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Neo-Nazi Leader Who Tried To Take Over Town Is Leaving


The white supremacist leader who tried to organize an “Aryan take-over” of Leith, North Dakota has finally been sent running. Last September saw massive protests from Native American activists, and other anti-fascists.

Before the Neo-Nazi newcomers had a chance to unpack in their new North Dakota homes, protesters lined the streets of the small town. Native American grandmas even played a game of “capture the flag” with their Nazi flags, prominently displayed outside of the homes of the invading hate group.

Now the leader of the racist migration has deeded his remaining property in Leith back to the city. Mayor Ryan Schock called this “huge” relief for the small town in a statement this afternoon.

Cobb and his crew of Nazis purchased a dozen lots in Leith between September 2011 and October 2012. Cobb sold his house in Leith after being jailed on terrorism charges raised against him shortly after moving to town.

Cobb had deeded three of his lots to fellow white supremacist. Among these were Alex Linder, white separatist Tom Metzger and National Socialist Movement Commander Jeff Schoep. Metzger said he isn’t selling or deeding anything back to anyone.

“After the shaft the system is giving to Craig Cobb, I have no interest in giving anything back,” he wrote, adding he is “getting suggestions from many associates on how to manage the property.”

Cobb entered guilty pleas to his felony terrorizing charge, along with five counts of misdemeanor menacing after menacing neighbors with assault rifles.

(Article by M.B. David; image via local sources)

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  1. Kudos to the good people of Leith, ND.

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