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NBA Star Claims He Was Abducted By UFO


By David Warner

NBA’s Baron Davis told the hosts of ‘The Champs Podcast’ that he made a visit to a UFO while driving through the desert from Las Vegas to Los Angeles earlier this summer. The former Knick’s guard claimed that he experienced his own personal X-Files episode while driving over a month ago, when he claims he was “actually abducted by aliens.” Davis says he wound up in a spaceship while driving through desert from Las Vegas to L.A.

“I was, um, on my way from Vegas here to L.A.,” he said on the podcast.

“I’m a little tired and s— and I see this light and I think it’s a big-a– truck.

“Then next thing you know, dude, like, I was in this f—— steel thing,” Davis deadpanned. He claims he was with “these f—— crazy-looking people” who were “half-human, half, like, f—–, ugly motherf——.”

“Dude, they were poking me on my nose and s—,” Davis replied.

“They were poking me on my nose and they were, like, looking me in my eyes,” added Davis, who works as a community rep for the Knicks. “They had my hands like, tied up and the next thing you know, I was f—— in Montebello, dude, burning rubber on the way back to L.A. It was like four o’clock in the morning.”

The encounter ended, like many wild nights in California, with a pit stop at In-N-Out Burger.

“I just got off at the next exit,” said Davis. “I come back and like, I’m sharper and s—. You know what I mean?” he asked the hosts. “I’m retaining information.”

His rep did not respond to a request for comment from various news agencies seeking clarification. He stuck to his story even after podcast hosts Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher pressed the 34-year-old, trying to get him to admit he was telling a tall tale. “We don’t know if you’re being serious or not,” one of the hosts asked.

But soon, he became the butt of a lot of jokes in the NBA and in sports media. The New York Daily News  even ran a variety “Space Jam” images parodying the account, including one of the former Knicks player being “beamed up” into a UFO.


The UCLA standout and two-time NBA All-Star — who tore ligaments in his knee while playing for the Knicks against the Miami Heat in the 2012 playoffs —  later revised his story, explaining his comments by that he has been taking Percocet for pain related to the knee surgery that has sidelined him from NBA play. He tweeted later, after being repeatedly mocked for his account, that the: “alien thing is a joke.”


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  1. Quin says:

    He is not lying. He is telling the truth and someone told him to keep quiet.

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