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Native American Grandmas ‘Capture the Flag’ From Neo-Nazis in North Dakota


We have reported on the recent protests against Neo-Nazi groups who have joined together in an attempt to take over the small town of Leith, North Dakota. The small town has only one African American resident holding out and refusing to give in to the intimidation. While he says he’s not moving, he is only one problem for the Neo-Nazi fascists.

Leith is right next to the Standing Rock Indian Nation, and as of last Sunday, Leith has seen scores of Native American and other Anti-Racist and Anti-Fascist protestors swarming the town in an attempt to show the Nazis that they are not going to be intimidated nor driven out by any hate group.

Perhaps the highlight of the protests was when four Native American grandmothers came together to play an improv “game” of “capture the flag” from the Nazis.

(Article by Micah Naziri; reporting and photo via Michael Pugliese from Censored News)

11 Comments on "Native American Grandmas ‘Capture the Flag’ From Neo-Nazis in North Dakota"

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  1. Metis Canada says:

    You go girls… :)

  2. DiVona Walters says:

    Our indigenous peoples ways of loving the land the people all around… I’m am sure what is yet to come it awareness ! I’m surprised grandmas didn’t pull them by the ears and whipped the loving sense out of them.. Warriors didn’t arrived oh what a day that woulda been!!! Haha many insipid to come of self taught love and respect for the people … Better yet the land which these people are on !!!!

  3. Joseph Hoagland Sr says:

    Good stuff ladies.

  4. Brandon says:

    They should have gave the flag to the only African American… That way if they wanted it back they’d have to kiss his ass!! Bahahaha you go ladies! Some people are so small minded!

  5. David Walker-Kierluk says:

    Now, this is the kind of psy-ops I like to see! Bash the Fasch!

  6. DixieMay says:

    Good going Ladies! You make me proud.

  7. Sweet Marmot says:

    YESSSSSS. Very good. These ladies have guts and they deserve to win!!! I hope those grannies continue to let those Nazis have it. Run the Nazis out of town.

  8. Rainy says:

    Way to go ladies!!!

  9. Bob Bois le Duc says:

    YAY ! We Native Americans : 1, ……..Right Wing Fascist Nazi Racists : 0

  10. Lance says:

    This kind of reminds me of a variation on the Native American concept of “counting coup”.

  11. Shawn says:

    Why are those Native American standing their holding it up. They should burn that bitch with a lighter!

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