a better understanding of humanity.
    Man would have never “evolved” in the first place
    if we were coming from White / Pink skin,
    skin cancer would have done killed him off long before the process was complete.

    C. Dufour Mar 18, 2014

    @Nat Turner consider however that this article is relating to humans prior to mass migrations. The black populations in greece and rome you mentioned may be the result of migration from the african continent across the mediteranean from egyptians.

    Nat Turner Mar 19, 2014
    @C. Dufour @Nat Turner

    If we are talking about humans then it’s the “Short Blacks” or so called Pygmy of whom we are speaking.
    Greece being the older of the two nations you mention, sight the Pygmy as their gods if not even their ancestors.
    Athens village, not the much later state, was founded about 1200 BC.
    By then the Pygmy were no longer a dominant feature in Egypt, as when Pharaoh Seti II, also c 1200 BC, wanted to see the “sacred dance” he had to send south to the fabled land of Punt for a Pygmy to be brought to perform it.
    We know that the Hyksos ruled Egypt from 1670 BC for a century, so it is safe to assume that even at that early date the Pygmy were not in situ.
    My point being any out flows from Egypt or Africa those times would have essentially been taller Black peoples.
    The antiquity of the Pygmy puts them in Australia, Japan, South China, Thailand India and a host of other lands long before those normally accepted as the 1st or indigenous, such as the Aborigine, the Ainu or the Dravidian.
    White skin can tan, it cannot keep the color, it does not get Black. White skin along the equator could not have survived to become Black, the remains of the earliest man are always Black.
    Melaninated skin absorbs the positivity of our life giving sun, and that is another great story yet to be told.

    Richmond Acosta Apr 3, 2014
    @Nat Turner

    Dark skinned people in Mediterranean area might have come from intermarriage from people from Africa.

    Nat Turner Apr 18, 2014
    @Richmond Acosta @Nat Turner

    The first people found on all habitable lands are Black Africans,
    my point is that in many cases they persisted well into historical times,
    No doubt the intermarriage you speak have could have occurred on more than one occasion but that would not alter the fact of who the originals were, and
    as pointed out, as late as Greek times,
    the Pygmy were still extant and regarded as the Gods in many lands.
    Evolution wise,
    I state again, Light or White skin would not have survived in the equatorial regions to have become Black.
    Had the first humans been other than Black the tradition of nakedness would not have caught on and persisted, for
    as in the Middle East for instance, a tradition of swaddling would have become the norm from the earliest times.

    Preston Garrison Apr 21, 2014
    @Nat Turner

    This is mostly ideologically motivated twaddle. There is a lot actual science being done on skin color, and it is actually quite interesting. Much of it is freely available on the internet. Put your self serving ideology aside and read some of

    Nat Turner 13 days ago
    @Preston Garrison @Nat Turner

    I see many opinions here which I disagree with,
    I don’t resort as yourself to belittlement of the writer
    to prove myself right,
    who gave you the big stick to shake at those you don’t agree with ?
    whether I’m right or wrong I have a right to an opinion and
    the right to express it.
    I have read far more than you could credit me for and
    I still hold the opinion that no hairy pink skinned ape shed it’s skin (*hair) and somehow survived at least hundreds of thousands of years until it became Black.
    The skin cancer of which this article speaks would have wiped it out before it could fully stand erect,
    much less people this equatorial continent.
    White skin cannot go Black it can tan but does not hold the color.
    Look at the Europeans of Azania or Australia or the southern states of America they are still White.
    Southern Europeans are dark because of history not the climate.
    Man is thought to have originated in the Great Rift Valley region,
    this area straddles the equator.
    Chancellor Williams in his ground breaking work entitled
    “The Destruction of Black Civilization – Great Issues of a Race from 4500 BC to 2000 AD” pointed out that
    bi-racial children of Black and White parentage quite often did not live to the age of 18 years old because of the great heat of the sun in some equatorial regions.
    Albinos die relatively young in Africa due largely to skin cancer.
    An issue which the scientists have yet to touch upon is the beneficial merit of Melatonin and
    why it is mysteriously produced in the pineal gland.
    “Melatonin controls pigmentation changes by aggregation of melanin into the melanocytes within the skin,
    causing the skin to change color”.
    Maybe the calcified state of 80% of Europeans pineal gland is an avenue of research which the scientists have yet to take, or would you rule that out before the road is trodden ?
    Flat earth people were afraid of falling off,
    I would suggest that those with big sticks mind
    they don’t swish themselves.

    ************ (*hair) Should have written Hair, not skin ****************

  2. grant boye says:

    lol, april fools day in may. i have a bridge on the moon europa i could sell ya and the world is really flat! next they will try to convince us the sun revolves around the earth and its made of orange sherbet; try again national geographic.

  3. Logic_Bomb says:

    Well this is a whole lot of who cares. Please tell me no one will get offended by this.

  4. Christopher the Greek says:

    thats some good snow their smokin. humans didnt derived front the polar caps of the world.

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